Would you like your own regular column on Untold Arsenal?

by Tony Attwood

Maybe its because I am getting old.  Maybe its because my nature these days is to see the pot half full not half empty.  Maybe it is just because I find it utterly laughable to read the comments about how Wenger has lost it when we are two points off the top of the table.

Maybe its because I know a bit about Arsenal history and can relate that dreadful run that we had before winning the first double under Wenger – including the Port Vale match.

Maybe it is because I remember losing to York City in the FA Cup under Don Howe (thanks for reminding me Walter – that was the match you were thinking of the other day – not my favourite memory).  Maybe it is because I can remember Manchester United in the second division.  Maybe it is because of Wrexham.

Maybe it is because I can remember that awful, dreadful, terrible style of play and the ghastly feelings in the Rioch year before Wenger – when I was on the other side of the barricade, calling for the manager to go – for the first time since the era of Billy Wright.

Or maybe it is because I am fractionally a more balanced guy than some.  But whatever the cause, I wake up this morning, feel a bit pissed off with football, but shrug and regain my sense of perspective and am about to toddle off to another day of writing advertisements for clients.

In my in box this AM was an email about a forthcoming book “Arsenal til I die” being published by Arsenal in the Community in which there is an article by me.  My piece is about my father, an Arsenal supporter in north London, who had been at the games in the 1930s watching the great teams, and whose present to me was to support the Arsenal.  Except I was launched into it during a season when we came 12th – and that was just the start of the decline.  Maybe it was that which gave me my perspective – but whatever it was I am Arsenal til I die, but I still also have a life to lead.

Two defeats, frustrating, annoying, upsetting, and the first was almost numbing – not least as I was there.  But still I didn’t kick the dog (and wouldn’t have done even if I had had one).

Upon such reflections I do begin to worry about the mental state of some Arsenal supporters.  Not to suggest they are unbalanced, but that they are beating themselves up so much over two defeats, what with us still being in Europe, and still being two points off the lead in the league, and what with history showing that out of bad runs comes good runs, that I wonder what happens with other team’s supporters when they have a bad game or two.

And so, I want to start a new column, right here on Untold Arsenal.

Despite the moronic attempt of one person recently to disrupt us (a person who it turns out has already been banned on this site due to his repeated plagiarism and who has gone off, got a new identity and has been doing it again this week) Untold is still one of the leading football blogs in the multiverse, being particularly well read on Ursa Minor, I’m told.   We regularly pop up near the top of the Wikio football rankings, and get something in the order of 300,000 hits a month.

And we want a new writer.

Let’s do the basics.  Untold Arsenal is the pro-Wenger web site.  If you are not in that camp, fair enough, we can all have different views, but if you are not 100% pr0-Wenger it is best to offer your writing services elsewhere (there’s about 99,000 anti-Wenger blogs out there at the moment so you have a wide choice).

Second, I am wanting one or more people who can write regularly on a particular topic.  So that’s not just this week and next week, but each week.   Of course you will be let off for family affairs, essay writing (but not too many essays Phil).  But seriously, I want a writer or set of writers who can a) write and b) write regularly.

So what of the topic, I hear you cry.  Here’s the low down.

I want you to look at the debate and commentary on two or three of the blogs written by fans of our major rivals, and see what they are saying.    And then to write a brief piece.  So this week, you might be focussing (if doing the old Russian Alliance in south west London) on the possible sacking of the manager, the dictatorial tendencies of the owner, and the sad case of Ray Wilkins and a minor win in the Champs League.  How do the blogs react?  Are the fans of that club worried?  Are they calling for the head of the manager, the owner, the groundsman, the head of security, the head of interrogation…

Briefness in writing  is fine – but if you can go on for 1000 words and it all makes some kind of sense and keeps the audience going, that’s fine too.  It just has to be, well, sort of, you know, coherent and well written.  Like.

In my dream-like ideal world I would have one person looking at a handful of blogs from C. Hel Sea, one checking Man IOU, one doing the very tiny totts, and maybe even one doing Liverpoodle.  If you think there’s another team we ought to do, suggest it to me.  Notlob anyone? (they must be delirious).

It is important the blogs you choose have a fairly high google ranking, so we can get a view of how influential they are, and ideally they need to have different emphases (but Untold can check out those details – you just have to pick them).

