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December 2019
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VAR is a mess says Uefa chief, which I suspect most of us would agree with

Watch our latest video at: Untold Gooner News:

By Tony Attwood

“If you have a long nose, you’re offside these days,” said Aleksander Ceferin in a recent interview. It didn’t get much coverage in England (not even the Daily Mirror ran it and it was said in an […]

Which teams are benefitting most from referee decision making this season?

By Bulldog Drummond

As we saw in Gordon’s super-analysis of referee actions earlier this week, Arsenal have inflicted the need for treatment on the opposition 11 times this season while Wolverhampton have inflicted the need for treatment on opposition players 5 times. So we shouldn’t have too much worry about fouls from them resulting in […]

PGMO maintain their secrecy at all times – unless it’s an issue raised by Manchester City

By Dr Billy “the dog” McGraw. Head of psychology at the University Hospital of the North Circular Road.

As you will know, if you have followed our coverage of PGMO, the high secretive organisation that makes the Masons look at a come-all-ye at the local pub, the refereeing control body does not talk to outsiders.


President of Spain’s FA arrested. And behind the corruption, there are stories of referee fixing.


by Tony Attwood

A couple of days back, police in Spain say arrested Ángel María Villar Llona, the president of Spain’s football association, Real Federación Española de Fútbol, on suspicion of embezzling funds.

It is an interesting move because Villar Llona is also a senior vice-president at Fifa and Uefa those two gloriously clean […]

The Video Assistant Referees are on their way, well in other countries is, but not all….

By Walter Broeckx

After a long period in which I had been unable to write for several reasons I hope to be back in action for Untold Arsenal.

And no better subject to start with as….the VAR.

During the confederations cup the Video Assistant Referee or VAR has been used in each match. And I […]

In the past it was the clubs lower down the league that fouled most. Now it is the clubs near the top.

By Tony Attwood

The web site Footstats has recently produced some very interesting league tables of its own, and through their kind permission, I am able to bring you one or two of these, starting with the Premier League Table of fouls.

You may remember (if you were paying attention) that in the early days […]

Newspaper claims Arsenal “should have been applauded as CHAMPIONS if officials had done their jobs properly.”

By Tony Attwood


“The Gunners should have been applauded as CHAMPIONS if officials had done their jobs properly.”

To confirm from the off, that is not a quote from Untold, but from a national UK newspaper – the Sun. OK not my favourite paper, but actually one that I would have said a year […]

Manchester City v Arsenal Sunday 8 May – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

Following the review of Roger East in the Palace game

Here is the updated Table of Shame

Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents 2nd Yellow Cards 1 44 Red Cards 2 16 Penalties 3 30 Goals 1 11 Total 7 101 Possible Cost in Points 0 29

Only one wrong Important […]

The most astonishing analysis yet: how refs apply different rules on fouls for and against different teams

I may be nuts but I’m not crazy:

Crying foul – the league table that will amaze all Arsenal fans

By Proud Kev

Whenever we mention referees, there are certain people who roll their eyes and believe we are all conspiracy nut jobs. For what it is worth I may be nuts but I do […]

Arsenal Chelsea, Sunday 24 January 2016 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

Here is the Table of Shame updated following the Liverpool game.

Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents 2nd Yellow Cards



Red Cards










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Arsenal vs Manchester Utd. Expect elbowing and wrestling with impunity.

The Referee Preview

by Andrew Crawshaw

Following Usama and Walter’s review of the Chelsea game Ref Review : Chelsea – Arsenal. How Mike Dean & Co screwed an entire game… here is the updated table of shame

Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents 2nd Yellow Cards 0 7 Red Cards 0 6 Penalties 0 […]

If a game that involves men sticking their heads up each other’s bottoms can have open refereeing why can’t football?

What can football learn from rugby? *

By Blacksheep

I watched the second half of the England/Wales rugby match on Saturday and apart from wondering at the Welsh comeback and the high attrition rate in terms of injury, I was mainly struck by the marked difference in officiating.

