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  1. Pål

    Yes, this article raise many important questions.

    It is not just about if the Premiere League season can be finished this year, but also if restrictions can prevent the next season from starting with an audience.

    I hope those who have analyzed the corona virus can tell us about it in detail because only then can make the mest medicines. The corona is a virus, and we know viruses keep mutating non stop, and vaccines against viruses have very little value when just one little mutation can render a vaccine useless, and as such flu vaccines did only help 1% according to study many years ago. Many mutations may not be bad thing as a virus can also mutate to become less dangerous, and there is a real chance of that. In Iceland that private company “de Code Genetics” tested 9768 persons, and they found 40 mutations of the corona virus. The Danish professor and researcher on viruses, Dr Allan Randrup Thomsen, has said the corona may well develop to become more contagious, but also likely less dangerous. And if less dangerous to the degree very few people will be at risk, then less restrictions needed, and the virus will die out as a real threat. It is not in a virus`interest to kill us a hoast, but if our immune system is not working well, then our immune defense can overreact so much it can kill us.

    To the degree football matches will be played without an audience, then music should be played. This is also an an opportunity to create a special new
    football show in which you can set up special situations with players not only from one or two clubs, and you could for instance test what would happen if putting say 4 of the best headers of the ball when a corner is taken, and only the keeper to beat. This is a not what I would advocate for regular matches, but it could be fun to watch and guess the outcome.

    To catch up clubs may play football matches every second day as suggested in Spain, and if football players train correctly for better stamina without over training, then that should go well. The” secret” is to use muscles needed often enough every day, and I know this from self experience when feeling totally rested the next day after running 2 times 5 km every day using 18 minutes over 5 km. Feel free to ask me about this!


  2. John L

    Borrowing against future earnings is what finally caused Leeds United’s financial collapse in 2003-4. (not the goldfish in the Chairman’s office)


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