Arsenal v Newcastle: the team, and “an unwavering sense of worth”

Storm News

These days we always have storms.  Well in the last couple of weeks we have had two sweeping across where I live in the country and Storm Dennis is doing its stuff on Saturday, with leftover issues on the Sunday, meaning that trains, always dodgy in terms of timekeeping and the like could be even more disrupted than ususal.

But hopefully, a lot of the storm will have gone by kickoff time.

The “Arsenal station” website has the worrying headline, “Arsenal team news: 3 players fit to face Newcastle” personally I am hoping for more than three.

Football London certainly have found more than three and offer us this line-up


Bellerin, Mustafi, Luiz, Saka;

Torreira, Xhaka;

Martinelli, Ozil, Aubameyang;


On the other hand, Football Talk proclaims that


Bellerin, Sokratis, Luiz, Kolasinac;

Torreira, Xhaka;

Pepe, Martinelli, Ozil,


Squawka brings us what it calls “realistic” line ups


Bellerin, Mustafi, Luiz, Kolasinac;

Guendouzi, Xhaka;

Martinelli, Ozil, Aubameyang;


Red London goes with


Bellerin, Luiz, Sokratis, Saka

Torreiram Xhaka, Ceballos

Pepe, Aubameyang Martinelli;


The Independent has one of the strangest headlines this year for Arsenal v Newcastle proclaiming

Arsenal vs Newcastle United: The Premier League’s own self-aggrandising, self-loathing derby

The argument goes that Arsenal and Newcastle might not admit it, but they are a lot alike. Big clubs situated in the focal point of a thronging city, owners reluctant to invest.

Err, well, yes, except Arsenal had a record transfer window last summer and a fat lot of good it did us.  Exactly as happened to the other top five spenders last summer.

Anyway, we have to plough through the whole piece to find quite how this is a derby match.  In the final paragraph, we get

In many ways, this is a “rivalry” of two sides who best encapsulate the fluctuating emotions not just of supporters but humankind, where insecurity stems from an unwavering sense of worth. The Premier League’s own self-aggrandising, self-loathing derby.

It is an interesting notion, that Arsenal has “an unwavering sense of worth”.  Read the Arsenal blogs day by day and that is exactly what does not come across to me.  It is endless criticism.  Maybe the article would have been better off calling it the “A1 derby”.

What we got through the Emery reign, and the final Wenger period after coming runners up in 2016 and winning the FA Cup in 2017 for the record time 13th time (and record 7th for one manager), was a feeling among some supporters, egged on constantly by the media, that this was not good enough and the manager had to go.

Despite those two Arsenal managers having the highest win percentages of any managers serving over one season at Arsenal.   55% for Mr Emery, 57% for Mr Wenger.  But then, who cares about win percentages, what matters is booing, jeering, and complaining.

What we have now is the worst home form at this stage of the season since 1924 when on 17 January of that year the home form for the club read virtually the same as now.

Home form only

Club P W D L F A G.av (GD)
15 Nottingham Forest 12 5 4 3 11 7 1.571 4 14
16 Liverpool 13 6 2 5 23 16 1.438 7 14
17 Notts County 12 5 4 3 13 10 1.300 3 14
18 Birmingham City 13 5 3 5 14 13 1.077 1 13
19 Arsenal 12 4 5 3 14 14 1.000 0 13
20 Chelsea 12 3 6 3 11 9 1.222 2 12
21 Middlesbrough 13 5 1 7 16 13 1.231 3 11
22 Preston North End 12 3 4 5 21 16 1.313 5 10

The Goal Difference (GD) is shown for comparison with today, but teams on the same points were at this time separated by goal average – the number of goals scored divided by the number of goals conceded.

*Pts – points were calculated on two for a win, one for a draw.

So as we can see the record in 1923/4 at this time was identical for games won, drawn and lost at home, the goal average and goal difference was the same as well.  Utterly identical.

By the end of the season that year Arsenal, at Highbury had played 21, won 8, drawn 5, lost 8, scored 25 and conceded 24.

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  1. Tony

    “In many ways, this is a “rivalry” of two sides who best encapsulate the fluctuating emotions not just of supporters but humankind, where insecurity stems from an unwavering sense of worth. The Premier League’s own self-aggrandising, self-loathing derby.”

