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RefWatch – Stoke City v Arsenal (08/05/2011 14:05)

RefWatch – Stoke City v Arsenal (08/05/2011 14:05)

By DogFace

  • Referee:              Mark Halsey
  • Assistant 1:         Ceri Richards
  • Assistant 2:         Glenn Turner
  • 4th Official:        Michael Oliver

Good morning stat-fans and welcome to RefWatch.

Let’s have a look at Referee:

  • Full name:                          Mark R Halsey
  • Date of birth:                     8 July 1961 (1961-07-08) (age 49)
  • Place of birth:                   Welwyn Garden City, England
  • EPL Referee Since:          2000/2001
  • EPL Games to date:         224

Now THIS is how you interfere with play Foy!

This could well be Mark’s last game for Arsenal; it could even be the last game he has before he retires – so let’s hope he has a good one!  Although – saying that this game is being played at 21:05 Singapore time and 22:05 Manila time so anything could happen… although saying that this match is really the sideshow to the big crunch spectacular match between Manchester United and Chelsea (with Howard Webb) in which a draw would probably suit the Mancs and a bit of hollow controversy  in Chelsea’s favour for MOTD to point out and rub in the eye of any tin foil hat wearing bias ‘conspiracy theorists’ would suit Webb quite nicely too.

In other news, in this EPL weekend – Liverpool has got Lee Mason on Monday and Tottenham have Mike Dean on Tuesday – The Predictortron emitted a synthesised snigger at those appointments!

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But I digress – on to the stats:

Mark Halsey has had 3 games for Stoke City consisting of 2 wins, 0 draws and 1 loss

Stoke City are currently in 6th in Mark Halsey’s personal Points Per Game League (for teams with a minimum of 2 matches played), for matches in the English Premier, with an average of 2.00 PPG.

In Mark Halsey’s personal Handicap Swing League (for teams with a minimum of 2 matches played), for matches in the English Premier, Stoke City come 4th with an average positive swing of 0.67.

Stoke City are currently in 12th in Mark Halsey’s personal Booking’s Per Match League (for teams with a minimum of 2 matches played), for matches in the English Premier, with an overall average of 1.00 BPM.

In Mark Halsey’s personal Fouls Per Booking League (for teams with a minimum of 2 matches played), for matches in the English Premier, Stoke City come 4th with an overall average of 14.33 FPB.

So Mark has been pretty decent for Stoke and he has, in consecutive seasons, let them get away with huge differential between the fouls per bookings of them and their opponents… or this could mean that he awards a lot of fouls against them – although the PPG and AHS figures suggest that Stoke do ok with his Style of officiating.

Mark Halsey has had 19 games for Arsenal consisting of 12 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses

Arsenal are currently in 4th in Mark Halsey’s personal Points Per Game League (for teams with a minimum of 2 matches played), for matches in the English Premier, with an average of 2.16 PPG.

In Mark Halsey’s personal Handicap Swing League (for teams with a minimum of 2 matches played), for matches in the English Premier, Arsenal come 1st with an average positive swing of 1.21.

Arsenal are currently in 17th in Mark Halsey’s personal Booking’s Per Match League (for teams with a minimum of 2 matches played), for matches in the English Premier, with an overall average of 1.16 BPM.

In Mark Halsey’s personal Fouls Per Booking League (for teams with a minimum of 2 matches played), for matches in the English Premier, Arsenal come 20th with an overall average of 9.82 FPB.

On the whole, Mark hasn’t been bad for us either – over the last 4 seasons we’ve won 4 and drawn 1 – and some of those wins have smashed the handicap.  It’s interesting to note the parity between the FPB figures, in recent seasons, between Arsenal and their opponents and I will be intrigued to see how this plays out with Stoke given his rather generous FPB record for them.

As you can see, Arsenal have really blown the roof off the handicap under Halsey in recent seasons – but we have not had many games.  I do worry about Mark’s fitness and his ability to keep up with the play – he may choose to rely on the 4th official [Michael Oliver] more than he should… and we have a piss poor record under him.  Stoke do pretty well, as you can see – better than the rest of the big 6 baring Manchester United who he hasn’t refereed a match for in the 2 seasons since his illness.

I think this is a solid 3 pointer and The Predictortron reckons we have a 2.2 goal advantage.

Come on you Reds (but not so much you red devils).

