Sunderland 0 Arsenal Under 21s 1

The future is an Arsenal squad which had an average age of around 20, where the only goal was scored by still under 21 Theo Walcott, and where we got glimpses of the future.

Beyond any doubt we will have at least two new big time signings next season, plus Vela and Merida, who come back from Spain straight into the first team squad, plus the return of the endless injuries, plus new fringe youngsters such as Randall, Simpson and Gibbs.

And that makes almost a complete new extra squad: at least 3 youngsters, 2 loans from Spain, 2 big signings, and at least 4 injured players.   That’s 11 and we haven’t had any big surprises yet.

What we also know is that Almunia can play at this level, and Fabianski is a good Cup player.

The question is, could the newly enhanced squad next season get an extra 5 points?  The answer is surely yes, all of which makes wonderful reading.   And if that were not enough try this.

The key to the brilliance of Henry was that he played with Pires.  Henry went for a wander on the wing and Pires played centre forward – which is how Robert scored so many goals each year.   Now watch some of this season’s games again and see how Adebayour wanders out to the wing – in fact the same left wing that Henry used.   And then start watching where Theo goes….

Yes, its the same trick – except that Ade can also score with his head.   So the back four mark Ade and get drawn out of the way and Theo turns up as centre forward.  Then they  mark Theo and find they have got a racing winger and Ade is unmarked.

You know, we might actually end up with some players being upset because there is just too much competition for each place.

I can hardly wait for the new season to start.