Humble words of apology

So what do I know?  Absolutely nothing obviously, given my last post.   Letting in four was not what I had in mind – at least not for the Arabs.

Do we take anything from this?  There were chances and chances, especially near the end, and quite a few misses for us.  But we did have a Rosicky appearance and a Rosicky goal, and…

I think I am going to have to think quite a bit – although last year when this happened we did go on our unbeaten run.   I also think back to that dreadful time when we lost terribly to Manchester IOU and then came back.   The Lord Wenger tends not to take this sort of thing easily and usually gets this right thereafter.

There’s no hiding from a result like this, we just have to pick things up and start going again: the game this week in Europe is the ideal place to start.

Sorry; I really thought we would sail through.

(c) Tony Attwood 2009

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  1. I listened on 5-live so really want to see the stamp on van Persie and how the team lined up.

    It looks like we had a good few chances but what the hell was the thinking behind the substitutions? I assume we played diaby, RvP and Bendtner as the front three. At 77 minutes we take off our only holding midfielder and then city score 2 quick goals. I’m usually one to stick up for Wenger but that just didn’t make sense.

  2. With all due respect, you forgot to mention about that piece of shit and cunt person.

    I hail all my well wish to the gunners at the match, what an act of class not to stomp onto the field and bear him til he bleeds and cry…..the article was right, they can’t buy class..

    Sorry for my aggressive words, I can take the lost but I can’t take what that bitch did to US..

    I declare myself number1 hater of that little pile of crab of a person…

    PS: the way we gave up 3rd and 4th goals showed why Wenger didn’t like taking risks..poor Rosicky too, love to have him back..

  3. Tough. I watched it on PPV. I feel we lost it on the mind. We lacked spirit. I think we lost to Adebayor.

  4. aDE WAS on aperosnal mission to put us to the sword – cant believe we
    crumbled like that though0-

    seems like the same old story again-whhich i dnt think will change until the management changes

  5. Seriously… ffs!
    That stamp on rVp was disgusting! I am fuming right now so im not gonna let loose on here. But diceman, I am right with u on the whole hating of that scumbayor!

    We can only pick up and start again :-\ and hope ManIOU crush them next week.

  6. diaby and bendtner in the starting line up and eduardo on bench???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. it’s amazing how we have 2 back to back games where we were denied the penalty. watching manure vs totts right now. amazing how evra can get away with that headbutt.

  8. Its as simple as dat, if u like whimp,scream,cry or even die,yes i mean it die!!!, yes this is arsenal, for you we aint gonna win noving,live’s giv and take,buy the right players and with right attitude and the league is yours. But not to worry this is the cross we patrotic fans plans to carry.Dont give up we might end up 4th.

  9. I watched the match well once again i wonder if we have a strong/big enough team to stay in the top 4 let alone winning anything. When sh*ty scored to make it 2-1 i felt it was already game over. How adebayor got past our defenders like that was a joke. He had the nerve to do that celebration which is funny that he ran that far and that quick something he never did when playing at the emirates funny how money has changed him.. adebayor adebayooor give him a give him a bigger cheque and he’ll score more

  10. Please get real. We were well beaten by a far stronger side. This defeat was preventable-what do we expect if we sell our best players to our rivals? Sadly this defeat is the shape of things to come.
    If we had any fantasies about being able to be competitive without major new investment in the team that is now surely dispelled. Start with the goalkeeper.
    I do not like the thug Hughes or Manchester City as a club but we have only ourselves to blame.

  11. Oh Boy! i think the daggers will be drawn once again. The result is really sad but there is still a lot of time to go. I really hope that eight months on we do not have to look back at these results and wonder…

  12. sorry city you can celebrate the fact arsenal let you have the game but you can not claim you won fair as any one can buy a win you are not a team you should have done a lot more if you are worth every single penny. you were poor as a team the poorest i have ever seen in all my years.
    rich man poor team.
    i hate that football has come to this to buy a team that should win without putting any hard graft into the team. no you do not deserve the result. arsenal were all over you but due to the money sack in the goal we could not score. you were very very poor as a team and will always be as you are bought not brought up to be the best like arsenal youngsters were. if the money was not there neither would you be. you would have been demoted this season and you know it is true. so there is no football ever again in manchester no respect no courage, just expencive robots.

