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  1. Gord

    I can’t see much likelihood in Bournemouth getting sucked into some relegation battle. Bournemouth play each of the teams currently in the relegation zone before the end of the season; and each of those 3 teams currently in relegation have to play (at least) 3 of the Top-6 before the season ends. That is almost a guarantee of 9 points more to Bournemouth , which would put them at 43 and out of trouble. Short of the PGMO deciding to “fix” the end of the season, I can’t see any likely way for this to happen. The disciplinary committee of The (sweet) FA would probably have
    to put in some strange bans too.

  2. WalterBroeckx

    there is a live match report but not a complete one because of streaming problems

  3. Steve Vallins

    How was Bournemouth’s goal allowed

  4. Menace

    Guendouzi was fouled but selective vision is a PGMOL gift so advantage to the fouler!!

  5. Menace

    OT or perhaps on topic !! Giroud comes on at Chelsea and heads his firts touch towards the Spuds goal…..Trippier taps it towards goal & Loris is so close that it goes past him into the net!! A classic own goal to bottle yet another attempt at the League Title.

  6. Menace

    first not firts!

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