Arsenal v Wolverhampton: the now famous Untold Ref Preview (as seen on the BBC)

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RefWatch – Arsenal v Wolverhampton Wanderers (12/02/2011 15:00)

By DogFace

  • Referee:              Chris Foy
  • Assistant 1:         Darren Cann
  • Assistant 2:         Gary Beswick
  • 4th Official:        Mick Russell

Good morning stat-fans and welcome to another RefWatch.  I’d like to start today by saying thanks to all the Untold readers – I feel that we, as Arsenal fans who frequent this place, have chosen a difficult path by making the effort to look at the problems we face, as a team, in the eye and ignore the myriad minds and voices would otherwise distract our search for truth.

We do not take the path of least resistance and simply say ‘we were crap’ – ok, when we are crap we can say it – we were crap against Ipswich (and I can think of a few economically viable reasons for that performance) but we were not crap against Newcastle – Dowd was crap.  Dowd was so crap that the PGMOL dropped him this week and demoted his linesmen to division 2 – yet nobody mentions this?

I tuned into TalkSport the next day in hope to hear that even in that bastion of bullshit the message might have gotten though – but no… Adrian Durham and his retarded sidekick (the one who can’t read) were congratulating Joey Barton on his fine tackle [that looked firm but fair to them] and then happened to mention, in a deeply unconvincing conversational ‘bloke down the pub – just lads talking’ way, that, after this game, the Arsenal fans might be losing faith in the manager – this immediately cut to a slickly produced montage of Geordie and Romford accents proclaiming that Wenger has lost it and should be sacked.  The despicable cowardice from these two worm-tongued shits of humanity was such that, through a feat of synaesthesia, I actually felt the stench of faeces and bile begin to fill my nostrils.  If this what passes for journalism these days?

Agenda driven broadcasting makes me despair… especially when the agenda of the day is that of the spin doctor and the apologist.  Anecdotal ‘evidence’ presented by the media as to what the fans should be thinking is, without fail, pure fucking lies.

On a more positive note BBC Journalist John Sinnott broke the seal on the can of worms that lies at the core of our game, and gave a nod in the direction of the elephant on the pitch by writing a cracking article about the state of refereeing in the EPL League.  Well done John – for a scoucer, you got balls son, that’s why I pay my licence fee.

Let’s have a look at Referee:

  • Full name:                          Christopher J Foy
  • Date of birth:                     1962-11-20 (age 48)
  • Place of birth:                   St Helens, Lancashire, England
  • EPL Referee Since:          2001
  • EPL Games to date:         170

No DogFace – don’t show them my stats!

What can I say about Chris Foy – well… he’s cracking on a bit, looks older than he is and he’s not as fat as Phil Dowd.  But is he better [for us] than Phil Dowd?  Let’s find out.

Chris Foy has had 16 games for Arsenal consisting of 14 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss

Arsenal are currently in 1st in Chris Foy’s personal Points Per Game League (for teams with a minimum of 4 matches played), for matches in the EPL, with an average of 2.69 PPG.

In Chris Foy’s personal Handicap Swing League (for teams with a minimum of 4 matches played), for matches in the EPL, Arsenal come 6th with an average positive swing of 0.18.

Arsenal are currently in 3rd in Chris Foy’s personal Booking’s Per Match League (for teams with a minimum of 4 matches played), for matches in the EPL, with an overall average of 0.81 BPM.

In Chris Foy’s personal Fouls Per Booking League (for teams with a minimum of 4 matches played), for matches in the EPL, Arsenal come 6th with an overall average of 11.08 FPB.

They are absolutely cracking stats in anyone’s book – although it should be noted that we have never really over performed massively, if you check the handicap swing we are at +0.18 – which is correct when you consider that most of our games under Foy were at home against teams we were expected to win – but still, an average PPG of 2.69 over 16 games is a good sign.

Chris Foy has had 4 games for Wolverhampton Wanderers consisting of 1 win, 2 draws and 1 loss

Wolverhampton Wanderers are currently in 13th in Chris Foy’s personal Points Per Game League (for teams with a minimum of 4 matches played), for matches in the EPL, with an average of 1.25 PPG.

In Chris Foy’s personal Handicap Swing League (for teams with a minimum of 4 matches played), for matches in the EPL, Wolverhampton Wanderers come 14th with an average negative swing of -0.25.