  13. time to have a 30 game unbeaten run i’m really dissapointed by the result and performance but with theo nasri and arshavin back i still stick to the point that our team are class and quality enouugh to win the title and it is funny that adebayor scores when he should have been sent off twice also wenger ‘s subs lost us the game how on earth can a team play with no midfielders and win really hope the title isn’t far now man utd will lose today so us liverpool and man’utd are still level on points hope chelsea slip another lucky escape for them but well done rosicky he’s back and mark my words we will be back

  14. absolute cunt!
    he made me so angry stamping on persies face i was watching it, completely delibarate i just wanted to two foot him into row z!

  15. Back to the statements ‘arsenal wìl struggle to make d top 4’ i am very disappointed. I was jux comin back 4rm an exam with high hopes.luks lyk i av to hide myself 4 lyk two weeks after this.

  16. man arabs were far better side than us n there’s no denying it….manu’s are used to grind results, chelshits are stronger as ever,n neck to neck liverpool have far more better spirits than there are always aston i think we will never have full squad…and yes adebayor is a bag full of shit..he should be banned for at least 5 matches if they banned eduardo for two..cheer up gooners…coz we r sticking to our principles to play beautiful game n once the debt is payed off we will b challenging for title…but whether wenger holds the players back at arsenal nxt season or not that will be his real acid test…n don’t ever think there’s another manager who can drive us forward other than wenger…

  17. Im really angry at wenger. We deserved to lose because the cunt sold two good players to our rival and still decided not to buy any new players. What was he thinking. Its humiliating.

  18. oh yes no need to apologise we all never thought this wud happen n plus we are all blinded by the love n passion for arsenal..

  19. I think coming out of this the issue is whether you think positively or negatively. I am of course very disappointed and upset – not to be would mean not being a true supporter.

    But… then I turn and say, ok, where are the positives?

    Rosicky is obviously one. Theo’s return, possibly in the Euro game is another. Arshavin after the Wigan game hopefully.

    At the moment Eduardo clearly can’t play two games a week, and anyway is banned from wednesday’s game, so he’ll be rested and stronger come the league match next Saturday. Vela is supposedly only a few weeks away. After that Nasri…

    And the fact is that the biggest worry of all is when a team does not defend well and when a team does not put together chances. Have both of those problems and it really gets tough – but we had chance after chance, and as I said in the previous piece, we were prior to today’s game at the top of the list of conversions.

    It hurts desperately but as supporters we have the task of picking ourselves up to give the team a lift next week, and in my case (although I know I am a bit odd in this way) by shouting at the TV on Wednesday.


  20. anup,gooner sems, robby and mihir saudagar you all need a mental check up or you are being payed by the board to cheer up the fans i mean how could take any positives out of such a convincing defeat.

  21. reality check
    you forgot to add tony in your list. hes talking about the injured players coming back and having a full team to choose from.. in your dreams tony i think you are payed by the board its disgracefull that you cant agree with what is so obviously right and unable to point out the weakness in the team.. shame on you stop blogging

  22. The question is, What is our objective this season ? What are the priorities of the coaching staff and the board of Arsenal FC for this season ? What would they consider unacceptable ? And where do the fans, the emotional investors, fit in this?


  24. very un4giving results against d Arabs,let alone Adebayor.but wait a minute,who said ADE….mumu isn’t good? u must be d first 2 mek it 2 hell fire cos d African dancer is just too his work rate and contribution.i bet u,no body in Arsenal outside Fabregas and Van Persie laboured d way dis Fans-chased negro did. Arsene has got 2 know dat he needed 2 buy 2 complement exhaustion.same so call in-depth most especially after an international week full of tiredness and love lost still. Boys wake up cos its daybreak already 4 Standard Liege.

  25. After all my hate statements, I honestly don’t think we deserved this lost.

    I’m not blind, I can see where our weaknesses are…but if more than 40 percent of possesion is being played at the city’s defense, it tells me that the biggest problem for us is not being clinical enough.

    The fact is that we lost two of the toughest games we’d play this long as the players keep performing (I believe against celtic away was the worst performance) and believe, Im sure we ll be alright.

