Arsenal seem to have too many forwards

It may be too much to be true, but when the Times ran their insanely insane and pathetically stupidly ludicrous story that Pat Rice was going to retire from the club, I just wondered – had we caused that?

Since Untold Arsenal and its 60,000 readers ran the slightly amusing little piece predicting all the transfer stories of the summer (Clichy to Real Mad, Song to Inter Milan, etc etc) there has been a sullen silence from Fleet Street’s most drunken inhabitants.

There was a little flurry from the News of the World, but they were quickly put in their place by a barrage of emails from, well, me, and some regular correspondents of the site, saying “nah nah nah nah nah, this is old news, Untold Arsenal ran this story 2 weeks ago”.

Since then they have all shut up.

Until the Idiot Times ran Pat Rice to retire.  So lunatically loonie was this story that Arsenal itself even put out a notice saying it was verging on the criminally insane.

And now all that is left is Ade to the KGB in Fulham.  (Watch out Emmanuel, they censor everything you say, which is going to be amusing to watch, given the speed of your speech in English – which is actually not a criticism because I wish I could speak French at that speed).

The interesting thing is that no one seems to mind that transfer too much.  Ade really hasn’t been his own best pal when it comes to making friends with the fans, endlessly talking up WC Milan, and commenting on how many more times they have won the Euro thing than we have.  (We actually have a much better Academy side than them, and a much better Women’s Team, but I suppose those things don’t count).

But I guess overall the reason why Ade drifting away on the high tide of Euros doesn’t worry many fans too much is that we have such an astonishing array of talent in attack.  To give an example or three there is

Robin VP – Bergkamp II

Arshavin – Berkgamp III

Theo – Henry II (at least in terms of speed – actually I can’t recall how old Terry H was when he came to us, but I suspect Theo has a year or three before we see exactly how good a forward he is – remember Terry was drifting into nothingness before the Lord Wenger rescued him, and he wasn’t that hot in his first season with us.  In his first few matches all he got was groans – not least because he couldn’t score).

Bendtner – Alan Smith II.  He has a brilliant ability to hold up the ball – that way that he gets a difficult slightly misplaced pass and takes it down.  OK his scoring is not everything we want, but he is still a kiddie winkie (witness the fact that he can’t quite fix his trouser belt properly yet) and in another year that scoring power will be there.  The Lord Wenger believes in him totally, and knows that it is minutes of the pitch that will take him forwards.

Eduardo – Eduardo II.  We are waiting for next season to see the rebirth of one of the most clinical exceptional amazing finishers of all time.  Imagine Eduardo and Arshavin on the pitch at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlos Vela. To whom shall I compare thee?  I am not sure.  Pires could do that lob over the keeper that Carlos loves to do, but Pires was an utterly different player.  What I saw at Portsmouth was an incredible growth in his power – his ability not to be shoved off the ball by thugs.

Jay Simpson. I’ve only caught glimpses of him playing for West Bromwich Wobbleyou, but I guess he is Bendtner II.   The Lord Wenger believes in him too.

And then Nasri and Diaby can on occasion stroll forward and score.  Remember Nasri against Man IOU, and Diaby in Turkey?

With a forward line like that we are going to have to have a lot of injuries to find a place for Ade, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if he goes – although I suspect WC Milan is still the most likely.  He can sit on the bench with Flamini.

Meanwhile the Almighty Lord W has repeatedly said he is going to buy one or two in the defending department, the ladies won the treble, the kiddies won by 80000 light years and the best news of all – Rosicky is back in full training.

I really did rate Rosicky and felt that he was getting into the full swing of things when those repeated injuries happened that led eventually to his removal from the game.  I personally do hope he is back, and I bought my tickets for Barnet away today, not just for a pleasant afternoon in the sun, but also in the hope that I might see him play again.

I know the current flavour is to be thoroughly downcast, but I find myself extremely optimistic for the coming season.  I’m not going to Man IOU on saturday (we’re having a dinner party in the evening and I need to cook) but there’s the final trip trop around the ground for the Stokey Wokey match, and then its only a short wait until Barney Warney.

(My partner has said that my four grandchildren are starting to have an effect on the way I write, but I think that’s bollocky wollocky.)

(c) dribble dribble

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  1. Jay Simpson looks like Wright II. Simple, effective, direct and dangerous.

