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Ref Watch : Arsenal – Liverpool

RefWatch – Arsenal v Liverpool (17/04/2011 16:00)

By DogFace

  • Referee:             Andre Marriner
  • Assistant 1:        Ron Ganfield    
  • Assistant 2:        Adam Watts
  • 4th Official:        Peter Walton

Good morning stat-fans and welcome to RefWatch – this is another ‘stats only’ episode as I am working on another post with a proper stats man (The Number Game, he eats numbers for breakfast and has stats on toast for tea) [which is going to drop like a bomb] and Mrs. DogFace has some friends over for the w/e so I have to ‘entertain’ – please forgive me.

 Let’s have a look at Referee:

  • Full name:                          Andre Marriner
  • Date of birth:                    1 January 1971 (1971-01-01) (age 40)
  • Place of birth:                   Birmingham, England.
  • EPL Referee Since:         2004/2005
  • EPL Games to date:       108

I’m Andre Marriner and you don’t know me… right?

Andre Marriner has had 8 games for Arsenal consisting of 6 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss

Arsenal are currently in 2nd in Andre Marriner’s personal Points Per Game League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the English Premier, with an average of 2.38 PPG. 

In Andre Marriner’s personal Handicap Swing League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the English Premier, Arsenal come 2nd with an average positive swing of 0.59.

Arsenal are currently in 1st in Andre Marriner’s personal Booking’s Per Match League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the English Premier, with an overall average of 0.88 BPM. 

In Andre Marriner’s personal Fouls Per Booking League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the English Premier, Arsenal come 1st with an overall average of 11.86 FPB..


Andre Marriner has had 14 games for Liverpool consisting of 6 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses

Liverpool are currently in 8th in Andre Marriner’s personal Points Per Game League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the English Premier, with an average of 1.57 PPG. 

In Andre Marriner’s personal Handicap Swing League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the English Premier, Liverpool come 13th with an average negative swing of -0.23.

Liverpool are currently in 6th in Andre Marriner’s personal Booking’s Per Match League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the English Premier, with an overall average of 1.50 BPM. 

In Andre Marriner’s personal Fouls Per Booking League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the English Premier, Liverpool come 4th with an overall average of 7.48 FPB.

So there you have it – statistically we’ve done pretty well from Andre this season (although it’s only been 1 match) and Liverpool have broken even… the predictortron says we are just under a goal better off.

I wish I could be there.

62 comments to Ref Watch : Arsenal – Liverpool

  • Gord

    For most people, this is a boring comment. But, have you heard of arXiv? It used to be at Los Alamos, it’s now at Cornell. But it is a repository of nominally physics papers, which are typically preprints. There are papers there about sports, including what you call football and what the USA (and mostly in Canada too) soccer. And quite a few people who are very good at math, have taken a stab at predicting things about football. It might be worth looking at.

  • bob

    Cheers Dogface!
    Methinks, however, the “REF” to watch here is Peter Walton. There, I’ve said enough. Then again, your take on the potential influence of the 4th official (a senior miscreant at that, remembering from earlier crime scenes this very season) would be most welcome, as well as something to watch for. In such cases, could a Marriner stay on an even keel with a first mate like that?! Sails to the wind! Go Gunners!

  • GunnerfanUSA

    Good work on crunching the numbers. Anyway to make the graphs better? They did not load up clear on my browser (Firefox) this time

  • walter

    The graphs is all my fault. Usually Tony does this but he is out this weekend and I had to do it… and well … I couldn’t get them clearder than they are.
    I’m sure I did something wrong but don’t know what…

  • WalterBroeckx

    I hope this is a bit better… not ideal but a bit better..

  • A Casual Observer

    I knew we wouldn’t win when I saw SAF in the crowd. Fixed.

  • Shard

    That was a soft penalty in my view. But Eboue should never have even given the opportunity.. That’s it.. I’m giving up on the title now.

  • walter

    A not written rule amongs refs is that when the team that has been wasting time gets a late goal against you never give them the chance to get back in the game. Now Liverpool that had been wasting time a lot in this game got rewarded for their time wasting.
    After the Arsenal penalty time was up so the ref could have blown the end of the game. Szczesny had the ball in his hands with over 98 minutes played. Time was up, he could have blown.
    Arsenal had the ball away from the penalty area, he could have blown.
    Any ref who is thinking about banning time wasting would have blown his whistle.
    For the second time this season the refs have not done this and it has cost us 4 points. (Dowd against Sunderland was the other one)

    But how stupid from Eboue to go in like that. He just should have stayed behind the Liverpool player.

