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  1. Mike T

    There is no doubt that participation in the CL is rewarded far more than playing in the EL. But to suggest that for a win in the CL group stages brings with it €7 million appears to be incorrect. It’s €2.7 million

    Indeed the link below does documents just how much is paid to the participants of both competitions.

    By my calculations ignoring TV distribution Arsenal banked around €21 million from UEFA which to put in perspective isn’t far short of the sum that the four English teams were paid before the tournament even kicked off



  2. Nitram

    And that is why it was imperative for Arsenal to qualify for the CL during our austerity years.

    Using todays figures, even if we’d won the FA Cup every year between our triumphs in 2005 and 2013 we would of won a total of £56 Million.

    Using todays figures just qualifying for, and then reaching the round of 16, wins a total of £32 Million.

    So just 2 seasons in the CL wins more money than WINNING the FA Cup 8 years in a row.

    For a Club in our position, when given the choice of CL qualification and FA Cup glory it was a no brainer.

    Wenger was famously quoted as claiming CL qualification was a trophy and was endlessly mocked with ‘4th is not a trophy’.

    Well no it wasn’t, it was actually much much more than that, our very existence at the top level depended on it.


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