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  1. Bash

    Is the ref decision website meant to be considered neutral? When walter replies all the comments and the contributor list shows walter and dogface?

    • Tony Attwood

      Oh this is getting so silly Bash. As I have endlessly pointed out, to validate whether our work was reflective of what would be found if referees with no involvement in Arsenal were examining matches, Referee Decisions was set up and the site is still there.

  2. nicky

    If we can produce the form we showed against Chelsea, at home last Summer,
    a place is assured in the Final. In spite of Pawson. 😉

  3. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Depite the anti-Arsenal match referring which we the Arsenal supporters all know referee Mr Pawson too well to be referring against Arsenal in the immediate past, the 2 match assistants and himself could stiil referee against Arsenal again tomorrow. Therefore, Arsenal MUST strive by all means to beat Man City to win the FA Cup semifinal match taking place at Wembley tomorrow.

    The odds against Arsenal are two in numbers in my own thinking. One, is the anti-Arsenal referring Mr Pawson and his two linesmen may decide to do in this match to tilt the outcome of this important Cup match in favour of Man City. And two, as per the squad cost of the two teams of Arsenal and Man City, the Man City 1st team is thought to be more stars studded than the Arsenal 1st team is. But notwithstanding this, Arsenal have the combine telling world class quality players in Ozil and Sanchez who can negate whatever game quality threat Aguero and Sane could pose to Arsenal during this match. None the least, the Gunners MUST keep an eye on Kevin de Bruyne to close him down in his overlapping attacking excesses. And the samething should be applied to Gabriel Jesus whose attacking threat MUST be contained and be defused by the Gunners if the duo happens to play in this match. Yaya Toure’s passing accuracies in and from the midfield MUST be cutoff by the Gunners to render them ineffective In servicing the Man City attacking forwards. Least I forget, Man City service provider – Silver MUST be neutralized in his service assist by The Gunners. And lastly, the attacking excesses of Raheem Sterling from the right wing or from whatever MUST be taken out of content in this match by the Gunners to offset any Man City goalscoring threats.

  4. Menace

    With Atkinson blowing the whistle Chelsea have the advantage & are worth a couple of quid to create an interest. It is natural for most Gooners to want a Chelsea victory but I’m sure there are many who would love to beat the spuds in the final.

    Personally I don’t care who we meet in the final because it is ours. Wenger will break the record & set the bar. The team need the atmosphere & the pitch to switch them on. They are just waiting for that whistle.

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