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The fans and the media against the Arsenal: “Nothing is ever good enough for this crowd”

by Tony Attwood

This article follows on from Supporters and the media against The Arsenal. How it all started.

In part one of this series I pointed out that Arsenal had long history of getting harsher treatment from the authorities than other clubs, of in-fighting within the club, and Arsenal fans turning on their own […]

In case you missed it: video of goals of Arsenal 2 Bayern 1

by Bulldog Drummond

There is a definite change of attitude emerging among the media.

They have now stopped the semi-skimmed reporting of 16 (or sometimes 17) Arsenal supporters groups who have criticised the running of the club. (In fact I keep asking people to give me a list of the 16 (or 17) but no […]

The problem is some Arsenal “fans” are more interested in themselves than the club

by Tony Attwood

As you may have seen I have been writing a little series of articles on the way the media and some of the Arsenal fan base have on occasion united in attacking the team and the management of Arsenal.

The opening piece which introduced the series was “Arsenal on the back foot. […]