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December 2016

Christmas Day at the Untold editorial offices by the office dog

How many blue whales can you fit into a Boeing 747 before lunch and what your dog’s barks mean


Last thursday, I went in to enquire about getting a dog collar to give as a Christmas present to one of my chums who had recently taken a creature from the local Animal Rescue Shelter. […]

Arsenal v West Brom 26 December – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

The PGMO have announced all of the referee appointments for the festive season – that’s matchweeks, 18, 19 and 20. I have them entered into my spreadsheet and have the following comments.

There are two teams who will have seen a referee four times in the first half of the season. Hull […]

It’s Christmas. Goodwill to all men, and a time to end the anger and prejudice

It’s Christmas, Goodwill to all men

By Tim Charlesworth (@Timc1972)

The dislike or fear of ‘the other’ is a natural instinct and none of us are immune to it. We almost seem genetically programmed to seek out differences and set up conflict. The tribalism of football is, of course, a fairly harmless manifestation of this […]

Why it is so hard for many clubs to buy new players in January, and West Ham’s begging letter.

By Tony Attwood

I drove north up the A1 last night to Newark for a little bop around the dance floor and listened (I guess rather stupidly because it always gets me wound up) to various journalists and “experts” (I use the word lightly) commenting on who was going to buy whom this January.

What […]