Snooping Around ManPoo, errr… ManU, Blogs

Snooping Around ManPoo, errr… ManU, Blogs

By Sammy The Snake

So we rebooted with a nice 5-0 win after our FA Cup Final crash, which is always nice. Couldn’t have asked for more, although our good friends at Le Grove have found many faults with the team’s display! They don’t like the first goal, saying “Rosicky… accidentally passed… A goal is a goal”! They don’t like Almunia as captain. They complain about the attendance… They don’t like Denilson… They’re anticipating Diaby’s next injury… They are simply anti all that is Arsenal.

For me, I like the fact that we won. I like scoring 5 goals, against anybody! I love scoring 100+ goals so far in the season. I like watching new blood on the pitch, and I like Miguel. I find it nice that Arsenal sold 60,000 tickets, got TV revenue and made money from the sale of 100,000 pints of lager (60,000 tickets sold… 45,000 attended… 40,000 were adults… average 2.5 pints per head, or thereabouts). But that’s just me… I love all of Arsenal.

Having Sunderland on my mind, I really wanted to snoop around their blogs and see… Alas, they have a single active blog called Salut! Sunderalnd and they have very little to say. They’re were complaining before the game about the ref for Saturday’s game (Anthony Danson), and are hoping he won’t be Arsenal’s 12th man (like XYZ games in the past). Yeh, right! The ref giving the Gunners a helping hand, are you havin’ a laugh?!

ManLoo have been making lots of news recently, losing 2 of their 4 games… SAF yapping more than he should about ref… Not the good kind of news… Once again, all nice!

Mirror Football has a nice article suggesting “Blip or Crisis?” which is a fair question. They’re probing about a “Chelsea-style meltdown”. Touch wood, mate!

Manchester United Mad dismisses SAF’s comments as “heat of the moment” because the game was still raw in his mind after the game. Really?! “Oh, your honor! I may have shot my wife in the head, but it was a heat of the moment kind of thing… Can’t we let this one go?” or so the logic continues! They even have a poll to prove that Atkinson got all the decisions wrong… The b!tches don’t like it when they’re at the receiving end of it!

Manchester United Blog thinks “United robbed in West London again”. Oh really? After years of pickpocketing clubs, you suddenly don’t like! Well, well, well…

And here’s a bit of pick-me-up news from Mail Online:

“… Chris Smalling has been banned from the May Fair Hotel in London after hosting a wild all-night party with a group of allegedly drunken girls – just hours after Tuesday’s defeat to Chelsea.”

Oh, Wow! Mr. Smalling meets Mr. Cole!

Republik of Mancunia are at it in a big way when saying “Will MUTV stitch Fergie Up?”, suggesting “MUTV are under no obligation to provide footage of Ferguson’s interview”. You dirty little rats!

I’d like to offer you a few comments made on the article entitled “Reaction to Chelsea Defeat” (I shall keep my comments to a minimum):

“It was obvious what would happen against Chelsea after the media witch-hunt against us…” – Dave

“Non believers say SAF has lost it – we have other ideas… They hate us we don’t care… are not going to give up under any circumstances” – MG

“The team of Chelsea and Atkinson were better on the day.” – Costas

“With Atkinson of their side, they can take Barcelona with super ease.
They even can take both Madrid clubs combined while at the same time playing against the Milan teams, and still win with the greatness of ease. Yes they are that powerful. All Hail Roman Atkinsonivich.” – TheRadLegion

“Last night a blip nothing more.” – Parryheid (Keep telling yourself that!)

“Arsenal will bottle it and frankly they do not worry me” – CedarsDevil (Wait & see, moron!)

As for arsenal pipping us fuck that after our game sunday I actually thinl arsenal have a tougher run as highlighted by costas. Bolton and stoke away will be tough. Not to mentiomn spurs dippers. Van persie fucked. Walcott out. No leaders no balls. No can see sunderland getting a point sunday.” –  King Eric (A butcher by profession, I reckon! How can somebody talk like that about any player’s injury?)

havent we seen enough of carricks irrelevnace on the pitch lately?” – reddevil2823 (Talking sense!)

Fuck me, just because we were leading, some of our players gets complacent. That is one issue we need to assess.” – Lovin’ United (Appreciate the invitation, but no, thank you!).

“ …Chelsea first eleven, when they perform over any given ninety minutes, when they are at home, is better than the best our injury-ravaged squad can roll out right now.” – Doghouse (Injury ravaged? Oh, pleasssse!)

As you can see, and I trust you can see clearly, they get one or two decisions not go their way, and they start crying to mommy! Spoiled freaking brats.

I’m really hoping/wishing/praying the KOP will go all out to avoid ManBoo reaching their 19th title, and this will propel us to the top spot. Here’s looking at you kid!

Sammy The Snake

48 Replies to “Snooping Around ManPoo, errr… ManU, Blogs”

  1. nice one sammy,
    As i understand it the ref vs Chelsea had the temerity to send off vidic and that’s the cause of the whole hoo haa. were there any clear pens denied?

  2. Slim, very much on topic I would say.
    And Dowd once again shows he is a useless ref. Should have been two red cards (Carragher and Fabio) and one yellow.