  • Wrenny

    I don’t see what Eboue did wrong, he wasn’t that tight on Lucas. It was Lucas who backed into Eboue, and threw himself to the ground as soon as he felt contact between their bodies.

  • Mr Venger

    Eboue was just jockeying behind so lucas just stopped his run and purposfully bumped into him , then threw himself to the floor. How comes when its against us its never questioned as a dive by he Sky pundits. They more than quick to have an inquest when its the other way

  • rafuuru

    my opinion lies with the notion that lucas is a diving s**mbag and arsenal were collectively robbed or a perfectly well-earned win. liverpool seem to like reigning in divers (i include suares – worldcup 2010 uraguay v ghana 1/2 final – the s**mbag)

    the ref, again another one against the arsenal in decisions.

    as for eboue, i dont think he did anything particularly deviant (based on tv replays). lucas took a chance at it and eboue got unlucky. i hope fans dont go against him. he doenst deserve it this time. and he had a pretty decent game overall.

  • Shard

    Lucas stopped running..That’s what i meant by soft penalty. It wouldn’t have been given at Old Trafford either, and no one would have questioned that.. But Eboue shouldn’t have been running there. Keep your distance. You know the player is going to go down no matter what. You know refs are only too keen to punish us. This one is down to us I’m afraid. We gave the ref the chance to blow for the foul. Anyway.. There’s nothing to be done.. The evil forces have won. The gap they have artificially created will now prove too much to close.

  • Shard

    One small encouraging thing.. When Liverpool got the late free kick, Szczesny was calming others down by pointing to himself and saying, don’t worry, I’m there.. I won’t let it go in.. Anybody notice that? That boy has got IT.. I think we only need an experienced goalie as cover next season. We have our no.1…

  • A Casual Observer

    @Wrenny – you can see Lucas look over his shoulder once he realises he’s not going to get the ball, then check his run and change direction.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Eboue was stupid. And not for the first time. Yes you could say it was soft but he should not have been there.
    Silly naive mistakes have cost us dearly this year, and last year and the year before…..
    I think this trophy drought has got to some players who I fear will not be the same again in our shirt. They are good players but have gone too long without winning.
    We have to pick up from this – a loss to Spurs and we will be looking over our shoulders.

  • Shard

    @Casual Observer

    You are probably right. And that was my first feeling.. To confirm I’d probably have to look at it again. Not sure I can put myself through that.. Walter. I do not envy your task of making the ref report..

    The manner of that result really broke something in me. I just hope it didn’t in the team. But I have the feeling it did. And I’d just like to say that I am sure the team has been affected by the blatant cheating that has gone on this season to keep ManU in front, not to mention the barca farce. They have commented on it once or twice on twitter, but their real feelings must be much more…engaged.. It is worse than 2008 what has happened this season.

    Sorry.. It feels like I’m writing this season off. But that is what I feel now. It’s over. Not through our fault alone. But we won’t win the league this year.

  • Toby

    I’m sorry, but how come nobody is matter-of-factly talking about the fact that 12 minutes of stoppage time was played when only 8 came up on the board? I can understand an extra 30-60 seconds to accommodate the first goal, but an extra 4 minutes?? Come on…. If there isn’t some sort of inquiry, formal or otherwise, I’d like to know why.

  • A Casual Observer

    Toby – sorry, I just assumed that everybody noticed this… thing is though that SAF was in the stadium and therefore ‘Fergie Time’ comes into effect.

    it’s a new rule.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Think you are right Shard, the league has gone. Refs have certainly played a part but at times we have been the authors of our own misfortune.
    Wenger or someone really needs to drum things into the defence.
    We still have things to play for, not least keeping our position which will be difficult if we implode. The draws are too frequent.
    Correct, that pen would not have been given at OT, nor would that amount of ET if Utd had just taken the lead. Which means Wenger really has to redouble efforts over the summer to get us over a line.
    The fact is , some replacements for whatever reason have let us down.
    But there are young and hungry players waiting to come through, on top of summer signings and one titan of a defender who will return next season.
    This team look nervous, as nervous as the fans. We all just know we would blow that lead, didn’t we…..lets be honest. That means there is something wrong, Barca, Real Utd or even Stoke would not be doing that as much as we do – the team have slipped into a self fulfilling prophecy – and that can be hard to get out of.

  • Shard

    Everybody did notice the extra extra time… Or Fergie time.. It isn’t worth mentioning. Liverpool shot the ball from the half way line because they expected that to be the last kick of the game. It should have been.. But we should have been better..

