Arsenal v Tottenham the team and some of the more interesting records

By Bulldog Drummond

Arsenal have not been beaten by Tottenham in any of the last 28 games against them at Arsenal stadium – 11 of the games have been draws and the remaining 16 we’ve won.  But we have not had consecutive wins since 2014.  However we usually score – in fact we have scored in the last 22 Premier League home games against them.

But the results against Tottenham really haven’t been very good of late.  Here’s the last ten…

Date Match Result Score Competition
30 Apr 2017 Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal L 2-0 Premier League
18 Nov 2017 Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur W 2-0 Premier League
10 Feb 2018 Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal L 1-0 Premier League
02 Dec 2018 Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur W 4-2 Premier League
19 Dec 2018 Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur L 0-2 League Cup
02 Mar 2019 Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal D 1-1 Premier League
01 Sep 2019 Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur D 2-2 Premier League
12 Jul 2020 Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal L 2-1 Premier League
06 Dec 2020 Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal L 2-0 Premier League
14 Mar 2021 Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur W 2-1 Premier League

But the media are gearing themselves up for another “worst since” attack on Arsenal – this one being for the “lowest number of goals after six games in a league campaign.”   The worst run was in 1910

Date Match Result Score Competition
1 Sep 1910 Woolwich Arsenal v Manchester United L 1-2 Division One
3 Sep 1910 Bury v Woolwich Arsenal D 1-1 Division One
10 Sep 1910 Woolwich Arsenal v Sheffield United D 0-0 Division One
17 Sep 1910 Aston Villa v Woolwich Arsenal L 3-0 Division One
24 Sep 1910 Woolwich Arsenal v Sunderland D 0-0 Division One
1 Oct 1910 Woolwich Arsenal v Oldham Athletic D 0-0 Division One

After just those two goals in six we then lost 3-0 to Bradford City, but then beat Blackburn 3-1.

Oh, and there is another one the media are kicking around ready to throw our way.  We have used 26 players in the Premier League so far this season – although that is a reflection primarily of the attack of the virus at the start of the campaign, and the introduction of so many new players to the first XI all at once.

However, as a result of Mr Arteta’s policy, we have actually got the youngest average age to our first team squad of any club in the Premier League, at 24 years 328 days.

As for Tottenham they have never lost three league games in a row by three goals before, so there is a tempting target.  They have, you might recall, just lost to Crystal Palace 3-0 and Chelsea 0-3.

But of course they do have the all-time superstar scorer in their ranks, a Mr H Kane.  He is currently number 111 in the league table of shots in the Premier League this season with four.   I would print the list of the 110 above him, but it would be pretty much everyone playing as a forward, so you can imagine it.   Besides our list of top scorers doesn’t make very exciting reading at the moment.

So to the team.   The Guardian offer us an Arsenal team of


Tomiyasu    White   Gabriel     Tierney


Smith Rowe      Odegaard

Pepe                                         Saka


along with the inevitably sarcastic comment, “Do not reach for the reading glasses: Arsenal’s treatment room is, at the time of writing, empty before Sunday’s north London derby.”

SportsMole offer us


Tomiyasu,   White,   Gabriel,   Tierney;

Xhaka,   Partey,   Odegaard;

Saka,   Aubameyang,   Smith Rowe


The Standard goes with


Tomiyasu, White, Gabriel, Tierney,


Odegaard, Smith Rowe,

Pepe,                                    Saka,


Which is as the Guardian but just a slight positional switch.

Everyone else seems to be working on minor variations of that, although  growing number of publications on and off line are giving up on the team predictions these days.

27 Replies to “Arsenal v Tottenham the team and some of the more interesting records”

  1. The media seem to have wheeled out lots of ex-Nottingham Forest players to criticise Arsenal today. I can’t imagine why their opinion is relevant.

    The Daily Mirror today conceded that lax refereeing contributed to Jack Wilshere’s injury record, and surmise that the refereeing approach this season may lead to more injuries.

  2. Love what I am seeing….love seeing the impossible partnership between Oodegard and ESR… the physicality of Arsenal players making absolutely no concession. The idiots on french TV are even being positive, lauding 24 and something age average which makes it a “baby PL team”

  3. Some Tottenham stats just being given :

    9 goals in the past 5 halftimes
    Harry Kane, with the header had his 6th shot on goal since the start of the season. Maybe he should have been let go…

  4. @Va Cong,

    absolutely…Xhaka doing the same, it was a card, probably red.

    But at least, the ref did not screw up the game as we are used to. Probably it is because we are considered just a mid-table team now…

    Apart from that, the joy, fun, envy the whole team was radiating were impressive. I feel much more positive and was right to think that the seaon would begin after game Nr 3.

