Why early season booing of Arsenal was so dumb as Tots get AFC disease.

By Dr Billy “the dog” McGraw, head of psychology at the University College Hospital of the North Circular Road.

Thus far this has been a season of demands for the manager to leave, and for ceaseless criticism of the players throughout the Arsenal squad.  Meanwhile the media has been continuing its Tottenham love-in and the idolisation of its manager.  Arsenal, we are told, is in chaos.

So in terms of playing a lower league team Tottenham and Arsenal both had a bash last night, with Arsenal playing Championship Nottingham Forest while Tottenham played League Two Colchester Utd.

Tottenham reserves dominated the game with 75% possession (Arsenal had 67% possession) but El Tots only had four goal attempts on target (Arsenal knocked up eight).

And this with Tottenham getting extra time, and having bought on Son, Lamela and Eriksen for just under the last half hour of the main game, and of course all extra bit of time they got.  But they still  didn’t get a goal, losing in the end on penalties.

The latest headlines are all about Tottenham facing a total clearout of players next summer.  Mr Pot has described his squad as “unsettled” and finally the media has taken notice.  Tottenham are not water walkers.  (More on this at the end of my little piece).

Meanwhile Arsenal strolled through the Forest game.  As the Guardian said in a lovely moment of self-depreciation of both themselves and all newspapers: “This was such a dominant, sleek victory that it must have felt as if it was happening to another football club.”  I could have written that myself, and indeed probably will.

So what happened?  Héctor Bellerín, a player described as clearly not good enough in his earliest days at the club was welcomed as the returning hero, and played like one, and Rob Holding also returned to a brilliant performance with all the signs of talent that we saw from him as he emerged from his days with Notlob.

And then there was Kieran Tierney showing us exactly why we bought him: just the man we have been waiting for in fact.

But let us not forget 18 year old Gabriel Martinelli who looked superb scoring two goals.   To add Joe Willock to the list seems a bit old hat – he’s been here forever – must be time for him to retire we’ve been hearing his name for so long.  I’m mean he’s…. oh, 20 years old.

And I still haven’t got to Calum Chambers playing at long last for a club that is not fighting relegation and very much looking like a man who has at last come home.

And all this before we got the hard news from mighty Colchester what with the Tiny Totts having a bash at an away game again, having played five games away from home and not actually managed to win any of them.  I call that careless.

Perhaps the problem is that while the media said that Arsenal were going to get rid of every single one of their players last season because they were all rubbish, or because Arsenal can never hold on to good players, Tottenham really did want to sell some of their squad and replace them and failed to ship them out.  Somehow that old Tottenham tactic of being the club that never compromises on price failed them as buyers lost interest and Rose, Eriksen, Vertonghen, Alderweireld etc are still there.

Curiously in his post-match chatter Mr P said, “I am happy. The way we are going to change the dynamic is by working the way we worked today.”   (I have people in my department at the hospital who could help him with that attitude). But I suppose it is good news for every other club.   Two wins in eight for the Tiny Totts sounds about right.

But really, this little snap shot of two games played on the same night shows how utterly dumb and daft the AAA and media campaign against Arsenal has been with the ceaseless demands for Emery to be sacked to be replaced by… well anyone you can think of.

It would be nice to think that maybe some of the people who have told us that Arsenal need to change their manager again realised that the problem is not centrally with the manager but is partially caused by themselves and their negativity, and partially caused by concerns about the historic way the owners run their clubs.

What we have at Arsenal is a very decent first team, which has been hampered by a lack of key defensive players who have all been out at the same time.   We also have a brilliant set of young players coming through, several of whom we are now starting to see emerge.

At least Untold can have a little chuckle as we eat our corn beef sandwiches far away from the heart of civilisation at seeing the “Emery out” mob shutting up and joining in the laughter about Tottenham’s result.   We all know that of course Tottenham will recover to some degree and Arsenal won’t have a perfect season, but if we can just shut up the negativists for a little while and have a laugh at Tottenham this morning, life seems a bit better.

Here’s the League Two table.  Just in case you wanted to see it.

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Exeter City 10 6 4 0 15 7 8 22
2 Crewe Alexandra 10 7 0 3 17 12 5 21
3 Cheltenham Town 10 6 2 2 19 9 10 20
4 Swindon Town 10 6 2 2 18 11 7 20
5 Forest Green Rovers 10 5 3 2 7 5 2 18
6 Bradford City 10 5 2 3 14 9 5 17
7 Newport County 10 4 5 1 9 6 3 17
8 Crawley Town 10 4 4 2 16 13 3 16
9 Grimsby Town 10 4 3 3 16 12 4 15
10 Colchester United 10 4 3 3 11 8 3 15

And the thoughts of the tottenham bloggettas who seem to have read the AAA’s blogs and seen them as a blueprint rather than a dire warning – plus the usual newspaper drivel….

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14 Replies to “Why early season booing of Arsenal was so dumb as Tots get AFC disease.”

  1. Hey Dr. Billy, other than the fact that there is no extra time in this round of the competition (Penalties after 90 mins), you are on point.

    The negativity in the blogs are at an alarming rate. Football armchair fanatics as so caught up in their fantasy world that if their perception of what is happening is not how they enverserged it while playing Football Manager, they call for the head of everybody, players, manager, management, scouts, groundsmen and even the ball boys, mascot, tea lady and the jersey manufactures are not spared.