80 comments to RefWatch – Stoke City v Arsenal (08/05/2011 14:05)

  • steven

    Doesn’t matter who plays eh the idiots will always be the idiots

  • steven

    Fucking cun if french manager. Piss off

  • Ugandan Goon

    well the ref didn’t dissapoint today neither did steven above so nobbled again

  • Dark Prince

    Sometimes i just dont kno for what do we pay our players with such big contracts for…the poorest collective performance i’ve seen this season…the ref even gave few decisions in our favour n yet we just didn’t want to perform.

  • steven

    And check this out the dunce bentner been offered a contract

  • solomon lemos

    Spot on prediction, Nostradamus 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  • Uj31

    Tony & Walter, as much as we all appreciate that you support the manager all the way. It wont be the end of the world if you also highlight the mistakes he has made over the last decade. Criticism is not a bad thing. And after the performance today from the players who earn big fat cheques week in and week out but dont perform i think we all have the right to voice our opinion and criticize them on their performance. Im not asking to spend and i dont mind losing but todays gutless display with no desire to win deserves a kick in the backsides. We can all go on about the financial aspects of the club but thats not all this club is about. If the players cant play like they are suppose to then they dont deserve to wear the arsenal shirt.

  • walter

    Well this was a very dissapointing game from Arsenal.
    Those who say “sell Cesc” should think twice is what I have learnt today.

  • walter

    apart from 2 players this was the same team that beat United one week ago. So don’t know which mistake he made today (or in the laste decade) which made us lose today.

    How such things can happen? This is football and some things cannot be explained. I had the feeling some Arsenal players played waiting for something bad to happen. So I think this was a bit of a mental issue with some players. But this is just by watching the game and I am not able to look inside the head of the players. Just an impression I had.

  • Dark Prince

    Walter- have to disagree with you. It was not a matter of gettin scared, it seem to be the same old problem of having question marks once reachin the final third. Thats why the likes of Cesc and Nasri r so important. Cant believe how many times we were giving away side passes once we reached the opposition’s penalty area. Plus the passes where so slow and predictable. Also again our set piece defending was exposed. Everyone was performing poorly today.

    Even our second half performance was not upto the mark. Again the side passes started to build up time n time again. Have to admit that stoke’s discipline in defence was superb, but we were just too slow to exploit the chances we got. We let them come and park their bus before we even thought of making a pass. Cant believe we do it again n again n again n again…have to admit, our players hav literally no passion today. They need to recieve the biggest stick from the media and the fans and most importantly from Wenger himself.

  • Uj31

    Walter, you still wont criticize the manager?

  • gooner80

    Arsenal stooped down to stoke’s level today, disappointing to say the least but an over reaction is not required.

    the defence needs work, man u look like they have it sown up so a win today wouldnt have changed it but it would be nice to see players playing at a higher gear then what I see today, we could have given ourselves a real chance of stealing second back

    consistency is needed, I feel the attack in previous seasons has deflected some of the attention away from the defence by outscoring opponents, but whether it is the league that has changed or us, we need to improve Refs aside there has been some stale performances in this season

    disappointed frustrated but it is not as bad as what some people say, there has been some good performances but some dreadful ones, we werent good enough, bring on august

  • I think the problem is that Stock in a good form last time.
    Mar 19 Stoke City 4-0 Newcastle United
    Apr 2 Stoke City 1-1 Chelsea
    Apr 17 Bolton Wanderers 0-5 Stoke City
    Apr 26 Stoke City 3-0 Wolverhampton
    I can’t remember when they did play as good as this period.

  • steven

    Funny how its everyones elses fault but not the manager

  • Mr Venger

    Djouro fell apart the last few games , and today he carried on the same vein. Looks so shakey and was at fault for all 3 goals today.
    Had a great season up until the last month or so, so lets hope he comes back stronger in his 2nd full season with the experience to not be so nervous on the run in. Thats all it is with our players

  • nevets

    @ steven
    Funny how its the managers fault but not everyones

  • Maybe in their heads they were already on their holidays… or maybe we have some “creative under-performances” to deal with. This is hardy going to boost early season ticket sales.

    Steven – fuck off there’s a good chap.

