The world put to rights, Caramalised Molasses v Arsenal

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Apologies if you got sidetracked by the earlier preview – the world is back on track, Thomas Vermaelen has opened his presents, and its the regular preview…

By Phil Gregory

After an interesting game for United, the opportunity to definitively go second looms for Arsenal. I say definitely, as there’s no messing around with having played a day earlier or somesuch, the Mancs have slipped up and hold a mere two point lead over us before our trip to Goodish. A win would put us second, and be a clear statement of intent from Wenger’s boys. It wouldn’t go amiss if it quietened down some mouthy United friends I have, neither.

Before I get into the nitty gritty of the preview of Everton, I just want to talk for a minute about the United game. With United 2-0 down, I foolishly made some cocky comment on my facebook about the paucity of United’s bench meaning that their game-changing subs were Obertan and Macheda. The latter went on to get a goal and United clawed two back to get a draw. Naturally all the Mancs came crawling out and tried poke a bit of fun, missing the point that they had just dropped two points. Chelsea seem a little light on the squad front too, I can’t wait until they pick up a couple of injuries at centre back and have an absolute nightmare with a debutant from the Stamford Bridge crèche that is their bench these days

Onwards with Everton then. Last season we kicked off our title challenge with a tidy 6-1 away win, but I think it goes without saying that we might not be seeing that scoreline again. Everton have been a hugely mixed bag this season, with their 12th position testament to that. They’ve only lost once at home this season, but then again they’ve only won twice too, so I don’t think their home record is going to be striking fear into our players’ hearts any time soon.

I was mildly amused by Vermaelen’s picture appearing next to the injury news section; pretty apt I would say. Apparently the Belgian is a bit of a medical mystery (though we already knew that after he played a week after suffering a suspected broken leg last season) and he’s out indefinitely. We’ve no new injuries however Diaby and Gibbs sound like they’re not too far off returning to the matchday squad. Almunia too is out, for “one or two weeks” but then that was the best part of three weeks ago. Whether Wenger’s shielding him from the “dropped as #1” headlines or whether he’s just taken a little longer to recover, with Fabianki’s form it doesn’t really matter much.


Sagna Squillaci Djourou Clichy

Song Wilshere


Walcott Chamakh Arshavin

It’s a bit trickier to pick the forward line nowadays. Bendtner has been knocking on the door but while Chamakh continues to perform he’ll continue to get the centre forward slot. Perhaps Nik will start wide right as he did pre-injury last season, with Theo on the bench, though the England international hardly deserves to be benched either. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Nasri somewhere in the line-up either, though I didn’t manage to fit him in to mine. Arshavin left, Chamakh in the middle and Theo on the right, with plenty of options on the bench if we need to change things around.

Fabianski continues in goal after a a great performance at Wolves, while the back four is as you’d expect with Koscielny serving the last game of his two-match ban. Song and Wilshere play deep (though the latter may be rested, if Arsène’s recent musings are anything to go by) while Cesc continues in the middle.

With all those options in midfield and attack, we could feasibly put this out too:


Nasri Cesc

Bendtner Van Persie Rosicky

Which just goes to show the crazy depth we have in our squad. As for Everton (to shamelessly use their official site) they are missing Osman and Anichebe, while Belgian Fellaini is serving a suspension. Wide-man Pienaar is one to watch with various of Europe’s top clubs keeping an eye on him with his contract running out at the end of the season. The aerial prowess of Tim Cahill will have me worried too. They do have Rodwell and Heitinga back in contention, two solid defensive players so let’s hope they’re lacking match sharpness.

It should be a cracker. Everton are a decent side, who started poorly (seemingly a habit after the last couple of seasons) and are picking up the results now, with a few blips upon the way. Let’s hope for another of those blips for them on Sunday, as three points would take us above the Mancs, which would be lovely. I’ve no idea how it’s going to go, so I’m going to plump for a traditional 1-0 to the Arsenal.

English followers of the Arsenal – spare a thought for this writer. On Wednesday, France are playing at Wembley, and I myself am currently based in France studying. It’s either going to go one of two ways – we lose and my every move is followed by a reminder of the score, or we win and I’m able to dish it out until the cows come home. It is only a friendly, but I really hope Capello doesn’t make too many changes and make us lose. I don’t thin k I’ve ever been so bothered about England in my life, but just this once, I’d love it if they could do me proud.

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17 Replies to “The world put to rights, Caramalised Molasses v Arsenal”

  1. Oh yes, this is more like it. Best way to reply to a home defeat – two away wins. Second in the league as a bonus

  2. We could and probably should have finished the game just around the one hour mark when we missed two big chances. We then got under some pressure but we managed to keep the 3 points.
    Great result!!!!!

  3. Icing on the cake;
    Chelsea losing by 2 goals till 52′. Hope it ends like this!
    Chelsea could have been down by more goals if it wasn’t for Cech.

  4. spurs game wil be tough, especially now that we have more than half of our team going for d international friendlies midweek

  5. Feels like a turning a corner…

    Last two times the KGB were beaten and we had a chance to minimize the deficit – we lost (shockingly, both times, at home, vs. WBA and Newcastle – not your usual suspects).

