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August 2021

So far so good

By Walter Broeckx         

As there is not really anything happening at Arsenal I will give a short impression of the past days in regards of some  Arsenal players.

Half way through the international break and so far so good for Arsenal.

The only scare we had so far was the moment when Bendtner hurt his ankle in training for Denmark. Now I don’t know where it happened or who is responsible in Denmark for where the national team practices but if you looked at the state of the pitch is was no surprise that someone got injured.

At first people were telling that the season of Bendtner was over. But yesterday evening Bendtner just started for Denmark as if nothing had happened. So the early claims were wrong. Totally wrong. And I think people ought to be a bit more careful when they claim season ending injuries.

On the other hand with the injury record Arsenal usually have it would have been normal if we had lost him for the rest of the season.  But he played yesterday against Norway so we can presume he is all right.  But then again wasn’t it the Danish people who played Bendtner during the world cup even when he was not completely fit? But let us hope they will not repeat the same trick again.

A bit closer to home for many of you was the game between Wales and England. Let me start with Ramsey. He himself said he didn’t have a great game.  I kind agree with him.  But I do think this is partially  down to Aaron still being on the road to full recovery from his terrible injury last year.  And on the other hand I must say that the quality of some of the Welsh players was er…..rather poor.  I think apart from Bellamy and Ramsey the rest was just a bit of kick and rush and even the rushing wasn’t that good. Never mention the kicking.

So I think Ramsey was acting like a preacher in the dessert a bit.  Forcing him to try to do things on his own a bit too much and then losing the ball as no one was standing free. But it was good to see him play for 90 minutes and it will help him on the road to becoming better in the next weeks. And maybe having Wilshere next to him in the same team could help him out a bit too.

And now I mentioned his name I just want to say that I really enjoyed Jack playing yesterday. I’m not English (or Welsh) so my only hope was that both would come out fit after the game but I very much liked the way he played. His running at defenders was great, he hardly lost the ball, his tackling was strong as usual, his vision was great. For a 19 year old this was for me a brilliant display. Because let us not forget at his age most players can only dream of playing for their national team. But he played there as if he has been around some 10 years at that level.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: this boy will  be running football in England in the next decade not only for Arsenal but also for the English team.  What a delight to see such a player on the football pitch. 

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On another note I heard a bit of a commotion about Jack having spat at a taxi driver who was a Tottenham fan?  Okay if Jack would be my son I would say to him: Jack, don’t do this again (please). But as an Arsenal fan this is great news. This means that Jack is feeling Arsenal through and through. He is not only a Gunner but also a Gooner. Dare I say it? Oh yes, why not, it seems that Jack has Arsenal DNA.

Moving to the next games is a bit strange because for many teams there are now friendly games planned and this looks a bit strange for me.  That teams play qualifying games now, well it is planned that way in the calendar but friendly games? Now?? Just give the players a break will you.

So we move on in the next day’s knowing that no players have been injured. And I saw a great picture on Cesc his twitter the other day. Of Cesc and 3 other great guys. Theo, Song and Diaby. The 4 of them making themselves ready to train for Arsenal. 

How nice it would be if they all stay fit and can start again or be on the bench ready to come on in the next game next Saturday.  And so we are only one week away from the rest of the season.  And that is something to look forward to.

Come on you Gunners, just do your best that is all we can ask.

25 comments to So far so good

  • Malthe

    Actually, it was not the “Danish people” who played Bendtner while he was injured, it was the coach of our national team.

  • slim

    Nice one Walter you make even an international break seem interesting.

  • Wrenny

    Any tiny knock that an Arsenal player picks up now will be reported as ‘season-ending’ – it is the most delicious bait with which to catch a doom and gloomer.

    LOL @ preacher in the dessert 😀

  • gooner80

    I think international football needs to change for the benefit of football, it should be used like the carling cup, all players involved in the champions league for england are let home early, while England demand jack plays in the U21s, I dont remember Rooney having to do that once he hit the senior squad.