    I’ve changed my hate list by the way it’s now: 1.cuntness 25 2.(tied) Rooney & cashley

  26. What a pathetic showing, same old crap we have all the game and lose again.

    Why pick Diaby after the crap he dished up at UTD. Why pick Almunia after all the ricketts he makes ?

    Why didnt we sign some decent players in the summer,?

    Why do we keep playing players out of position ?

    Why cant we hold our own anymore ?

    Answers please Frenchie !

  27. It is difficult to remain positive and optomistic!!!!
    Reality check we were beaten by a stronger and more powerful team today.
    A positive thing would be if everyone started to realise this at Arsene Football Club. Our players are lightweight and this will tell even more in november and december months. Cant wait for Gallas or vermaelen to get injured I’m so looking forward to seeing Senderos in an Arsenal shirt again..NOT!!!
    Rosicky is not a positive until he plays week in week out!!!!
    Had we not had such a good start in the first couple of games then Wenger may have actually bought someone. Its too late now. His stubborness will cost us big time this season. Time for change… We still need to buy a centre half, striker and defensive midfielder. Phil Thompson summed it up well ..Bendtner and 1 or 2 others just aren’t good enough for Arsenal to challenge for the title.. I too fear 4th spot and am sick of following a manager who plays for 4th spot every season.

  28. Ben.
    Good but not strong. How true! And for 5 years! Is the Lord Wenger too close to the action to notice this.

  29. It’s just sad to see fellow gunners so obsessed with van persie. we got our a**es handed to us and we are going on about a stump. Yea, let’s replay 67 times and figure if there was any intent. ONce we figure that out, Diaby will finally learn to be mentally dialed in for 90 minutes and Almunia will stop being a clown and Clichy will stop being a clutz and Wenger will realize that we need to buy experience and this team in its present form is not going anywhere. so please break out the vhs…

  30. Gerald, Wenger is the Only Problem , we are Facing Till Date. We have Good Players that Plays Good Football but Not Ugly, if we must win any season, then we will have to play Ugly, but believe me we dont have that player.
    Wenger sold two of our key players and he is playing their Sub as Starters.

    I think Wenger is a Confused Man, or Maybe there`s something the Board are not telling us. i dont know why they sell player and dont get their Replacement.

  31. Oh here we go the sack Wenger brigade are out in force again. After the first two games of the season we were world beaters now we are no hopers. He shouldn’t have sold Adebayor? Do me a favour the guy wanted out cos he’s a bread head. Good riddance.

    And who would you like as new manager exactly? You? Please! The league is a marathon not a sprint so lets see after 10 games where we are for a more realistic picture.

    I know it hurts to lose especially to a bunch of mercenaries but would you rather be a Chelsea or a Man City, I know I wouldn’t.

    I would rather be a Gooner in the Vauxhall Conference than have the misfortune to support any other team.

    Keep the faith there is still a long way to go.

  32. Wenger needs to stop putting both Song and Denilson in the game. Neither of them is a shut down CDM and both of em together just stifle our offensive flow. We put in an unfit Rosicky for Denilson and look how our attack changed. We could of had 4 goals in 4 minutes at the end there. If we gotta win games 6-3 so be it, for an offensive coach, Wenger sure is obsessed with putting out defenders on the pitch.

  33. Oh here cones the Keep the faith brigade! To them its a cardinal sin to criticize look! A 5-yr old gooner will tell you exactly which areas the team is lacking. So why are we not reinforcing those areas. All will be right if the club came out and told us we were financially ill. Then we could understand. You can be feeding us snake oil about the state of our finances and then putting this pub team out. It’s pathetic. Diaby, EBoue will not start in ANY other big four team. Look up a game we played in 2002 and you will get a sense of how far we have fallen. Its not that these guys lose, it is how they lose. They are just not committed. That’s why the fans booed adebayor and eboue becos these guys are the most non-challant group of ppl you ever seen (along with many more players). That’s what you get when you make it routine to hand 18 yr olds starting places without them having to displace anyone. Nothing against youngstars. just dont flood the team with them. Geez

  34. Ben,

    After this game anti-Wenger used all the same excuse—selling 2 stars to city.

    I’m not saying you to be anything, I agree with you that we still lack proper players in a few positions.

