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  1. Chris
    12 December 2019


    listening to Memphis Depay after he confronted a Lyon ‘supporter’ insulting one of his teammates after Tuesday’s game – incidentally Lyon progressed to playoffs – you can rest assured : some other teams in Europe have abusive ‘supporters’, Lyon being one of them.

    His comments shine a fresh light on what a player feels when he get insulted and booed while on the field.
    Should be written down verbatim and made available in the next issue of the Arsenal newspaper or put on posters all around and inside the Emirates, so all these so called supporters who can read realise what disastrous consequences their behaviour has on the players and the team.

  2. Andrew Crawshaw
    12 December 2019

    Solratis, Luiz, Mavropanos
    Maitland-Niles, Joe Willock, Guendouzi, Bulayp Saka
    Reiss Nelson, Lacazette, Emile Smith Rowe

  3. Andrew Crawshaw
    12 December 2019


    Leno, Chambers, Zech Medley, James Olayinka, Aubameyang, Martinelli and Tyree John Jules

  4. Gord
    12 December 2019

    The Daily Annoyance is being onnoying (again). Their headline has Arsenal to be eliminated while the ManUre boys vying for first place. Arsenal could get first place as well, but no, we have to bash Arsenal.

    And UEFA still have the same “Arsenal reporter”, who I don’t really think supports Arsenal.

  5. Gord
    12 December 2019

    We didn’t get the first foul! Oh, that’s right; PGMO isn’t refereeing this game.


  6. Gord
    12 December 2019

    Midway through the first half, we have 4 attempts with 2 wide and 1 on target. Opposition also has 4 attempts with 1 on target.

    We probably have an insignificant excess of possession and passing accuracy. Fouls are even.


  7. Gord
    12 December 2019

    One minute of time added on before half time, no score.

    Arsenal have 11 attempts with 4 off target and 4 on. Opposition has 6 attemps with 1 off target and 1 on. Everything else is about even.


  8. Menace
    12 December 2019

    Our defence is sad. The simplest of clearances goes to an opponent. We are so fortunate to have not conceded. When are our coaches going to learn that we cannot play out from the back. We must revert to the longer clearance and quicker forward momentum.

  9. Gord
    12 December 2019

    Oops, they scored. Come on Gunners, we need a win out of you this game.


  10. Menace
    12 December 2019

    Our defence should never turn their backs to a shot. It is cowardly and not what good defenders do.

    1-0 to Standard Liege

  11. Menace
    12 December 2019

    Another shambles in defence. Not a single fearless defender in the backline.

  12. Gord
    12 December 2019

    Oops, they scored again. Now we need 3 goals (or more). Martinelli on.


  13. Menace
    12 December 2019

    Luiz looking after his bollocks rather than the goal!!

  14. Menace
    12 December 2019

    Poor game but sufficient to go through. Never seen Arsenal play so badly ever.

  15. Menace
    12 December 2019

    2 – 2 with Laca scoring first assisted by Saka and Saka scoring the second to equalise.

  16. goonersince72
    12 December 2019

    On to the next round.

  17. Nitram
    12 December 2019


    You obviously wasn’t around in the early 80’s.

  18. Gord
    12 December 2019

    I had to go “deliver” Mom to the senior’s rec centre, and I come back to see a 2-2 final score. Wonderful, they got a point. Not quite what was hoped, but it is better than a loss.

    Lacazette(79m) from Saka.

    Saka(81m) from Martinelli.


    And Frankfurt lost, so we top the group.

    What we need now, is for ManU to lose.

  19. Menace
    12 December 2019

    Nitram – I was working short stints in Moscow/ Greece /Canada /Middle East and missed a lot of games as they were not televised. Home games had NF recruiting so gave them a miss.

  20. Chris
    12 December 2019

    Well here is the Guardian headline yesterday after Spurs were dispatched with 10 goals in 2 games against them by Bayern : Spurs brushed aside as Coutinho seals win.

    And here is the one tonight after Arsenal tied a game and got 1st place in their groupe : Gunner hit back to top group after flirting with disaster.

    So a real disaster for Spurs is ‘brushed aside’ and a tie with 1st place ‘flirting with disaster’.

    And for both Spurs and Arsenal, the talk is about fringe player, not young players, which is definitely not the same thing…

    That about just says it all about the way the press mis-portray football.

  21. MickHazel
    12 December 2019

    You would never think we topped the group judging from the first five items from the NewsNow site….

    Many Arsenal fans slaughter ‘absolutely shocking’ player v Standard who ‘needs to leave’ Gunnersphere (Weblog)19:42
    “Easily worse than Mustafi”, “League One level” – Lots of Arsenal fans discuss “awful” ace FootballFanCast.com21:25
    ‘Allow it’, ‘Sickening’, ‘Shocking’ – Many Arsenal fans launch attack on player at HT v Standard Gunnersphere (Weblog)18:41
    Keown blasts ‘lucky’ Ljungberg & hails Arsenal star as team’s only leader Metro.co.uk20:59
    Martin Keown slams one Arsenal player after the draw against Standard Liege Football.London20:59

  22. Nitram
    12 December 2019


    It’s beyond a joke and there we have one of our own leading the assault.

    But lets not forget Keown just recently was claiming that Denis Bergkamp actually wasn’t all that after all.

    Honestly I think the mans lost the plot.

  23. Gord
    13 December 2019

    Crap, ManUre won.

  24. Brickfields Gunners
    13 December 2019

    Good to see as win the group , despite a little scare. A spirited fightback, without letting our heads drop. Keep it up guys .
    Up the Gunners !

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