    I think this international break has done UTD some good but hopefully we will benefit from it aswell

  • Ugandan Goon

    Stuart pierce manages the under 21’s, i have great misgivings about boneheads in charge of education as a rule.
    In fact despite being a committed AKB, i have always thought if we are going to achieve the kind of football we all want, we might need to look beyond Steve bould- i also understand that any manager good enough to deliver what i am asking would not find it hard to get the main job somewhere else.

  • Shard


    I totally agree with that. Rooney came to mind for me too. I remember that it wasn’t even a question that he would be called up for the U21s. Some confused viewer,at a loss to explain that absence, even sent a query to the tv pundits on ESPN here in Asia whether it was not allowed for a player once he’s playing in the senior side..

    In the end though, I think it is up to Jack to refuse. He’s seen what happened to Walcott, and how England couldn’t get enough of him one summer, and then drop him from the World Cup squad the next..He should dare them to not pick him for the senior squad,if that is how they choose to retaliate. I think England need him more than he needs them at this moment.

  • Shard


    I agree about Ramsey and him working his way back to sharpness. Glimpses of his quality were on show though. He is very good. In sharp contrast to his Welsh teammates as you point out. They had no idea how to make themselves available for the pass.

    But I do not agree with the flippant way you treat the Wilshere spitting incident. I am not aware of the facts, and newspaper reports aren’t very reliable at the best of times, but we don’t need this sort of thing to know that Jack cares about Arsenal. This is the sort of behaviour we’d expect from a Chelsea player, or even a ManUtd player. Arsenal players should not behave that way. That said, maybe Jack should learn from Mad Jens Lehmann. Just take the man’s glasses,or something, and run away 🙂

  • Dark Prince

    So far so good?? Dont think so…jus read that Gibbs got injured…

  • gooner80


    I heard reports that Wenger dragged Jack into his office before the england game with the jist being dont pick up bad loutish habits from the likes of terry. I hope Jack keeps his head down and doesnt abuse his talent, it is a short career

    Ramsey looks about 6 weeks away from being at his best

    I was sad to see Denilson didnt even look close to being on the bench for Brazil.What has happened to this guy, you dont captain brazil all through the lower ranks and just disappear, I had a lot of faith in him and maybe he needs to go on loan to get regular games

    Gibbs is a bit of a worry because the guy is always getting injured

  • gooner80

    you mustn’t miss a hour long special on sky sports News on monday at 7.30pm

    the way Hanry talks about Arsenal what a guy, I hope he can come back in some capacity

  • Rhys Jaggar

    I think the question with Wilshere re U21s is not whether he will be punished but WHO would punish him.

    Walcott was apparently injured as a result of playing U21s. It was bullshit. He’d been out half the previous season so was clearly not burned out. It was a power game between him, The Press and his manager. I think we all know who won. he’s been treated truly shoddily by all sorts of folks since 2006 and its a testament to his great temperament that he’s come through it pretty strong.

    The dynamic with Wilshere will be slightly different. Wenger wouldn’t dare drop him as a power game next season. Wouldn’t dare. The Press realise after seeing Germany U21s 2009 and Germany seniors 2010 how valuable winning an U21 tournament can be for emerging young stars like Ozil, Khedira and Mueller. Wilshere, Rodwell, Carroll and maybe others might be similar.

    It’s only a 2 week tournament, not a 4 weeks training and 4-6 week tournament. I think Wilshere should go and win something, it’d help build up the number of characters in the Arsenal dressing room who’ve done it.

    Course, if he wins the League in May the dynamic might be different.

    But never forget, Wenger is a proud Frenchman and his loyalties in international football are certainly not with England………

  • Mandy Dodd

    Gibbs is a real worry – he really needs a decent spell injury free.
    Denilson is a strange one – seems there are a few players at the club who have in effect become second string who seem to have gone backwards. He is playing with no confidence, wont even take a shot any more – strange for one who scored the odd spectacular.
    Not an excuse but maybe the fans are getting to him?