  5. Funny when you think about it….but we can adapt stats, as Harry Kane had one key pass and an assist on out third goal.
    Not too often that we’ve got a 12th player for a bunch of seconds !

  6. I’m at Borehamwood for our Women’s match against Man City. Half time and we are 2-0 up. The first by Miedema from a Mead assist, the second a solo effort by captain Kim Little. At least whatever happens in the second half it will be a different score from the 2-1 they beat us by each of the three times we played them last year.

  7. Well done the team today, brilliant result and performance, especially the first half.
    It made me chuckle hearing the experts and pundits after the game telling us not to get carried away as a result of winning three games on the trot. These are the very same who got carried away writing us off after we lost the first three games of the season.
    Do they ever get embarrassed by the nonsense they come out with. Do they ever think to themselves ‘I made a bit of a fool of myself there’.

  8. @Chris yup you’re right Chris ok my once we’re near top 4 watch the reds fly’s out. Good energetic win today onwards and upwards

  9. @Mick

    No they never get embarrassed because they are too stupid to realise how ridiculous they sound and the idiots that pay them are equally stupid. It’s just a club for ex-players and tv people who get off on being associated with players. Not one of them have any idea how pathetic they are…..but if I was getting paid a ridiculous amount of money irrespective of how inept I was, I’d happily carry on being oblivious!”

  10. Full Time at Borehamwood and our Women haveabsolutely demolished Man City winning five nil. Katie McCabe got the third, Kim Little converted a penalty after she was tripped in the box and Leah Williamson scored with a header in the last minute of time added on. We are now top on the league having beaten both of our probable rivals for the title.

    Next up is a cup quarter final in the 2020 competition which has been carried over from last season. This is against Spurs, the only other team with three league wins this season although they have only scored 4goals in registering those wins.

  11. What a weird ..and somehow wonderful…world

    We see a penalty for Kane – I am definitely not convinced there was one, but we’ve seen them given for stuff like that – not given, a referee doing a decent job, and now even the Guardian veers way off script by publishing a whole piece on Xhaka, a real POSITIVE one at that.

    I mean, hello there ? WTF is going on here ? Or is this the Twilight Zone ? April Fools’ Day revisited ?

    Here is the link so you may enjoy as well, giving you a nice end of a wonderful day.

  12. Media always exaggerate- bad and good- but first half performance was special and we would have done damage against anyone in the first half- but we started to run out of energy towards the end. And could have conceded more. Refereeing decisions mainly went with us – and could easily have gone the other way.- have to ride your luck in a big derby -we are no where near the finished article -yet – but it’s great to beat Spurs home or away and watching all those Spurs fanatics and apologists in the media suddenly went quiet .

  13. WOO HOO , HOO ! Well done lads.
    This was a day we should have and could have beaten them for six . But we took our collective feet off the pedal and allowed them to score one against Ramsdale .While if anyone told me that would be the score we win by , I would have been overjoyed . But I was very disappointed when they did scored.
    In the first half we were truly awesome , quick and incisive and it brought back memories of days past.

    Was happy to see so many of their fans leave early before the first half whistle . Was the cappuccino machine finally working well ? Tony ?
    I’m assuming that was why they all made a dash for it ! It would have been such a waste of good money if they all went home !

    Up the Gunners !

  14. Luxuriating. The cat with the cream. The next day. Watch all the goals again. Freshly made coffee. The sheer unalloyed beauty of that second goal. Football as football. The game of the planet.

    what more does life give you than a beautifully fashioned goal?

    When Smith-Rowe and then Saka extended their contracts we knew Mr Arteta had convinced them of a future. Yesterday a glimpse of it.

    What was it Mr Wenger said years go – the future of football will be the microseconds across the mind from the decision to act to the act? Beauty at speed. Space created by the angles of the body and the flight of the ball.

    Meanwhile, in the studio, TV hosts invite you, a paying guest invited into the club, to consider the formations at the Battle Of The Somme.

    The potential of the football that can be created allows Mr Arteta to play Odegaard and Smith-Rowe and Saka together.

  15. It was awesome!!

    Despite the slope Arsenal were just unstoppable. Pawson was doing his best but it didn’t stop the Rolling Canon from going uphill!!!

    The foul on Xhaka was accidental but Pawson should have stopped the game for medical attention. Kane should have been red carded for several fouls including badgering the referee.

    Amazing how quick he was to card Odegarde for ‘comment’.

    The speed of pass and the movement was a breath of fresh air.

    Come on you Arsenal!!

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