Manchester United continue to cause damage in pre-season games



By Bulldog Drummond

5 Replies to “Manchester United continue to cause damage in pre-season games”

  1. Wasn’t it 37 fouls in he match rather than Man U committing 37! Yes they were dirty but I don’t think you can suggest that every foul in the game was down to them.

  2. Yees Mikey you are right. It was 22 by Manchester United and 37 all told. I really must learn to look things up rather than rely on my memory. 15 years ago when I started this blog, I could rely on that memory, but now… I fear not.

  3. So it’s back to the Tony Pulis style & tactics for next season. We can only hope referees are informed at the start & crack down on dangerous play but I won’t hold my breath.

  4. Adrian,
    Spot on. I was thinking of mentioning the Pulis-like tactics but you beat me to it! And, no, the PGMOL won’t do anything. They never do. But if Arsenal were to go at MU or Liverpool players like that they wouldn’t have enough players to finish the match. We’d like to see it change but I sincerely doubt it. PGMOL are a joke. As Tony has so carefully illuminated the disaparities in the way matches are managed by the referees in a full series on the subject, it’s a complete shambles. The FA, the Media and the fans have to be blind not to see this, but never a word. I am used to it, but I don’t like it.
    And while we’re at it, hire some referees so we don’t have one overseeing 5 matches a season, FFS. And maybe from the South for refreshing change. COYG!!!

  5. …and Martinez committed another bad foul on Jude Bellingham in today’s “friendly”. It didn’t go down very well. At least the referee gave Martinez a yellow.

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