    The thing is.. I think we’ll be allowed to win the league next year, as long as we do it their way. You know. Buy players for 10s of millions. Have an ‘English’ squad. They are the only ones who have ‘grit and determination’ after all. And not play the passing game so much.. Then they’ll let us have the rewards we would have earned due to the hard work over all these years, but they can just say.. See we told you so. That is the only way to win.

  • Tone

    We are not an exciting side! We make pretty patterns in midfield and then lose possession on the dge of the box. Can’t remember Reina making any saves, no tips ovee the bar no scrambling it round the post.

    We have become boring boring Arsenal once again.

  • jayj

    The team played well considering Liverpool came for a draw, any time Arsenal had the ball Liverpool just stuck bodies in the box, even when RVP scored the pen I could still sense the menace in the air. Eboue needs to learn how to see the game out saying that the whole team needs to learn.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Wish you were right but think City or Chelsea will be allowed to win the league next year.
    But we will win nothing if we continue to repeat the mistakes Eboue made today, and he has made many times in the past. This is all part of this nervousness this team are infected with – we saw it at Newcastle, the CC final, at home to Spurs, at home to West Brom, in Braga, against Huddersfield and Leeds. It is like a cancer in this team, and the fans and media do not help, the latter with vested interests.
    This team are scared to defend a lead, we have lost them too often. We used to thrash many teams, not now. Injuries, refs, want away players, bad luck, stupid mistakes at vital times have taken their toll. Even Blackpool caused problems last week
    We need Wenger to oversee things, but someone under him who can take us the next step

  • Mr Venger

    I would agree that there is no need for the nervousness, it seemed extreme today but the pressure this team is under is unusual. Ive never seen a group of players & fans be constantly reminded how inadequate they are and that they havnt won a trophy for x number of years every day over and over again. It makes me sick to hear the fucking same old shit. We should be the ones with nothing to lose , coming from behind but somehow we end up inhibited as if its ours to lose, and now of having to endure the same taunts all over agin nxt season.
    It works both ways , fans and players. But I think it takes something special from the team to overcome it and were struggling to deliver that atm.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Jayj – yes Eboue needs to learn to see out a game – somewhere else – harsh I know but what he did was ridiculous in the circumstances. Has he learned nothing on what refs have been doing to us this year?

  • Mr Venger

    Somneone is going to get a hammering soon, lets hope its Saggy face and his troops on wed. Shame we cant smash saggy junior at the same time , I cant stand his constant pre match jump on the bandwagon comments about arsenal.

  • Mr Venger

    Any player could have given that penalty away, even Sagna in that situation. Its too easy just to have a pop at eboue because of his history but he didnt particuarlyy make any kind of challenge , just tripped over lucas who stopped in his path in a splitsecond.
    If he went to ground or pushed him I’d be the first to critisize but I think its a little harsh this time

  • jayj

    M Dodd – I agree but most of if not all the bad results have been our own makings, communication may be the key and thats what missing not the crap the media would have you believe.

  • Shard

    Mr Venger

    I agree with your 8.05 post completely.. It is pretty much what this site has maintained. Calling them useless, apart from being factually incorrect, is no help really if you want that they go and win things. I blame the media agenda, which as you say, has been unprecedented in reminding us of how many years it has been since the last trophy. It really is.. And I blame the so called fans who can think of nothing better than to constantly hound the team. Self fulfilling prophecy.

  • Mandy Dodd

    I guess Eboue does not get too many games – but when he makes bistakes, they are whoppers and at the worst possible time.
    But we have to back this team until the end of the season – mess up at Spurs and even 4th is not a given – which is what a lot of Gooners on some blogs seem to want.
    Lets get through this season, finish as high as possible – then Arsene make the changes that are needed

  • jayj

    I really hate the liverpool fans always acting the victim has it never occured to them before Man u they were the most dispised of teams and yet they never mention the Heysel disaster but justice for 96 applenty flags raised any given cance.

  • Mandy Dodd

    above – meant mistakes – guess I cannot be too harsh on Eboue!

  • Shard

    @Mandy Dodd

    I didn’t mean we’d be helped to the title.. Just not screwed out of it. But that’s only a hope.. But I base it on the fact that if we are screwed out of a title for the third time in 5 years, it will get too apparent, and someone at Arsenal will blow their top and might let something slip. Wenger has already twice this season hinted at it. That would be counter productive for them too.