    I don’t think Wenger would let Adebayor go, except for a very generous price for us, say, £25m would seal the deal. Wenger said when Adebayor is in form, he is Wenger’s favorite kind of striker. (The problem is when he is in inform. Against a-500-capacity-stadium club?)

    The absence of Rosicky is lasting so long that people seem to forget how great he is, and how wonderful that we have him. His pace, technique, creativity, shooting ability is not far away from any player in the world. He is as fast as Ronaldo, creative as Cesc, and can shoot like Gerard. One of the best attacking midfielders in the world. Love to see him back in training. We all witnessed the magnificent return of the Fox, and we can expect the same thing for Rosicky. We deserve that after what happened.

    Can’t wait till Arsenal gain their full power. Rosicky, Arshavin, Fabregas, Nasri, Theo, Eduardo in the same team? Yep, that’s our Arsenal.

  2. According to The Daily Mail, during the meeting Wenger was asked about the prospect of Adebayor leaving the club in the summer to which he replied:

    “Adebayor has done fantastically well for the club. All the big clubs wanted him last summer and it will be the same again this summer. Some players have bad periods. If they don’t do well it is because they have lost confidence. But the only way to help a guy who has lost confidence is to support him. Slaughtering him it does not help him.”

    It’s not surprising to hear the manager back up Adebayor the way he has but what is confusing is the contrast between that statement and the comments he made in an earlier interview. Wenger was asked about the prospect of selling any of our players to another ‘big four’ club and responded with the following statements:

    “If I feel that a player should go, or could go, why not sell him to one of the other top four? I don’t want to go especially into any individual assessment of who we want to keep and who not, at the moment, and normally Adebayor is part of our plans for the future.”

    “In this path, you are always in a very delicate position for two reasons. First, I cannot tell you all the truth, what happened behind the scenes and secondly, when you want to keep the players, you keep the players. You do not really look at how much money you get. On the other hand, people say you do not want to spend and when you have the good player, you sell him. When I look in training today, the quality of our offensive sector is very strong.”

    It’s really hard to know what to make of out of Wenger’s comments. On one hand he seems to be backing up Adebayor and on the other hand he seems to be opening the door to sell him. The tabloids and headlines have immediately jumped on the ‘Adebayor to Chelsea’ train and with Carlo Ancelotti – the man who wanted to bring Adebayor to Milan – supposedly on the way and Didier Drogba likely to go I have to say it’s a distinct possibility.

    the really nice piece of positive news that Tomas Rosicky has resumed full training. He will be aiming to get fit for next season and when you add the Czech player to an attacking unit of Robin van Persie, Eduardo, Nicklas Bendtner, Andrey Arshavin, Theo Walcott and Carlos Vela you can certainly see why Wenger might be considering the option to let Adebayor go.

  3. It’s clear to me that Arsene is finally feeling like a man under pressure, and to be honest I am astonished by his response.

    If he worked in a venture capital backed business and failed to deliver within 1 to 2 years he would be out on his arse. To start knocking the supporters of this club after 4 years of failure is a total fucking disgrace. It’s called accountability Arsene – most of us live with it every day. Few of us have jobs where we have a completely free hand and are free from judgment of criticism from our managers or shareholders. Perhaps the arrival of Gazidis has brought your little cosy club to an end.

    The ‘home’ fans he refers to in such a derogratory fashion are the ones that keep his little youth development project alive. The ones who sell out virtually every game and raise £3m revenue per match, who pack in 50,000 + for Carling Cup games (more than the Mancs), the ones who buy season tickets and put up with getting fucked about by Sky and Setanta’s schedules. The ones, who pay ridiculous prices for sub-standard food, drink and merchandise.

    There was a thread on here along the lines of “selfish, ungrateful fans be careful what you wish for”. I would like to respond with “selfish, ungrateful manager be careful what you wish for”. What type of fans would you prefer to have eh Arsene?

    1. The Newcastle fans who shouted “you don’t know what you’re doing” to Sam Allardyce after 3 months
    2. The Liverpool fans who booed their team off the field following a goalless draw in January when they were still top of the league
    3. The Mancs who booed Ryan Giggs in 2003 and suggested Ferguson was past it
    4. The Chavs who brought banners to home games calling for Scolari’s head less than halfway through his first season

  4. I am totally with IHH and Percy here when I say how outraged I am that wenger is trying to turn this around by blaming the fans He has assembled the most lightweight, gutless, over-rated mercenary bunch of c**ts to represent this club in a long long time (if ever) but yet it is all the fans fault that we are regressing ?? The man should be pulled aside by someone from the board explaining that in any walk of life those that pay your wages have every right to question you when you are continually fed a line of shite week in and week out

