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  1. IndianGunner

    I think you got the height’s wrong. Djourou is 6.4″ which makes it close to 193 cms and not 184.

  2. Paul C.

    Lauren didnt play in 2004? He played every game when fit.

    Being “lightweight” is NOT about height and weight. Paul Scholes is small and nobody ever said he was lightweight. Maradona was a midget and you could never say he was lightweight. Didier Deschamps was tiny and he was a midfield heavyweight. You could be 198cm and 100kg and still be lightweight.

    When using the term “lightweight” in football it is much more about being able to handle yourself physically against players of all shapes and sizes, and dealing with the pace and intensity of the game. Jack Wilshire is small yet seems to be anything but “lightweight”.

    Being “lightweight” in football is much a mental thing as a physical, measured, thing. After all, according to your figures Pascal Cygan was one of the biggest of our 2004 squad, and he was complete and utter lightweight.

  3. ingooner

    frm india mate…. let me tell u that u r doing a grt job on this site…u missed arshavin in da analysis which will drastically cut down the average..

  4. Sudarsan

    U have missed out one of our shortest players Andrey arshavin….If u include him in either mid or strikers department,total will come down further…Also height and weight alone does not add steel to the team…Take the case of scott parker or our very own jack wilshere…Neither of them are very tall or strong ,but both are very good at their work…..

  5. Salim

    Sorry but this is a football and rugby. What that lightweight mean to football? Or u wanna bring the like of bigshow and coop to football? Shame.

  6. JohnW

    I agree with Paul C, but, pundits have always compared the height and weight of our squad to actually say we are bullied because we are light weight. I onoly wish we win at least 2 trophies this season, whether we have a light weight squad or not.

  7. Salim

    Correct there: this is football and not a rugby

  8. Paul C.

    JohnW – I have never heard pundits use height and weight to criticize our squad. In fact I’ve heard Diaby called lightweight by pundits much more than I have ever heard Cesc called lightweight. For central defenders height is sometimes used since they are expected to handle balls in the air, but even there strength (as opposed to height and weight) and leap (as in the case of Vermaelen and Cannavaro) are used far more often to judge central defenders. Kanu was another one often accused of being lightweight and he was the biggest guy on that 2004 squad.

  9. Dark Prince

    I think the height and weight differences of those 2 different generations cant be compared. Simply bcoz we used to play a different style of football those days. We used to have a lot of physicality among the like of Viera, Campbell and others. But our game today is more inclined towards technicality. The physical aspect in our game has visibly decreased, not in terms of height or weight but in terms of tactics. Also height and weight should not be confused with physical aggression. You can easily see the difference when you look at Wilshere. He may be very short but he’s definately the toughest in our squad. He has the physical aggression which we have not seen in our team in a long time. Also why have you left out Arshavin??

  10. rastique

    where is arshavin?

  11. lucanus

    and who is Fredrik Lundberg?

  12. RedGooner

    I dont think we aqre lightweight at all.
    I think we are a different team completely in everyway from the invincibles but what that can be just as successfull if not more sucessfull.

    The difference is more likely to be that due to building the new stadium and rebuilding the squad with spending restrictions we played the last few years with more teenagers than anyone else.

    Now that their bodies are a little older and stronger they can handle better the EPL and demands on their bodies recover quicker from injuries and strong enough not to pick up as many as before.

    Add to that Walter highlighting the Reffs allowing teams to murder them bringing a little media attention with the BBC etc it all helps.

