Gabriel Teodoro Martinelli Silva: Yes yes yes yes yes!

By Tony Attwood

It is not that usual for the BBC to get totally carried away with a story that shows Arsenal in a good light, but they certainly have done that with their reporting of Martinelli.

Just consider the opening of their piece…

“As Manchester United were labouring to a goalless draw at AZ Alkmaar in the Europa League, a player they once had on trial was hitting in two goals in two minutes in the same competition for Arsenal.

And yes, after a week of people bemoaning (or laughing at) the fact that Gnabry got away from Arsenal the foot is in another boot (or something like that) as we found out that Man U had turned Martinelli down after having him on trial.

As the BBC piece disclosed, “The 18-year-old was the top trend worldwide at one point on Thursday evening, highlighting the buzz around the talented forward tipped to be the next Brazilian superstar.”

And then came the really surprising bit.  “… back in his homeland he is viewed as having the potential to become as big as Neymar.”   Really?  Goodness!

But on the other hand he has started two games for the club: in the 5-0 win against Nottingham Forest in the League Cup and the 4-0 game against Standard Liege.  Two starts, four goals.

OK he’s not been playing against top PL defenders but even so, it’s not that bad.  And if that were not enough there are comparisons to follow with Cristiano Ronaldo, on whom he apparently models his game.

Speaking of the new player Mr Emery said after last Thursday’s game, “The first thing in his mind is to help us.   In the pre-season he was perfect, all the time with us. I spoke with him to be calm because when his opportunity arrives if he continues with that hunger he is going to do well.

“His pace is amazing. Above all he prefers to play left winger. I am using him as a striker because he played in that position in Brazil.”  So that clarifies the striker vs winger bit.

As for the Man U connection, that turned up in an interview with ESPN in Brazil.  In fact it seems Martinelli had several trials with Manchester United between 2015 and 2017.  They got so far as playing him in a Man U friendly against Lincoln’s under 18s, but Man U felt that he was not up to their lofty standards.

And in fact Man U were not the only club looking at him.  Gent from Belgium and Barcelona from somewhere or other, and a history of dodgy deals with youngsters, sent scouts to look at the player but it was Arsenal who made the move.

In fact Wikipedia claims that, “Martinelli was subject to interest from no fewer than 25 clubs around the world who wished to sign him”.   And if you recall having chosen to go with Arsenal, he scored against Colorado Rapids in his first ever game for us.

And he has already been called up by Brazil, for on 20 May 2019 this year, Tite, the Brazil manager brought Martinelli into the preparatory training for 2019 Copa America.

Martinelli is 18.  Aubameyang is 30.   Thierry Henry joined Monaco aged 17 and didn’t reach us until he was 22.   This time we’ve got our goalscorer right at the start of his career.  Let’s hope the referees will protect him against the thugs.

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  1. Talking about protecting a young Arsenal player in the PL from the onslaught of football thugs who playing for clubs in the PL, Unai Emery, the Arsenal head coach should not have exposed Joseph Willock in the media in the manner he did tipping him as the internal replacement that will takeover from Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere the 2 former Arsenal midfielders who made their mark at the club before leaving the club last season to pasture new elsewhere.

    But now that Willock has been exposed by Emery as the likely Gunner he has emarked to replace the departed Ramsey and Wilshere, Emery could unfortunately have setup Willock for packing by the thugs in the PL playing against Arsenal in their Premier League matches. For, these thugs could say to themselves, Willock, so you are the one whom your coach has tipped to replace Ramsey and Wilshere. Okay we’ll be packing you to see if you can. This is the danger that could come with exposing of Willock by Emery. It would have been better for Willock in his development at Arsenal to improve on the quality of his football game had Emery kept quiet not making the complementary comments he made on him to the media.

    Therefore, Willock should henceforth be careful when playing in the PL for Arsenal to avoid being suffered an injury by the thugs playing in the PL.