    That seems to me to be a statement the contradicts itself. On the one hand we both apparently have “ unwavering sense of worth”, which is immediately contradicted by claiming us both to be “self loathing”.

    Surely we cant be/do both, can we?

    Can we have ‘an unwavering sense of worth’ whilst at the same time be ‘self loathing’?

    Seems contradictory to me, but who am I criticise a broadsheet journalist ?

    Self contradictory or not, as you suggest Tony, to claim Arsenal fans have ‘an unwavering sense of worth’ couldn’t be further from the truth if it tried.

    On the other hand, if it had said:

    “In many ways, this is a “rivalry” of two sides who best encapsulate the fluctuating emotions not just of supporters but humankind, where insecurity stems from an unwavering sense of ENTITLEMENT”

    Then perhaps they would of been a little closer to the truth.

    From where I sit a sense of self ENTITLEMENT is all consuming and as such where I think the independent is correct, is in their observation of the World in general when they attribute the notion of an “… unwavering sense of worth” to ‘Humankind’. Now that I do agree with, and the evidence of it is all around us every day.

    As you work in advertising Tony you must be aware of the changes, both subtle and grand, in the way we are sold to.

    I noted a few years ago a subtle change in the wording of adverts, especially on the billboards and posters within the railway network on which I work.

    It was very subtle but very telling, and is particular relevant to this notion of self worth, or entitlement.

    If you were looking for a house, a car, a job, or a holiday, an advert would of said something along the lines of:

    –Move in to the home you always hoped you could afford.

    –Drive the car of your dreams.

    –Find the Job you’ve always wished for.

    –Take the holiday you’ve always wanted.


    Now they all say:

    –Get the home you DESERVE.

    –Drive the car you DESERVE.

    So now it’s not about hopes and dreams, or even wants and desires. NO. Its all about what you DESERVE.

    It seems to me by simply being you and getting up in the morning, you DESERVE whatever you want.

    The notion that something may be beyond you, maybe something you simply cannot afford or achieve, is now a notion that simply cannot be entertained.

    The mere fact you WANT it means you should HAVE it because quite frankly YOU DESERVE IT, and all because you get up in the morning.

  2. From The Mail on Sunday today.

    So even in an article about tomorrows Chelsea v Man United clash this is the headline:

    ‘Everyone’s having a go at us… but Arsenal are even worse!’: Fired-up Luke Shaw SLAMS how Manchester United’s struggles are focused on ahead of old rivals Arsenal.

    Shaw says:

    “Everyone is watching, everyone wants to have a go when you lose. It’s part and parcel of playing for United.

    ‘No disrespect to Arsenal because I think they are a fantastic club but they’re not having the greatest season and it hardly gets mentioned.”

    “It’s hardly mentioned.”

    Is he for real ?

    We were getting as much critisism, if not more, even when we were winning trophies.

    And irony upon irony, in an article that really should have nothing to do with Arsenal, it is Arsenal getting insulted in the headline, not United.

    You couldn’t make it up……but alas they do !!

  3. OT: AVilla 1 1 Spuds

    10 minutes or so before half time, with atkinson the twit for PGMO. Fouls are 3:4 (spuds had the first foul), and no cards issued as of yet All the scoring by Alderweireld. That spud known as Son needed a treatment on 2m. The scorer on the spuds needed a treatment on 21m. Sargent atkinson Schultz seen NOTHING on either event.

  4. OT: AVilla 1 1 Spuds

    At 38m, AVilla’s Grealish needs a treatment, Sargent Schultz sees nothing. Atkinson gives the spuds a penalty, which is missed. I suspect the penalty taker scored on the rebound. This is in time added on. The fouls are 5:4 and still no cards. The spuds only have Dele Diver playing today. At some point, atkinson called for half time.

  5. OT: AVilla 1 2 Spuds

    The score going into half time was 1:2, not 1:1. Oops. Approaching 3/4 time, and the fouls are 5:7 and no cards yet issued. At 64m, AVilla needs another treatment (as a result of a header?). No sign that Sargent Schultz sees anything wrong in the event. The last AVilla player treated, was substituted at 69m. Obviously just a time wasting thing, not something that needed discipline. Submitting fouls are 6:7, still no cards.