Wolverhampton Wanderers are currently in 8th in Chris Foy’s personal Booking’s Per Match League (for teams with a minimum of 4 matches played), for matches in the EPL, with an overall average of 1.25 BPM.

In Chris Foy’s personal Fouls Per Booking League (for teams with a minimum of 4 matches played), for matches in the EPL, Wolverhampton Wanderers come 13rd with an overall average of 8.00 FPB.

There is not much data for Wolves under Foy – but it looks pretty normal and well in line with their form – a slight underperformance but nothing significant given the number of games.

If we look at Chris Foy’s Handicap swing chart against selected teams in the EPL we can see that, despite the bumper haul of points we have amassed under this referee, we have not smashed the handicap like Chelsea have – in fact, Manchester United seem to do well too, as do City.

So, what can we expect from this referee?  Well – I think that, despite Wolves parking the bus, we’ll take all three points and it should be a comfortable win – I doubt that Foy will go out to mug Wolves but with recent matches in the minds of the fan base (and this has clearly been noticed by the PGMOL) – I also doubt that Foy will referee the games to the strengths of Wolverhampton i.e. we may see some protection for the players for both teams in a game that encourages technicality rather than violence and I fully expect Chris Foy to explain this to the captains pre-match and crack down on any dangerous challenges early on.

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41 Replies to “Arsenal v Wolverhampton: the now famous Untold Ref Preview (as seen on the BBC)”

  1. I’m beginning to wonder whether the Untold Ref Review is becoming compulsive reading for those officiating in Arsenal games.I can imagine a mixture of rage and self-satisfaction on their faces as they consume breakfast of either bitter grapefruit or over-sweetened cereal.

  2. I am glad to have been pointed to your site by the BBC.
    Your stats bear out my own conclusions on this referee. I dont have any colourful graphs, just a long memory.
    What are your thoughts regarding the Newcastle match last week and the fact that David Moyes’ reported untrue lies to the press.
    Did Dowd take his own retribution for what was not said?

  3. It is great to finally see some of your tireless hard work being noticed. I think this referee definitely does not look like one of those who are hell bent against arsenal winning a match. His record looks rather neutral. If he has officiated lots of home matches for arsenal against week opposition then the win/draw/loss stats are what I would expect from a neutral referee.

  4. “Dowd was so crap that the PGMOL dropped him this week and demoted his linesmen to division 2 – yet nobody mentions this?”

    6 Chelsea v Everton – Saturday 19 February (12.30)
    Referee: P Dowd
    Assistant Referees: J Flynn (SN11) & S Burt
    Fourth Official: D S McDermid


  5. I can only imagine what all these haters [Ref’s] think when ’bout leaving the dogout…..they should be reading this themselves! For all I care, “they’ll never succeed”…..think I’ll be more relaxed watching this game, thanks to you man.

  6. @Dogface,
    If Chris Foy’s stats look encouraging they belie one of refereeing’s worst practitioners- and i mean that in the sense that almost everybody else of his experience has mastered the dark art better than he has.
    I don’t know how many people will remember what they were doing on the 25/10/2009, but those who went to upton park will remember a ref who took cheating with impunity to a whole new level – west ham came back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2, to say west ham were poor in that game is too understate the case, they were the equivalent of a carrier bag flailing in the wind. i left that game never again to look on the organisation of football with any respect, i have tried to find video evidence of this crime on the internet but to no avail, i appeal to anyone that might have that match stored away to post a link as it is all i have is

  7. I used to look forward to Refwatch with interest. Sadly now, it is just to see who is the next incompetent fool to destabilise our title challenge. At least his stats appear encouraging.

    And good luck to Sian Massey this afternoon.

  8. @Nicky
    I think you’ve got it! The word is out and vanity, the strongest motivator, will push anyone to look at their coverage…even to sneak a peak (who could resist?!) Putting the spotlight on them in advance with the foreknowledge that there will be a report card on them after should hopefully either caution those of bent inclination or bring out the bent in the ones who are furious at being exposed. Whatever, Untold Arsenal’s strategy – before and after the match ref reviews – is going to clean out the stable. Bravo Nicky and Kudos Dogface, Walter, Phil and everyone. And thanks to the BBC writer who did this sport a solid by spotlighting our NowTold Arsenal!

