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April 2021

Leicester heading for all time record number of penalties, and the away win figures

by Tony Attwood

In its report on Leicester’s win at Tottenham, the Guardian mentions Leicester penalty five times. On the BBC Radio 4 report this morning the penalty was mentioned four times. But neither news source mentioned the real oddity of the Leicester penalty. That is that this was Leicester’s ninth penalty of the season.


It’s judgement day (part 1). The result of the first case involving Fifa is due shortly

By Tony Attwood

The British media, alone in most of Europe, have studiously ignored the dramatic series of court cases that have been engulfing world football – probably because they are having difficulty reconciling what we have discovered with all that they have said before in supporting Fifa, and English bids to host the world […]

Swiss prosecutors demand prison for beIN & PSG president and ex-Fifa No 2.

By Tony Attwood

The Swiss prosecution service has called for prison sentences against the president of beIN and the ex-number 2 of Fifa, Jérôme Valcke. You might recall that Untold, alone among UK publishers has been following these various stories, while the UK media utterly refuses to acknowledge that these cases are even happening.

The […]

Tackles, fouls and yellow cards: the PL season so far

By Tony Attwood

Last season Leicester City raced to near the top of the league and for a long time were looking dead certs for at the very least a top four finish, if not a runners’ up spot. And then they fell apart and slipped right back down the table. So, in our normal […]

The Fifa court cases continue, more corruption, more scandals and the FA says…

by Tony Attwood

The huge Fifa trial currently running is important, I believe, because the FA is a member of Fifa, and pays funds into Fifa. The FA gets its money from the government, which gets its money from the tax payers, like me. Mugs like me who live in England and pay their taxes […]

Yet another Fifa scandal breaks, but again the British media won’t report it.

By Tony Attwood

Now either you can think that this is another story that is being hidden from British football fans and others interested in corruption by the British media, or you may think that the British media take the view that British supporters are just not interested in fraud issues relating to Fifa.


The Fifa / PSG / Swiss corruption cases are major news in Europe. But not in the UK. Why?

By Tony Attwood

You won’t read about it in the British press, but there is a court case going on involving a villa in Sardinia valued at 5 million euros which was offered by Nasser al-Khelaïfi, the president of PSG to Jérôme Valcke the former secretary of Fifa who was fired on 13 January 2016 […]

Football’s big problem: cash flow, transfers, collapse of sponsors, piracy, everything…

by Tony Attwood

I just got a post on my phone titled Big Topic Discussion: “What an ideal transfer windows for Arsenal will look like?” It’s not too hard to translate it into grammatical English however, so we can get the rough idea of what they wanted to talk about.

This statement came from AFC […]

I object to some of my tax payments being used to pay staff at Liverpool FC

By Tony Attwood

“Why should players take a pay cut?”

That’s an interesting question, but because that question begins with “why?” you can be sure that it doesn’t get much coverage in the media. For the British media is notorious for ignoring the “why?” in any debate.

What they do is skate over issues, […]

Is Premier League refereeing very different from other major European leagues? YES!!!

By Tony Attwood

This article continues from the findings in the previous piece: Why do Liverpool keep getting the same referees?

Here is a simple chart showing refereeing statistics from the five major football leagues in Europe

Country Teams in league Referees used Max game per ref England 20 21 25 Germany 18 25 […]

Why do Liverpool keep getting the same referees?

Untold Videos

Our videos explore some of these issues in depth – do take a look

A second article following on from this is now published – see link at end of this piece.

by Andrew Crawshaw.

You will be aware that Untold has held strong views about the PGMO, how they keep […]

The total failure of VAR, yellow cards and the team: Arsenal v Everton

By Bulldog Drummond

One of the key factors of the weekend is the issue of yellow cards, in the Chelsea 2 Tottenham 1 game. The BBC website says, “Giovani lo Celso should have been sent off for a dreadful second-half challenge on Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta. The video assistant referee decided against punishment, although officials […]

The VAR referees: who are they, and is there a chance of bias?

Untold Videos

Our videos explore some of these issues in depth – do take a look


by Andrew Crawshaw

In my last article I looked at how some match officials have the opportunity to have an adverse effect on a team’s points score in the season to date. Some comments quite rightly […]

Olympiakos v Arsenal in the Europa: a history of corruption; what can we expect

by Tony Attwood

Olympiakos v Arsenal is the tie drawn for us in the round of the last 32 in the Europa League in 2020. And of course, as ever, if we think of Olympiakos and indeed Greek football, we think of corruption, so I thought I would try and update the occasional articles we’ve […]

If Man City thought things were this bad, why didn’t they join us in the fight?

Untold Videos

Our videos explore some of these issues in depth – do take a look


by Tony Attwood

In an earlier piece about Manchester City and FFP, I asked: “How could they have got it so wrong?” Meaning, given the size of Manchester City and their obvious financial clout, how could […]

How could Manchester City have got it so wrong?

by Tony Attwood

Untold Videos

Our videos explore some of these issues in depth – do take a look


The first rule in business, for many people who run companies, is “treat complaints seriously”. The second rule is “deal with them fully and in a thorough manner”.

The reason for this is simple: […]

Few journalists ever criticise the state of football… so why is it starting now?

By Tony Attwood

I am shocked, amazed, stunned, bemused.

For 12 years we have been plodding away, writing up the notion that the reporting of football is warped by the media to suit their own needs and ends, and those of their powerful allies.

Among the many examples found are those suggesting that key stories […]

We predicted Fifa scandal in 2015, no one believed us. Now it starts again.

By Tony Attwood

If you have been reading this site over the years you will recall my little piece on 22 January 2015:

Switzerland take a greater interest in Fifa – at last

You’ll remember because ever since I have kept on going on and on about it. It reported a change in the […]

The 8 key questions that football journalists simply won’t ever ask

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By Tony Attwood

One of the many odd consequences of the way in […]

Why football journalists should learn from their political colleagues and start asking questions

by Tony Attwood

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It is rare for journalists to be banned by football clubs.

It has happened in a few cases in the old days when local newspapers held sway in provincial towns, and could often have sports sections that […]

Is Burnley v Arsenal fixed even before kick off? Here’s the evidence.

by Bulldog Drummond

If you want a game that highlights everything that is wrong with English refereeing in the Premier League, and indeed everything that is wrong with the PL and its referees, here you have it.

Burnley have committed 270 fouls this season, Arsenal 259. Not that much in it. Burnley the slightly dirtier […]

Why you won’t read or hear the real Arsenal news in the media today

Untold Updates videos

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The transfer fiasco: an Untold exclusive

Transfers for the big spenders are not working, so why does the media want more of them? Arsenal could win the league, if only the club would listen to its critics Why […]

Football corruption part 3: how we tipped off Fifa, and other unlikely tales


Untold Updates

We’re back with our videos: do take a peek at Untold GoonerNews

Football corruption and scandals. Why is it all so under reported? Part 1 Football corruption and scandals. A few stories that did get reported. Part 2

Moving on from the issues of corruption and scandal that we have […]

New book “exposing” Arsenal’s cheating is itself pure fantasy and lies

By Tony Attwood


The book “What you think you know about football is wrong” is itself so wrong and so flawed it ought to be withdrawn and an apology issued to everyone who has bought at copy.


If you have read any of the work we have published across the last ten years […]

Why does everyone in football seem to have something to hide?

By Tony Attwood

Are there cover ups in football? Cover ups of corruption, incompetence, match fixing, the old boys network looking after each other, abuse of money, abuse of power, that sort of thing….

Certainly in the case of the child sex abuse scandals that have swept across English football in recent years it looks […]