  6. Lee Mason is the PGMO twit for us. Newcastle playing 5 at the back?

    XI: Leno
    Bellerin Mustafi Luiz Saka
    Ceballos Xhaka
    Pepe Ozil Aubameyang

    Beach: Martinez, Sokratis, Lacazette, Torreira, Willock, Kolasinac, Martinelli


  7. OT: AVilla 2 2 Spuds

    84m, fouls are 6:9 and still no cards. With 2 treatments to both teams and 1 player needing to be substituted due to a treatment. Remarkable. Spuds must be the best team since LiVARpool!, eh? With fouls at 8:9, atkinson finally finds his cards and gives one to – – – AVilla? At 88m, AVilla need a treatment, and Sargeant Schultz sees NOTHING. Fouls are 11:9, it has been a while since the spuds last committed a foul, according to Sargeant Schultz. Son scores for the spuds and they win. Must be because of their wonderful manager, who never moooooooans. Two yellows to the home team.

  8. Gord – the VAR official is the match official for PGMOL. The dope on the field has no say in when a goal or handball or offside is because he does not check the pitchside monitor.

    This is not Association Football but PGMOL Football because the Laws are not as set out in FIFA.

    The whole EPL is going to be bankrupt when Storm Menace hits the club, FA, UEFA, FIFA, worlds press & Untold.

  9. First foul of the game at 9m, and it’s a yellow card to —– Xhaka!

    Mason you are a dork.


  10. Newcastle player kicks the ball away in decent. Nothing.

    Xhakas first foul leads to a yellow card. Well there’s a surprise.

    Where’s the ‘word in the ear’ afforded others as I’ve mentioned before.

    Ozil pulled up for a foul that never was.

    Lee Mason already seems to be on a mission.

  11. Would only ever be a yellow retrospective to an Arsenal player absolutely no one else. They really are a disgrace and blatant with it.

  12. Most commentaries from newspapers, don’t even mention that Xhaka was carded. It was for a foul. I seen that a “soft foul” was given against Ozil shortly afterwards. Business as usual, Arsenal breathes on opposition and is disciplined for it.

    I guess we should be happy that we don’t have any players with broken legs yet in this game, eh?


  13. From the Villa Spurs game commentry:

    Serge Aurier (Spurs) Pulls the shirt of one of the Newcastle players.

    Free kick. No card.

    I wonder if he even got a word in the ear ?

  14. Oops, sorry we are playing against a 5-4-1-4 formation. I forgot the 4 (5?) PGMO players.


  15. And tonight on “Fantasies in Football” (otherwise known as MOTD), we will be regaled to 87 pudnits singing how Xhaka really deserved that first yellow card of the game, even though almost every newspaper in England missed it.

  16. A black & white pull on an Arsenal player is invisible to the PGMOL. Pepe gets pulled twice but ………….

  17. Thanks Nitram! Something positive. Other than all of us being positive that the PGMO is corrupt.

    We are getting some shots, some on target even. Which is important if you want to score.


  18. VAR listens to commentary and reacts to it with the same bias. The cheating is certainly shared with the media.

  19. This continual mention of the referee as “Lee Stephen Mason” is getting really annoying. His name is “Lee Stephen MORON”!


  20. Pathetic toon with 14 on the pitch and a possy of verbals on TV & VAR cannot get on top of Arsenal.

  21. I watched the Liverpool game and VAR was definately in sync with the commentary boxes. The penalty wasn’t but then the whole season isn’t Football. When VAR makes off field decesions that the piggy in the middle doesn’t check it is total bollocks.

    To cap it all Im have to listen to Alan Shearer the dim twat that was sent off by Uriah Renee and was never banned for the nasty kicks to heads of players on the floor.

  22. Alan who couldn’t manage a piss up in Newcastle pontificates on what should have happened.

  23. That idiot on Arsenal TV is banging on again about how we should tactical foul.

    Did he not see Xhaka get booked for his first foul. Does he not see us get a card every 4.5 fouls

    Honestly this bloke is a complete idiot.

  24. Fantasy in Football.

    A particular “paragraph” of a video show. Show N occurrences of say a shirt tug in that weekend’s games and show if a foul was called or there was a word in the ear. Then show the Arsenal shirt pull on the first foul and its a card. Just a for instance. Stick it up on “me tube”. I think you need to put on the screen, the date/time of the game and the time into the game. Also, how many fouls the player is question has committed to that point in the game, and how many his team has committed to that point. And the card count up to the incident.