  9. Well I am not sure who the biggest wanker is.
    Zubar for pretending to have injured his studs on RVP’s knee or Foy for choosing to ignore the assualt because it would have meant a second yellow.
    Yet again bottle or bias take your pick.
    Outstanding pre-match analysis btw

    Nowhere else on the net would you get that.

  10. This was what I expected of the ref. I could have written my review before the game. But you will read the official one tomorrow.

    About the team: great win today. Could have won with a few more goals but I hope we saved them for the next game. 😉

  11. Excellent finish. Acrobatics aside that finish is a match technically for Rooney’s goal any day – Now LETS DO BARCA

  12. Well, that makes it a two horse race now, doesn’t it?!

    City are 4 behind us, 8 behind United, and have palyed an extra game too. If Chelsea win their two games in hand, City will drop to 4th. That sorts them out…

  13. Correction; Both Chelsea & Sp@rs can leap City if they win their 2 games in hand. That would potentially put City in 5th & out of CL spots. Wow!

  14. Didnt see the game as FOX Sports werent covering the match will have to wait until Tuesday to see the match.
    How did it go in general, who played well and how did the Ref do ? If anyone has time to answer I would appreciate it.

  15. @red gooner

    go on to the gunning hawks site and they have streaming links for most arsenal matches

  16. Red Gooner:
    The game was alright, all good. Could have scored 1,000 if it wasn’t for some great goalkeeping. Ref was just about OK, mostly as anticipated by Walter. Got 3 points, Wilshere was on fire, RVP explosive, and Theo was hot. On the flip side, JD & Kosh were as cool as ice. Wolves had 0 (that’s zerrrrooo) shots on target in the entire match.
    Don’t watch the entire game as the commentators pissed me off so much, talking about RVP’s 2nd goal for about 10 minutes… To see if was offside or not, as if… Just watch the highlights and enjoy.

  17. Good performance overall, could have had more but so be it.
    I heard that on Talkshite as well Dogface – Adrian Durham kept saying the tide was turning on Wenger and as you say, selective phoners inners were wheeled out to prove his silly point. Durham and the likes of Collymore are lazy journalists who come out with the same crap day in day out – much of it aimed at Arsenal, although they do seem to heap praise on Wilshere. Must be an English thing.
    I have tried to get on that drive time show loads of times – the researcher asks you what you want to say – I have always wanted to defend Wenger / the team – but surprise surprise, I have not been let near the airways, even as a first time caller.
    The solution – if you can be bothered with such a shambolic, tho well listened to format – call up, pretend to be AAA then say what you really think, tho I guess they may invoke their cut off period

  18. A very professional performance from us. Wenger looked all business too. It has to be like that till the end now. Go out. Do our job. I was a bit annoyed with the referee not playing advantage for what would have been the first goal.

    I agree with Sammy the Snake about the commentators trying to dig up controversy where none existed. see if it was offside. That’s fine. But the intention was to confuse people with the whole 1st phase 2nd phase thing. The commentator said V.Persie never came back onside after the first phase. “Is he back onside just because the ball’s gone in front of him??” ,he went on to say in an incredulous tone… Isn’t that the whole point of offside? Idiot. All in all though. A good performance. Looking forward to the Barca match now.

  19. @ugandan gooner

    Have you tried ArsenalTv? They have highlights of matches from the past few years. Maybe some of them will contain the incidents you refer to. I must say, that match did have some decisions against us, but nothing too bad… At least that’s my memory of the game. I was annoyed with us more than with the referee.

  20. The solution to Talkshite is simple: don’t tune in. Don’t listen. It’s exists as troll food. Mr Durham and whoever his sidekick is at present (I’m guessing it’s still that Yorkshire pudding) are just there to provoke a response. To whip up false controversy. The ginger mouthpiece comes out with a ridiculous statement and the pudding will give an opposing view. Or vice versa. A contrived argument/discussion then takes place. The phones light up. Job done. Ad infinitum.
    It’s baffling a lot of sane and otherwise intelligent football fans seem to believe that Durham is actually speaking his mind (oxymoron?) when he spouts all that shite. Or that they need to listen to it just to remind themselves what a load of crap it is, and then work themselves into a self-defeating rage about it. It will always be crap. That’s what it is. Crap.

