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Imagine a club that…

A Friday Night Rummage By Tony Attwood

Image a club – one of the biggest in the land in which…

There is a constant shortage of money, so that every couple of months the club has to find another million or three in order just to pay the players (the season ticket money long since […]

Liverpool v Arsenal: the injury news

By Tony Attwood

And so, continuing the approach to Liverpool Reds (as one of their owners called them not so long ago) against Arsenal, here’s an update on the team…

Theo might travel. That is not the same as saying he is even on the bench, and certainly not to say he will start, but […]

A “small club mentality” or are players actually people after all?

By Tony Attwood

Some mornings the world is full of shocks. Like the headline in the Telegraph.

Liverpool betrayed small-club mentality in allowing Arsenal to sign Alexis Sanchez

Liverpool being knocked by the Arsenal-hating idea-stealing Telegraph? Well, quite possibly not, because when you come to think of it that headline somehow suggests that […]