Arsenal v Man City: the surprising home & away form vs other top clubs



By Bulldog Drummond

In terms of the last six Premier League games the league table has a somewhat unfamiliar look to it.  Although with Tottenham 10th, Liverpool 13th and Chelsea 15th, this is pretty much what we would expect – simply because unlike professional journalists we look at the last six games table.  So I suspect many football supporters could be a little surprised if all they do is read the newspapers and watch TV.

However such lower levels of the table don’t really concern us at the moment because in terms of the last six games this is a case of second against fourth, and sadly it is Arsenal who are in fourth.   But the difference between the two sides is just one point and two goals.   And we all know where that one point went – it went the way of PGMO.  Here’s the table…


Premier League Last 6 Games
Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Brentford 6 4 2 0 11 2 9 14
2 Manchester City 6 4 0 2 12 6 6 12
3 Brighton & Hove 6 3 2 1 13 8 5 11
4 Arsenal 6 3 2 1 10 6 4 11


So the difference between the two sides is simply VAR.  Looking at the actual league table this is going to be a game between the top two, with Arsenal three points ahead and a game in hand, despite PGMO and its VAR allies.   A win obviously takes us six points clear, a draw leaves things as they are, but sadly a Manchester City win takes them top, although with Arsenal still having that game in hand.


Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Arsenal 21 16 3 2 46 18 28 51
2 Manchester City 22 15 3 4 56 22 34 48


However, if we compare Arsenal at home with Manchester City away, as we always do before each game we get a very different picture.


Team P W D L F A GD Pts
2 Arsenal home 10 8 2 0 26 11 15 26
6 Manchester City away 10 5 2 3 15 9 6 17


For now, with each club having played ten games the situation looks refreshingly Arsenal-orientated.   So let’s take a look at those ten Manchester City away games…  Here is the full list…


Date Match Res Score
7 Aug 2022 West Ham United v Manchester City W 0-2
21 Aug 2022 Newcastle United v Manchester City D 3-3
3 Sep 2022 Aston Villa v Manchester City D 1-1
17 Sep 2022 Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester City W 0-3
16 Oct 2022 Liverpool v Manchester City L 1-0
29 Oct 2022 Leicester City v Manchester City W 0-1
28 Dec 2022 Leeds United v Manchester City W 1-3
5 Jan 2023 Chelsea v Manchester City W 0-1
14 Jan 2023 Manchester United v Manchester City L 2-1
05 Feb 2023 Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City L 1-0


As we can see two of those defeats have come in their last two games and both were against other teams from the Big Seven of this season.  And both were by one goal.

So although when Manchester City play against more lowly teams in the league away from home, a victory is not assured although they generally do get it.  But when they come against any of the bigger sides away then that makes life more difficult.  Yes, they can just about beat Chelsea, but not Liverpool who lie 15th in the away form table.

Arsenal on the other hand at home against the other members of the Big Seven have played four, drawn one and won the other three by scoring three goals.


Date Match Res Score
1 Oct 2022 Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur W 3-1
9 Oct 2022 Arsenal v Liverpool W 3-2
3 Jan 2023 Arsenal v Newcastle United D 0-0
22 Jan 2023 Arsenal v Manchester United W 3-2


Manchester City have played five such games but only won one of them – and that was against the weakest of the Big Seven teams, Chelsea..  Otherwise they lose by a goal or draw.


Date Match Res Score
21 Aug 2022 Newcastle United v Manchester City D 3-3
16 Oct 2022 Liverpool v Manchester City L 1-0
5 Jan 2023 Chelsea v Manchester City W 0-1
14 Jan 2023 Manchester United v Manchester City L 2-1
05 Feb 2023 Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City L 1-0


Putting all this together that would suggest a victory by one goal to Arsenal.  But of course, such calculations are done without taking PGMO and VAR into account and with those two lunacies available for the powers that be, we might take it that Manchester City are dead favourites to win.   This could be VAR and PGMO at their very worst, and if so, Arsenal don’t stand a chance.

7 Replies to “Arsenal v Man City: the surprising home & away form vs other top clubs”

  1. When you talk about var,the worst decision of the season,was to to rule rashford was not interfering with play in the Manchester derby.

  2. John

    I agree it’s a poor decision, but it is subjective.

    The Brentford goal is a matter of fact. It is offside. Nobody is even disputing that. The 2 don’t even compare.

    And then to cite human error as the reason, as they are, then thinking we can all just move on as if nothing has happened is simply staggering.

    As I pointed out in another article, as a ‘professional’ failing to follow procedure is way beyond human error.

    Human error is forgetting where you parked the car, not failing to stop at a red light.

    Human error is forgetting to put your lights on not forgetting to put the wheels down on your plane.

    Human error is for laymen, not professionals!!!

    As a professional you are paid to NOT make those massive errors, even the small ones really. It’s your job, and if you fall short, especially when it’s because you simply failed to follow procedure, you must be made to face consequences.

    And therein lies the problem. Consequences. There are no consequences. These people just brush over these mindboggling errors with a contemptuous wave of a the hand.

    These people think, in fact they can, just fob us of with pathetic excuses and it’s simply unacceptable.

  3. @Nitram,

    well they did recognize the incompetence. Of 2 so-called professionals, unable to follow procedures, use expensive IT and video systems in the richest and most expensive football league in the world. Called Arsenal to explain/apologize. Had the press worldwide talking about THE error. In the US, they’ already have given it a name :

    the Holy VAR Fail

    which pretty much sums it up

  4. Chris

    “…..well they did recognize the incompetence”.

    I’m not sure they did Chris? If they have I haven’t seen it. And more over if they did then how can they justify just stepping him down for one week?

    According to the Cambridge dictionary, this is their definition of INCOMPITENCE:

    “lack of the ability, skill, or knowledge that is needed to do a job or perform an action correctly or to a satisfactory standard”

    Incompetence means he cant do the job, (which he obviously cannot), which means at the very least he should be severely criticised, heavily disciplined and completely retrained. As far as I can see none of that has or will happen.

    What they actually put it down to was HUMAN ERROR, which is something completely different. This is a definition of Human error:

    a) Human actions can fail to achieve their goal in two different ways: the actions can go as planned, but the plan can be inadequate (leading to mistakes)”

    Well it wasn’t that as the plan (draw lines) was adequate, which leads us to the second:

    b) The plan can be satisfactory, but the performance can be deficient, leading to slips and lapses.

    The PGMOL admitting Mason made a SLIP or a LAPSE is a World away from admitting he lacks the ABILITY, SKILL or KNOWLEDGE to perform to a satisfactory standard.

    As far as I can see this is a white wash.

    Or as they say down our way, a f***ing disgrace!!

  5. Nitram, I agree.

    Also, even if they had admitted incompetence and apologised, that doesn’t undo the loss of 2 points. Nor does it offer any genuine hope that things will be any better in future matches. The media line will be to “move on” and forget the injustice.

  6. Nitram,

    I’ll acceot the difinition

    they did not use the word. But they stated that the procedure was not followed. The guy did not do what he was told and paid for to do. So the question that comes is : is he competent ? I can imagine now any club who will know he is at VAR starting to call the EPL asking for a change of assignment. To me his reputation has been tarnished. The first referee in PL referee to have been stated as not respecting the procedure.

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