  • Mr Venger

    I still think we are so close , whether or not we have to replace cesc, we’re going to have a squad of unparraLleled experience and technique once they start to beleive in themselves that extra 5 %. Its taking longer than we would hope but one day soon this team will realise they are men and dominate the prem. I just hope we keep them together , and that Wenger still has the power to make them beleive.
    We just need to break this fucking doom complex that surrounds the club.
    Doesnt help when we keep suffering from these bazaar ‘ twists of fate’ at the summit

  • Mandy Dodd

    See what you mean Shard. Things certainly seem to be going against us, and to be honest they have pretty much since we beat Barca.
    I agree – refs and other forces seem against us but I wish we were not so prone to giving them so much help at times.
    No other top team makes the amount of stupid mistakes we seem to. The CC episode seems to have eroded confidence – the team have all seen it so many times before. It does become self fulfilling unless someone can take them out of this cycle. I am not sure all the players believe any more

  • walter

    And to think I have to go through this all once again to do my ref review..

  • Shard


    Ya. Like today. We would have won, if we’d just done what is expected. Normal. Usual. We just don’t seem to be able to do it. But I do think the crowd and fans have a big part to play in that. We’ve all become so obssesed about the 6 years, and worry too much about the end of the season and the title, that we forget there is a here and now. I think the support for the team has been lacking. The last 5 years are history. Meant to be taken note of, but not constantly being relived. This season the team has done much better on the whole.

    @Mr. Venger
    I agree with you. We are really close. I don’t care who leaves or stays. I mean I know it is important, but I do think that we will manage to get over that hurdle regardless. Wenger hasn’t lost it. Don’t worry.

  • Toby

    12 MINUTES????? FOR F’&$K’S SAKE!!

    I love this team, but I’m just fed up. Why bother going through the emotional rollercoaster when this sh!t happens? It’s now gotten to the point that when I turn on the Telly to watch the games, I’m EXPECTING the team to drop points, somehow. If we were Wigan, West Ham, or Wolves, I could understand this emotion. But with a team that’s pushing for the title, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if at the end of the season, Wengee says “fuck all this bullshit” and steps aside. It’s one thing to feel wronged by the officialdom as a fan, but as a player, whose job it is to put in a good shift and collect a paycheck, and be wronged by the officialdom, well, I’m glad That’s not me. Couldn’t have asked any more of the players (well, except maybe the two subs today).

    Gutted for the lads on the pitch.

  • Tone

    You are all deluded. We are a mediocre side with no real threat up front. No shouters, no leaders, just over paid, prima donnnas with no competion for places.

    We are not really close and it will be the same story next year.

    Lucky if we hang on to second place. A draw at the lane and at home to the Mancs would be the best this team could hope for.

    Boring Boring Arsenal. Fed up with them and all the Gooners who think that this is a football team.

  • Tone

    Oh and by the way WTF is our captain doing tweeting that a Manc is class and a legend? Can you imagine one them ever doing that? Of course not.

  • Gooner80

    I am so gutted, really that hurt.

    im not going to point fingers at anyone or any thing. Chamkh has gone missing??? Liverpool played well. what is more worrying than supposedly being knocked out of the title race is the really poor form at home, what has happened??? I believe the atmosphere is building the tension further, apart from in the champions league cant really remember arsenal being themselves at Home.

    IMO we need two strikers at the Ems, Nasri, theo, clichy, sagna just end up getting in each others way, more people are needed in the box, one striker against 2-4 defenders is silly. the tactics work really well away from home proven by our record.Man u record at home has been really good because they play two upfront except against us ofcourse

    Im pretty sure chelsea are going to take points off UTD, and they may just take their foot off the gas because they think they having breathing space being 6 points clear

    UTD fixture list
    everton (champions league game sandwiched in)
    Arsenal (champions league game sandwiched in)

    it’s mission improbable but not mission impossible

  • Tone

    And one more thing I hope you all saw AW getting told to p*ss off by Dalglish.

    There was no comeback on that one from Wenger cos he knew he was behaving like a pr*ck.

    How f*ckin embarrassing.

  • Shard

    No Gooner80..Don’t give me hope.. I can’t deal with what happened today if it were to happen again.. I’m just content with watching the games now. I want us to play well, and hopefully win every game. The title be damned.