  • Wrenny

    I’ve noticed Djourou has been poor of late, he looked very tired at Bolton (although he wasn’t the only one, and fatigue was understandable given the two big games the team already played that week) and was weak for both corners that we conceded that day. Today he was again sloppy, wasn’t strong enough against Jones (who scored by just walking into the ball with his chest), and his rushed clearance straight to a Stoke player in the penalty box caused the third goal. To me he seems seriously fatigued, does anyone else think so? Koscielny looks much fresher and sharper by comparison.

  • Wrenny

    You beat me to it 😉 I’m sure he will come back stronger next season.

    Funny how it’s always the manager’s fault and nobody else’s. Is it easier to scapegoat than to analyse the realities of competitive sport? Dogface has given you some wise advice – I suggest you take it.

  • gooner80

    @Wrenny not only should he take it he should grab it with both hands lol.

    JD was in need of some redbull

  • Mandy Dodd

    A couple players aside that was a pathetic display. As has been pointed out, just shows how dependant we are on the likes of Cesc and Nasri playing well. FFS get Nasri signed up and quickly. I also feel a fit Diaby could have helped out today but he seems a lost cause these days.
    We cannot keep playing like this at season end, year after year.
    There will be a big inquest in the summer, everyone will have their theories on making things better. The AAA and media will crucify this team. The fact is, we are lucky Spurs have been even worse than us recently or we could be looking at finishing out of the top 4. We cannot take a top 4 place for granted next season unless we seriously improve the defence.
    I do not want Wenger out, I do not even think we need huge amounts of new signings. But a big mouthy experienced winner of an assistant manager who knows about defending could help. Surely, if Pat Rice retires, Steve Bould has to be the man?
    Today shows something really has to be done about our defending, or lack of it. Stewart Robson, usually a measured educated voice was worried a win against Utd last week would give Wenger an excuse not to change things. If he is right, Wenger does not have the luxury of such an excuse now.
    We have some good defenders, lets just organise them better. As a bonus, it could give our forwards a bit of practice on set pieces as well.

  • gooner80

    Bartley has to be in contention next season.

    surely we can get a good defensive coach in and get them well trained.

    @Mandy you are right a shake up is needed, I feel players, back room staff have all become a little too comfortable, I feel sorry for the fans that traveled to that dump up north because quite a few players were on their holidays

  • Mandy Dodd

    Look forward to seeing Bartley. You are right about some players on their hols, but they have no room for complacency as 3rd place is far from guaranteed. Some of these players need a rocket up their arses. Not sure Wenger and Rice are the right combination to deliver what some clearly need. I keep reading Wenger is trying to persuade Rice to stay, do not want to put too much blame on such an Arsenal legend but maybe it is time.
    Yet again injuries take their toll. I read somewhere that the club are going to plough money into improving their medical facilities. Lets bring in a few staff from the AC Milan lab to help out!

  • walter

    And after watching Utd-Chelsea buying is not the solution. Chelsea spent 70M in January and one on the field couldn’t prevent two goals and the other one is sitting on the bench in the first half. If not even 70M cannot buy you the title (extra to the already big amount spend previous to that) what can buy you the title? ….

  • Mr Venger

    I actually think that overall the defense has done well this season, if you consider that the center back are new and we’ve had multiple goalkeeper injuries, and scezny’s 1st season.
    It takes yrs for a defense to gel so it could have been a lot worse this season.
    Man City defend well, but at the expense of goals scored .
    If there was a choice between defending deep , conceding less or scoring more but letting a few in Arsene always goes for the latter, which is in fact what has kept us in the top 4 and above teams like man city and spurs for years on end.
    I don’t go along with the defensive coach theory, its just experience thats required and besides who the fuck out of us knows how good arsenals defensive coaches are or who even takes care of that side on the training ground?
    Maybe Bould could do the job, maybe he couldn’t, he’s only youth coach and maybe not ready to coach the first team yet.
    Keown, dixon etc prefer to speak into a micro phone than do it on the training pitch , and if they were so great why aren’t they working as defensive coaches somewhere else?
    Pat Rice knows as much as any one in the game about defense and has the experience

  • gooner80

    there is so many factors at hand though, not convinced by the formation, the defence doesnt get protection.