    I said at the beginning of this season that I would give wenger this season and in particular the jan transfer window to put it right cos I didnt think that we should waste the coming transfer window again waiting for him to pull his finger out while falling behind all our rivals but I have now changed my mind………he can fcuk off now as far as I am concerned It seems like he operates the same philosphy in his self assessment as he does when defending his players…..accept no responsibility We have heard every excuse under the sun from him now (tired players, inexperience, bad refereeing, bad pitch and now it is all our fault) but no acknowledgement that he is contributing to our downturn in quality and this lack of answerability to anyone for bad performances has to filter down to the players and a great example that is proving

  5. I understand Le Boss’ preference to stand in the path & protect the players. It’s admirable, and in a sense he’s correct in that everyone has ups & downs. But with some of the players it’s not one or two bad games. It’s down to a serious lack of effort in some distinct instances, and that is what has fans upset, I think. Not to single out Ade personally, but we are talking about him here…the two matches against United weren’t “down” games. He was completely invisible and utterly useless. That’s an effort and motivation issue, not a talent or off match thing.

    Personally, I like the guys on the team. We have some tremendous football talent, and by and large I think all the lads are decent guys. Yes, even Gallas, who’s a bit of a nutter on occasion. So not only do I bleed for the Gunners in general, but I like the team personally from what I know of them. In a sense, I think this is part of AW’s issue as well. He’s practically raised some of the guys…like Cesc, Theo, Wilshire & so forth. So there’s a connection there well beyond the football & Wenger must feel some paternal protectionism for the team.

    having read voluminous comments the one thing that stands out to me that the press get completely wrong is that NONE of us is saying that Wenger should “abandon” his experiment of developing a young team. But that gets printed a lot by so called pundits who think they have their finger on the pulse of all things Arsenal. I wholly discount this. What I think we’re asking for is a blending of that youth with some seasoning. Not an abandonment of the grand experiment, but an adjustment to get the absolute most out of those young players and to win trophies. I think we all understand the “trial by fire” method, but some players clearly aren’t ready for the trials they face week in and week out in the Premiership, let alone the FA or CL. For that we need at least a few guys with some notches on their belts who’ve been bled a bit more…just to add to the overall effect of the team.

    Regarding transfers, to my mind, we do all the youth development specifically so we don’t have to spend a fortune every transfer window. It’s smart business and it’s smart football. But that plan has a second part to it that AW simply hasn’t implemented, which is augmenting the talent each window as needed. It doesn’t have to be a blockbuster transfer every window (we grow our own blockbusters through the youth program). No one would say that buying Hangeland, Veloso or Upson would be the equal of buying Shava. But think of the effect on the back line having either of those guys would have.

    So…Arsene Wenger says he won’t bankrupt Arsenal to add players. I agree with him 1000%. But please, for the sake of all things Gooner, at least recognize that there are some areas of the current roster that CAN be improved with reasonable spending.

  6. In response the AW claiming the fans do not generate enough support esp at the CL SF: The away fans in the Semi Final were awesome as they were 2-0 up after 11 minutes of football, game over Arsene!! I was at the game, the atmosphere was electric, the best I’d ever seen at Arsenal. The club had a big say in that providing flags, adding impetus to our support of the team. But when 2 goals go in after 11 minutes, the team where never going to come back. I stayed the full 90mins, unlike a lot of others, sang on, cheered to no avail, but the crowd were not to blame that night. Even after the first goal went in the crowd still got behind the team noisily only for 2 mins later our throats to be ripped out with a second Utd goal. On other occassions the crowd is very quiet, but Stewards play a big part in this. Anytime you stand up to shout or sing your told to sit down. Why? This “crowd control” crap from Stewards is stiffling the atmosphere. Why do you think the Kop at Anfield is so noisy? They stand the whole game and are allowed to get pumped up for the game. They are the ones who generate the atmosphere for the whole ground. The Arsenal fans don’t identify with the new stadium and the coloured quadrant system. I used to sit in the North Bank at Highbury and we started the singing “Were the North Bank….” if there was nothing else to sing about and the rest of the stands would join in! The Emirates has lost this. If the club wants to generate more atmosphere, do more to promote it like at the CL SF and lift the ban on flags!! Oh, and maybe pick a more energetically charged song to play before the games instead of that terrible Elvis song!! So Arsene get it right on the pitch, because we are sure as hell trying to give it everything in the Stands. It’s hard to watch at times, but i always sing to the bitter end.

