Untold Exclusive: Arsenal Crowned Champions of EPL!

Untold Exclusive: Arsenal Crowned Champions of EPL!

By Sammy The Snake

You read it here first, live and exclusive to Untold Arsenal.

Gunner’s win over ManU has sealed Arsenal’s strong hold on the EPL, and they have been declared the winners of 2010/2011 season after a gruelling campaign.

Think Sammy’s gone crazy? Think again.

It’s only in bizarre-o-world that ManLoo looks set to battle for the championship with Chelski, despite losing to Arsenal on Sunday afternoon (and what a lovely afternoon it was around the world!)

It’s only in an unfair f@cked up world that ManPoo are given the benefit of every doubt, that Vidic gets to man-handle the ball when he wants without the ref raising an eyebrow.

It’s only in a crooked universe when Chelski beat Sp@rs by 2 non-existent goals… Just so they can stay in the title hunt.

It’s only in a dark depressed EPL season when the refs somehow happen to blow their whistle against Arsenal far too often, so many at the wrong time, far too many for the wrong reasons.

It’s only in England that a sincerely talented team must win the opposition, the ref, the linemen, the forth official, the FA and the media, in order to reach the very top.

Yes my fellow Gooners, in a partly perfect world, Arsenal would have won the title hands down.

Don’t believe me? Just try this for size…

ManChoo may lift their 19th trophy soon, but this will be their weakest, darkest, ugliest and filthiest one yet. What kind of a champion merely collects 24 points from a potential 54 from their away games (5 wins, 9 draws, 4 losses)? That’s weak. What champion needs the help of the ref on every occasion to lift the trophy? That’s just ugly.

At least 10 of the points accumulated by ManVoo was a direct result of the system (i.e. ref team) giving them a helping hand, closing their eyes, or… Vidic’s handball was just a simple reminder of all the hot favors served by the refs for ManToo during this season.

And it was a reminder of all the cold injustice delivered to Arsenal throughout the season. Do I need to remind you of Sunderland, Liverpool, Newcastle? Need I say any more?

Arsenal were robbed of at least 10 points, and I’m being conservative here, by clear mistakes of the referee team. You can choose the instances when we could have, I’ll go as far as saying we should have, collected 3 points if it wasn’t for some unfortunate ref error.

How very convenient!

If Arsenal had collected just 5 of the points not afforded to them by the refs, and if ManChoo had been generously handed out just 5 points less… Arsneal would have been crowned champions…

So let them collect their freaking plastic trophy, let them shine in their pool of filth… They know this championship, if it ever comes to them, wasn’t won by merit. This is a backroom deal, and that’s all there is to it.

And to all you Gunners, hold your head up high. Be proud of the achievements of your team despite all the injustice, be it intentional or otherwise, that has been blasted towards our young players. Be proud that they see the injustice at every game, and they still give it their all in every single match.

Be proud to be a Gooner.

I only have one question for ManU fans; What’s the going rate for a championship these days?!

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  1. Arsenal are been better than United and Chelsea this season.if only the were lucky the could have won the tittle.Mind you? Arsenal fans keep the faith!things will be better soon.

  2. how is it we are the only ones that see the truth in your words?
    hope many more people open their eyes to the injustice faced by us Gooners!!

  3. well the club as finally made public the ticket price hike by 6 and a half%. wenger is already saying this team is only averaging 23yrs and we need to keep faith,arsene you have wasted revenue made available by us fans in agreeing contracts with players that s/be cleared out,and everything points to deja vu next season.why dont you level with us fans and tell us you are going to invest in quality at cb,at defmidf,a wide midf and a quality striker.or not the man u result proves nothing its a one off and when they attacked late in the game we looked shaky. i object to paying another £2oo for my ticket,we should create money by shipping out the obvious trash we have i wont name them yet again as they are obvious to fans but not aw. im a pensioner now and my income as not got up in fact the winter allowance has been reduced but its alright for aw to pay ridiculous wages for so many players. why dont the club come clean and tell us what tfrs are likely before we have to reinvest. supporters sometimes are kidded by songs good,djourou is ok then we have youngsters coming through its only becos we compare the players we have but look at cb manu have ferd and vidic,i could go on. im sorry aw and gavadis this policy aint working and the quality of football this season aint good enough like the results we get slowly to the 18yd box and dont have a clue.ive news for vp next season wont be any different as the past 6 with aw in charge.