  • Shard


    Ya I saw it.. And I wasn’t embarrassed. Wenger behaves like a gentleman too often, and gets picked on for the times when he loses his cool.In any case, you can’t say he doesn’t want to win now can you.. Fuck them all, and fuck the fans who seek to castigate Wenger for it, while they applaud the ‘spirit’ and ‘desire’ that Ferguson shows. I’m going to batten down the hatches, and say, you’re either with us, or you’re against us.. And I don’t mean you. I mean everybody..

  • walter

    If we don’t win the league and if Utd win the league it will be Liverpool who have given the last push for Utd to become the team with the most titles. A bit ironic..

  • walter

    Gooner80, when we play utd we could be level on points before the game. 😉 Well one can dream, can I…..

  • jayj

    Looking back @ this season may be the worst for along time,
    PL- Fucked up @ home WBA scoring 3 goals against us
    PL – Fucked @ home Newcastle 1 header 1 goal
    PL – Fucked up @ home against Spudz giving our lead away
    PL – Fucked up @ Newcastle 4 nil up and walk away with a point
    Carling Cup Final – fucked up big time
    CL @ camp nou – fucked not even 1 shot on the barca goal
    FA – fucked up playing Man u (man u had 7 defenders)
    PL – Fucked up @ home 98 pen & then blowing up against scouse scum

    This really is the season to be crowned bottlers!!!

  • walter

    Tone, about Cesc tweeting: maybe irony? Never heard of that?

  • jayj

    Being an arsenal fan may be hazardous to your health.

  • Mr Venger

    What I find embarrassing Tone is when fans are so eager to turn on the clubs manager and captain after drawing a couple of games. If we’re so mediocre wtf are we doing playing in all these massive games all the time in the first place?? Maybe its lucky arsenal rather than boring arsenal cause by your reckoning we should be
    mid table any way.
    Can you imagine the outcry if wenger had told k kenny to piss off , then fuck off in full view of the sky cameras??

  • norbertsteelez

    Arsenal not ruthless enough. Poor defending by whole team after van persies penalty. But, no-one has raised the issue that the referee had made an awful error. He should have blown well before the free kick. He blew for full time when the penalty went in. You can’t end game on a dead ball situation which means that the referee was implying that time was up as kuyt made contact with the ball as he took the penalty. Is it me or did the referee go against the rules of the game by not re-starting the game with a centre kick?

  • Gooner80

    As far as I am concerned all the pressure is off us now, the likes of sky and all the pundits have decided the season is over, so we have little to worry about.

    if we can get second, whether people like it or not it is progress and the stats will tell you since 1996 only two teams who finished in third went on to win the title so getting into second place gets us closer, the team that wins the title nearly always finished in second or first the previous season, so going by the stats it was a big ask this season but hey if we finsih second we get closer and closer

  • MK

    That wasn’t Eboue’s fault…

    Liverpool cheating to earn Man Utd the most PL trophies, constantly wasting time and then diving to get a draw? If they wanted a chance at fifth place then they surely needed to win?

    At least in the commentary I had they agreed the ref was conned and if Wenger was even 1/10th as angry as I was then I don’t blame him for rightfully questioning Liverpool’s character after the game.

  • WafflingWenger

    That’s the worst penalty decision I’ve seen in some time. Those people blaming Emmanuel “whipping boy” Eboué have got it all wrong.

    The ball is in the air and a few metres away. Eboue is looking up and jogging towards where the ball will land – he is never looking in the direction of Lucas. Lucas sees him, steps across him and checks his run so that Eboue clatters into the back of him. It’s a joke. An absolute joke.

  • Laundryender

    I was at the game

    How Liverpool could celebrate a goal like that was beyond me, All Eboue did was go to the ball, he did not even make a challenge, I do not know what else could have been expected of him. It was awful refereeing from about 20 yards away, looking on a diagonal with his assistant on the other side of the pitch, a reaction to the Liverpool supporters in that corner.

    Shame on you Ref, shame on you Lucas!

    It is another decision in favour of Man Utd though, without them having to kick a ball. It is 2008 all over again. 12 minutes extra time when only 8 was shown, i was not aware of that at the time. According to the laws of the game extra time is at the discretion of the Referee. As Liverpool were doing all the time wasting, a difficult one to overlook!!

    Once again I am asking myself questions about the validity of the competition.

  • jeungnovi

    I was looking at the time when Sczezcny kicked the ball for the last time. It WAS 98:05 for christ sake! It’s supposed to be the last kick of the match, yet the ref kept the game on.

    and then after their free kick hit the wall, shouldn’t that the ref blow the whistle to end the game? It WAS already 100 minutes, yet he gave more time????!!!

