The family of Mr and Mrs Cole – one time of Arsenal

OK – I know I am supposed to write about things re Arsenal FC that no one else writes about.  But in covering this story at least I do give a bit of background on the wife. 

The story of the way Cole paraded himself to Chelsea while still an Arsenal player, breaking every rule about transfers, so that he could leave the club that had turned him into the great player he was, is so well known, that it doesn’t really need a review.

The story of his “auto” biography is also oft-repeated – it is probably one of the worst pieces of “writing” in the history of the language – rivalled only by the bizarre and eccentric work of Crouch.

You would think that would be enough for anyone.  But on 25 January 08 it became clear that Cole was not going to let matters rest for that was the day that the Sun ran the story about Aimee Walton and her “wild sex romp” with Mr Cole.

The story is of the type that you read in the Sun regularly – if you read the Sun that is.  We know a lot about the “drink til you drop” culture at Chelsea and so it is no surprise to find Cole as part of that.  But the Sun suggests that Cole has been nurturing an image of being the clean boy at Chelsea.   That always seemed unlikely – and this story shows why.  

In the tale Cole drinks vodka cocktails, assaults the woman’s bottom and leaves a mark there, threw up in the girl’s car and told her she should feel privileged that it was his vomit there (him being a famous footballer and all) and claimed that his wife Cheryl who reputedly “sings” with a popular music combo “Girls Aloud” didn’t mind, had sex but had to give up because he started throwing up again. 

The young lady who is (rather foolishly one might think) a Chelsea supporter, said that Cole was “very rude in bed”.   She also said he was “pretty good despite not being very big.”   That is perhaps more detail than even the anatomically minded really need.

Then, according to the Sun, she said “He just kept saying to me, ‘Please don’t tell anyone, I’ll get in so much trouble’. Then he started apologising for what he was about to do.

The woman to whom Cole is “married” is singer Cheryl Tweedy who was recently  found guilty of assault on nightclub worker Sophie Amogbokpa, a toilet attendant at Guildford’s ‘Drink’ club. 

Judge Richard Haworth sentenced her to 120 hours of unpaid community service, as well as fines of £500 to the victim and £3000 in court fees.

“This was an unpleasant piece of drunken violence which caused Sophie Amogbokpa pain and suffering,” he said. “Her eye was painful for three or four weeks, there was bruising for three months and for a while she had blurred vision. You showed no remorse whatsoever.”  

What a charming family.