  4. I might be a little deluded.

    In fact I could even be strung up and tossed into a mental institution for thinking such an outrageous thing.

    But I can’t help it.

    I can’t help believing that the title is not beyond Arsenal, that we can still win it.

    I know it seems there is less chance of Arsenal winning the league than spotting Osama high-fiving Obama after fooling us all but it’s possible.

    Miracles can happen.

    Over the last month I have kept my mouth firmly shut. I wanted to see how the season panned out.

    To me it seems we have thrown it away. It was ours for the taking but we haven’t taken it.

    Arsenal have put themselves into a position of what ‘might have been’.

    However, despite these sick feelings, it is still not 100% over.

    Whilst I concede I would probably be more likely to see Harry Redknapp do at least 46 winks and twitches a second before Arsenal win the league I’m still clinging to the hope that miracles do exist.

    I may well be a dope, I may well be dumb, but if Chelsea beat Man Utd this weekend, and we win too, Arsenal will be only 3 points off the top with 2 games to play.

    Had you been offered that, when all the experts were saying Arsenal would come 6th, at the beginning of the season I’m sure you would have taken it.

    Yes I know the last couple of months have felt like Mike Tyson continuously punching you in the genitals.

    Yes I know we have 99.9% thrown it away.

    Yes I know Wenger has made mistakes.

    But I do know something else too. Until it is mathematically impossible for us to not win the title then I will believe we can until my last breath.

    Or until Beth Ditto, the largest female singer of all time, sings at the top of her voice naked on a mountain.

  5. Think the obvious examples of refs having had to help utd yet hinder arsenal this season tells us all that the powers that be see our team as a real threat. We just need to wise up and stop making it so easy for these bent refs and great things are coming our way

  6. or was it Fergie?? We may well have been robbed of ten points,but we threw the title chance away,at games like West brom,spurs,and blackburn at home. No injustices there,no excuses,we were just not up to the task,hence no title

  7. Great article Sammy. Come to think of it I think ManU needs to win EPL because they need the money to pay referees. Barca and ManU both needs CL money for that too (with B they need to finds money to pay players too I guess).

    About news about tickets for nxt season thing that made me happy was those 2000 extra tickets for red members (weather they come from silvermembers or non sold season tickets I don’t care) it means better chance to get ticket for 1 match.
    Ticket prices rises 2nd time in 6 years well things get more expencieve every year (not just players wages but other staff as well etc.) and as famous line in Finnish TV add used to say after something made sound expencieve “life is”

  8. I’m starting a Facebook group along the
    lines of ‘VCC- The Gooner Army
    Against Terror And Anti-

    The united game
    showed me how
    ‘united’ we are. Regardless of
    differing opinions. Point in case- Wenger/Anti Wenger . Over the
    coming weeks and months there’s
    going to be global turmoil. There
    are Gooners all over…. I Would
    like to show my support against
    the killing of any fellow GOONER
    around the world.
    It will be a platform that will keep
    GOONERS closer because
    international political views are
    starting to cause anomosity
    amongst us. That shouldn’t be
    happening. We can’t let any media propoganda and news
    besides Arsenal and football KILL
    our international Brotherhood.
    Let me know if you are in interested.

    Dont really care
    about OBL being a Gooner or not.
    I’m sure lotsa us have GOONER
    friends, especially those on Facebook, in pakistan, middle east, and any other
    place where fights WILL start
    breaking out soon. I want us to live
    up to our slogan. Victory Through

    We’ve got one of the most
    diverse squads in the world.
    American and Russian owned.
    French manager. Euro and
    African players. And ofcourse
    Nasri and Chamakh…. Is there a
    team that shows any more
    diversity than this?

    If anyone is interested, add me on Facebook (Imran Palekar) or email me (imranpal85@yahoo.com)

    Please note- This is not a muslim vs non-muslim concept. ITS ABOUT US AS GOONERS LIVING UP TO VCC.

    Your support will be appreciated.