    I would be interested to see Sagna and clichy cross completion because on the eye it looks poor often their cross results in a counter attack with everyone out of position

    as you mentioned Mandy displays like this will make Arsene take notice. some people might not agree with me but my understanding of Wenger is that he gives everything, some of his players obviously don’t,his players have let him down time and time again, often they do enough to keep faith with them IMO only second place would be enough or some changes are needed not major surgery, In all honesty a lot of it is frustration talking and im sure we would have been talking about a different arsenal if they didnt let in that last minute goal in the carling cup, but at the top there is fine lines, and for this is what it is a fine line the only problem is that they are on the wrong side of the line

  • Dark Prince

    Again its the same old excuses. Stoke were in good form?? Wow, is that really supposed to be a valid reason so that we should roll over n die on the pitch?? Just bcoz they were in form, doesn’t mean we should bring out such pathetic performances. Have to say though, lookin at Wenger today, he really doesn’t kno how to inspire the players. He just sits there, curses himself, complains to Pat Rice, throws a few bottles around. Is that supposed to inspire the players in any way??

    Though i’m a staunch Wenger fan, i have to admit that he needs to change. He needs to stop his youth policy and come back to his old ways. He needs to resort back to his 4-4-2 formation with which he won all his trophies. Most importantly, he needs to shake up the defence. Going a season unbeaten shows that Wenger knows a lot about defence but the players he has now are not self motivating.

    To sum it all, Wenger needs to start lookin beyond Arsenal’s academy to bring in some required experienced players.

    Its sad to see that some fans will just look at more youngsters for success. But we’re making the same mistakes over again. Djourou was good but eventually he too lost his way. Wilshere too has started to underperform since last few games. Gibbs is goin downwards. Denilson also gone backwards. Diaby is never fit. Walcott is still wasted on the wings. Bendtner too is wasted on the wings. Arshavin also going backwards, but he’s already gettin old. So is Squillaci and Rosicky. Szczesny still has lot of learn. Ramsey is inconsistent.

    As you can see there are lots of issues in our squad. And these issues wont be solved by bringin in more inconsistent youngsters.Do we again go with this same squad next year and think we will win something. I dont think so…

  • Mandy Dodd

    On the subject of the defence coach, I know you have heard this one before but look at the effect Martin Keowns brief spell had on the team – ie a CL final.
    A top team cannot get away with defending like this. These problems have heppened time and time again. I know that placing more emphasis on defence may blunt out attacking instincts (which RVP aside are not great in themselves at the moment) but there must be a happy medium somewhere.
    It seemed for a while we had learned to deal with negative physical teams but we now seem back to square 1.
    Think you are right about Wenger giving everything, and some plaers letting him down.
    Wenger can be ruthless – he may need this side of his character this summer

  • RedGooner

    I think it was as dissapointing display as I have seen in a long time. We seem to suffer against certain teams stoke been one of those….We have no idea what so ever when it comes to breaking them down we just play the ball sideways all day scratching our heads looking for a way through.
    That doesnt excuse or change whats going on defensively from corners. We wont win anything until theres a serious rethink on how we play the Birminghams and Stokes of this world they well and truly have our number its starting to look easy how they deal with us and the writting was on the wall early on.

    I think we need to change our system maybe go back to 442 against some teams we need more than just one way of playing its a collective issue involving management and players.
    The teams that play football we can deal with but the few who dont we have no answer to them.

    Sad to watch and hard to take at the end of the day…….

  • steven

    Wenger is the biggest cuntslop of all time and I bet u he won’t change the defence or the backroom staff. This bastard has to be cur off before he ruins the nx season

  • gooner80

    I was very worried when I saw wenger tearing at something on the bench, he was picking at it in sheer frustration.

    People like steven might not agree with me but I put little blame at wenger not because I have rose tinted glasses but because he has the credentials his CV doesn’t lie, no manager who has done what he has done becomes useless, THE PLAYERS THEMSELVES HAVE SAID AS MUCH, THEY SAID IT IS DOWN TO THEM. when they go over that white line, their performance is what matters, in certain games there is only two- players up for it and I say this because I have seen all of them play at their maximum.

    Today Stoke embarrassed us,

    oh as a matter of interest who would you bring in for Wenger Steven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steven

    Gooner80. It is up to the manager to motivate these players? How many seasons have these tossers wasted now? Yet the club have the audacity to increase prices for inept performances like this? Who is being taken for a ride here? There is only person to blame here and that’s the manager for continiously playing losers for 6 years and I fear nothing will change with this recluse in charge.