  7. You can understand Wenger if the current news are true. At the Arsenal Supporters Trust apparently they called Silvestre ‘Geriatric’ and vented their anger at other players such as Eboue, Adebayor. This was to Wenger’s face which is to the utmost disrespect.

    People need to look at things objectively and then they would start to understand what Wenger has done. In a way this has all come about after all of Wenger’s success and he has failed to sustain that recently.

  8. Some of these posts beggar belief.

    So, Wenger acknowledges that yes, he is p!ssed off by the minority of home fans who boo, then people interpret it as attack on all fans, or rather them. For pity’s sake – he’s just pointing out that he doesn’t like it and that far from encouraging players it discourages them. He always agrees that fans have a right to complain, but feels this is the wrong way to do it. People outside Arsenal, especially in Europe, can’t believe that anyone in their right mind could turn on a man who has given us so much.

    People talk about Wenger as if he doesn’t but this is a man whose every waking moment is spent thinking about Arsenal, a man who famously goes home and spends half the night watching and re-watching a defeat to try to work out what went wrong. He may make mistakes, but believe me, he cares.

    Gunslinger’s made the point that if Wenger worked in venture capital he’d be out. True, because the corrupt, asset-stripping people who operate in that field are only ever interested in lining their pockets today and getting out by tomorrow lunchtime. No interest in the long-term whatsoever. Oh sure, let’s sack the second most successful manager in football history for failing to come higher than 3rd for a few years. Wenger is trying to build something that will still be successful when he’s gone, without breaking the bank or taking dodgy money from dubious benefactors. I don’t even care if he fails because he has tried to build success, not buy it, and in the meantime given us some amazing football, something we hadn’t had at Arsenal for decades.

    Behind all this is this assumption that we are doing badly. Well we’re not. There are 92 clubs in the full league and we’re 4th. That’s pretty good in my book. The collapses against Man U and Chelsea have gutted me and yes, there are some changes needed. Replacing a few poisonous, lazy wasters will be a good start but there is nobody better suited than Wenger to do the job.

    So come on the anti-Wenger brigade, answer these questions:
    1) who should Wenger have bought last summer who was a) actually available and b) available at a realistic price with similarly realistic wage demands – I don’t mean affordable, just realistic. Forget players (like Alonso) who were only available if other parts of a chain went through.
    2) if not Wenger, who?

    PS – to the Brain – I was at the AST meeting on Monday and only a couple out of 100+ people said anything derogatory about individual players so it’s not as bad as you might think. The meeting was very positive on the whole. Incidentally Wenger wasn’t there, just Ivan Gazidis, and to be honest I doubt they would have had the nerve to say anything in front of the manager.

  9. Football is not venture capitalism as Kevin points out.

    There are other criteria to measure manager’s against as well as the number of trophies they win. Most will never win one of course.

    How about the qulaity fo the club’s infrastructure, the ground, the training facilities, the scouting network and it’s financial health for starters. You can actually bung in a few trophies won by Arsene too.

    Mourinho only worried about trophies, no infrastructure at all, a clapped out stadium and a sugar daddy to buy him whatever he needed and many that he didn’t. Is he a better manager than Arsene? Ferguson wastes more money on players every year than Arsene spends. Benitez is just a joke.

    The likes of you Gunslinger and henrylover08 are seriously deluded and pisspoor excuses for fans. Like being part of a pack do you? Led by the nose by the pathetic media who hate our club and love the mancs and pool. Weak individuals. Sad, miserable people. I don’t want to share a stadium with you. What must it be like to be around you all the time? Whine, whine.

    Long may Arsene reign at our club. God Bless you Arsene!

  10. I’ve been to every home game this season in the league (apart from 2 when I was out of the country and one when I had to attend a wedding), and if you don’t recognise that the attitude of some of the supporters affects the players negatively I don’t know what to say.

    At times (January and February) the players were scared to play the ball forward because they were scared of the reaction they would get from the fans. And no, the groaning and shouting “you useless c**t” or similar abuse didn’t start after 10 bad passes by a player, but after one or two. And that was long before any “negative tactics” were deployed by Wenger. And even if we did play with only one striker we still went forward and tried to play our game, so those tactics weren’t negative as such.

