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September 2021
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September 2021

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A Letter Of Thanks & Appreciation To Gunners

A Letter Of Thanks & Appreciation To Gunners

Dear Arsenal,

The game against Barca was pure magic, and we love your total dedication and belief. You have made us proud, and we salute you from every corner of the world. Each of you has a special place in our hearts and you deserve thanks and appreciation for your heroics in the CL game.

This was by far the best game I have seen in my life. It was pure football played by two immensely talented teams, and the Gunners came on top. Kudos to you!

The Scz-Man: You are young and you ooze with confidence. You were a wall against Messi& Co, and our defense is a rock with you in the goal. We will rely on you for so many years to come, and I look forward to your each and every game for the Gunners. You are our No. 1.

Eboue: You made yourself proud when lined up against the best player on the planet. You are versatile, capable and you love this team. The fans love you too.

Djourou: You came out successful through a tough game. You have become our Mr. Reliable and you will be a fan favorite for many years to come. We breathe easily when you’re on the pitch. You are our Prozac!

Koscielny: TheGoonerholics said it best: “Laurent Koscielny just went to throw his shorts in the laundry and Messi was still in his pocket”. You were questioned when Wenger brought you to the club, but you were simply immense on your third CL game. You’re proving all the doubters wrong, you are all that Wenger promised, and then some!

Clichy: Youare as brilliant at the back as you are going forward, and your wonderful pass to set up RVP’s goal was sublime. You have been a great soldier for the Gunners for so many years. Thank you.

Song: We only have one song! You took the pressure, and you gave back even more. You rode your luck on the night, and made the middle a living hell for the opposition. You are God, especially with that blond hair!

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Cesc: You are our captain, and we appreciate your every move. You stood tall against the team that wants you so badly. You were gracious in victory, giving each Barca player a hug at the end of the thrashing you handed them. You are an outstanding gentleman, and you will be in our hearts forever.

Jack The Man: You are a football prodigy and we are so very proud to have you as one of the Gunners. The world is applauding your magic, the way you stood against the so called “best team in the world”. You are a legend in the making.

Theo: You caused panic among the Barca defense before and during the game. You tired them out, and made the stage ready for the fresh legs to come on. You are a star. You are a shooting star!

RVP: You are world class. Your touch is superb, and your workrate is fantastic. You are a perfect 10. Thank you for appreciating the fans at the end of the game, but in reality “we’re not worthy”. We love your chocolate foot! We love you!

Mr. Samir Nasri: You came back from injury to show your true colors: Red & White. Your pass for the winning goal was so intelligent that it’ll take the pundits years to comprehend. Keep rocking!

Arsh: The little Russian with the golden touch, you are our wild card! You turn big games on their head, and you can move the world. Bring us the CL like you took the World Cup to Russia. You are a fan favorite.

B52: You did the job you were asked to do, and you made a tired Barca spin around themselves. You are a bomber!

The bench: We rely on you when the going gets tough. Keep hanging strong, we need you all for the long road ahead. It’s going to be a long road ahead, paved with gold!

The 12th man: You were great! Simply fantastic! Simple the best! You made the team complete. A special thank you to all of you who sang your hearts out. You made the night!

The coaching staff: You are the unseen idol, you are the unsung hero. We thank you for training the team, and we appreciate that you’re keeping the team healthy. You are the rock we rest on.

Professor Wenger: Sir, you are a genius. We thank you for the brand of football you have installed in the team, we salute your long term vision, and we appreciate the stability you have created for Arsenal. We have this team because of you, our “better than world class” stadium is your work, and this win is for you. We love your unwavering belief in the team, your total dedication to the club, we want you here for eternity.

And finally, to all you pundits: F@ck you!

This is a win for all Gunners, enjoy!