    The only way we will ever get the intelligent, insightful and impartial football commentary we crave is if we stop listening to the likes of Talkshite altogether.

    Any f*ck ’em. RVP eh? sublime. There’s no other word for him. That first goal was a wonder…Wooney will grab the headlines of course…but RVP’s was as sweet a take as you’ll see.

  21. TalkShite really can be hilarious at times as well -you would have to have heard it but I remember recently Mike Parry and his sidekick in the most cringeworthy creeping fawning interview… thanking Arry for his part in what they thought would be bringing Beckham back to the EPL, saying such a move was a gift to the nation and that only Arry could have pulled off such an audacious move which would surely bring Spurs the title! Beckham!
    In fairness to Redknapp, he seemed duly embarassed by the whole thing.
    But dogger Collie more – he really is something else!

  22. What about Song today eh? Never put a foot wrong all game….He mostly stayed back covering the back four today. That allowed Jack to maraud forward in support of the attack to devastating effect. That is what we need to do against Barca on Wednesday. Strong running through the middle and on the wings. When we broke today we always had several options available. Our defense was compact and no one got caught out of position. All together a very pleasing result. As Mick McCarthy said after the match: “there was murder going on out there today” – I couldn’t agree more..

  23. Just got back from the game. My heart sunk when I bought my programme and saw who was refereeing. I will be interested in the post match report but in my view Foy Boy got some of the absolute basics wrong, not least the late,terrible 2-footred tackle on Arshavin after 28 minutes. Foy had actually turned to watch the ball. This is a bad enough mistake by a referee on a local park, let along on the EPL. Inconsistent and idiosyncratic refeeing throughout.

  24. I loved comments by Cesc and Robin after the match. Cesc said we should have scored more but main thing was 3 points.
    Robin said that offside rule should be made bit more simpler for referees, fans and players…

  25. Well done Walter – spot on again. Just watched game on Sky and neither commentator picked it up!

  26. On a side note did anyone watch theFeynords match, I hear Ryo Miaichi has picked up his second man of the match award in only 2 games and scored as well. From reports they say the Feynord fans were chanting his name, waving Japanese Flags and bowing to him after the game. It seems like wenger has unearthed another jewel.

  27. @RedGooner

    I watched some bits of the Feyenoord game, Miyaichi looks very impressive. He’s just turned 18 and had only played high school football in Japan before going to Holland, quite amazing how he’s adapted to quickly. The crowd was singing “Ryo, Ryo, Ryo” during the game after he scored, he’s become a fan’s favourite overnight!

    Highlights of Feyenoord’s game today, which includes a little interview with Ryo at the end (although it’s all in Dutch/Japanese so not much good to me, but I found amusing how deep Ryo’s voice is):

    And a clip of him bowing and clapping to the fans:

  28. Wrenny, I completely agree with you.
    This Miyachi seems a great player in the making. And he was very humble after the game just saying that he just has to try to do his best in the next game. He was happy but very down to earth.
    The commentator from the Dutch TV really was full of praise for him. And he looks fast, skillfull and he can score and he can shoot from distance….

    He looks a special talent… but not for the ones who have to decide such things….

  29. I agree, I think he could be a really wonderful player. Not just because of his talent but, as you’ve mentioned, he is humble and hard-working. Wenger has spoken of how Ryo works hard and is very dedicated. So many talented young players don’t fulfil their potential because they just don’t seem to apply themselves, give their whole life to football. But Ryo appears to have the drive of a top player. To me, he just ‘looks’ like an Arsenal player already. I’m really excited about his potential.

    Yes, it’s a shame he wasn’t awarded his special talent visa. Hopefully he gets called up to the Japan senior squad soon which would be a big boost in getting next year’s application accepted. The sooner we can get him here, training the Arsenal way every day under Arsene’s watchful eye, the better!

    PS. His team-mates at Feyenoord have nicknamed him Ryo-dinho 😀

  30. Thanks, Wrenny and Tony. I had just seen a bit about it on the young guns site. Theres a clip of todays goal attached also if you are interested.

  31. Well, I don’t know if anyone noticed, but Denilson won a couple of headers in defence yesterday! Seems like he is coming to form now that Barca is around 🙂

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