    Do you ever wonder why Bendtner (for instance) scores the majority of his goals away from home? If you’re being booed before you’ve even entered the pitch it won’t fill you with confidence. We’ve scored 27 goals at home and 37 away from home this season, that’s hardly normal and hardly a coincidence.

    He is absolutely spot on with his assessment of our home support. Should he have said it after going out in two semi-finals and finishing the league 4th? Probably not, but it’s still true and I don’t see why the manager shouldn’t be allowed to talk about it in general.

    Fans are allowed to voice their opinion, I have nothing against that at all. But at the end of the day you’re going to the stadium to support you’re team and not to make things more difficult for them. Or at least I would hope so. The amount of money you pay for the pleasure of going there has nothing whatsoever to do with that. If you don’t want to support the team stay home and shout at the tele. It’s better for everyone.

  11. his is Wenger who last week said ‘the fans were really up for the semi against man u and we let them down’. Make your mind up Arsene!

    Yes the fans can be negative but its a catch 22 – I’ve watched some of the worst football at arsenal this year since the mid-nineties and mostly what upset me was lack of effort. There’s a reason Clichy, Fab, Walcott and certain others dont feel the wrath of the fans and thats because they generally look like they care and try. Diaby, Adebayor, Bendtner (though he’s improved but seemingly cant be bothered to do his kecks up), Eboue…look like they couldnt give a shit half the time.

    And not just in his selection of players but Arsenal FC as a whole have to take responsibility for the atmosphere at Ashburton. Does Wenger know how much we pay to be told off by stewards and threatened with being chucked out? The away fans are generally louder wherever you go because they can stand, because they arent going to get dobbed in by a texting service and because there isnt tourists sat with them taking photos all game and asking why Henry isnt playing. And as someone said, it wouldnt hurt the players to acknowledge the fans a lot more home and away.Those who say money shouldnt mater because of what spurs fans pay are deluded – it matters a lot right now (Wenger the economist should know) because it isnt being invested in the club except to fuel the lavish lifestyles of unproved mediocre kids so they can buy their diamonds and pink boots and monochromed car seats while I spend £67 to watch arsenal draw 0-0 with west ham.

    The difference at Arsenal is that we criticise the players first and wenger gets away with it. At other grounds the manager is usually the first to cop it. Witness the Eboue booing when really the problem was wengers decision to play an unfit player on the left wing. The worshipping of Wenger means that his players get the flack he should be facing.

    Whoever said Toure doesnt give up must have missed him giving up on a ball that went to corner against chelsea. He has been captain for most of this season and was largely ineffectual. This team has no leadership whatsoever. Can anyone imagine any of these players shouting at the others and getting them pumped up for the game the way adams, keown or vieira would have done? No, they walk into the ground with their earphones on and their windows blacked out and then shout about how they want to leabe when we dont win all the time.

    Wenger’s defense of Adebayor is tiring too – regardless of what he is like on the pitch, only last week he said he talks regularly with Milan who are like ‘Beyonce’ and that losing Flamini and Hleb has set arsenal backwards. Just who are you defending Wenger because these players certainly dont have your back? And dont get me started on his defense of Sylvestre…

    I really hope the 1-2 year thing is a misquote because his own players he loves so dearly are crying out for change and stalling over contracts becuase of his experiment.

    Rant over

  12. You have asked us to name players that were available, then in the next breath tell us we can’t name a player who was available and who we actually enquired about, and despite your claims that he could only come as part of a deal, benitez would have sold him in a flash!
    As for who instead of aw, Moyes, Van Gaal (too late now gone to munich), Advocaat, Rijkaard, Hiddink(don’t know in less you ask) the list could go on. Wenger is not Arsenal football club why can’t some people see that!

  13. The final points in his arguement don’t stand up, there are other managers, and there were players available, and not to sign a defensive midfielder, and not to play Arshavin in the fa cup was as you put it “fucking ridiculous”

  14. I’m with Bob and Kevin.

    regular visitors here know that I don’t live in the UK and as such watch my games mostly via satellite and here is a stone cold fact for all of you.

    I hear the Arsenal AWAY fans more clearly and more often than I hear the Home Fans. I agree that our stewarding policy needs addressing but those disgraceful excuse for fans that jeer our own players make me sick.
    As for those who leave early let me just state that those are not even fans just people who happen to be lucky enough both financially and geographically to have easy access to tickets. There are so many without these advantages that would stay and sing their hearts out til the end given the chance.