  9. Correct– me old fruit— and still morons (fans, pundits and media) bang on about AW and his decision making or lack of ‘realisation’ that improvements have to be made or money spent etc. AS IF we wern’t being shafted in the Prem– just as much as all teams, except ManU and Barca, are being shafted in Europe. I also appreciate what Imran is saying. Bias, cheating and prejudice are anti-sport. As Cruyff recently said- sport is one of the major parts of life and must set an example of how to live a life. Winning at all costs is a bad example (Mourinho) the crux is HOW you win, and trying to win by doing things the right way is the most important part of sport as in life (pity his dear Barca are embrioled in mischief- even if they don’t want to be). Sport can be used for bad purposes Imran- I don’t trust Unicef or the UN (Barca link), the World Bank or the IMF because of them being controlled by the New World Order (read it as new world domination). But Arsenal against that sort of exploitation and terror sounds brilliant to me. We would certainly have our plate full!! So let’s go–bent Prem reffing, bent CL reffing and bent attempts at exploitation and world domination by the Banking Elite- which is what causes most terror and fear of terror in the world. VCC. And if the spineless press and media want try to carry on as if everything in the garden is rosy- then we shall have to keep reminding them- it isn’t.

  10. Finn Gooner, ManUtd have just won the league I read online that Howard Webb has been appointed the Chelsea ManUre match.
    That in itself shows they are going to make sure it ends this weekend practicaly and let them start resting players for the Champs league final.
    Though I think thats a forgone conclusion with who is reffing it since no spanish team has ever lost a champs league match with him in charge and thats over 30 matches if you include the final.

  11. One of the worst days in sport was when Ben Johnson had his gold medal taken away.

    I wonder if this wretched rabble of spineless referees ever have their nefarious backroom deals exposed, and the harsh truth of the bullshit that is the EPL comes to light, will Man U have any titles retrospectively removed?

    I don’t suppose so.

    Its the double injustice that bothers me. Not only does the team get defrauded, which is bad enough, it is the endless sneering and mockery of the press towards our foreign manager that I find really revolting.

    It sets a dreadful precedent really.

    Here is a guy who

    1) works like a trojan
    2) Is loyal to his club
    3) Is fiscally prudent – yes this geyser doesn’t sell half our gold assets for peanuts
    4) Actually creates great teams and great sportsmen
    5) Innovates
    6) Creates a massive UK global brand and export

    And how do we treat him?

    Like a worthless buffoon.

    Sad really

  12. @Roger:

    I think that your comparison between the authors of this blog and a whining cheat like Jose Mourinho is the cheapest shot that I’ve ever read in this comments section. (For the record, I despise Jose Mourinho and have absolutely no respect for him.) As far as I’m concerned, them’s fightin’ words, so allow me to respond:

    Unlike the authors of this blog, Jose Mourinho is a dishonest, self-absorbed, cheater, who throws around claims of referee bias for the sole purpose of intimidating the official in question, and “encouraging” other officials to exercise as much referee bias as possible in favor of HIS team. Untold Arsenal, on the other hand, presents evidence of referee bias to educate the public, and hopefully to help ELIMINATE such bias. Not create more of it.

    Unlike Jose Mourinho, Untold Arsenal’s allegations of bias are based on diligent research and compilation of data for a period of years. In this manner, they’ve produced a substantial body of evidence to support their claims. Every allegation they make is based on hard evidence. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Jose Mourinho, on the other hand, bases his allegations of bias on substantially less evidence. For example, that the referee in question made him angry last weekend by making a call that went against his club. Even if the call was correct (and it usually is), Jose will use it as the basis for a global media campaign denouncing the ref’s bias and corruption, which will likely be accompanied by violence and death threats towards that official for years to come, ending in a possible forced retirement. As far as Jose is concerned, it’s irrelevant whether these allegations aren’t true or not, because his only purpose in making them is to “discourage” other officials from making calls that “offend” Mourinho in this manner. This is quite distinguishable for the evidentiary basis of Untold Arsenal’s reporting.

    Finally, Jose Mourinho’s football, his personna, and everything he represents in the modern game, are completely adverse to the beautiful and positive football that Arsenal plays every week, and is gradually re-introducing to the EPL. Arsenal is working to elevate and improve the league, whereas Jose Mourinho never did anything but drag it down.