  • Shard

    That was a shameful performance from the team. No pride. No desire. Very very bad indeed. But I still don’t get why people could seriously believe we are SO bad. We have certain issues, but those can be sorted out. In fact it is better to try and sort out those issues rather than simply throwing everything out the window and starting from scratch. The set pieces need to be better (which Wenger accepted and criticised the team for in the presser post match) I also think we need some pace on the flanks and we need to mix up our passing a bit more. Go long and cross field sometimes, even if the pass accuracy goes down. We allow the defense to set itself before we do anything.

    It’s actually been a very poor season from some players who can do much better. I guess you could say that they have let the manager down. But now it is up to the manager to decide who is worth keeping and who isn’t. Who he feels can and will deliver next season, and who’s just not pulling his weight. I suspect there will be a mini clearout, and there will be some changes.

    Wenger is a fantastic manager, and has done tremondously well guiding our club through a transition. That transition is still active when you look at the club as a whole, but I think now is the time for it to end on the field. Actually, I believe our squad was good enough this year, but referees, and some players not performing, along with some of our team’s weaknesses have meant that we did not win. We’re not far, and we don’t need a complete overhaul.

  • Shard


    Which players have been playing for 6 years in our team??

  • BobbyP


    While I don’t want Wenger to leave, it’s somewhat of a strawman to weigh up/dismiss the credentials of any possible successor, given that Arsene himself was a relative unknown managing in a low-level league when he was hired. If proven excellence in a top European league is a pre-requisite for a successor, then none of Wenger, Mourinho or Ferguson would have been hired (in England).

    Hopefully it won’t come to that, and Arsene can add the finishing touches in the summer – feels like we have the nucleus of a potentially great team, but just need some more depth and experience.

  • Shard

    Also steven.. You can criticise Wenger for all you are worth. But to abuse Arsenal’s most succesful manager just shows that you don’t care about the club really. If the prices seem so bad then don’t go to the stadium. Nobody’s forcing you. On the one hand you want players playing for more than money, yet you say you pay them to win trophies. So who’s the mercenary here? the players, or the fans?

  • steven

    The players. Who earn well ober your average supporter and they don’t give a shit in their performance. Abysmal

  • Shard

    The fans. Who demand better only on the basis that the players earn more than they do. Unreal

  • Stevie E

    Steven, I’d be interested to know what you thought of the team after last weeks game… Were we totally shit then? You need to grow up matey, football teams lose games, it happens. Sometimes they perform fantastically, sometimes not. Did you want Wenger out after we beat barca? How about after we battered s***s in the carling cup, was our youth policy rubbish then? Without spending ££££s or buying off refs, this shit team has been consistently in the top 4 for all those “wasted” years. Today we were poor, just like every other team in the world can be poor. Calling the manager naughty words just proves you cant think for yourself and just rant about what the press tells you to… Very sad.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Still trying to come to terms with that performance. Wenger said a couple years ago he will have failed if this team do not win something within 2 years. I guess time up on that front.
    He has been badly let down by some. Sol Cambbell questioned the work ethic of some players during his most recent stay, a lcak of work ethic is unforgivable, although I am not sure this is the only problem.
    Wenger will make changes in the summer, possibly even against his better judgement – he will have to as Liverpool and Spurs will go all out to buy their way into the Top 4. What I would most like to see is Wenger enjoying games again, not seen much of that lately, he seems one stressed dude.
    But as miserable as things seem this evening, and as annoying that performance was, I still think we would have won the league and CC if we had Vermaelen all season. On such things fate rests…..

  • Mandy Dodd

    And dont forget, things could be worse, we could, in some strange parallel universe… be Spurs fans…….

  • jayj

    Not just this season but the 5 before it, everyone body and his dog can see this backline is poor, Doujoru just not strong enough Gibbs going backwards Laurent Koscielny isn’t bad then the Vermalen situation hasn’t helped. Doujoru is a worry too many time has has been found wanting and he doesn’t come across as a great reader of the game. Wenger needs to address this asap because every season its the same and we always have major injury come the new season.

  • jayj

    Rosicky is he out come the summer???? doesn’t get much game time but looks burnt out.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Anyone have any reliable info on the Nasri contract situation? I am getting nervous about it, especially after performances like that. The press are linking us with a German kid as a replacement – but who believes them?
    Nasri signing a deal would go some way to cheering me up

  • Cape Gooner

    Today Chelsea were thrashed by ManU. They should have been down to 10 men and ManU were denied a clear penalty.

