Mirror and Guardian attack on Arteta takes war against Arsenal to new unedifying level



By Tony Attwood

Although for the most part I am focussing on a wild and whaky attack by the Daily Mirror’s website on Arsenal FC it should not be imagined that they are alone in launching multiple attacks on Arsenal today.  The Guardian for example, which likes to be seen as a bastion of liberal democracy runs the headline, “Arteta’s rant blows issue out of proportion.

That’s an interesting point, both in the use of the pejorative word “rant” (in that he didn’t raise his voice, but answered a question from a journalist) and in regard to the fact that the League title and places in the top four can often be decided by a single point.   (2021 was an example – not that long ago).  And a team getting into the knockout section of the Champs League, even if it goes out at the round of 16 will earn £25m plus the TV money and gate receipts on top of that, so the loss of a point could be expensive in the end).

So how can the response to the loss of a point through an error by the video referee meaning a loss of at the very least £25m, be “out of proportion” and hence a “rant.”  Sadly the Guardian chooses not to tell us.

What the Guardian does however, and to its shame what it often does, is use language in a pejorative way suggesting Arteta was “close to spontaneous combustion” (no it wasn’t) and suggests his answer to a journalist’s question was an “undignified rant.” 

A newspaper journalist, asks a manager a question which the manager is obliged to answer, through a contract he had no part in agreeing to.  The journalist doesn’t like the answer and so labels the answer a “rant”.  That truly is “cake” and “eating it”.    

Then, outrageously, Louise Taylor, the Guardian journalist adds, “The thought occurred that had a female coach reacted like Arteta did, they might expect to be labelled as hysterical, unbalanced or overly emotional.”

Yes well, that is the thought of a journalist on other journalists.  Is the reaction of journalists relevant at this point when the PGMO is being accused of gross incompetence?  It is hard to see how it might be especially when the manager is suggesting the whole of PGMO is rotten to the core.

But then it gets worse as Ms Taylor adds, “On the balance of play, Arsenal should not feel they were entitled to a point at St James’ Park.”

Now that is an absolute leap into the dark because nothing that I heard Arsenal staff say or do suggested any feeling of entitlement.  Indeed how could it, as this is a club that across the last seven years has finished 8th (twice), 6th, 5th (three times) and second (once).  In that period the club has won one trophy – the FA Cup.   How does that give a sense of “entitlement,” especially when Arteta found the club in 15th position in the Christmas after he first joined.  And also found almost the entire football journalist community suggesting it could be time for him to be sacked on 7 September 2021, when the club sat pointless at the foot of the league.

But maybe that’s it.  Maybe they can’t stand it that after the way they treated him in 2021, he is still there, still managing, and took the club to second last season when most of the mass media was suggesting he should have been sacked the year before.

They know they were made to look fools then, and have been trying to get their own back ever since like a … well I had better not say.

Thus the Guardian writers, like their less eloquent journalistic colleagues at the Mirror, are using language in a singularly pejorative way in order to suggest others are stupid while they are all in the know.  

“Picking through the wreckage of Arteta’s attack on VAR, it is worth remembering none of his anger would have been required had David Raya simply claimed Joe Willock’s cross. Arteta’s call to drop Aaron Ramsdale in favour of Raya was invariably going to invite pressure, and with every game it is hard to shake the notion that he has manifested a problem that did not need solving.”

So the keeper makes a mistake, and it is Arteta’s fault because he signed this keeper on loan and selected him and… what????   That excuses a mistake by VAR?   Where is the logic or sense in that?

But this is of course the use of insinuation which much of the media, including to its eternal discredit the Guardian, does.   There is a difference in style and approach between the Guardian and the Mirror but what they are each trying to do is the same.

Consider the Mirror’s website which today has come up with these articles – and yes they all appeared today…

“Owen points finger at ‘classless’ Arsenal and Arteta after Newcastle controversy”

“Arsenal statement on ref standards heavily criticised by Neville.”

Not convinced.  Never mind there was a third article: Arteta left with egg on his face as comments on Liverpool VAR decision resurface

Oh and just in case we felt that it was only the Newcastle match that showed Arsenal up as a bunch of raging incompetents they also run this morning “Petit urges Arsenal to rethink transfer target – “I wouldn’t sign him”.”

But then it is straight back to the main thrust with yet another article… “Carragher questions extraordinary Arsenal statement with Liverpool comparison.”

And if we haven’t got the message it is then another piece says “Arsenal demand referee standards “urgently addressed” in extraordinary statement” and because we know anyone with the name Neville knows far more about football and is far less balanced than any football manager we have Neville doubles down on Arsenal theory after controversial Newcastle winner

And yes, all of these headlines have come out one after the other this morning in the Mirror’s site and that is still not enough because there is “Carragher sends Arteta fresh warning over “problem” player.”

And it is of course the fans’ fault too because “Newcastle duo receive vile racist abuse following Arsenal win” (and if you are a regular here you’ll know everyone at Untold condemns racist abuse, but here it is being used as another weapon to knock Arsenal with.  Every club has racists somewhere in its support, and most clubs including Arsenal works hard on getting them out).

