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September 2021
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September 2021

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How sweet life can be (when we beat West Ham)

by Walter Broeckx

In a perfect world we would win all our games with 3 or 4 goals.  But as we have found out already this isn’t a perfect world at all. Things don’t always happen the way we want them to happen.  And so instead of us winning against West Ham with a final score line of 3-0 we had to fight till the last seconds to get a 1-0 win.

What was the most pleasing thing today? Winning and taking the 3 points of course. That is the most important thing. Dropping points would have been a huge disappointment and we certainly did deserve the 3 points.  We had some 20 shots on goal and West Ham had 6 in total. We played in their half for most of the time, we hit the woodwork twice and Green made some amazing stops. Once again he proves to be a goalkeeper that loves to play against us and a keeper who can  play his best games against us. With another keeper and with a little bit of luck it could have been a high score line.

But lady luck was not on our side against West Ham so we had to work very hard for the 3 points. And that is just what we did.  Some players did not have their best day in this game, and that happens. I have read in the mean while that Cesc was feeling something in his hamstring and you could feel that he was not at his best during the game. So maybe this was why he didn’t perform like we are used that he performs.  Luckily Jack Wilshere is available again next week.

But as the statistics show we had done enough to win the game and so we did win it. How nice that Alex ‘not fit to wear the shirt’ Song was making us sing today. Another example of how right Wenger was and how wrong the AAA were all these years. And even before he scored he was man of the match at our home.

So we played our game and what did West Ham do? They did it all except that I did not really see them play football. I think Green has broken a new world record time wasting. As I was not in the stadium but had to see it on a stream on the internet I could not see it all but I think it took him more than a minute before the ball was back in play. Except the last 5 minutes as the West Ham players were running after the ball to bring it back in play at a tempo unseen for the first 90 minutes. I never knew they could take a goal kick so fast.

And when they had to take a throw in even Delap from Stoke cleans his ball faster with his towel than West Ham took a throw.   So it was another “good” old performance of a team that was building a brick wall in front of their goal and just to be sure they had already parked their buss in front of that same wall.

But what can be better than to see that finally at the end of the game you can find that hole in the wall they had thought was going to keep us out. In fact scoring that late and punishing them so late on is maybe the best you can do. Imagine what a blow this must be for a team after showing all what can be ugly in football for 88 minutes and the find yourself with empty hands.

So at the end of the day they just got what they deserved for being an embarrassment for football: nothing. And maybe the way we won it will hurt them even more than if we would have won it 3-0.  Now they can lick their wounds and we can celebrate a late victory and know that they all count even if a goal comes right at the end. I hope they have a few nightmares about it.

And for Arsenal 3 points in MIOU fashion in the last years so good points which could make a difference at the end of the season. Golden points.

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5 comments to How sweet life can be (when we beat West Ham)

  • Mick

    We do not seem to be hearing much from the AAA brigade recently, they are obviously laying low waiting for a chance to pounce on the next (inevitable) slip up. Lets hope they have a long, long wait!! One wonders what they will say should we win the league or the Champions League. Do you think they may admit they were wrong and apologise for being such pessimistic wankers? I doubt it. Have’nt heard much from Mr Merson either since his doom and gloom comments prior to the Man City game.

  • george

    After the game I love the fact that we score very,very late.After all the time wasting and ,well basically cheating,they get exactly what they deserve.Sweet F all.

  • Andrew Chua

    Exact sentiments With AW when Walcott crashed the shot against the post and it went straight into the hands of Green. There was a sense of deja vu. It ended well and 3 hard fought points was what I thought we deserved.

    Speaking of which, we should never be complacent and should always respect our opponents, but not fear them, of course.

    West Ham is a respectable club with lots of traditions, and one that groomed many talented players.

    We should not expect clubs to roll over and let you pass without a fight. Fight comes in many forms, tactics if you like to call them. Not pretty on the eyes but thats what they thought was their best chance for a draw/win.

    Like many sites I visited, condemnations come fast and thick. I believe we should just cherished the win/points, and draw from the positives.

  • Dark Prince

    I hope we can come back to winning games by 3 or 4 goals…the win against west ham wont happen everytime. We have d busiest month now. 6 games in 25 days, includin 5 away games, thats gonna be tough. I hope we win all our matches this month!!

  • RedGooner

    I wouldnt be to concerned about the overall performance its the result that mattered saturday.

    Chelsea and Utd win one nil and the papers all suggest its a great 3 points. When Arsenal wins one nil its all we struggled to play our free flowing football and were lucky to get a result.

    I thought we played excellent from start to finsih and dominated the game and got the result that we deserved.
    If we had of drawn I would still have been happy with the effort of our team.

    I dont think Manure will come away from Upton Park with anything if they send their reserve team their for the next round of the league cup.

    which could be great news for us 🙂