This weekend we have again seen some […]

FA Charge Arsenal with failing to control its players; petition to stop Dean stands at over 69,000


The petition “Prevent Mike Dean from refereeing another Arsenal game” now has nearly 70,000 signatures. Please sign up if you agree.


By Walter Broeckx; additional material by Tony Attwood

Chelsea striker Diego Costa has been charged with violent conduct by the Football Association following his side’s win over Arsenal […]

Ref Review: Arsenal – Liverpool

By Usama and Walter

ARSENAL vs. LIVERPOOL COMPETITION: English Premier League MATCH NO. 3 DATE: 24th August 2015 VENUE: Emirates Stadium (London, England)


REFEREE: Michael Oliver 1st LINESMAN: Simon Bennett 2nd LINESMAN: John Brooks 4th OFFICIAL: Neil Swarbrick

First Half

Fouls, Advantages, Cards, and Penalties

Time Foul by Foul For Description & Decision […]

Ref Review: Arsenal – Liverpool

Ref in this match was Anthony Taylor

A first 30 minutes that were rather un-Taylor. As he made no mistakes. The only mistake was from an assistant who judged a Liverpool player offside but Koscielny was still behind him.

The first error from Taylor was then again a typical one. Sakho came in leading […]

Ref Review : Newcastle – Arsenal: an overwhelming bias

Ref for this match was Mike Jones

The first foul only happened after 12 minutes but the Ameobi kicked Alexis in the chest. Not with hit studs but a high foot making contact should have been punished with a yellow card. Ref Jones let it go and as a result Cabella only a minute […]

Ref Review : Arsenal – Everton: a first half to cherish.

Ref for this match was Andre Marinner

Well this was turning out one of the most boring referee reviews ever in the first half of this match.

Marinner missed a foul from Coquelin early in the match and should have given a foul to Everton…and that was it for errors in the first half.


Ref Review(s) : Arsenal – West Ham, two for the price of one

Ref in this match was Chris Foy for 59 minutes and Anthony Taylor for the rest.

Because of this interruption we have two ref reviews in one article and I will also add the final score of the two refs and call this the PGMO score for this match.


What a […]

Ref Review: Crystal Palace – Arsenal

Ref for this match was Mark Clattenburg

A bad start for the assistant when he ruled Özil offside when he was clearly not. Özil scored but we don’t know really if this was because of the CP defender stopping after the whistle or not. So will not take the goal decision as a wrong […]

Can we really trust Riley to bring about reform?

By Walter Broeckx

The other day I read an article about Mike Riley where he talked about the mix up that has happened once again when ref Neil Swarbrick send off the wrong guy in the match Manchester City – West Bromwich Albion.

One could say sending off the wrong player is something that only […]

Ref Review : QPR – Arsenal

Ref for this match was Kevin Friend

The match started with a few decisions going against Arsenal early on. Coquelin was called back for offside when he was clearly onside. Arsenal should have got a corner but instead QPR got a free kick. Zamora then put an arm in the face of Gibbs and […]

Ref Review : Arsenal – Leicester

Ref for this match was Mike Jones

Mr. Jones certainly wasn’t at his best in this match. After two early fouls not much happened till Upson pulled Alexis down with a holding offence around the neck when he could have gone one on one with the last defender in the middle of the goal […]

Ref Review Tottenham – Arsenal

In case you have not come across this series before, we have reviewed hundreds of matches over the past few years – both matches involving Arsenal and those not. At the end of the seasons we’ve also compared the way referees have handled different teams.

Ref for this match was Martin Atkinson

A few […]

How referees get to the top

Don McMahon

A number of Gooners have asked about how referees get promoted to the top of their profession so I am humbly submitting my experience and will happily accept any corrections our readers can bring to my attention. I will be speaking in general for both genders and North America officials but worldwide for […]

Other countries are more open than the PL and the PGMO


In the last article we looked at how Mourinho is playing games with the media, the FA and PGMO. All this – and indeed the whole threat of Type III match fixing (in which club owners seek to persuade refs to hinder the progress of other clubs, rather than fix the results of their […]