Re arranged Arsenal Squad Announced!!!

Re arranged Arsenal Squad Announced!!!

By Countdown Brian

Ahh Jaeeeysus

I am tired of all the rumour and intrigue and gossip and scandal surrounding my glorious club and fresh from imagining what it would be like to take some well earned rest nestling in Sara Beeny’s glorious décolletage I have decided to rearrange the squad myself.

What qualifications do you have I hear you shout?

A Pool Frog 2 twenty five meter Breast Stroke certificate earned in 1986 I reply with not a little pride.  This by my reckoning makes me better qualified than most of the oily pundits out there. At least I didn’t leave a slick after me when I swam.

So here goes, here is the squad I have rearranged. See if you can guess who they are, answers at the bottom.

1 Renege Answer

2 Erratic Pick

3 As Adz I Rig Van

4 A Dividend!

5 Scarf Ace Begs

6 Raises Vain Realism

7 Cagily Lech

8 The Total Cow

9 Danger Sex Loan

10 Ban Overripe Sin!

11Recent Blank Sin

12Darn Heavy Rain

13Hey, Just A Lone Mamma

14Inlays Burn Her

15 Move Them Arsenal!

16Cows Enjoy Catechisms zzz

17Aha! Mama Cure Honk

18 I Jerk His Claw

19 A Nicely Token Slur

20Gays Can A Bra

21Say Ream, Ronan


23Nil Jerks Canon

This may take you mind off the mayhem for a moment or two and I am sure the more imaginative of you can come up with an alternative or two. Some are strangely appropriate.


Fewer than 10 and you are just not trying

Over 10 great.

Over 15 Magnificent.

Over 20 and you are a true Arsenoholic.

And here are the answers

1 Arsene Wenger

2Patrick Rice

3Ivan Gazardis

4David Dein

5Cesc Fabregas

6 Samir Nazri Leaves (sorry)

7Gael Clichy

8Theo Walcott

9Alexander Song

10Robin Van Persie

11Nicklas Bentner

12Andre Arshavin

13Jay Emmanuel Thomas

14Henri Lansbury

15Thomas Vermaelen

16Wojciech Tomaz Szczesny

17Marouane Chamakh

18Jack Wilshire

19Laurent Koscielny

20Bacary Sagna

21Aaron Ramsay

22 Gervino

23Carl Jenkinson

Til the next time…

Brian x

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6 Replies to “Re arranged Arsenal Squad Announced!!!”

  1. I dug it, here are a couple more

    Yo Ma, I Cry Hi
    Baby Audio
    Rising Kebab
    Folding Stone
    Our John, A Judo
    Ask Alias Biz Funk
    Rat Nerd Aroma

  2. @how2spellarsnal
    1. Ryo Miyachi
    2.Abou Diaby
    3.Kieran Gibbs
    4. (sorry didn’t get it)
    5. Johan Djourou
    6. Lukasz Fabianski
    7.Armand Traore
    8. Carlos Vela

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