  25. There we go! Aubameyang puts away the first goal! Whose on the assist? Saka for the assist.


  26. Nope, still not enough coffee. No idea on first goal, Saka has the assist on Pepe’s goal!


  27. A Newcastle player is needing a treatment? Did Xhaka breath on him, and he is allergic to garlic?


  28. We were awarded a free kick (Fouls are now 11:5)? Does mason have a fever? Maybe he has that novel corona virus?


  29. Isn’t Mason supposed to let the game continue then check with VAR latter ? That was not offside.

  30. Xhaka needs a treatment on 72m, and Sargeant MORON Schultz sees NOTHING. Moron probably daring Xhaka to say something, so he can dismiss him.


  31. 70′: once more a very promissing action is cut short by an offside call by the lineman, it seems it wasn’t offside since the players were on the same line.

  32. The Cnut wants to book Saka when he was fouled by the Clarke!!!!!
    The corrupt shite goes on.

  33. The pace has dropped a bit. They need to push on, maybe net another to see it out. Clean sheet please.

  34. Fouls are (supposedly) 13:7, and on 82m Saka gets carded for something. It could be for Clark of Newcastle needing a treatment at 82m. It took a while for Xhaka to get back on the pitch. Clark is almost immediately substituted by the magpies.


  35. Who says Dubai was wasted? What a relaxed set of players doing their stuff like it was practice.

  36. All of Mesut’s hard work paid off! How to go Mesut! Nice assist to Lacazette fresh off the bench.

    6m of extra time?


  37. Get in for number 4

    Great performance from the lads.

    Loads of outstanding performances, and as much as I loved Ozil my MOTM has to go to our new superstar….Sake !!!!


  38. Willock on for Mesut. I hope the crowd gave Mesut a good applause!

    Lacazette gets in on the scoring, from Pepe!

    Up yours Mason and 😈 Riley!


  39. I think someone was talking before the game about how difficult it has been getting for Arsenal to score 3 or more? 🙂

    Have a good trip home Tony (if you got to the game through the mess left by Dennis).

  40. Toothless report by BleacherReport on the game.

    Express gives Bellerin a 5. The world gives Express a 2.

    Fo.Lo trying to write articles revolving around twits. Give them a 1.

    The best DailyMail can say, is that this was a “good” Arsenal performance. The world gives DailyMail a 3.

    The Mirror gets a 4.

    Islington Gazette didn’t seem to kick us with their report. Give them a 5.

  41. Mason gives Xhaka a yellow for a shirt-pull. Fair enough. It didn’t happen to other offenders.

    Saka is scythed down in the first half. Not even a foul.

    Saka gets a yellow card for being pulled back by Ritchie.

    Ozil flagged offside when he wasn’t. I though VAR was supposed to deal with this at an opportune moment. The rules are being ignored.

    The sooner FIFA start looking at this, the better.

  42. Has anyone else bean listening to that idiot Souness trying to tell us how you should and shouldn’t manage a football team.

    All this man knows is foul foul foul, run run run, then foul foul foul some more.

    No wonder he doesn’t appreciate an artist such as Ozil. Yes Ozil has had a couple of poor seasons but Souness is insinuating he’s been a failure since he’s been at Arsenal, simply because he doesn’t run around like a headless chicken.

    Anyway lets have a look at what a Liverpool Blog has to say about this genius of a manager:

    Graeme Souness: The story of a fallen hero

    “Towards the end of his time in charge, it seemed that Souness was attempting to mould a Liverpool in his own image, but by appearing to value steely abrasiveness above technical accomplishment, as personified by the signings of Ruddock and Dicks, the club’s traditional qualities were in danger of being submerged.

    Allied to this, it soon became apparent that some of the central facets of a successful manager, things like effective man-management skills and tactical expertise, were missing from the Souness armoury.

    Key players became disaffected, injuries mounted (due, some said, to the introduction of an untypically strenuous training regime) and results inevitably suffered. By March 1993, almost two years after taking charge of the team, Souness’s Liverpool occupied 15th place in the embryonic Premier League, just three points above the relegation zone. Clearly, all was not well.”

    It’s all in that first paragraph:

    “Towards the end of his time in charge, it seemed that Souness was attempting to mould a Liverpool in his own image, but by appearing to value steely abrasiveness above technical accomplishment, as personified by the signings of Ruddock and Dicks, the club’s traditional qualities were in danger of being submerged.”