    Last week we easily dominated and beat ManU. It is clear that you cannot draw conclusions from single results.

    It is clear that money isn’t the answer – Abramovich has invested nearly a billion quid and his team were thrashed today. If you follow a youth policy, you must give the youth a chance and not buy players who will interfere with their progress.

    Steven, if you will fire Wenger, who will you find to compete with the money put in by Chelsea, and the two Manchester clubs. Silent Stan? I don’t think so. Who?

  • jayj

    Nasri is holding out for £110,000 agreement thats the news.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Thanks Jayj. pay him what he wants I say!

  • jayj

    Nasri will stay but in the long run Wenger may end up spending more, if we had signed one proven PL defender then may be the younger players could have more time to flourish as opposed to be thrown into the fire but then again there no substitute for experience.

  • gooner80

    @Mandy Dodd

    Wenger is not enjoying games.

    Arsene has based our current formation based on dutch/ Barca Guardiola/ cruyff system, but I dont think it will be allowed to work in england

    the thing that frustrates me about arsenal is we almost always have to play well to win, our system requires that and when players dont turn up the system looks bad, where as Wengers old system pre 2006 could rely on power and soak up pressure and counter attack

    I have a feeling all the team enjoys the big games but dont want to turn up to dumps like stoke. Arsenal need a system that can win without having to play at full throttle and where you need to start from is the back.

    what was also a concern we barely registered a shot on goal, if you truly want to make Chamkh and B52 look really crap the way to do it is not cross the ball or get full backs that cross the ball always hitting the first man, Theo has worked on his crossing and you can see it is paying off, but some are not working on their game and these are things that are so easy to get right

    ********FOR THE STEVEN’S OF THIS WORLD********************
    real madrid would snap up Wenger in a heart beat so be careful what you wish for, Mournho delivered a cup but they would rather their team play attractive football then hold out for a 0-0 against Barca, I would put money on it that wenger could go to madrid and get them winning with quality players, he would be appreciated in spain, his players would be protected and im sure Madrid are treated quite favorably by refs

    if wenger goes im pretty sure we will have a minimum of 4 seasons in the real dark ages, today we got a special mention from fergie for how close we was so even that red nosed Bastard knows how close we are

  • jayj

    Wenger wont go to madrid, he needs time and madrid do not offer that. Wenger is safe here even with the white van fans (sun readers) spouting crap!

  • Tone

    Cesc is gone, you won’t see him in an Arsenal shirt again and can you blame him having to play with dickheads like Bentner and Diaby.

    Steven is right the manager has ballsed it right up. Four years of Almunia do me a favour! Can you see any of the other of the top teams putting up with that!?

    At xmas every one was pleading with him to buy at least a centre back but no, too faaaakin stubborn to admit we have weaknesses.

    Arshavin can’t be bothered he can faaaak orf as can Diaby Denilson, Almunia, Bentner, Rosicky and a few others, the lazy complacent, over rated, bunch of fannies.

    Fork out £50 to watch this lot, no thanks.

  • gooner80

    @cape Gooner

    I dont think money is the answer either

    the 80/20 rule states that 80% of the effects come from 205 of the causes, so I believe it is a few small causes that need to be nailed down, one player could make all the difference though, I remember the impact Veira had, the same with campbell when he arrived the first time

  • jayj


    Not sticking up for the arsenal boys but me thinks Chelsea fnas must be thinking the same.

    Your right about Cesc his gone.

  • gooner80


    Arsene didnt need much time when he first come to us, the players at madrid are very experienced, I believe he would do well, Im sorry Wenger has done us a favour because he knows the board were cheap skates so the arsenal squad was constructed on the relatively cheap, and the board say no we offer him money, but I believe it is like giving someone a £20 note and still holding on to it, I feel the board have let him take alot of the flak

  • steven

    Cesc is a cunt who will b sold 20mill

  • jayj


    A transition is where we are at, yes the squad is cheap compared to Chavz/man u/man shitty/spurs/liverpool however Arsenal aren’t short of cash we wont do a liverpool or spurs chasing that dragon and we dont need to offer studpid monies for players like spurs/liverpool. The board may have held Wenger back nothings confirmed of that but one thing is Arsene wont throw the towel in, we that fans can see our short comings so this summer wenger will address them.

  • steven

    Who the fuck says madrid want wenger? And even if they did how long would he last there? one season if that. This dunce has past his time and needs to be thrown out.