    But losing to them and having that CUNT did what he did to us, you guys are still saying we shouldn’t sell those two is so so so confusing to me.

    You want that bitch in our squad? Even after what he did (I should say after he confirmed what kind of being he is)? In losing Toure we gained Verminator which I think 99% of us will say a good deal. And losing that, again sorry for my bad language towards this ‘person’, cunt left us better off….I would kick ‘him’ out anytime to rid the cuntiness out of the at-least-100% giver squad.

    Just like Tony said, we as supporters of this club have a right to bitch and moan and curse at our demise but we, as fans, have to pick ourselves up and fight again.

    I wish Keown would still be here playing for us though, he’d beat the crap out of those bitches anyday just like he’s shown time and time again…..

  35. Mr Tone, no body wants him out(Wenger)Its Really Frustrating to Continiously Watch your Team For Five Years Without Trophy.

    While Other Clubs Were busy buying, We were watching. Guy i want to be Proud of My team again.
    Am a Gooner for life,I cant Support any other Club For ever ,only My Arsenal, i just want the Best for em. I dont even Brag again. season in season out we plan to fail . and its not Good. have u seen the spurs team.Bring out the cash and buy good and strong players. WHAT ARE WE DOING??????????????

  36. We did not take our chances in front of goal. Simple. I don’t think Diaby can play as a wing forward if RVP is the striker up front as neither of the two deals with scoring as much as getting involved in the game.

  37. i feel demoralized. but really, who wasn’t scared of the prospect of facing an on-fire and motivated Adebayor away from home? Especially in the wake of that demoralizing loss to that other evil team from Manchester. Adebayor has got all the talent in the world, but he has the maturity level of a 5-yr-old.

    Adebayor wanted out, and sure, you could argue that Arsene shouldn’t have sold him to Man City, but would you have wanted something long and drawn-out like at Everton with Lescott?

    And you could also argue that Arsene should have spent money on improving the squad, but how do you know that “better” players could have been bought?

    It’s all speculation after the fact, fueled mostly by anti-Arsenal papers looking for cheap and quick storylines.

    The transfer window is closed until January, so the only thing we can do is stay positive and trust Arsene.

    Adebayor is a complete sh$t of a human being, and he deserves a long and lengthy ban for his actions today. But, on the other hand, aren’t his extreme actions also proof that he truly felt wronged (in his pea-brained, deluded, egotistical head of his) by Arsenal and its fans?

    We don’t want our players possibly turning into new Adebayors. Though i don’t think they will, I know that all this negative criticism certainly affects their performance. They are human beings after all.

    So let’s get behind them!! Go Arsenal! Have faith in Wenger; he’s the best manager in the world.

  38. To say that I’m disappointed at some of the comments on the site this evening is an understatement. Yes we lost. Yes we are all upset. Perhaps The Lord Wenger got his tactics a little wrong but let’s be very clear about this: even in this day with a little luck – i.e. Adebayor clearing off the line, RvP hitting the woodwork and Given making a smart save – all when we were 2-4 behind, and we could easily have been celebrating an exciting draw or more. So far this season we have had no luck and that must change.

    Good to see The Little Mozart back though!

  39. Ben,

    What did Spurs win??? Liverpool??? Milan??? When does buying guarantee any title? Not to say that it’d help though…..

    And BE PROUD of YOUR TEAM…….

    As a fan, you can ONLY BE PROUD of a team in this situation……why?

    We’re DOING BETTER THAN the other 17 teams in the league without big spending, better than all teams financially (but we often don’t care about money right?)…..

    And another reason is that Wenger did us ALL A FAVOR buy selling that bitch…..Damn I really really really hate him more, a very hard thing to do……

    I’m not accusing anyone of anything….

    But I’m not a trophies addict…..I love Arsenal at the first place ’cause we’re the best club, maybe not by trophies stats but by BEING A CLUB WHO WINS IN ITS OWN WAY, LOSE GRACIOUSLY, DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY, and NOT TOLERATING CUNTS IN ANY FORM (Wenger kept this tradition by selling many of them away)…..

    We can only win and lose TOGETHER!

    C’mon people, accept the lost on the day, get up again and go forward….it’s only getting better from now on (can’t get worse than today)…..