    However I am amused as always about the simple truism that states that the more things change then the more they stay the same. Here is a little blast from the past for you from 1996 just prior to Arsene wenger’s arrival at the club.

    As a club we were in a period of genuine mediocrity and that giant of football management had just left us (Bruce Rioch)(he signed Dennis Bergkamp so he wasn’t all bad)

    This is an account of a shareholder’s meeting at the time:

    How far we have come since and how ungrateful so many are in spite of it.
    Then again I am An Arsenal SUPPORTER so I support. Arsenal CRITICS should pass their season tickets to those who would appreciate them.

    As usual those who get it will agree with me and those who disagree with me will never get it.

    What is VERY INTERESTING though and NOBODY has picked up on this is Arsene Wenger stated that he has been told what transfer funds are available prior to last night’s meeting. I would dearly love to know what that figure is although I suspect I will not get to know.

  15. As was to be expected the deaf, dumb and blind satellite brigade come on here and defend Wenger for his indefensible comments. What a load of bird brains they are- maybe we should call them the “Clueless Clan”- smacks of the KKK, but there are similarities- e.g. the latter wear hoods, and our ostiches have been hoodwinked by Wenger into swallowing everything he says.What a load of baloney was spoken last night by him from the transcripts I’ve read and it’s mainly the fans fault. Of course, the non- attenders will greedily grasp at this as gospel, but what would they know? It’s the fans fault that we have Diaby and Adebayor strolling around as if nothing matters; it’s our fault that Silvestre is one of the most useless defenders we’ve ever had; it’s our fault that Song has no positional sense at all; it’s our fault that there’s no strength in the middle of the field; it’s our fault that Wenger bottles team selections in big games and not his fault that he has acquired the most spineless set of players in his 13 years here with an annual salary total not too far away from United’s! All this pathetic rabble can say is “why don’t you go and protest?” Who cares what they think- they’re an irrelevance and hopefully they can go and support Spurs or West Ham – they’re used to mediocrity and will be welcome there.

  16. Well James, it is an absolute miracle that such a poorly equipped and spineless team got to the semis of the toughest knock out competition in the world. As well as finishing 4th in the premiership and reaching the semis of the FA Cup. All this despite several first teamers being out for much, some all, of the season.

    What luck, Eh?

  17. Chris – the point about Alonso was that there were two prices for him, the realistic price Liverpool would want if Alonso was unneeded because they were getting Barry and the completely unrealistic price if Barry stayed at Villa. The same thing’s going to happen this summer. I asked the question “If not Wenger, who” because I wanted to open this up. I really did want to know who people would like to replace Wenger, just because there’s a lot of “Wenger out” talk without much discussion of realistic, available alternatives.

    James – Thanks for the insults, at least you gave me a laugh. As it happens I’m not part of the satellite brigade – can’t afford it – but I was a season-ticket holder in the old North Bank and now in block 7 at the Ems. The Wenger-defenders on here aren’t blinkered – most of us have been watching Arsenal for far too long to be anything but realistic, and we’re not defending what he’s alleged to have said because from what I’ve seen what he actually said was nothing like what some of the press have tried to turn it into.

  18. So we are the clueless clan eh?
    So what does that make you James Le Beak? enlightened? I think not.

    As a supporter for 30 years I simply have a broader more realistic perspective than you. One that is based in the real world and more geared towards the long term.
    People like you are not real supporters. Your support is based only on success. You probably came on board mid 1997 I suspect. back then I’ll bet you just loved Arsene Wenger and couldn’t say enough good things about him.

    Football is an ever-changing landscape both competitively and financially and Arsenal through Wenger have a secure balance of both. It’s true that we have had no trophy for 4 years but so what?
    Champions league football (which you obviously don’t appreciate) every single year. An Unbeaten season. 2 doubles and 3 other major trophies in Wenge’s time.

    But you can’t appreciate that because you are just like a junkie looking for his next fix. You can’t remember the last one and you are taking your side effects out on those around you.
    You are little better than a spoilt clumsy child.

    And another thing. We didn’t ‘come on here’ as you stated to defend Arsene Wenger. Read the Blog mission statement you moron. This site supports him come rain or shine.

    It is you that has ‘come on here’ to air your infantile discontent. I would recommend you to negative sites like Arsenal Action where your viewpoints and general lack of rationale will meet many kindred plastic spirits.
    You took a wrong turn to get here. We don’t do negative.
    On this site we are Arsenal Supporters.
    Peace Out.

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