Arsenal v Burnley: the referee, the fouls, the team and the result




The referee for the game is Michael Oliver.  His statistics are


Referee Games Fouls pg Fouls/Tackles Pen pg Yel pg Yel
Michael Oliver overall 8 21.25 0.57 0.38 4.63 37
Oliver home team 8 10.50 0.56 0.13 1.75 14
Oliver away team 8 10.75 0.59 0.25 2.88 23


Arsenal at home are running at 9.2 fouls per game (under the Oliver average) and Burnley away are running at 11, (20% above the Arsenal average) – but neither are so far out to suggest that Oliver will do anything other than stick to his normal inclination.

From this we can see he is just a little more likely to give fouls against the away team than the home team, but when it comes to penalties the away team is twice as likely to get one – but the number of examples are very low.   However, in terms of yellow cards where his average is getting on towards five a game. 62% of these go to away players and 38% to home players, which is helpful.

Michael Oliver however is one of those referees who doesn’t seem to like draws, having never seen one this season, instead always going for home or away wins.   Compare this with Robert Jones who never sees an away win, or Peter Bankes for whom only around a quarter of his matches end as home wins.


Referee Games HomeWin% AwayWin% Draw%
Anthony Taylor 9 44.4 22.2 33.3
Robert Jones 9 55.6 0.0 44.4
Michael Oliver 8 50.0 50.0 0.0
Stuart Attwell 7 42.9 57.1 0.0
Peter Bankes 7 28.6 28.6 42.9


Last season however Oliver had 30 games, of which 60% were home wins, 23.3% away wins and 16.7% were draws, so we are probably ok.

Football.London continue with their wild and whacky “simulation” of the match and predict a 1-1 scoreline.  At least they don’t invoke a fantasy supercomputer.

But they do rather illogically then give us three possible Arsenal line ups.  The first of which is the same as the Daily Express (see below).

The second of which is


White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko,

Havertz, Jorginho, Rice,

Nelson, Trossard, Martinelli.

and the last of which is


White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko,

Havertz, Rice, Vieira,

Saka, Trossard, Martinelli.

The Daily Express give us a slightly different team however


White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko;

Jorginho, Havertz, Rice;

Saka, Trossard, Martinelli.

In fact in the end, everyone is playing around with a combination of these players.  Sports Mole who tend to be a lot more considered than the rest give us one other lineup possibility, which is in effect shuffling the players already mentioned into a slightly different pack


White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko;

Havertz, Jorginho, Rice;

Saka, Trossard, Martinelli

Unless something very unexpected is going on in the treatment room, it’s going to be one of those to start with, and then another one as the subs are made.

That’s it for now.  With Untold Arsenal based as we are in the East Midlands, it’s a morning start for us to make it to London in time for a bite to eat, a pint to drink and to take our seats in time for kick-off.   After that, we go our separate ways for varied forms of evening entertainment.  We’ll be back tomorrow.

11 Replies to “Arsenal v Burnley: the referee, the fouls, the team and the result”

  1. Arteta may be foolish enough to play Tossard on the right instead of Nelson if Saka doesn’t play. Tossard is Arsenal’s best false number 9, even better than Nketiah and Jesus. I hope he continues with Tossards best position as a number 9. Burnley will come out kicking and playing dirty, and no doubt the ref and VAR will turn a blind eye to this.

  2. Sweet result. Our neighbours losing at the last second.
    I did watch and found the game a result of thr 2 teams. More wrestling then football…. 32 fouls all together, 5 cards, 3 of them against Sp*rs

    The equalizer was a goal of utter beauty and technicality. GOTM contender as far as I am concerned. And Wolves believed in it until the end.

    But the refereeing…the guys on german TV were not positive about it.

    Wolves at the Emirates in december ain’t going to be a walk on the beach.

  3. 25th…Saka pushes a defender between the shoulders – defender does not even fall, ball goes into the goal.
    Ruled out, push is called a foul…..
    I thought now it was ok as we’ve seen las week-end ?!?!

  4. 49th minute, Gabriel gets pushed going for a header.
    The commentator on german TV unhappy : the referee had to act. In the first half Saka’s goal was ruled out for the same ‘offence’, the referee should at least act consistently…
    And now we take in the equalizer and same thing. The Burnley player pushes Tomy away

  5. A pretty good day all in all. Sp*rs being…Spursy. The Arsenal dominating a match and then Newcastle deservedly losing to Bournemouth.

  6. Fascinating. The Guardian labels Zinchenko’s goal ‘ a measured shot’.
    Wonder WTF that could really mean ? Is it something like’wonderful-but-i’ll-be-damned-to-admit-it-and-even-write-it’ ?

    Just pathetic – not that I am surprised.

    @GGG : absolutely.

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