  • jayj

    @ steven

  • jayj

    Arsene had Ronaldo/yaya toure @ arsenal it wasn’t about money Ronaldo was about to sign but man u made Lisbon a feeder club and Yaya couldn’t play right away therefore wasn’t willing to spend time on loan. Cesc may go this summer but I really dont think we will miss him that much it would better if he stays and thats possibility with Barca’z lack of spending power due to debt.

  • gooner80

    most reasonable people can see if we win just one thing that the flood gates would open.

    people are spending 100s of millions to catch us, the main problem with young players is consuistency and that is the performances have been erratic.

    Im not wishing Cesc out the door but I feel he will go, I have no basis for this but I think he has thrown his toys out of the pram and Wenger wont keep a unhappy player, I hope im wrong, may be you could base all our failings on cesc not being fully at the races this season, Im glad to see many british players coming through for the simple fact that they wont want to go to other countries and if your at Arsenal there is very few places to go

  • gooner80

    @ Steven Madrid have been after Wenger for years. You really need to look long term, if you cant see that youre on the wrong BLOG there is plenty who will share you one liners at le grove

  • jayj

    there was a time us arsenal fans feared the worst if Henry left it really hasn’t been that bad. We are still challengers in the league and CL but our squad has an average age of 23, Wengers fault was over hauling the invincible team too soon look @ players/experience we lost now look at man u Fergie kept giggs/scholes/rat boy and payed major monies for the rest. 30 mil for Berb nad he 28 turning 29 @ the time.

  • Stevie E

    I don’t think cesc will go, barca can’t afford him. They may want him but if they don’t pay what he’s worth it’ll just be a repeat of last summer. @steven I think you’re on the wrong web site mate, I asked u a couple of questions earlier but they must’ve been a bit tricky cos all you’ve done so far is slag off the team you profess to support… Try an original thought, you may be able to do it if you try really hard

  • gulp

    It will be fun when the moaners get Wenger kicked and we suddenly drop out of the top 4. Will they scream to get wenger back then?

  • gooner80

    @Stevie E

    I think you are asking too much of Steven

  • jayj

    We need a support act for RVP, one experienced CB our young keeper is good. Arsenal are not a million miles from success. Should Arsene address this then we’re rollin!

  • jayj

    People remember Charlton Ath. Curbishly out boyz got their wish and now sit in league 1. I’ve been guilty of letting my emotions get the better of me in the past but really do you think we would go to stoke and win today? I knew it was gonna be bad nad players had no more fight for this season so called it a day.

  • Stevie E

    For the next 10 years we will have the most formidable mid field trio in euro football. Song jack & aaron are exactly what Wenger has been planing all along. Its only the press making 6 seasons the end of the world, real fans with common sense and vision of the future aren’t panicking. Ok, i want to win trophy’s as much as anyone but know its not as easy as the press make it out to be. Most people who read this blog can see the bigger picture. @gooner80 i think Stevens mum has put him to bed now, its all gone a bit quiet 🙂

  • jayj

    @Steve E

    I feel the same but one player Arsene should of kept a little longer was Gilberto, Henry/Viera/Cole were sold at the right time.

  • gooner80

    his biggest mistake was the break up of the invincibles, I remember arsene saying he was going to manage youth in africa because it was his dream and I feel if he didnt do his youth policy here he would have gone and done it else where it was something in his system he needed to get out.

    Anyone who remembers how formidable that invincible team was will know wenger is building a team to dominate season after season, he has made mistakes, but our time will come, a trophy would just everyone the hell up so please AW lets get one under our belt

  • Davi

    Why is it that so often when we lose it’s players who took little or no part in the game are blamed!? Diaby, denilson, rosicky, bendtner? I don’t think it is their fault today. Diaby has been good all season, and bendtner has been better as well, but sadly a lot of fans made up their minds a while ago.
    People don’t want to hear it but squillaci has looked good in has last few games, and he should be starting at the moment. It’s true that Djourou has lost his form recently, and squillaci has been much improved. It’s pretty clear what should be happening.
    It’s a shame about gibbs as well. He was really good in the previous two seasons, but he’s looked off the pace this season. I’m sure he will come back, but he hasn’t been a good backup for clichy this season.