  40. diceman1984 : Thats it. keep praising Wenger for bulding and selling without Wining Trophies.Season in season out.
    C’mon lets Face it, we are a selling Club.

    The Board chooses to make Money than Winning Trophy.
    I dont blame Wenger. i remember during the Transfer window that he priced Benzema and Ribery WHY ? Because he was promised a 100 mils for Transfers. so i just beleive that the Problem is the Board and not Wenger.

  41. We lack swagger and we will never have it while a few of the starters are still in “developmental” stage. The second Rosicky and his mentality entered for Denilson the entire game changed. We used to have a team of talented and fearless players. We now have a team mostly of talented fearless players, but also including some players trying to “feel out” the game. There is too many of them and they are scattered too far all over the pitch for there to be any continuity. Almunia and Diaby may have to go. They have had more then enough time to impress and havent. Denilson and Bendtner need to be second choice for now… Im worried we are squandering the immense talent of this squad for a few up and coming players…

  42. I am not saying Wenger is perfect, his decision not to start Arshavin against Chelsea in last years FA cup final was baffling and to my mind a mistake. However I imagine most of us have no idea what it takes to be a manager at the highest level and I don’t think you can advertise the job in Football Weekly and get loads of better candidates.

    Since David Dein left, Arsenal have not won a trophy. This is ironic since Wenger and Dein were close and it was Dein’s desire to get some big foreign money on board that forced him out.

    Now Gazidis is Chief Exec, Wenger hopefully will again have someone who he can work with and still run a good ship from an economic point of view.

    That is unless you would rather have a gangster like Usmanov (who is actually a Man U supporter) owning the club.

  43. Robin van Persie has issued the following statement following an incident with Emmanuel Adebayor at Saturday’s game:

    “I am sad and disappointed by my former team-mate Emmanuel Adebayor’s mindless and malicious stamp on me during today’s match.

    “We are both professional footballers and I know that the game is physical, I too have made hard and sometimes mis-timed challenges but never with the intention of hurting an opponent. He set out to hurt me today.

    “I knew he was aiming for a collision because he changed the angle of his body to allow contact to be made. He moved backwards when his natural momentum would have taken him forward. I find that deeply disrespectful. He has shown a real lack of class today, to me and the fans.

    “I do feel lucky that I have not suffered a greater injury. The contact was only centimetres from my eye. I have not received an apology from him, there were no words exchanged afterwards. He had his own agenda today and that is bad for football. It’s bad for the game we all love.

    “I want to make it clear that this has nothing to do with the result of today’s match. We do not hide from that disappointment but I need to speak out about his behaviour.”

  44. The thing is that v were the better team today and we lost. The same was the case against ManUnited. I don’t know what Almunia is doing, he conceded a penalty against manu and 2day scored an own goal. The refereeing was poor he didn’t see adebayor stamping Rvp and barry’s handball. One thing is for sure Arsenal will never win any title unless they make any signing in the january window coz when one of our players come backs from injury the other gets injured.

  45. Oh,just play dirty football against arsenal then get your points.Arsenal should learn how to play dirty game when needed and wenger should train his squad physically.Arsenal lose the two manchester derbys because they were not physically fit.Arsenal should expect physical match against the likes of chelsea,tottenham and many of this middle tabled clubs this season.Wenger should buy not only making profit for him self and the so called Arsenal board.Imagine bendtner,diaby and denilson in our first team Wenger should not only depend on his injuried plays and Arsenal academy.But let me ask are we course with injuries God forbid.For Adebayor’s behaviour today is he the only play to have score against he’s former team fuck him.Wenger shouldn’t be blame but blame the Arsenal board as of recent.

  46. Ben,

    This is not a thing between me and you….we both want this club to win….

    You said yourself that Wenger isn’t a problem…..

    I just think Wenger only sold players who a)wanted out b)he didn’t think he needs c)a cunt who he can make a big profit from, and some left on their own wish ie.Flamini, Pires to a certain extent…

    We all want Wenger to buy buy and buy, you have to believe we do….

    But we know he won’t…..and the difference between me and maybe some people is that I have giving up hope on Wenger buying many players because I never see he does anyway….Almost every stars came to replace…..and I know your arguments about players not being replaced which I agree to a certain degree(that being, We didn’t need to replace a cunt, we’re better off without IT)…

    What I’ve asked for is only to remember this great club’s horrific times…we’ve been in far worse situation….