    Anyhow – today we won away @ quite a tough fixture, and the KGB lost – shockingly, at home – to Sunderland.

    This goes to prove (sorry can’t remember the guy’s name) theory of the league becoming harder and harder to win – and the gap between top teams and lesser teams, so to speak, is getting narrower.

    It wouldn’t have happened a few years ago, mind you – us losing to WBA or Newcastle @ home, or the KGB losing like today.

  6. This is why we, well I anyway, am an Arsenal fan. So disapointed last Sunday to have traveled that far to see us lose against Newcastle.

    And then like I said in my travel report: the players were disgusted at the end and ran in the dressing room fuming and angry. And they have put turned those negative feelings in to extra energy to fight harder than ever to get results. Not the fanciest games (but we could have scored and should have scored more goals) but maybe it is even more pleasin to win in thise way as it shows we can battle for a result even at hostile away grounds.

    And then to think that Cesc is still only half the player he can be for the moment. But he is fighting as if his live depends on it (sometimes really on the edge and close to being over the edge) and so whatever one will say: he is leading by example and going first in the fight.

  7. Big Big 3pts but –

    1. Imo song was pure shite (sorry rebs). His tackling is still shit, his passing was embarrassing and he was destroyed in the air time and time again (not least for their goal).

    2. Squillachi is not good enough. He is hesitant, nowhere near dominant in the air and is as slow as a cart horse 

    3. We made the last 15-20mins far harder than it should have been. We were in total control and looked threatening every time we attacked but of course we decided to be smartarses and do keep ball instead as we played sidewards and backwards followed swiftly by handing possession back to them via bad passing   Sometimes these cocks get above themselves 

    5. Substitutions were woeful. Tbf I thought denilson did very well but I also thought taking off arshavin was a bad move but the eboue for chamakh decision was absolutely ridiculous and baffling  We basically decided to bring in the cheating c**t and surrender possession for them to launch balls into our area

  8. to be honest, arsenal r stil playin way below their level…..but a win is always welcome

  9. @dreamz. I would have to disagree on the subs, AW put Denilson on for more possesion. Rosicky, because he is good at defending down the flank. Taking Chamack and putting on a defensive player when there is little time left, need I say more?

  10. Dreamz,
    Song didn’t give the ball away any more often, or was he more unsuccessful in tackles or interceptions, than any of our other central midfield players. Compare his stats on the guardian chalkboards and you’ll see the facts for yourself because you’re talking rubbish.

  11. we are second just 2 points behind first place.
    And yet still we are rubbish, we are useless, we are….. ??? When will some people be satisfied? Never I guess.

    Well I am a satisfied Gooner and I like it very much when we can get our points the hard way. With players not at their best like Cesc who still is looking for his best form. Imagine he gets his best form? Then we will be back on the high score line games but as long as he is not completely to his best all we can ask is 3 points. And for god sake enjoy them.

  12. Dreamz what are you, Myles love child ? Get a life will you and perhaps use supporting facts other than the fact your mouth is BIG and if you support Arsenal you call Sp*rs players names not your own players ….you stand behind your own players.

    Your an effing moron.

  13. I thought that we had eradicated the naysayer/trolls, banished by logic, thwarted by brilliance and defeated by performance.
    Apparently now their new tactic is to complain about winning.

    Dreamz I would recommend that you try a new team and sport. Start supporting the Harlem Globetrotters. Apparently they always look great and never lose.

    Great win today and like midweek it took a resilient performance from all concerned especially Fabianski whom I do not blame for the Newcastle lossas his defence never challenged Carroll which is unacceptable.

    In a sense we do not deserve to be only 2 points off the top as we have let opportunity after chance go to waste so far this season.
    However in life, you do not get what you deserve.

    You get what you get.

    Now we shall see if the penny has finally dropped for this team. That with determination and will they actually can go on a title winning run starting with Sp*rs.

  14. Dreamz doesn’t belong here. He listed 5 negatives, and then re-posted to say 1 good thing, as an after-thought… Were we watching the same game? I’d easily say the positives outweighed the negatives in this case, the positive list should have been longer. Shows what kind of fan you are, you seem like the 1 of those types who follow the Arsenal so you can find sumn to complain about.
    Have you applied for MOTD yet? Give it a shot, you stand a good chance.

  15. Phil, you wrote about Chelsea:
    I can’t wait until they pick up a couple of injuries at centre back and have an absolute nightmare with a debutant from the Stamford Bridge crèche that is their bench these days

    And they went on to oblige you:
    Essien got card trouble and Terry injured something in training hence we got to see a bit of their soft underbelly and what did it get them: 0-3 at home to Sunderland.

    How many times have Arsenal played with 4-6 injuries to their first eleven? How many times have Arsenal fans allowed the club to get away with an 0-3 at home?

    I pray we stay fit that the fans may see the best of the team in the crunch December/January schedule. I also hope we keep the trend of wins in the rest of the November schedule.

  16. Great results the last 2 matches if we beat sp*rs the Ems will be rocking cant wait for this weekend to come.

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