  • Stevie E

    @jayj its funny cos at the end of gilbertos last season I thought the time was right for him to go but seeing him play for Brazil a couple of seasons later made me realize he still had a lot to offer. @gooner80 I agree with jayj bout the invincibles, I think they went just as they were starting to dip, remember pires taking the ball off Viera in CL? The team will dominate, i just worry that Wenger will get pissed off with all the aaa hate campaign that he’ll walk… That would be a nightmare, he’s regarded as one of the greatest coaches in the world but some tossers won’t be happy till he’s gone. To be replaced by who??? Guess they’re waiting for the motd “pundits” to tell them who it should be

  • jayj

    Fuk the motd pundits these pricks go on about liverpool and their long gone glory dayz, they love shit football teams who chop and break legs but anyone notice the reluctance to give Arsene any credit but should it be a Harry Redknapp team they drool over with great football they witnessed. Arsene sould bring in a number 2 and me’z hoping for Stoijchov.

  • gooner80

    @stevie E
    it was the sheer number of players that left in quick succession with little transition. the season after the invincible run they finished with something like 86 points usually enough to win the title in any season, there was no stability, I believe if Aw would have had a mixture of youth and experience we would have won any number of the times we have close, we still would have lost some but that little bit of experience would have made all the difference, I hate the cliches about arsenal but a bit of experience and 6 years wouldn’t be mentioned , man u have had a aging squad but they managed it pretty well

    Any way enough about the invincibles the only reason I mentioned them because I do think Aw got the mixture wrong and I see a lot of quality there and if they did have someone like gilberto, campbell ( a few more seasons the first time he left), Pires Lehman even if they became squad members they have the know how, there is a big difference between thinking you can do something and knowing you can do it, our players can only think, they have few medals between them

  • steven

    Will this french bafoon ever realise what needs sorting? Six seasons and counting lads

  • jayj

    @ Steven

    I realise your concerns but ease off the bollocks bro.
    This season we’ve found our keeper so thats one thing less to worry about. Now we all could be wrong and Arsene may already know his backline and this may very well be it throw in Vermalen and I think Arsenal have a great spine but then again any injuries and we may be fuk’d thats why praying for one CB this summer.

  • Stevie E

    @gooner80, i don’t disagree about the need for experienced players, they certainly aren’t hurting man u. That said we dont know the reasons why the players left (with the exception of Cole) maybe Thierry wanted to play a barca before he was too far gone. And yes Steven, it is 6 seasons, every time arsenal are in the press they mention 6 seasons… The reason i and others come onto this blog is to have an intelligent conversation about the team we love. I personally get fed up reading the same vitriolic shite that is called journalism these days so enjoy reading posts by people who not only care about the club, but have a deep knowledge and respect for it. If you can’t say anything even slightly thought provoking, go to bed and leave it to the grown UPS can talk.

  • steven

    Mate that’s just it he doesn’t know. He has yes men surrounding him and we don’t have a defensive coach we have been crying out for. Do you honestly see a player change happening wait he will only replace on that leaves not stregthen. God willing I’m wrong

  • C4

    Goodness, steven needs to head off to one the AAA sites, he’s out of place here.
    Do you really think we’re going to win EVERY game? There will be off days like this afternoon, even in the coming seasons when we’re collecting trophies.
    Despite today’s performance, I think we’re just about there. The team is now mostly lacking experience, but I see them picking that up as well as we go along. A bit of tweaking in the defensive organization, and more games for the B team, and we’ll be well on our way to good things. I think we should START Bendtner, Chamakh and when he’s available, Diaby against the rugby clubs. Height aerial presence and physicality count for a lot against the rugby teams. I don’t know why they only come on when we’re in trouble, it should be obvious from the word go. We don’t need Theo and Andrey against the Stokes, Blackburns, and Birminghams of this league. 4-4-2 with some of our taller, stronger guys on the pitch would get the job done, I think. They can match the physicality of the rugby sides better, and they are more technically gifted when that’s needed as well.

  • Sharad

    Wenger is not the issue now. It is the people around him. For me it is the greatest football manager in Europe, he just needs th direction. Wenger needs a number 2 who will say what is going wrong and why. With that in mind, we need Kroenke to say “there is the money, spend it and win the league”. We can do it, there is no doubt in my mind. Get some focus and some leadership and we will beat the best. Come on you lot, lets get behind the team. I know there are some players who need to get moved on, so let the board do the talking.