    Ok, that about says it all. Have I made my point? Sorry about the rant, but I just REALLY hate Jose Mourinho. That comment ticked me off 🙂

  13. So true, lucky manchester f**king united, all the match changing penalties (I remember at least 5!) the refs failed to award against them this season and at least 8 red cards (the most recent one being vidic taking van de sars role as a gk) were not shown to them, this EPL season makes me sick even though I know that even though the refs, the FA, the media etc etc fancy manchesky and chelski a lot more and arsenal are considered bottlers, our team still could still have been up there if not a couple of cock ups and lack of form where the ref wasn’t particularly at fault (west brom h&a, blackburn h, newcastle h, totts h), but that’s a different story. Btw read this article and laugh about it with me: http://ballsoutinpublic.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/manchester-united-are-favoured-by-referees-right-err-no-actually-not-at-all/

    The guy clearly denies the undeniable by making excuses for man u where the facts are more or likely “excusible”, but no mention about blackpool, everton etc. No mentioning about the amount of penalties they should have conceded and I’m not even talking about the red cards they were supposed to have this season. I’m not trying to be a whining bastard, I know Arsenal are not saints in terms of dirty play unlike the innocent farcelona, but it just makes my eyes hurt to see man u getting away as if they deserved it whereas arsenal get punished for the same shit man u did in the previous game (just remember manu v everton and bolton v arsenal, btw this where arsenal cocked up honestly, but the penalty accident is just pathetic). Done!

  14. Apologise for a couple of msitakes and the language, had to let it out 🙂

  15. The fac is, that if Arsenal had been seriously challenging, I am sure we would have been “Webbed” last weekend. In that event, Vidic would have got away with punching Van Persie rather than the ball, Song would have ended up sent off for a good tackle, Clichy would have given away a Webbalty and confidence would have erroded further.

  16. The matches, which Arsenal have lost or drawn this season:

    01. A Liverpool 1 1

    A very lucky result from Arsenal point of view. A last minute Reina mistake…Both sending offs were a bit harsh, but overall it was a fair result.
    02. A Sunderland 1 1

    Song sent off too easily for my taste, Rosicky missed a penality. The added time passed, the ball was cleared, still the game went on, and Sunderland equalised. I think this allowed action, which resulted in a goal, was a direct conse consecvence of a MU match against Everton. There was a great debate, because the referee didn’t allow Evertons last attack… Arsenal shouldn’t have conceded, but still it was a bit unfair.

    03. H W.B.A. 2 3
    Manuel Almunia show. Fair result.

    04. A Chelsea 0 2
    Chelsea scored 2 superb goals. Fair.

    05. H Newcastle United 0 1
    Shambolic attacking play, a Fabianski mistake. Fair.

    06. H Tottenham Hotspur 2 3
    Painful, yet fair result, remember the handball from Fabregas.

    07. A Manchester United 0 1
    This game is hard to judge. MU was awarded, the most silly penality I’ve ever seen. Rio Ferdind’s karate kick went unpunished. All the 50-50 decisions went United’s way. But still they scored a lucky goal, we didn’t. Fair result? Maybe.

    08. A Wigan Athletic 2 2
    Two matches in two days, so the second string had to play this game to avoid injuries. Wigan got a penality for what? I do not think anybody could explain why it was awarded, becouse nothing except a dive from the striker. We still managed to get the lead. A Wigan player sent off. Squilacci owngoal.At the end a Wigan handball in the panality area…

    09. H Manchester City 0 0
    Arsenal played very well, yet could not score a goal. Unlucky, but fair result.

    10. A Newcastle United 4 4
    Nothing to say, except Barton’s tackle was worth a red card, yet no foul was called. Diaby’s sending off was the right decision maybe, but jut watch the second Barcelona game… 2 penailites against for Newcastle.. At the end Van Persie scored an onside goal, which was disallowed. Newcastle had such goal as well. And the referee forgot to send off a Newcastle player, who first pushed Diaby, than Szczesny.

    11. H Sunderland 0 0

    Well Arshavin scored an onside goal, and was fouled, when he had a one on one with keeper. No goal, no penality, no red card.