    I hope for a massive fight between the two teams and a record number of red cards. 🙂

  3. Liv winning by two goals at HT. Emotions are running high, I can see a couple of red cards in the 2nd half!
    Back to square one! Arsenal must start taking advantage of all these good positions offered.
    As it stands, and all my fingers are crossed, we win our game in hand, and we’re on same points with ManLu.

  4. @All’ Much as i promised myself to watch this match, i somehow managed to forget it- but judging from some of the comments, Dowd managed to deliver a fractious and wholly unsatisfying match- good!
    Thank you Phil, don’t call us , we will call you!

  5. Walter, I think you meant Rafael (Fabio’s twin brother).

    Also, are you surprised Dowd just stood back and let everybody push and shove instead of getting out the cards?

  6. Great result, shame that Dowd didn’t get his red card out but you can’t have everything!

    And it’s been confirmed that Puyol is out for Tuesday, while Wilshere’s declared himself fit on Twitter.

  7. Hmnn I suspect there may be a few more entertaining readables around the manure blogs about now.

    The battle continues to see which faction of referees will be victorious is winning their team the title.

    who needs goals anymore.

    You can bet ur arse that UEFA(read Platini) will be handpicking the ref for our soujourn to Spain.
    Probably the one he picked for the Ireland/France game before the WC in South Africa.

  8. Johnny, thats what happens with twins. oops.
    When all want to fight you can let them have a go but then you must afterwards give the correct cards. I think Dowd had left his red card in the dressing room.
    We were hoping for another massive fight in the second half so we didn’t get our wish… LOL.
    Good result anyway. But we have to prepare ourselves for 10 games against 15 people.

  9. So they lost 3 in their last 4 games now in the league. They are really bottling it, aren’t they?

  10. Will we get the usual ‘Barca home ref’ antics?
    The ref in the first leg was the best I’ve seen , but I think the stat was that in his last 4 champs leaugue matches, the away team had taken 3 points ( or something like that), so definitely not a homer.
    Lets just hope we get a simmilarly strong ref a the camp nou

  11. bollock chops, yes he was very good the Italian ref and he was a ref known as someone who can stand up against the home crowd. last season he was the ref when Real was put out of CL against Lyon at home.

    So in a way that reputation was maybe a bit the reason for his appointment?

  12. thanks Sammy – just a reminder – all we have to do is win all our remaining games – then noone can catch us – and we win the league

  13. And he was the ref in MU – Bayern Munich also when MU went out at OT.
    I had hoped we had him in Barcelona…

  14. And may I point at the fact that United have let in 3 more goans than “Arsenal who have no real defence”.

  15. Can’t beleive Fergie didnt buy a center back and a top level gkeeper in the window. I just can’t beleive it, Its obvious right?? They have a great chance to win 3 trophys and he keeps his hands in his pockets. Tight arse!!

  16. FYI. Sammy,
    A defense is only as good as team in front of them. You Have TO Defend As A Team goalkeeper, midfielders, strikers AND REFEREEs.

  17. I don’t know about anything else but that DogFace is part God! 😛 How can he predict this thing with so much confidence? 🙂 Afaik, Dowd was equally bad, sometimes even favoring ManU! DogFace, Any predictions for ManU’s next loss – like who will it be against and when will it be?

  18. One thing that compounds frustration for me is watching other games and seeing what goes on with tackles and petulance etc etc, then to see the bookings the likes of nasri , koscielny et al pick up in our games. Esp kos, gets booked and sent off at the drop of a hat. Free kicks conceded for barely touching someone who may or may not drop to the floor. If its reversed, arsenal called ‘divers’!

  19. Remember last season how Barcelona would drop to ground and feign injuries to try to get our players booked?

  20. @bollock chops, United did buy a keeper in January – Danish goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard. He played for them in the FA Cup.

    But seriously, how poor are United away from home? And they are definitely short at CB without Vidic and Ferdinand. Smalling isn’t good enough without one of those two beside him. Evans isn’t any good at CB, and Wes Brown is very average. And speaking of Smalling, he seemed to lead a lot with his forearm when going for high balls.

    Not sure how bad Nani is, but he has been their best player this season. They’ll miss him if he can’t play in the FA Cup against us next weekend.

  21. @ Johhny. I was being sarcastic btw. Fed up with hearing the same old shit from the likes of savage and the rest of the wrld about our inferior yet superior to the team @ top of the leagues defense. But also, in my defense I did say a ‘top level keeper’

  22. Oh dear. In the Wolves v Spurs game Alan Hutton pulled down Doyle in the box, you won’t see a clearer goal scoring opportunity. Mark Halsey points to the spot but bottles it and only gives Hutton a yellow…

    I wonder what the decision might have been for Sagna or Gary Neville?

  23. Man U are just not mentally strong they had a chance to go quite a few points clear and they bottled it. I wonder if they can cope mentally.

    they blew it big time and you do have to question whether they can cope with the pressure???