    Just hope the second wave of internationals in the week does not prove to costly. Even the thought of RVP playing for Holland terrifies me.

  • walter

    Rhys, I think Wenger only loyalty in football is with Arsenal for the moment. I think he wont care who’s U21 wins a tournament. His only interest will be: will my players suffer from it and who looks interesting for Arsenal.

  • Shard


    Why would Wenger drop him? At the most Wenger would rest him so that he doesn’t burn himself out. But he wouldn’t dare?? He would totally dare if he felt it was the right thing to do for Arsenal. However, I don’t think he will do that or will want to.

    It’s the FA and Capello that won’t dare not pick Wilshere for the senior squad, if he pulls out of the U21s. He’s been playing like he truly belongs at both Arsenal and for England. The U21’s should be used to develop talent, not exploit it.

    Its true Ozil, Khedira etc came through the ranks of the U21s, but Germany has been playing a very young senior team since Klinsmann was manager. The players you mention have been introduced in the senior squad gradually. Not one of them, as far as I can recall, has gone back after being picked for the senior team. Besides, I think you are mixing up cause and effect a little. Those players were good and Germany won at youth level. But winning at youth level wasn’t necessarily good for them as players. They would have been good players for Germany anyway. In any case, they were managed well. Something the English set up hasn’t done much of in the recent past.

    Wenger’s loyalties are obviously not with England. They are first and foremost with Arsenal. But what is good for Wilshere, is also good for England.

  • Shard

    Yeah, I read those reports too. It is unfortunate that our young players have such brilliant specimens as senior colleagues/role models in the international team. I do think Wilshere will take Wenger’s advice on board though.

    Re Denilson. It really is sad to see. For the longest time he received criticism that wasn’t warranted at all. But sadly now it’s reached a stage where there really is no way to defend him. He simply has stopped trying. It’s not just a confidence thing, though it may have stemmed from that. But he’s not shown any fight. I think his head is gone completely. I hate to say it, but I think he’ll be gone in the summer.

  • gooner80


    I dont think Denilson is happy, he has lost his place, with Jack, Ramsey, Frimpong, possibly Lansbury next season as well ahead of him, I think he feels his time is up, Plus 70% of the fans against him.

    I turned on Tv watched some of the brazil game saw so Many youngsters, checked the bench No Deni and I thought Jeez at the emirates aswell and he was the brazilian captain that has got to hurt.

    I think if you are in that arsenal squad you have to realise how lucky you are because most of them would be held back by older players occupying their positions, Wenger has given them a wonderful opportunity, it makes me think how many games would cesc have got at barca, how many would jack have got at chelsea if he was developed there.

    I think Jack will be Ok but he has this edge to him and I wouldnt be surprised if he get quite a few red cards this season, being so young I do worry because a lot of the ashley cole saga was instigated by chelsea players. No one gets more out of a player than Wenger, Remember how volatile RVP was he was sold for cheap cos he was trouble and I feel if RVP had messed up with Wenger he would find himself looking back thinking what have I done with my football career. Wenger takes talent and makes it blossom and I feel Bolton are taking TOO MUCH credit in the development of Jack

    I just hope the players payback the Faith the professor has put in them

  • GoonerTerry

    @ Rhys: Are you suggesting that we allow the English media, the FA et al to run the Arsenal Football Club? Remember Jack Wilshire is our player. We have the most to lose if he gets injured or burnt out. Wenger will absolutely do what’s best for Jack’s and Arsenal’s interest and will/should not care about England’s U21 chances. I wish this nonsense would stop: once a player has been chosen for the senior squad he should automatically become unavailable to the U21 manager! How ridiculous is the present situation? We saw what happened to Walcott last year. I read that Rooney was never ever considered for the U21 once he started to play for the senior squad at 17. Michael Owen played only once! I think that Arsene Wenger and Arsenal must take a strong position with this case..