  13. The Brussels Boys

    Rastique – Arshavin ? – he is about 4 ft 11, but worth his weight in gold …

  14. ugandan goon

    thank you for your effort and i am glad we are finally getting round to talking about another real enemy of arsenal, the *spit* pundits!
    they get a mention every so often but i think that along with better refs and a saner organising body, next on the list is just how football is presented to the masses, not everyone can make it to the game to see for themselves what went on, they have to rely on one gobshite or another to give an almost uniformly unintelligent, puerile and usually banal appraisal of their teams fortunes.
    We know that when people say arsenal are lightweight, it has nothing to do with their physical stature but more a slur on their artistry via their masculinity or if you like their heterosexuality. John terry is never going to be lightweight, as we know any hole’s a goal with that guy! i think after the ‘smashing it'(copyright, Richard keys) incident, a real insight into the level of machismo in football journalism has been given to the wider public and so the genesis of a lot the shit they spout can at least be situated i.e testosterone + arrested development.
    your article can be used to disprove people who come to this blog and repeat that particular slur on the team viz. more weight in football is more likely to be a hindrance than an asset, if we take it literally, but if as has been suggested it means spirit or some other largely indefinite character trait then we know it means all things to all people and therefore nothing but an insult morons have invented to disguise naked disrespect / envy towards arsenal.
    You have hit on something else, which is this particular attack with it’s implicit macho and homophobic undertones(?) should be relegated to talkshite radio where it belongs, with keys and gray!
    p.s not trying to massage the figures , were you? arshavin has two kids! even if he studied fashion and regularly designs clothes.

  15. FinnGun

    Excellent refutation of another silly rumor. Keep ’em coming, please!

  16. gooner80

    light weight means not being up to the challenge, nothing to do with weight as others have mentioned

    so when they talk about us being lightweight against the likes of stoke they are talking about us being up to the physical challenge.

    English football is in the dark ages, when I want to watch physical battles I will watch MMA or boxing and in the same breath they will talk about the beautiful game a broken leg is never beautiful no matter how much he didnt mean it

  17. Rigger Tae

    Where did you get your stats? Djourou is 1.92, Bendtner is 1.95 I didn’t have time to check every single one…

    I enjoy the blog, but I feel in this matter you are neglecting the fact that stats are merely just that: numbers. Aggression, physical build, playing style all have massive effects on a players overall contribution. (Craig Bellamy isn’t big by any standard, but wow can he influence a game- physically!)

  18. Fedda

    Fredrik Lundberg = Fredrik Ljungberg. Some wrong stats on height.

    But fair play, I think the “lightweight” turn is a bit different like other people have stated.

  19. xD

    There’s no chance Djourou is shorter than Sol Campbell

  20. Nitesh

    really sorry guys. my mind was somewhere else when i was typing this out. was studying for my exams, and its kinda hard to do this while trying to learn the steel plants.
    sorry guys.

  21. Nitesh

    i got these numbers from the premier league website. i just checked djourou’s height again. it is 183 cm.
    must be something wrong with their databases.

  22. Rhys Jaggar

    1. If you stick Theo in the forwards, not the midfield, your conclusions change.
    2. If you realise that without Diaby, the current midfield size goes down, and Diaby doesn’t play that much, you return to your initial midfield conclusion.

    You might like to ask the sorts of folks Clichy has to jump against: Berbatov, Zigic and Drogba he doesn’t try. He let’s them win the header and gets on with it. That’s the choice Wenger makes. I’m not sure Gibbs would win too much in the air against that lot either……

    I actually think the defence has tightened up a lot recently. I must say I was amused reading this morning in The Times that ‘Koscielny had replaced Silvestre, so the defence had improved’. My reading was that Squillaci replaced Silvestre and Koscielny replaced Gallas, which might be interpreted slightly differently. Still, I think Koscielny’s doing great right now……..and if Squillaci can’t cope against Leyton Orient, Eurostar might seem an attractive option for him……

  23. Jerom J.

    @The Brussels Boys- Arshavin is 5 foot 7…

  24. nicolas

    I think that height-wise our central defenders (except djorou) are short when compared to other teams central defenders and strikers. But for example in the case of TV5 we all seen how he makes up his lack of height with his ability to jump and robust style of play.

  25. Ole Gunner

    Djourou is not 183 cm. He’s 6 ft 4. Squillaci is 6 ft 2
    Koscielny is 6 ft 1

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