  2. @Samuel “The thugs in the PL” don’t need Emery to point out to them just how good Willock is and could be. They would have noticed already. Emery was just making a great point that the departure of Ramsey and to a lesser extent Wilshere is giving Willock opportunities. It’s great to see.

  3. OT: Spuds

    Express story on “Stats Geeks”:

    Spurs are set to win 4-0 away to Brighton in the early game, which would be the perfect recovery from the 7-2 defeat at home to Bayern Munich in Tuesday.

    Close to half time, 7 minutes of time to be added on? At 4 minutes, spud keeper needs treatment and is replaced. At 20 and 21 minutes, a player from both teams needs treatment. Of course, Moss sees nothing wrong. Finally Moss blows down the first half. Brighton have had 6 shots, 3 on target. The spuds have only taken a single shot (on target).

  4. The thugs in the EPL are usually holding the whistle. They decide what to see and what not to see. Var is just an excuse they use when they get caught by honesty.

    Martinelli is a wonderfully gifted footballer with intelligence. He knows how to manouver a ball in the air with kicking technique. He is accompanied by a good group of young players including Willock & Guendouzi through the middle and Nelson, Saka, Smith Rowe on the wings. We are truly fortunate to see such players (all part of Wengers legacy) come together for our pleasure.

    Incidentally the Ladies of England play Brazil while in the EPL the Seagulls are ahead by 2 against the North London Chickens. Doris hurt his arm while placing the ball for Murray to start the scoring. He’s been subbed by a spare fowl from the cage. Moss the plump is officiating with his usual selective vision.

    God help us tomorrow with Riley’s Atkinson taking his place with the whistle for the 3rd game in 8. Shows how corrupt this group of PGMOL select garbage is. There is nothing we can do because even the lawmakers in the Commons are stinking of the same odour.

  5. Watched the second half of the Brighton Sp*rs match. The whole commentary was about Sp*rs. Brighton totally outplayed them. Very poor pressing/shutting down by Spurs. The runs were non-existent. Some thuggery against Kane, mind. 🙂

  6. OT: Liverpool

    Into the second half, and Leicester have taken no shots? So much for the idea that they wanted to beat Liverpool.

  7. @Menace I worry for skillful players. It may be me but only Spanish referees, in La Liga, appear to protect them. Everywhere else they are fouled with impunity.

    I hope I am wrong but I have noticed that referees in most leagues now let cloggers kick from behind never booking them. I saw Dortmund Freiburg – a red card for a tackle on Mats Hummels was not even deemed worthy of a yellow card. I know the DFB dont want Dortmund to win the title but it is now becoming blatantly obvious.

    On a note supporting refs I have watched the Rugby World Cup and seen amazing consistency from referees. Soccer is now so bent isn’t it?

  8. Mane! Mane! Mane! Fantastic Dive for the penalty!!! Should be in the World Championships for Diving. His standing leg gets hit and his other leg crumples to the ground. Amazing!!!!!

  9. OT: Liverpool

    There we go. PGMO give Liverpool the penalty in extra time. Was the penalty related to the treatment Salah required?

  10. Keep in mind that Salah on a run down the right side gives an almighty shove to the Leicester defender and sends him tumbling to the ground and then when he gets taken down, the Leicester defender gets a yellow…two types of justice on the pitch.

    Can’t see anyone taking points off of them when this is going on.

  11. @Les Williams – skilful players are one side of the injured list, but Arsenal players skilled or not are worse off. The comments above clearly describe how Salah & Mane get their fouls despite the fouls they commit. Selective vision is just such a corrupt tool that PGMOL use so well, now supported by their corrupt VAR.

    The officiating in Rugby is a different level and cannot be compared to the sewer that is Football officiating. The way the Rugby officials explain their decision before giving the cards is so clear and comforting to the viewer. I would like PGMOL to try doing that after the match let alone during it.

    The Bournemouth match will be something to behold with Riley’s appointed blind mouse.

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