Agent confirms: Hleb is not buying out his contract

For weeks the journalists have been telling us that Hleb is going to buy out his contract.  Wenger said no, that wasn’t on, but the journos ran the story on and on.

Now Nikolai Shpilevski the agent for Hleb has also said that Hleb is not buying out his contract.  Some of the journalists have now run this point, but none has apologised for the weeks of misleading nonsense that they have been publishing.

What the agent is clearly up to is getting the best deal for his client – and that is his jo.  It is not a very pleasant job – a bit like being a lawyer or an estate agent – but its a job and you know what you get.   So he is now talking about Hleb wanting to move in the normal way for a fee.

That’s understandable, because Hleb’s salary is not among the highest, but last season he finally came good and put in a terrific set of displays.   Obviously, with two years left on his contract he could choose to go for a new offer from Arsenal, or move elsewhere.  If he goes, Arsenal will get a transfer fee worthy of last season’s display.  If he stays he can either let the contract run out, or go for more money and another long term deal.

There won’t be any apologies for all the misleading rubbish printed – so its rubbish as usual in the press.