    Sorry for the rant on such a day but that guy, that thug, really gets my goat.

    Now I know why I very very rarelly listen to the post match crap, even when we win.

  43. NBCSprots claimed that they learned 3 things. They didn’t.

    The Guadmkjndskjhernfjn put up a report on the game. One sentence in, and you knew this article was entirely forgetable.

    Next! Match Report? No mention of Mustafi’s chance on goal just before half time? How come? For all the bashing he has had to endure, you need to mention when he has good chances like this. Yes, it would have been better if he had of scored.

    Most of a twit from

    There were 35 passes in the build-up to Mesut Ozil’s goal – the most for any goal in the #PL this season All 11 @Arsenal players touched the ball during the move!

    Question for That cut and paste shows all of the string to be ordinary text, except for the ’35’ and ’11’. Any particular reason to make those tokens different? I changed them to ordinary.

  44. This is the 2nd goal of such majesty in recent history, the other being Sakes opener away at Bournemouth with 22 passes and all 10 outfield players involved.

    Is ‘WengerBall’ coming back? Oh pleeeeease!

  45. seismic

    I said the same at the time.

    I don’t see anyone else getting cards so early for their first foul and have pointed this out a couple of times when ‘a word in the ear ‘has sufficed. Not for us it seems.

    And as far as I understood as well, Mason should of allowed the move to develop before blowing Ozil offside, and then reviewed if and when necessary. PEA would almost certainly have scored from that move.

    Newcastle 8 fouls for no cards.

    One player kicked the ball away in dissent. No card.

    Mason definitely tilted the pitch today. Luckily the boys were good enough to overcome the slope.

  46. After todays game the brain dead Souness completely unjustly accused Ozil of still being lazy despite him being second only to Zhaka (10.8km} in distance covered, Ozil 10.7km.
    Maybe Souness should check the stats before coming out with the following load of totally inaccurate garbage…
    “Does he bust a gut? No he doesn’t. Does he do the hard yards?” said the Sky Sport idiot.

  47. And here to accept the EPL trophy for coming in first in the 2019/2020 season, is 😈 Mike Riley of PGMO for LiVARpool!

  48. mick shelley

    Thanks for those stats backing up my earlier post, that you may of seen.

    We all know Ozil had a hard time under Emery, for whatever reason, but since Arteta’s arrival he has played very well, without excelling in the sense he still hadn’t assisted or scored, but the effort WAS there, and the old swagger was returning.

    He has been unfairly treated by the media, and on the back of that by the fans, almost since his arrival, but when Ozil is firing he makes us a much better team.

    Souness is an idiot. A thug on the pitch and a disaster as a manager, and given that, it was pathetic to hear him ridicule PEA for saying how a change of manager has helped, and then go on to explain how a manager doesn’t affect how a player plays. Hilarious.

    Helps to explain why he was such a failure as a manager I suppose.

    But as is SKY’s way they just sit there and let a guy talk this s**t despite the facts that have just played out in front of his eyes.

  49. Souness:

    HIBS manager Neil Lennon joked on TV he was wearing shin guards in case fellow pundit Graeme Souness kicked him under the table.

    Bleacher Report has the 20 Worst Players in Premier League History

    First paragraph ends with:

    20 worst players in Premier League History—if your name is Graeme Souness you may want to look away now!!!

    Numbers 1 through 19 presented, 20 is

    There was only one player who could possibly top this list! Ali Dia got a friend to phone Graeme Souness and pretend he was George Weah. “Weah” recommended his “cousin” Ali Dia as a future star and advised Souness to sign him up.

    Dia was invited to train with Southampton and despite having apparently been terrible during a week’s worth of training Dia found himself on the subs bench for a game against Leeds United in 1996.

    Ali Dia was brought on after 32 minutes and was truly appalling for the following 21 minutes before being hauled off by Souness. He later tried his luck at Gateshead FC but was nowhere near good enough to play even at Conference level!

    And that is what Souness knows of football.

    And people want him as a pudnit for what reason?