How it might go…

First you email Tony.Attwood@aisa.org and tell me you are interested, and confirm you could do one article a week every week (if you felt you could do more and entertain us all with more, fine, but one is the minimum, except when on annual hols or the funeral of your pet cat).  Also tell me which club you would like to cover, and if possible, which blogs you would go for.  If you can also write a few hundred words there and then, and attach them as a word document so much the better.

Second, if you are the only applicant, or if out of 10,000 applicants I choose you, you will be asked to do one full sample article (unless you gave me one with your application), so I can see what you come up with.

Third, if you are on, we go, and you have your weekly or twice weekly column on Untold.   Chances are a lot of people will read what you write each week, which might make you feel rather chuffed (although I can tell you from experience you’ll also get abuse, and writing a blog doesn’t tend to get you very far with members of the opposite whatnot).  You might even get a call from a national paper asking you to be a guest writer.  Or not.  But watch out – they are a bunch of hearty roughs in Fleet Street.

What you will be doing is indicating exactly how the fans on the blogs you have selected are seeing the world.  For example if you were a C. Hel Sea fan and you were doing this project in reverse, you might say that Untold had a deep and poignant article about how much the first home defeat by Tottenham in 20000 years hurt, and how the site was subverted by an attack of anti-Wenger supporters, which ultimately caused a rally of pro-Wenger, “lets-move-on” support, and then the anti-Wenger mob came back after the Braga affair and blamed Wenger for injuring Cesc.

We can work out the details and you will be free to put your own approach into this – as an editor I don’t dictate formats, only suggest, as I hope Dale, Walter, Dogface and Phil will agree.  (Billy the dog is a different kettle of haddocks).

So, if you are interested, write to me, tell me which club you would like to review, and nominate a few blogs that you would like to cover.

And just to clarify, you can write under your own name, or a nom-de-plume.  Your secret life will be safe with me.

Tony Attwood

Are Arsenal going downhill?

24 Replies to “Would you like your own regular column on Untold Arsenal?”

  1. I will not offer myself for this job but I do would like to remind the people that if in the worst case scenario we always have a place in the Europa league. Apart from Man city and Liverpool we have teams like Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Stuttgart,Zenit St. Petersburg, playing in it.
    So whatever the outcome we will be in Europe after the winter.

    But I still am very confident we will qualify for the next round in the CL.

  2. how about a guest column????where individuals can send u their article and if appropriate u publish the best one which made u think.

  3. Walter! That is something that I would seriously not look forward to. However you put it, Europa is a really poor cousin.
    Considering Wenger is on record saying that this is his strongest squad ever, it would be a travesty for us to slip down to the second rung of Europe.

  4. Tony! You make my heart sing! This is an very interesting idea for a weekly feature, hopefully people will react to this!

  5. I am Pro Arsenal for the full 100%, but I also blame him for injuring Cesc, it is hard not to.

    He admitted he was a doubt before the match, WHY take the gamble? You rest 7 players, but the most important one you gamble with. And everyone here knows it is not the first time Cesc is gambled with.

    Although, this is not a nice week for me and all the Arsenal fans I Suppose, I don`t think there is any reason for panic. As you said we are still only 2 points away from the leaders en most probably going through in Europe. Although we also could have been through with a draw yesterday, but ey thats not the Arsenal way.

    However, it is a bitter feeling, but probably it is the November thing. Still have the feeling this season could be full of glory, lets hope the lads get it together and kick some ass.

  6. “I don’t dictate formats, only suggest, as I hope Dale, Walter, Dogface and Phil will agree”

    If we agree Tony… will you let us out of the cellar so we can see our families again?

  7. Oh lucky me that I live far away so Tony couldn’t catch me. ;-)Well as long as he feeds you DogFace…

  8. Tony I been regularly reading your blog and I think you are very intelegently funny guy . I have to say as an Arsenal fan I am worried when we start to lose games and drop the performance .I tend to react in czuse I am a friglie warid man .Its like in the old days my grandad use to have+sheeps++,++and++everytime+he++heard++a+knock++he++use+to++wake+up++in++the++midle++of++the+night++and++run++out+to++the+barn+and+shout++only+to+see+that+the+sheeps+still+were+fine++and+the+walf++didnt++eat+them+..Then+I+was++told+that++the++walf++comes++around+the+++winter++every+year+and++atack++sheeps..Hopefully++you+understand+my+philosophy++and++my++writing+.