    It is a pity this is spilling out of control and there is no end in sight.

    Nice to see Bellerin and Holding back and need I mention that Chambers is playing his way into my heart. Lovely one time volley/cross to Martinelli for the 1st goal.

  2. Whilst I have sometimes attempted to use irony and witticism when contributing to the UA web site, it has not always been understood nor well received. Likewise when I read individual people naming players and lambasting the performance of said players, I do not understand the need for this type of vitriolic attack, nor do I enjoy reading it! It is unnecessary! I much prefer criticism if and when offered that is offered with accompanying analysis or evidence if possible. UA and its readership still does try to be rational in its approach to Arsenal FC, especially when criticism is seemed to be offered. FrankA has made an interesting observation in his reply to Dr Billy. It appears to me now that even web sites that purport to be 100% supportive of the Arsenal team seem now to be lambasting individual players by name, let alone the coaching staff, without any substantial evidence in support of such claims. Surely this could have such a detrimental effect on the performance of the players and subsequently the team as a whole. If we truly support the team, is this really the way to address one’s criticism or are we now applying the perceived norms of social media interaction? I am not a great supporter of the people who own and operate KSE since the evidence that has emanated from the US concerning its practices are not conducive to my own moral and ethical code of behaviour. If such evidence is shown to be false, then I will offer an apology and act accordingly. Likewise I was never a supporter of the Hill-Wood dynasty but I still was a supporter of Arsenal FC, the team and the playing staff. I have had many disappointments following the team but I have never felt it necessary to try to name and shame any team member. Then again, I am now so old and ancient that the use of social media is a resource that I now rarely understand!

  3. Really pleased for Callum Chambers following his recent performances. He had a good pre-season and is delivering the goods when called on to play. He was so positive with his comments when he joined us and I was curious why he went out on loan. I think now we have a class player on our hands. His comments from Sunday about the second Villa goal were a joy to read and just the attitude any team should be extolling to other players. It was a great game to watch with just so many good things happening across the pitch. Mind you we should count ourselves lucky we were not playing a team from Essex or trying to manage a Pox infection.

  4. When the Don Revie Mighty, mighty Leeds arrived at Colchester and were ever so humbled by the cool, cool Cols we did the ‘Double’!

  5. For proof of just how low the gutter press are prepared to stoop look no further than how the Sun have managed to turn their report on last nights match in to a character assassination of Özil who apparently has been reduced to fleeting appearances amongst the ‘stiffs’ (yep that’s how they demeaningly refer to them).

    If I decided to wipe my arse with that rag it would be a use way beyond its worth.

  6. Spuds have won just four out of the last 17 games in all competitions. In the last 18 league games, they have picked 19 points. That’s almost a relegation form.

    Vertonghen, Eriksen and Alderweireld all in their last year of the contract and none of them is likely to stay. That’s their best pair of CBs and their playmaker all available for nothing next summer. Wise, especially after you had just built the most expensive stadium in the Universe.

    Kane looks knackered after too many games played for the club and Ingerland in the last two years. Even Telegraph joined the party by suggesting Spuds are better when Kane, their best player, is not playing (indeed, their decline last season coincides with his return).

    They don’t have a right full-back who can replace Trippier.

    Neither of their LBs is anywhere near Tierney. Or Robertson, if we go outside Arsenal.

    Their physical midfielders look like a bunch of construction workers who have been ordered to wear Tottenham shirts (probably as some sort of a punishment).

    Alli is either injured or off form.

    Son remains their best player by far but being the best player in a team that can never win a trophy means someone richer, bigger and with a trophy room of an actual use will lure him.

    New signings are their biggest hope to fix things – their midfield is their biggest problem since the sale of Dembele, I think – but it takes time to adjust from playing in Ligue 1 or La Liga to Premier League.

  7. I think since AMN is suspended for the Man Utd match and Bellerin is looking not yet trusted to start a tough PL match, it’ll be interesting to see if Emery will not start Chambers at RB for Arsenal away to Man Utd in a Arsenal back-four defence for the match. I think Emery has to start him for Man Utd except if he will to deploy a back-three defense-line for the match. Then us could see Chambers starting the match from the bench.

    Chambers Sokratis Luiz Kolasinac.

  8. If there were to be a sacking of a manager amongst the ‘ usual chasing’ four , who do you think would be at the most risk to be shown the door ?

    1. UE
    2. Poch
    3. Lamps
    4. The (then)smiling assasin

    You don’t even have to give any valid reasons, nor qualify or justify your statement.

  9. When has Bellerin been deemed as not good enough?

    Anyway, I think there is good reason to be critical of some of the players and, yes, the Head coach.

    Or are you going to suggest Araenal threw away a 2 goal lead and were totally outclassed and over ran by the league’s bottom club, a club who got hammered 8 nill a week later, because a poisonous blog like Le Grave published another bile ridden blog post???

    What is concerning to me is the fact we had performed really well this season, only for the manager to show horn in players who have had a destabilising and negative impact on the team, its balance and defensive security and he keeps playing them!!

    The team that playedsSpike

  10. @ Nitram – 26/09/2019 at 1:42 pm – I do hope that we win this weekend to force Man Utd’s hand , but do shudder at the thought of AW being the replacement !

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