Arsenal v Brighton: Only a minority of this ref’s games are home wins



By Bulldog Drummond

The referee is Andy Madley and we can see just a slight variability in terms of referees from this table.  His figures are not too varied from those of the other referees in this selection except when it comes to yellow cards where he is slightly on the low side…


Referee Games Fouls pg Fouls/Tackles Yel pg
Andy Madley 23 22.39 0.69 3.57
Craig Pawson 20 23.70 0.67 3.80
Darren England 17 21.65 0.70 3.71
Michael Salisbury 15 23.33 0.64 4.40


But where we do see variation is with the results of matches.  Figures as always from WhoScored.   And the fact that these figures are still happening shows just how weird football refereeing is in the Premier League.


Referee Games HomeWin% AwayWin% Draw%
Anthony Taylor 27 33.3 40.7 25.9
Robert Jones 24 62.5 29.2 8.3
Andy Madley 23 47.8 26.1 26.1
Craig Pawson 20 35.0 45.0 20.0
Peter Bankes 20 60.0 5.0 35.0


Of course we are never saying that all referees should have exactly the same figures but to have one referee who oversees 60% of his games as home wins and another who just sees 33.3% is bizarre.   To have one referee who oversees 45% of his games as away wins and another who just sees 5% as away wins, stretches credulity to beyond breaking point.

Only a minority of Madley’s games end up as home wins –  and as a result Arsenal are really going to have to be on form today for they are playing 12 men.  (I don’t have figures for the linesmen so can’t include them).

Perhaps this is why Chris Sutton writing for the BBC says the game will be a 2-2 draw.

But the BBC do give us a few other interesting bits and pieces such as the fact that “Arsenal need one win to equal the club Premier League record of 26 in a season”. That was the level of wins in 2001/2 and of course in 2003/04, when you will undoubtedly remember exactly what happened.

However, as the site also says, to get to the club’s record number of points, set in the Invincibles season all three remaining games need to be won by Arsenal.  That would deliver 90 points exactly as in 2004.

And to help us along the way is the simple fact that Arsenal have won five of the last six at home, and scoring three each time.  Which is why it is a bit odd that the media are talking about a 2-1 win for Arsenal.   

Arsenal have scored three or more goals in seven consecutive home matches (that was September to December 1950) and just for the fun of it I thought you might like to see the table that season.  And also add that two more goals this season will mean 100 goals in all competitions this campaign.


Team P W D L F A Pts
1 Portsmouth 42 22 9 11 74 38 53
2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 42 20 13 9 76 49 53
3 Sunderland 42 21 10 11 83 62 52
4 Manchester United 42 18 14 10 69 44 50
5 Newcastle United 42 19 12 11 77 55 50
6 Arsenal 42 19 11 12 79 55 49


Indeed just have a look at that table and ponder where some of those clubs are now.  It just goes to show, success can be transitory.

But let us also be fair and note that this is Brighton’s all-time record season in the top division in terms of points and goals scored.  But they are not too good at winning away games against the teams at the top, for as the BBC point out, “Brighton have won only one of their six Premier League away fixtures against teams in the top half of the table, a 2-1 victory at Manchester United in their opening game of the season.”

So there we are.  Up next is our usual look at the team.

2 Replies to “Arsenal v Brighton: Only a minority of this ref’s games are home wins”

  1. Ah well, that’s that…a collection of mistakes for all goals…Ziwior had his shoe stamped off of him but it was absolutely the wrong time to take a knee. Still, a pretty good match…we had a number of 1/2 chances. Missing Saliba and Zinchenko didn’t bode well and their replacements do not possess their qualities in attack and defense. And, full credit to Brighton, they played well and took their chances which we did not. And, they were able to retain possession to run down the clock.

    The match shows that there is no separation between us and the chasing pack…hopefully wise decisions over a summer that helps our key players heal will improve us.

  2. Sums it up when Estupinan was allowed 4 offences (as confirmed by Madley’s hand signal) before being booked, yet Partey was booked upon his first offence.

    No VAR check on foul on Kiwior during their first ‘goal’.

    And how on earth did Caicedo escape punishment for his foul on Martinelli which has left him in a protective boot?

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