  9. Walter… he said that his Arsenal memorabilia collection was down there – then, when I went to have a look, the door slammed shut behind me!

    He feeds me when I write… and if I don’t he says he’ll send in Billy.

  10. Hi, I just read your column and was initally quite keen on the idea of contributing to it. I do have a problem, however, with the notion that if you are anti-Wenger, your ideas would not be welcome. I should start by saying I absolutely adore Arsene Wenger. I remember what it was like before he came, and I have nothing but admiration for what he has achieved on a fraction of the budget of other clubs. I wouldn’t want to think what our club would be like without him. Indeed, if I were to write for your column, 99% of the articles would be in praise and defence of Wenger. And I have no time for mindless knee-jerk reactions against him. I think it is only fair to point out that it is also pretty mindless to follow the man without question. I am concerned about the increasing stubborn streak that seems to be impacting negatively on the team.

    I am concerned that even though dogs on the street knew we were in desperate need of a goalkeeper, he did not buy one. I am concerned that the likes of Denilson are considered good enough for the team. I am concerned that for the sake of the purchase of a strong holding midfielder we are suffering needless defeats. I am concerned at the hubris which caused us to throw away a 2 goal lead at home to a spurs team without both first choice centre backs.

    I am entirely supportive of Wenger. I love the football we play. But I don’t think he should be worshipped fanatically or surrounded by yes men.


  11. no use to say it here Mary…read the blog’s title..arsenal will win something this year but don’t be too sad if they do not qualify for the next year uefa champs. league. i’m not being pessimist here but EPL is much more exciting this year..im waiting for wellington to save arsenal fc..:P

  12. Well put Mary. Arsene is a true legend. I’d love to see him in a general manager role and see a new head coach. Can’t see it happening though. I love the man to bits and can forgive his increasingly embarrassing post match interviews. I’d love his reign to end on a high, but can’t see it. I hope he leaves before it all turns sour. I don’t want to see fans inside the stadium calling for his head!

  13. this is like a dream come true!!just two days back i sent walter broeckx a mail,where i asked him if untold would give me a chance to write for them!i so want to be a part of the untold project.i’d love the chance to work for untold.

    i think untold has changed a lot of things about loving a club.untold does pieces about the history of the Arsenal fc,untold does pieces about ref. which is a very inventive idea,untold offers us a peek at today’s real football world(which is very dirty!).and to me untold means tony attwood!

    @tony,how do you want the writing.i mean are you looking for a report type post from their view or a post from their viewpoint?

    i’ve already done some research,loserpool fans are dillusioned who thinks they can buy anyone!(but they don’t have the money!)chel$ki fans also share the same viewpoint and they are very assured that the league is theirs to lose.but,the most interesting are our friendly neighbours tiny totts.they right now somehow know that they are punching above the weight,so they are trying to enjoy everything.i’d like to do a piece about them.their main blogs are
    triffic tottenham
    thfc 1882
    i bleed hotspur.etc.

    tony,i am a 17 year old positive young man,who happens to love the Arsenal like crazy.i am pro wenger(or any manager we have).and most importantly i’d like to work for untold.and i can write regularly unless i don’t have an exam or major problem.

  14. Bexxy – I agree completely, it would really hurt me to see things end badly for Arsene Wenger after everything he is acheived. Here’s hoping we turn it around.

  15. Pardon me for suggesting Tony, but would it not be a better idea to have regular articles considering the views expressed on other Arsenal blogs instead? Sometimes it seems like they are supporting another team anyway!

    That way, you could discuss those views at length, helping to appease those who consider your site too unconditionally supportive of Mr Wenger, without actually having to have someone espouse said views in the Untold name. Just an idea…

  16. Padbert: it is an interesting idea. Would you like to write a sample piece. Actually, now I think of it, yes of course we should do it. If you are in the UK and use teletext you might know the BBC page 388 in which they do a daily roundup of the drivel in the papers. We could do that. Please do have a go.

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