Sammy The Snake

It was simply an honour to be there

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39 comments to A Letter Of Thanks & Appreciation To Gunners

  • aliyu mumeen

    Was simply a honour to have read this post about a team whom in 3-4 years would be considered the best in the planet and maybe in history…….thank you Mr.wenger for making us live this dream………viva arsenal

  • FinnGooner

    I agree with every word Sammy. That was amazing, watching match again and I get straight back “on a cloud of boilky smiley awesomeness” as Arseblog said in his blog today (that is probably closest to discribe the way we have been feeling today.)
    I just wish everyone who you mentioned would read this…

  • where to sign this? 🙂

  • Dark Prince

    Superb post!! The Proudest Day to be a Gooner!!!! The team were AWESOME!!!! Salute them!!!!!!

  • i absoloutly agree, what a game, well done biyes love arsenal so much

  • Zulu Gooner

    Brilliant. I am all emotional after going through this one! Onward you beauties!!

  • Ahmed

    it might be off topic but am i wrong that with djourou on pitch we have never lost this season.
    jinx or magic or vooodooo
    what man

  • Daniel

    If ever there was a perfect post written….spot on! I am actually horse because of all the shouting I did at home watching the game. Remember Arsenal players we will be shouting just as loudly on the 8th.

  • Kareem A Oluwasegun

    Thank you for soul of appreciation. May God bless you

  • Wrenny

    To all the pundits and journos I say: Thank you!

    Thank you for your venom and bile, for your unbridled hate and barely disguised xenophobia. The more you hate our team, the more we love them and support them. You will make us stronger than you can ever imagine.

  • I love d end..”befitting for hater,hacker pundits”.Telling us how lucky we’r even after WINNING..How long have we been told possession doesnt matter if you dont win..Barcelon held the gun,we held the bullet & killed them ALL..Thank GOD for real Arsenal blogs like yours who r true to the end,others r almost nothing to write home about..Le Professor persistently criticized continually proves people wrong but they still dont,he never will because he’s to good to……Thank you

  • Well said, brilliant article got me feeling all emotional and I’m all the way in south africa.

  • Mik

    great post. I am glad to read this without the usual criticism of some players. it was a team effort and the team beat the best team in the world – according to the media. but we all know who the best team really is.

  • michael mniko

    ARSENAL has never let me down…i love this team with whole of my being.

  • Aaron

    I’m still buzzing, but is it just me when i say i really don’t think we played particularly well?? We beat Barca, in my mind only playing maybe 80% of our ability. A lot of our passing was sometimes left to be desired. I though Cesc was having a pretty mediocre game (In saying that Jack completely took over from him). But i think this should give us hope for the next game. If we can play our game. Really get our passing and possession down at the Nou Camp, i think we can do better. (Though the 12th man wont be there so much.

    Proud of our boys for taking the chances we had, and converting them to a lead. Most of all i was sitting with a young lady, who when Arshavin came on was f-ing and blinding at the thought of Arshavin was brought on just to waste time. She was wrong!!!

    What a game what a night, and i still think we have more in the locker.

  • To all of the above, I say, Thank you, and don’t stop now, keep it going! You know you can do it against “the best team in the world,” so keep doing it to all the teams you face! Blast ’em!

  • To all you pundits, f**k you!

  • Rhys Jaggar

    For me, the true beauty of the evening came from an unknown lady who found I had dropped one of our two season passes, presumably somewhere on the steps to the stadium, and by the time we had got around to the West entrance to report the loss and ask, with ID, for a paper ticket to be printed out to allow us to feed at the carvery, Arsenal FC had phoned us to say it had been found and would be handed in.

    Of course, such tickets can be cancelled and annulled, but the honesty, thoughtfulness and efficiency of the club made my evening.

    Even though I left my driving licence with the official who was printing me the new ticket out, so I now have to frantically try and locate that with the Club tomorrow!!

  • ugandan goon

    OOOOooii! Sammy you slithering swine!
    shouldn’t you be hard at work snooping around leyton orient blogs?
    and don’t give me ‘ you coudn’t wait to tell all pundits to chase themselves’- whats that? oh…o.k… thats alright then… well done.. ahem, carry on.

  • ugandan goon

    Szeczeny celebrtaing the second goal with the fans was priceless!


  • critic

    joy joy joy joy all around gooner world.

  • critic

    time to focus on our next game now?? Magical night but now we don’t want to get drunk and woke up on monday only to find we missed the fa cup clash.