  • Shard

    Oh Bolton most definitely talk as if THEY discovered Wilshere, and trained him and developed him. They had him for half a season. They got a good player. A good player got experience of playing in matches at that level. They did nothing special for him.

    Ya, RVP was a troublemaker, or rather was considered one. He did always have an edge to him too, and still does sometimes. But for the most part he’s channelised it well.

    If Denilson himself thinks his time is up, and he’s either incapable or unwilling to fight against that, then it reflects poorly on him. He can always go and have a career elsewhere, and he’ll get by. I don’t think that’s how a player, especially one at a club like ours, should think though. Eboue worked hard to get the crowd back with him after that disaster. In fact, if Eboue’s happy being a squad player I think we should keep him.
    Anyway, all of that is for the off season. I want football back. Proper football. Not crappy international friendlies.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Malthe, I meant the “people” in charge of the Danish national team with “people”. Not really the Danish people as a whole. 😉

    And certainly not the Danish Gooners whom we met last season in Liège when we played there in the CL. I don’t know if any of them will remember it but they were great in their support of Arsenal and Bendtner. 😉

  • WalterBroeckx

    Wrenny, I didn’t know it would work in English as it does in Dutch…. Always nice to see someone reading and finding the somewhat hidden things.

  • walter

    Just to clarify a bit about the spitting and Wilshere.
    I just read the headlines and then again what really happened is something I don’t know.

    But as someone said that I approved Wilshere spitting at a taxi driver then I must say that I never intented this. If Jack would be my son he would have faced a very angry father. And as I have rather more than average children to raise I know how difficult it is being a father (or a child 😉 ).
    And as my 4 children are between 24 and 17 I know a bit about young adults and their behaviour. And I think my children could confirm that I would say very strong words to them if they ever would do such a thing. And I am proud of my children for the way they are behaving in their lives as really very adult and mature for their age. Is it me? I don’t know, maybe I was lucky with them. 😉

    And I am a very peaceful person who dissaproves any violence on another person, including spitting.

    So I thought I hade made it clear in the article that I didn’t like the act at all(spitting).

    But what it told me was that it could be done by a gooner (with bad manners) in daily live (and would be something to disapprove). But if it was John Smith, 19 years, Gooner who spat on a taxi driver it would mean: I love Arsenal (and show it in a bad way) above all and I dislike Tottenham. (bad behaviour but maybe a good word from father Smith would be nice)

    So for me it was the fact that Jack behaved like an ordinary fan (again with bad manners) that made me think that playing for Arsenal is more than just putting on a shirt and getting much money on the bank account. It shows (in a bad way) that he has become more than just a player. He identifies himself with the ordinary gooner (again in a bad way expressed).

    And so how dispicable his act (spitting) was, the thought behind it (being not just a Gunner but also a Gooner – with bad manners) made me happy.

    But I would like it more if Jack showed him being a Gooner in a different way. So cut the spitting but please stay a Gooner.

    Don’t know if this makes it clearer…. oh well…

  • Shard


    It was me that said that, and let me also make it clearer. I understood what you meant, even without your clarification. But that’s because I’ve been reading this blog for a long time. I know you would not, and didn’t, condone the spitting. It’s just that it can be construed that way by people who are new here, and I guess I just wanted to point that out. I didn’t do a very good job of putting that across I suppose. I just felt that the writing in that regard could have been better, so as to not make it open to a wrong impression of you, or the site.

  • Shard


    Just read the Rhys Jaggar comment about the spitting thing on the other article. I guess your post was in response to his. But that’s what I meant. It can appear you are condoning, even praising Wilshere’s behaviour. I know that’s not what you meant Walter, and the clarification should help others know that too.

  • walter

    Yes shard it was in a response to Rhys.

    But he is known by me for misreading what I mean.

    But you are right in saying that new people might think I agree that spitting at people is a normal way of life.
    But I think this should be clear by now that I really don’t like it at all.

  • Shard


    Rhys probably misreads a lot of stuff from what I can tell.He’s not new to the site either.. So no worries there 🙂