    12. A W.B.A. 2 2
    Almunia show.

    13. H Blackburn Rovers 0 0

    14. H Liverpool 1 1
    After the extra time, a penaity was called for Pool, which should have been a freekick for Arsenal.

    15. A Tottenham Hotspur 3 3
    Van Persie scored an onside goal, at 3-2… At 4-2 who knows what would have happened?

    16. A Bolton Wanderers 1 2
    Walcott was fould in the 6th minute. No penality. What would have happened then?

    17.H Manchester United 1 0

    Ok, we won this one, but we are the losers of this round. why?
    First Chelsea won against T’ham,with an offide goal, and with a goal, where the ball didn’t pass the line. Vidic should have been sent off, 2 match ban. Now we have 0,1 % chanche to win the league. If Chelsea hadn’t won that game, and Vidic would have been sent off, it would around 5%.

    Of course this team has many weak points, and mistakes, but with a bit of luck, we could have won.Sorry for the grammar or other mistakes, English is not my native language.

  17. Laci, good evidence!

    As I can see it Arsenal should have got 12 points more from the 6 games they drew in a dodgy referring manner, that would have taken the team 6 points above manchester with 79 pts as the table currently stands. That’s 6 dodgy draws, silly decisions against Arsenal especially concerning offsides and penalties, as if it meant to be that Arsenal lose points! Disgrace

  18. Look mate

    The only thing Arsenal needed to do this year to win the title was beat Spurs at home, beat West Brom at home, beat Newcastle at home, beat Wigan away, beat Newcastle away and beat Bolton away and they’d have been a mile clear.

    None of those games was we robbed. We was unprofessional shite, that’s what we was.

    Against Newcastle and West Brom, the players would have been fined a week’s wages under Brian Clough. For bringing shame to Arsenal FC through such a pathetic performance.

    Against the Spuds, couldn’t even defend a 2-0 half time lead. Nothing to do with the ref: crap defending.

    Don’t give me the crap about Diaby at Newcastle. 4-0, you shut up shop and you don’t react. Not if you’re gonna be champions. Yeah, I’m bitter about that one as I had £100 on Arsenal to win and I could have greened out at HT for 99.9% profit. Taught me something, that did……

    Wigan away: can’t hold on to 2-1 against 10 men. Unprofessional.

    Bolton away: you saw it, I saw it, enough possession to win. Didn’t turn possession into goals and showed crap defending at set pieces. As usual.

    You’re right, Arsenal should have been crowned champions this year.

    But it’s their own silly fault if they’re not.

    And until you and all other Arsenal fans man up and accept this as fact, the hangdog losers’ attitude will transmit itself to the players and they fall down like dominoes again next year.

    And maybe you’d like to ask Wenger why he played Diaby against Utd, Barcelona and Stoke when he was shite in all three. Some seriously bizarre selection policies didn’t help the cause this season……..

    Now if the Arsenal players focus solely on their own ineptitudes and resolve to eliminate them, through hard, hard work on the training pitch next season, they can do it. Man City or no Man City. Chelsea or no Chelsea.

    But they won’t do it if they constantly look for excuses……

  19. FAO Paul,

    Hi there, I’m one of the writers for that site that you posted about up there. I’m not the writer of that particular article however, you’ll be glad to know 😛
    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I always prefer getting both sides to every argument on my site. Feel free to comment on the article itself, anybody, expressing your points of view. No registration or anything is needed to comment.
    Anyway thanks for reading, all the best, lads.

  20. @ Rhys:
    So what you’re saying is we should have had a perfect season?
    That’s just stupid, to say the least. What more can you do if you score an onside goal and it’s disallowed?
    What more can you do if you defend correctly, and a dive is rewarded with a penalty?
    How difficult do you think it is to score, let alone play, when your opposition is given free reign to foul you, in or out of the penalty box?
    Put yourself in the shoes of the players, before you spout such garbage. On a level playing field, the players did enough to have won the league. They now know they have to do a LOT more than enough, while teams like manure can do less than enough, and win. Sure, we’ve thrown away many points, but why do you choose to ignore the suspiciously high number of game-changing calls and non-calls that have cost us enough points to have won the league?

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