  • critic

    oh, who cares!! yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes…..

  • Aku Suka Arsenal

    i wish i could share this on facebook! 🙂

  • Aku Suka Arsenal

    it was 5.30am in the morning and we were shouting our lungs out when arshavin scored!!!!!

  • LRV

    Yes!!! This is more Sammy than Snakey.

  • Burtsagooner

    Im about to watch the game again for the 5 time and i will still greet every pass, every tackle, every single awesome part of this Arsenal perfomance with clenched fist and swollen heart, im still gonna cheer( albiet marginly softer!) at Van the god man Persie’s amazing goal and Arshavin’s absolutely fantastic finish, im still gonna marvel at Wilshere, Im still gonna laugh possibly with less tears this time at Szczesny’s fit! And then i’ll watch it again and again. This game will live in gooners hearts forever i suspect, not since the invincebles days have i been so proud to be a gooner, to be able to ram every single dumb ass pundit and anti Arsenal brigades shit talk about us back down there throats is nearly as good a feeling as beating Barfaloona. Wenger you are and forever will be a complete genius in my eyes, and come what may this season, im over the moon. oh and i lied, ive always been a proud gooner!

  • thaiDeviant

    Couldn’t agree more with all of your sentiments, Sammy. Have you actually (snail-) mailed this to the Gods at the Grove? I think you should.

  • Francis

    Sammy, I like your second last paragraph. Couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Aye Sammy ,f#ck them indeed !Here in our neck of the woods we have Steve “one more minute “McMohan, and Shebby “ the end of the day..”Singh dishing out the crap on ESPN.Sorry guys ,you’re full of it but we forgive you.
    I always bet against your choices and have won well.I once won almost all the games betting against Shebby in the last European Championship.
    It gave me great pleasure when he chose Barca before that game and has again tipped them for the return leg.Go on guys make my day!

  • LagosGooner

    Perfectly put! Your letter should be framed at The Grove.

    Sad, amusing and a little strange that Spanish press seem more genuinely complimentary of Arsenal’s victory than the English press.

    Whatever! We’re still singing in sunny, Lagos!

  • Shard

    @Bricksfields Gunners

    Haha. It isn’t suprising at all about those ESPN hacks.. But don’t be too harsh on Shebby. Despite (at least claiming) being a Spurs fan, he did and has tipped us for the League title this season. And he did defend us against the sort of tackles and the subsequent nonsense we face. I think because he’s not English, he’s actualy willing to give sensible opinions on Arsenal, the cliches notwithstanding..But still.. F*ck those Espn pundits 🙂

  • NSBG


  • More Fire!

    A very nice emotional piece there! There should be no limits to JOY!
    What scares/excites/boggles/goosebumps me is the VERY BRIGHT prospect of the next ten years. While every one will be limited by FINANCIAL DOPING debt to ageing players, Arsenal the only profitable club in world soccer, will have the best players in the world with a constant Average Age of 23 to harass the ageing opposition into submission. By the way being profitable without trophies means that when the trophies finally come the players can get to share in the profits. That way we get to keep the players because no one can outbid the Gunners. That’s exciting!!!!!!!!!!BRING ON THE TROPHIES!!!!!!!

  • Bertrand Lesguillons

    Very positive writing. And if I may , I’ll add some compliments in french to Arsène since they are written from the french Alpes.

    Bravo Arsène (no need to translate that one) à force de t’entendre parler de football quand tu commentes les matches des Bleus, je me suis mis à regarder Arsenal (when you comment our national team games on French tv, what you say about football is so bright that I started watching Arsenal football) ET depuis c’est devenu une passion, une obsession (since then I c’ant stop enjoying Arsenal). Merci Arsène.Et surtout reste à Londres! (Thank so much Arsène. Don’t come back to France). Or if you do one day (le plus tard possible) please coach les Bleus…

  • Sammy The Snake

    Thank you all for your support, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the piece. We all share one love.


    Burtsagooner or anyone else- where can I watch or get a copy if the game?! I NEED it!!!