  50. Souness was terrible in the after-match s£$tshow. Instead of talking about how good we were today, Souness (assisted by lapdog RedKnapp) made it all about the failure of United’s right-back (Lazaro) to prevent Arsenal’s first two goals. They spent about 4 minutes on that, and then proceeded to explain how bad Arsenal were. At one point Redknapp said that the first half was the worst performance he’d ever seen from Arsenal. We weren’t great in the first half, but we have been a lot worse this season (and in previous seasons). Newcastle were second-best during the last 65 minutes of the game, and you could see their players tiring after 35 minutes. Maybe Arteta’s fitness work is starting to pay off.

    After the match we were treated to the ugly spectacle of Geoff Shreeves trying to goad Arteta into having a go at Man. City (instead of talking about today’s game). Fortunately Mr. Arteta saw through Shreeves’ petty, divisive line of questioning and put him in his place.

    Saka was MOTM and fully deserved the award, but the whole team looked good today.

    The match would have been even more pleasurable to watch had Mason and the linos officiated according to the rules.

  51. WOO HOO , HOO ! Finally a great win . with the brakes off , a clean sheet and the whole team really enjoying themselves , and playing with pride !
    May it long continue . Arteta Knows Best !
    Up the Gunners !

  52. What credentials or accreditations are prerequisite to qualify one as an ‘expert ‘ EPL football pundit or commentator ?

    a) Being a player of some international repute.
    b) Being a successful manager of some reputable club.
    c) Being well versed in the laws of football.
    d) Being fluent in the English language .
    e) Being a success in life or an inspiration to many.
    f) Being a dickhead.

    I could go on , but laughter gets in the way of going any further !

  53. Gord

    “And people want him as a pundit for what reason” ?

    Brickfield Gunners

    “What credentials or accreditations are prerequisite to qualify one as an ‘expert‘ EPL football pundit or commentator” ?

    Simple. He is prepared to slag Arsenal FC, their manager and players, at every opportunity.

  54. Well reading the Guardian..

    “Arteta was recruited because of his affiliation with thrilling possession football. His best work so far has been to revive the old spirit of “boring, boring Arsenal”. Alex Hess”

    boring, boring Arsenal ? Are we watching the same season ?

    And the whole match report is written by someone who is just pissed he could not report on an Arsenal debacle…

  55. Nitram – 17/02/2020 at 9:44 am – I’ll take that as ‘f) Being a dickhead.’ !

  56. In the news headlines after the game, the first version I seen was by the BBC saying that Newcastle were completely caught off guard. Click on the link, and like so many websites they are so in love with javascript that there is no article to read. Just the headline.

    The Mag (website for Newcastle) had a summary on the game, which included this theme. And no love for javascript, so I was able to read the article (safely).

    I think Steve Bruce is partially at fault, if he thought the only scouting he needed to do was to read the various articles about how bad Newcastle is and how bad Arsenal is and compare them. Surely he must know from his time at ManU, that their ability to win games had a lot to do with things not part of the game of football.

    But what this method of scouting ran into, is that the Crap Magnification Factor for Arsenal is much larger than for Newcastle. A reasonable sized problem for Newcastle gets made into a mountain. A tiny problem for Arsenal gets made into a mountain. Newcastle came here, thinking their mountain was nominally the same as our mountain. A good chance for some points.

    The article by The Mag, then goes into typical fan self-delusion. They claim that all 4 goals Arsenal scored were just luck; that no skill or intelligence on the part of Arsenal was required. Fine, claim that. Why they feel they need to call Mesut a turd to make themselves feel better, when he obviously had a good game; I don’t understand. Maybe Tony does?

  57. Breaking news – Brickfields Gunners Blog demands EPL experts and commentators to show their credentials .

    Claims that they are all bogus , and totally unfit to be termed as experts. Other than expert bullshitters , of course.

    The Blog also claims that in any other field , they would have long been tarred and feathered ; keel hauled and water boarded.

    Next – PIGMOB or BIGMOB ?
    Have your say in this lively debate ,of the people you love to hate , orher than politicians !

  58. Crap Magnification Factor. We haven’t even had a training day finish since Lacazette scored (yesterday), and some medja outlets are talking about Lacazette’s next drought.

  59. Chel$ea posted some news on their womens player Fran Kirby. She apparently has pericarditis (inflamation of the membrane which surrounds the heart)? So, she is using all her energy to deal with that.

    It isn’t nice to see anyone come down such serious problems. But I have this nagging feeling that she sent one of Arsenal’s players to the hospital last season. Beth Mead? Maybe it would be best if she recovers from this medical problem, but gives up football.

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