But hang on we might have missed something so then we have, “Full transcript of Arteta’s furious rant as Arsenal boss rages in interview.”

And all of that is in the aftermath of one interview that Arteta gave, as he is contractually obliged to give, through the deal between the Premier League and the media.  Since he is forced to be there, why shouldn’t he say what he wants?  That surely is the prime question, which of course the Mirror and others won’t tackle.

The Mirror and most of the media ceaselessly support the PGMO and refuse to contemplate the statistics that show there is something seriously wrong with PL refereeing.  That we know.  But this lunatic outburst from MGN who own the paper surely takes us to a new and highly unedifying level.

9 Replies to “Mirror and Guardian attack on Arteta takes war against Arsenal to new unedifying level”

  1. Really, the difference in treatment by the media with Klopp, Guardiola and others ‘ranting’ about PGMOL is so disgusting.

    As for the ‘they were entitled to a point’…. this so-called journalist has visibly not looked at thr game stats its employer published.
    I don’t call this journalism but fan-writing

  2. Good on you Arsenal, for backing Mikel .
    If there is ever a future chance to ditch the likes of Man C , Newcastle and Chelsea then take it . And if as I suspect Arsenal have to separate theirselves from the Pgmo secret society, the easily bought FA , corrupt FIFA and Uefa then make it so.
    The pattern of mistakes being made . Football laws and technology not being brought to bear properly demonstrate to me the corruption in the game.
    ‘Line in the sand ‘, ‘this far ‘and no further’ comes to mind a stand by club and our fans alike is the option unless… Untold you have better advice for our Great Club ?

  3. I am so looking forward to this cranking up. Bring it on and lets see where it takes us.

    All I know is, we couldn’t be treated any worse than we already are. This isn’t to say others don’t get stitched up by the incompetence and or cheating of the officials, it’s just I truly believe we get it as least as bad as anyone, AND it’s been going on since the battle of OT.

    Let them do there worst.

  4. Arteta has suggested, in response to the question he is contractually obliged to answer, that he believes the premier league deserves a decent standard of refereeing. It’s strange how none of the media (and few fans of other clubs) agree with this statement. I would have thought any right minded person would like that.

    Strangely though, MotD (and some in the media) have highlighted several bad refereeing/VAR decisions in recent weeks but as soon as Arteta makes a public statement which supports their previously held view (which is a matter of clear public record), apparently he’s the bad guy and everybody now thinks the PGMO should be left alone.

    Hypocrisy of the highest order. But of course, it’s Arsenal.

  5. Mikey

    “Hypocrisy of the highest order. But of course, it’s Arsenal.”

    Just what I said the other day. Apparently The Sun are slaughtering us for calling out the PGMOL for being incompetent despite, despite as previously pointed out, the following from their own journalist:

    To call Arteta/Arsenal hypocrites is utterly ridiculous. Pot and Kettle.

    Here again is what Mark Irwin said in the Sun a couple of weeks ago:

    “What exactly is refs’ chief Webb hoping to achieve with match officials Mic’dup?”

    “Because we really don’t want to hear him and Michael Oliver telling us how VAR has f***** up”

    “We’re already well aware of the wrong calls the Premier League’s elite officials have made this season”

    “Replaying those errors with running commentary from Stockley Park is just going to p*** us off even more”

    “So maybe Webb should stay silent if the best he can come up with is ‘yes, we’re useless, but at least we are honest about it’”

    So it’s okay for The Sun to throw these accusations at the PGMOL . Accusations such as:

    “….how VAR has f***ed up”

    “We’re already well aware of the wrong calls the Premier League’s elite officials have made…..”

    ““Replaying those errors….

    So VAR have:

    ‘F***ed up’

    They make:

    ‘Wrong Calls’

    They make:


    So they know they are crap. They say it themselves.

    I finished off my comment with:

    ” If the Sun criticise Arsenal for saying it then surely they should sack their own columnist for saying it?”

    As we have said, what a bunch of f***ing hypocrites.

  6. I forgot the other point. He said:

    ““So maybe Webb should stay silent”

    And there we have it.


    They really don’t want to be told about, or indeed address, just how pathetic our officials are. Not by Webb and certainly not by Arteta.

    Well you can shove it, because highlighted it is, and you can circle the wagons, try to change the narrative and gnash your teeth as much as you like, but the cat is out of the bag. Somebody has finally said it as it is.

    Squirming like maggots on a hook.

    Oh the joy.

  7. The only thing classless and embarrassing is the silence from the press and spoken media about the obvious shortcomings of the PGMOL.

  8. i have been an Arsenal supporter all my life and will die an Arsenal supporter. I get Premier matches for free on my cable but after that game I felt so sick and I still am that I can not watch Premier league any more.
    I will continue to check results because I will want to know the Arsenal score.

    What happened on Saturday made me feel ashamed to be English.

    I tell every one I know that ‘not all English people have a sense of humour.’ Now I have to add ‘not all English people are cheats’.

  9. Mirror & Guardian don’t believe in democracy or facts but are more concerned in pushing their agendas from politics to sport. That’s why I gave up reading & watching legacy media long ago.

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