    With that said, I’m not praising Wenger for this past 4 years, I always praised Wenger for what he DID – he transformed our club and push it to be in the same league with those at the top in Europe…..and he won us many many titles too……

    I’m just hopeful that’s all……I’m a type of person who remembers……for what he did before these past 4 years I’m grateful enough to give him any benefit of a doubt (for now)…but there’s always a time for change – I just don’t think it is right now….

  47. Ade is certainly not happy the way he left Arsenal. The­ malice is there for all to see throughout the duration­ of the match. The manner he celebrated his goal was­ rather too arrogant and maliciously irritating.­ Honestly, I never liked his style of play while in­ Arsenal, notwithstanding, he and Kolo should not have­ been sold to Mancity. You dont arm your enemy in a­ battle of winner takes all.

  48. And RVP was spot on; he got hit, almost blinded…..but we, as a club, are not hiding from the result……

    What did we get from it??? Nothing at all……That seat should’ve hit his head….

  49. I think Wenger is a Cunt.What was he thinking with those substitutions? Thought we agreed a long time ago that it should be one of Denilson,Song and Diaby playing at a time? Now we got all three as regular starters.Shame Wenger.What do we do with Wilshere taking bench space every week and certainly not playing,INSANE!!! I honestly think Wenger is a joke,the team is argueably good enough,but his selection is simply disgusting.Drop the fucking sentiments and be a proffessional mate.The team can sure do better.

  50. diceman1984 ”

    Nice One. i Agree with you. Lets Just keep praying something Good Happens the season.

  51. I think wenger tinkering wit youth over the years is getting the better off the fans. He is the cause of the current rage the fans are pouring on that Togolese.Arsenal are a title winning club until 2005 and the fans are now impatient wit every experiment-i.e Adebayor. Its no suprise wen fans turn their frustration on a player who they feel is not helping the cause of the team.i.e Adebayor again. Now he’s left and hurts the team from the opposing side. And wenger’s experiment continues.
    I cant understand why Ade was not replaced. The current squad has no forward good at attacking aerial balls in the box. Bendtner is growing up, he’ll get there 2 seasons from now. Persie is not cut out for those balls, eduardo is recovering. And of course you cant expect vermalen in the box all the time. We need an aerial ball attacker. We should get Chamakh for free by Jan but will not play in Champions league. We need a deadly finisher. a.k.a Thiery. Otherwise, we might struggle worse than last season and Fabregas walks away to Madrid. Painful

  52. Its 5 am in Malaysia and still I cant sleep thinking how we lost a game that in any day we should have won big. To be honest this hurt more than ManU game 2 weeks ago esp with that ego maniac stamping and scoring.
    What hurting most today is I started to feel the same angry and sad feeling I felt last season…not to team but from the things I read in most blogs. Fans take swipe at players and most importantly Arsene… again when we are down..
    I been watching and supporting Arsenal for more than 15 years from faraway in Asia. I am honored to have the privilege to watch and support such a great club. When we won I would be wearing a smiley face the whole week but when we lost its hurt yet I take it with pride and can’t wait for the next game to start.. praying for a thrashing or better still a long unbeatan run. To me as a fan I will never question Arsene for whatever he did because I believed the decision he takes are in the best interest of the club and he wants to win it all. That is in him, proved that with his credentials and will never change…
    To me it is Arsenal v the world. every corner of the earth is against our club, let it be media, UEFA, FIFA etc so to have the fan attacking the club as well is just … I am out of words… LOVE is to support whatever the circumstances are…but that it is only me with my silly opinion…
    Hope one day I’ll be flying over there sitting in the Emirates will all the fans watching and cheering Arsenal playing…
    GO arsenal..we gonna have a great season..
    God bless Tony with his positive words…

  53. oh god, looking at adebayor stamp van persie on youtube shows how spiteful that man is.

    he deserves a long ban for this (though i suspect he only gets 1 game to conveniently put him out of action against man u…)

  54. And if defeat hurts us
    on a rare and seldom day
    Yes very dissapointed by the result and also very dissapointed with the reaction of some fans.
    We knew this game would be a difficult one and yet we could have won it.
    Adebayor played the game of his life. He tried to hurt Cesc in the beginning (didn’t get booked) with a tackle that could have broken his leg.
    He kicked RVP in the face: should have been red.
    Then he scored and got a yellow card for his disgracefull behaviour. This should have been his second at least.
    Then he saved a shot from the line.
    He cost us 3 points today but that is all it is today: 3 points.
    So lets pick ourselves up and support our team, won or lose.