    Sczezcny and Eboue will suffer the biggest morale burden. It was BABEL who dived and made us out from champions league, now LUCAS.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    It was a poor penalty decision and Eboue might have been naive ,but it was not his fault.I thought that he had a good game ,which cannot be said of the rest.We should have closed off the game earlier but poor passes and crosses into the box put paid to our chances of scoring from open play.
    My impression was that we would only score from a penalty and lo and behold, it was so.For some reason I had palpitations as RPV took it and when the freekick was given my anxiety doubled.I had a feeling that the would score.
    Sczezcny took charge and as someone earlier posted ,showed his confidence by telling the wall not to panic as he will keep it out .
    In fairness Liverpool did not deserve to lose, nor we deserved to win.I just hope that the team play without anymore undue stress and do their best in the remaining games.

  • Shard


    I’m sorry, but I disagree about Eboue. He did not have a good game. He was constantly caught upfield and not defending. He was misplacing passes quite often. He lay down with some imaginary/slight injury while Suarez was attacking with real menace. And he was not alert for the last incident. The heart breaking one. I just can’t believe it still. It’s just so frustrating. He should have kept his distance. There was no need to run like he was. He panicked. Plain and simple. That’s not to say that Lucas didn’t create that contact out of nothing. But Eboue shouldn’t even have given him the chance.

  • Paul

    Anyone remember the second leg vs Celtic at the Emirates 2009? Well this is when Arsenal were branded divers for Eduardo conning the ref, there was even a UEFA investigation considering a 2 match ban. Now lets look at Lucas, fell down like a tree even though Manuel didn’t even use his arms to push him, dive? No! 100 % penalty somehow and everyone thinks so, everywhere in the media today: “Clumsy challange cost Arsenal 3 points”. Really everything is against us and everyone laughs in our faces because they are so happy for Man F****** United to get an easy drive. Lessons learned today: 1) The team lost desire to score 2) Teams always defend at the Emirates and therefore make Arsenal lose points because they lost the ability to break teams down 3) Lucas whined about the Berbatov penalty, but then doest the exact same thing 4) Video technology is better than 5 referees

  • gooner80

    I am convinced liverpool were paying us back for the 4-4 at aNFIELD THAT COST THEM THE LEAGUE, liverpool were trying just a bit too hard, they were injuring themselves trying to get something out of this game

    I had a thought if arsenal supportes everywhere put a tenner in the key games against arsenal winning:

    1) one we would be compensated for the cheating we have to endure
    2) the bookies would demand something is done screaming corruption if they were losing money through irregular betting patterns, only way to get something done is if it is costing someone other than arsenal fans
    3) it would let them know we are on to them

  • Mandy Dodd

    The trouble with Eboue – he has his qualities but he seriously lacks discipline, like one or two others. His gung ho attacking nature may appeal to the romantic, free thinking radical side of Wenger but lets face it, he is more likely to screw up than win a game in a moment of brilliance. And it is not as if he is a kid any more.
    The last few games have to me at least demonstrated one thing – someone at the club needs to get a coaching manual out. If you are going to have people like Eboue and Clichy in defence, they need to have their weaknesses drilled out of them.
    I back Wenger until the end but something has to change in the coaching set up, these players can be nervous, brittle and downright irresponsible at times – that has to change. Yes, they have had injuries, bad luck, strange circumstances…then the refs. But true winners respond to adversity, some do not. Maybe a system that gives them more confidence would pay dividends – this team just seem terrified everytime they take the lead. Nothing that a Keown / Vieira, Adams or Bould could not sort out

  • goonergerry

    The refs are against us- the pundits have written us off- anything this club has won over the past 10 years or more has had to be won despite refs, Fergusons grip on them and the scumbag Northern loving biased media.
    I am convinced this team has more in their locker than they showed against Liverpool and that goes for Eboue too. Don’t blame Eboue- he isn’t a great defender but he has other qualities. Many defenders would have conceded a penalty there- because the ref is looking to even things up. Why you may ask did we play 12 minutes extra time?
    Looking at the game again, I don’t believe our good offensive players are putting in enough effort- seriously they are too content to play within themselves. We are not going to beat an outfit like Liverpool playing in such a predictable one paced way. They have to start thinking- I have to do something different here. Think Ian wright, TH14.
    We haven’t got time to feel sorry for ourselves- we have to take the handbrake off against those rather unpleasant people the spuds. We need a result to generate some more confidence to start playing at the level we were doing earlier in the season. We need to treat the Spuds and Manure like we did Barcelona-