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Premier League 2 – Arsenal v Manchester City the Match Report

by Andrew Crawshaw

One of the requirements of the Premier League 2 competition is that some matches must be played at the clubs main stadium rather than at a training ground or secondary stadium. The match between Arsenal and Manchester City played on Monday night (13th March) was held at the Emirates with the lower […]

Nine and a half things we learned from the media this week

By Sir Hardly Anyone

For the past year or two the media has filled up blank spots on its web sites with a range of articles that began with “Three things we learned this week”, and then not to be outdone by a rival became “Five things we learned this week” which soon mutated into […]

This season the refereeing of 160 PL games was analysed in detail with video evidence. This is what we found.

A summary of the research by the Referee Review team

160 games researched in detail

It is commonplace for occasional visitors to Untold to write sarcastic comments about referees and our views thereon. The view, usually expressed very simply, and occasionally rather rudely, says “you always blame the refs when it is obvious to […]