  24. when UTd are reduced to 11 men i.e without the ref on their side they are very ordinary.

    the integrity of football will be questioned if this very poor UTD side win the league. I wonder how many points less they would have if there was stronger refs at old trafford, they dont impress me one bit and it is not sour grapes. IMO the best team has always won the league I hope this is the case this time CLEARLY arsenal are the best side in the UK, we owe to football to make sure UTD dont win it, they are not worthy.


    has anyone heard fergies comments yet??

  25. By the way, anybody see what a disgrace Halsey is doing in favor of the spuds? Didn’t send off Hutton when he intentionally pulled back a Wolves player who was going to tap-in (did give the penalty though, but only a yellow), then later in the match overruled a perfectly good goal by Wolves which would have equalized to make it 3-3?

  26. Fergie silent after Reds reverse

    A bad day for Manchester United may get even worse after Sir Alex Ferguson failed to show for any of his post-match duties in the aftermath of Sunday`s 3-1 defeat at Liverpool.

    Ferguson cancelled his pre-match briefing on Friday in protest at the coverage given to his post-match quotes at Chelsea on Tuesday that have landed him with an improper conduct charge, plus the furore that surrounded Wayne Rooney’s elbowing of Wigan’s James McCarthy last weekend.

    In a pre-planned move, United also blanked the media on Sunday. Ferguson did not speak to host broadcaster Sky Sports, either before or after his side’s third Premier League defeat of the season.

    His assistant Mike Phelan did not carry out his usual post-match engagements with the BBC, arranged due to Ferguson’s long-standing feud with the organisation. Radio rights holders talkSPORT were also left without any comment from the visitors.

    Should any of these organisations complain to the Premier League, the governing body will be forced to act, escalating the problem between Ferguson and the BBC, with the fines for his non-compliance still waiting to be made public.

    For the first time, even United’s own television channel, MUTV, left a senior game without any reaction, which is an embarrassing situation in itself.

  27. @ wrenny

    that is shocking, is ferguson cracking up, the pressure is clearly getting to him

  28. i wouldn’t count Fergus out of anything yet, the credit crunch might have reduced the bonuses in the Christmas hamper sent round to PGMOL but he might threaten the slimming pants and training Bra’s budget and that will get them back in line. So it is not over till the fat man blows his whistle.

  29. In the end this is how it will finsh for ferguson. Some kind of arrogant stand off culminating in the directors firing him. Like the mcmanus and magnier incident before, he will never back down no matter what. At least he will be shown up for the horrible manipulative egomaniac that he really is.

  30. Can anybody see a discernible pattern in results this season? The weeks that Manchester United are not sure of winning, it is ensured that Arsenal don’t get the desired result. I knew the moment Chelsea defeated ManU, we were most unlikely going to get a result against Sunderland to keep us out striking distance. I’m sure ManU will still lose one or two more matches but what I am not sure of is if we’ll be allowed to take advantage of their slip up. I want to prepare Arsenal fans for worse officiating in the remaining ten matches.

  31. I always ask myself what would’ve happened if it was wenger? the answer is much more media attention, much longer ban and a bigger fine. they need to throw the book at fergie he has a long wrap sheet and his behaviour has been a disgrace for along time. he should also be banned from european games, what kind of role model is he, he should have a responsibility to the kids to do interviews.He had no problem crying to the media when rooney was going to leave

  32. Liverpool got away with it coz Jamie is English. No foreigner would have survived a red card with such a foul. Good thing other people are starting to realize our(Arsenal) players dont have soft bones but its the so called competitive challenges that do us in. Scientifically, what would you expect if a player of 70+ kgs slides in at that speed onto someone’s weight bearing shin? I bet Fergie will consult the professor on that one to forge a way forward.
    And I guess all Arsenal doubters realise that you dont have to have the Denilsons n Diabys playing at the same level as Nasri form you to win a game, or better still to retain faith in your team.
    Overall its now 3 points gap n the stage is set for the most exciting April ever!

  33. if anyone fancies a laugh try the united blogosphere, where they are circulating photoshopped pictures of nani’s injury, i think they even caught out the Sun newspaper.
    And alot of the commenter’s are calling liverpool classless (sic)

  34. What a wonderful Sunday this is! Thank you Manchester United for giving King Kenny a wonderful birthday present. Thank you SAF for making Arsene Wenger look like the total footballing Aristocrat that he is. Thank you Dirk Kuyt for showing B52 where to be when a cross comes in… And after your efforts today I promise I will not call you horrible names again (well not until you come to the Em anyway)…Thank you Liverpool for beating up those Manchurian softies…Did I leave anything out?

  35. @ Adam: The sad little man won’t show up here I can assure you. Afterall it’s entirely his fault why his team lost! Imagine hanging out with a bunch of Gooners on the eve of an important match? Serves him right (0;

  36. The game between United and Liverpool was more war than game-a truly shocking exhibition of over-aggressive English football. How many more times does Fabio get away with over-the top tackles? Whats clear is that when United aren’t winning a game they resort to dirt and the gloves come off. England do not have a single referee capable of fairly refereeing such a game-they are all terrified of Ferguson.

  37. @Mahesh – tune into my twitter for more god-like predictions… how do I do it?

    I do my homework, stay objective and keep it real.

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