“Arsenal are not playing properly,” Jordan told talkSPORT.   “I don’t think they played particularly properly when they bought Ian Wright in 1991, and I don’t think they are playing properly now for different reasons.

“If they can afford to pay £27million for a player and send him back on loan, they can afford to play £60 (million or) £70 million for Wilfried Zaha.”

“Is it the right time for Palace and Zaha? I think it probably is, in a perverse way.   Because Palace are now becoming a side that are really built around Zaha and I don’t think for the long-term benefit of Crystal Palace they can afford to rely simply on Zaha.

OK so because Arsenal bid £27m for one player they can offer £70m for another, except that FoLo has been telling us all summer the maximum budget for Arsenal is £45m.