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December 2015

Looking back at 2015 – part 3. Özil, Alexis, Bellerin, Coquelin.

By Walter Broeckx

Apart from winning half of the major trophies available in England, apart from having the best record over the calendar year in 2015 of all the teams in the PL, apart from being top when we move in to 2016 there was another big joy for me when following The Arsenal in […]

Looking back at 2015 – part 2. Best defence, most points, best goal difference, sack Wenger.

This article continues from the first part of our review of 2015 which you can read here.

By Walter Broeckx

Looking back at 2015 we can’t get around the fact that Arsenal was the best club in England in the calendar year. I know you don’t get a trophy for that. But it should be […]

Looking back at 2015 – The Untold Review part 1

By Walter Broeckx

Another year over, a new one to begin… In these days many people look back at the year that has just gone by. So why not me.

When I look back at 2015 from the Arsenal perspective I feel it has been a great year. Not a super year. But still a […]

Football’s winners and losers in 2015: the Untold list

It’s the end of the year, and a good time for looking back at who has down well, and who not. Here’s the first part of the Untold List of Winners and Losers in 2015.

1: Man U – LOSER

Man U have had two approaches of late – changing managers (three managers in three […]

Half-way to Paradise? What exactly does it mean to be top of the league at the end of the year?

By Fishpie

So, 19 games gone. The half-way mark has arrived. And…we’re top of the league!! And what more can you ask for?

And you know what it means too, don’t you?

Well, it means we are now in the coveted position that eight of the last ten Premier League title-winning teams were in at […]

Exactly how has Arsenal been so successful when spending far less money than other clubs?

By Tony Attwood

Before I answer that question (and if you are impatient, the answer is here, but at the end) let me prove our current success.

Let’s start with the final table for the 2015 calendar year reads thus…

Club P W D L F A GD Pts 1 Arsenal […]

Football is changing faster than we might ever expect – and the results are going to be weird

By Tony Attwood

In 2014, the Deloitte Football Money League had eight Premier League clubs in the top 30 richest clubs in the universe. Well, ok, in the world.

But when the new TV deal comes along, things will change again. The total amount being paid to Premier League clubs for […]

How many players has Arsene Wenger bought in the last five seasons?

By Tony Attwood

Here’s the easiest question of the year. How many players did we sign in the last transfer window and how much did we spend?

Answer 1 and £10m

But can you count the number of players we bought in 2014/15 and how much was spent?

And what about the year before, and […]

Ref Review: Aston Villa – Arsenal

By Usama and Walter


COMPETITION: English Premier League MATCH NO. 16 DATE: 13th December 2015 VENUE: Villa Park (Birmingham, England)


REFEREE: Kevin Friend 1st LINESMAN: David Bryan 2nd LINESMAN: Darren Cann 4th OFFICIAL: Jon Moss

First Half

Fouls, Advantages, Cards, and Penalties

Time Foul by Foul For Description & […]

Agricultural Bournemouth, agricultural refereeing, psychosis at Old Trafford, we’re top.

By Tony Attwood

It is not something I dwell on much on this site, because I know that just because you share my interest in Arsenal, it doesn’t mean you share my interest in music – but there is a second Untold site – Untold Dylan. While this site focuses on […]

Arsenal – Bournemouth 2-0: An historic evening at the Emirates

By Walter Broeckx

As could be expected a handful of changes for this match. Not even 48 hours after our last match sending out the same team is not really smart.

At the back we had Gabriel in the place of Koscielny who sat on the bench. Gibss replace Monreal. In midfield we had Chambers […]

Arsenal v Bournemouth: the league match I never once dreamed I would see

By Tony Attwood

To the best of my knowledge Arsenal have only played Bournemouth twice before. The first was on 26 October 1965 and we won 6-2 at Dean Court.

The Arsenal team was

Burns, Howe, Storey, McLintock, Neill, Simpson, Armstrong, Baldwin, Baker, Sammels, Eastham.

Howe, Baker and Eastham scored, and then John Radford came […]

Arsenal v Bournemouth 28 Dec 2015 – The Match Officials. A team from the south, so we get a ref… from the south

Arsenal v Bournemouth 28 December 2015 – The Match Officials.

by Andrew Crawshaw


Referee – Roger East Assistants – L Betts and D Cann Fourth Official – D Deadman


Roger East, is from Wiltshire. He was appointed to the Elite group for the start of the 2013-14 season, having refereed first on 1 […]

Ref Review : Arsenal – Sunderland

By Walter Broeckx

ARSENAL vs. SUNDERLAND COMPETITION: English Premier League MATCH NO. 15 DATE: 5th December 2015

VENUE: Emirates Stadium (London, England)


REFEREE: Robert Madley 1st LINESMAN: Marc Perry 2nd LINESMAN: Peter Kirkup 4th OFFICIAL: Jeremy Simpson

First Half

Fouls, Advantages, Cards, and Penalties

Time Foul by Foul For Description & Decision Points […]

The beauty of lefties


By Tim Charlesworth

Amidst the joy of the Man City game, (and forgetting the one that followed it) one interesting aspect got slightly overlooked, and that was the influence of the left footers.

Left sidedness is an advantage in lots of sports. John McEnroe and Raphael Nadal are the most obvious examples in tennis. […]

Topsy Turvy Christmases, but really Arsenal don’t have too much to worry about

By Tony Attwood

If you are going to have a rough ride in football it can often be better to get it over with in one game. That was the lesson learned in the first double season of 1970/1 in which Arsenal, complete from Wilson in goal and a team of stars up to Radford […]

Southampton – Arsenal 4-0 : Our bête noir strikes again

By Walter Broeckx

Arsenal made again no changes in the starting line up for this match. So Flamini and Ramsey stay in the centre of the midfield with the Welsh player celebrating his 25th birthday.

The starting line up : Cech, Monreal, Mertesacker Koscielny, Bellerin, Ramsey, Flamini, Campbell, Ozil, Walcott, Giroud

On the beach: Ospina, […]

Southampton v Arsenal the teams and final preview

By Bulldog Drummond

The review of recent events, and the league table for 2015 to date appears in the first part of the Southampton Arsenal review. The referee preview also is here. . Now moving on… . The team is most likely to be Giroud Campbell Ozil Walcott Ramsey Flamini Monreal Koscielny Mertersacker […]

Arsenal v Southampton. Arsenal top the year’s league and other interesting stuff.

By Bulldog Drummond

Could it be that football is not only taking note of our desire to video refereeing, but also for evidence based commentary?

After so many years of attempts to tell us what we will think in the future (as per “Arsenal fans will be angry if…” it seems […]

Southampton v Arsenal 26 December 2015 – The Match Officials

Southampton v Arsenal 26 December 2015 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw


The Table of Shame – valid to matchweek 14

Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents 2nd Yellow Cards 0 19 Red Cards 1 9 Penalties 1 14 Goals 0 4 Total 2 46 Possible Cost in Points 0 11

Before […]

A typical referee reaction to allowing video refereeing.

By Walter Broeckx

In the article about the possible introduction of video refereeing in the PL you can read the reaction of Graham Poll and that was rather typical for how referees are. I will quote from his reaction:

“Hallelujah! That was my first reaction to the news that professional clubs are […]

FFP is alive and kicking (a bit); Kolo is a good guy; and Happy Christmas

By Tony Attwood

After the Premier League’s own version of Financial Fair Play was left in its box, never to have the wrapping paper undone, Uefa crumbled from its ideals of bringing football finance under control, and the Football League let QPR off the hook with a fine that didn’t even make the owner blink, […]

It looks like the Premier League is preparing to adopt one of Untold’s demands for a change in refereeing!

By Walter Broeckx

Is the Untold Arsenal campaign really going to lead to a change in refereeing? It seems that for the first time the answer could be yes!

Sticking your neck out isn’t always easy. You get ridiculed. You are called all sorts of names. But I have never backed away from explaining and […]

The worst Arsenal game ever 2 – after the event

In the last article Tim Charlesworth discussed the Birmingham v Arsenal game of 23 February 2008 – surely most fans’ nomination for the “worst Arsenal game ever”.

In this piece Tim continues by looking at the aftermath.

The devastation was total. Arsenal’s title challenge unravelled over the next few weeks, and we finished third. As […]

The worst Arsenal game ever? A look back to the game that defined an era, and a referee

By Tim Charlesworth

I was sorry to hear that Cesc Fabregas was booed by Chelsea fans last weekend. He may well have deserved it, but the incident reminded me of something sad. Cesc has not, and never will, realise his full potential. I suspect that, like many players who started young, his career may tail […]