  55. Lets see the good things: the return of Rosicky who was brilliant at times. If he stays fit he will be a major player.
    Lets also not forget: we had to play Diaby in a role where he is noet really comfortable because of the injuries to Arshavin and Nasri. When they come back we have players who can play the left wing position some 10X better. Diaby always tries to go inside and this limites space for the rest of the team.
    We also have Walcott back in a few days or weeks to give us more pace. This is what we lack a bit in our attack for the moment.
    Dont forget Eduardo is still working on his fitness overall.
    We have plenty players as a backup so lets be calm and maybe the team will be so frustrated with themselves and prove the doubters wrong very soon.
    And I hope they start with this on wednesday in Liège where I will be singen for my Gunners in Arms.

  56. And please do not forget we always are have a difficult game after an internationals break and playing away.

  57. I’m dissapointed and disgusted. But not so much at Arsenals performance. Not even a free kick for stamping on a guys face?
    Gotta say the whole team looked shocked after that.
    That stamp just left me feeling gutted. How is it that we are treated so differently?If FIFA or the FA don’t act then this is it for us.
    Bring on that European Super League!

  58. We’ve lost two games thus far and both games have ben lost when our opponents have had a flurry of goals: United got 2 in 5mins, City got 3 in 10.

    Personally, I feel we were the better team for much of the game against City. We had more shots (23) but only 7 on target. Plus we had 60% of posession. Compare to City who had 10 shots, 5 of which were on target. I don’t think we were outplayed at all.

    I think the weakness we have is the goalkeeper position (not saying Almunia needs to be replaced, but I do think a bit of competition or a break could be good for him) and players who don’t get back to defend (Diaby in particular). In fact, if Diaby had tracked back, I’m not sure if Bellamy would have even scored.

    Other than that the team played ok, but we need improved accuracy from the strikers and nicer goal posts.

    As for Adebayor, if he played like that for Arsenal he would have got the love. He’s a fool, and now the most hated former-Arsenal player by far. Well done you muppet.

  59. I am perplexed why Wenger did not buy another defender and a winger over the summer.

    I guess when Wenger comes knocking for a player, its like George Soros sniffing out an investment; the stock automatically soars.

    But I guess he either got priced out of the market, or he plans to run this team till the January transfer window, and then see how it’s shaping up, and what the injury situation is.

    Anyway, I think the perennial Old Trafford game rigging carry on does our players’ heads in a bit.

    Also a lot of people reckon Almunia is not strong enough…….

    I would liked to have seen Wenger buy a decent back-up defender, say, the young French guy. With Djourou out we look a bit short at the back.

    Hopefully we can put this behind us and string some good results together.

  60. I honestly think we’d have got a result if it weren’t for Clichy’s antics. As a defender you cannot give the ball up that many times and not expect to be punished, especially against a good team like City.

    You can understand the below par performance at times because games (especially away games) after international breaks are tough. I think pretty much every time we come back from international duty we lose points.
    So playing against a good team away from home right after international break, you can forgive the players for “lacking sharpness” as Arsene put it.
    But you can’t forgive the silly mistakes that our defenders made. How Adebayor made that run boggles the mind. Were we afraid of him?
    And then Clichy loses the ball 3 times in 10 minutes and the game is over.

    Adebayor is a huge cunt. I never said a word against him until I saw his attack on RvP. But having said that he was immense today. Seemed like he wanted to win more than anyone. And he got his wish.

  61. Well i’ve not watched the game yet, but will do so with great intrest,normally i never watch a game after we’ve lost but there is lot of comments regarding formation and mentality of players, substitutions and of course Adebayor.

    One thing to keep in mind before the mass suicide begins is that the league is won in May not September, and how keeping two players who wanted to leave would have helped us this season is plain stupid and so crass, the lanky boy was always going to play like he’s never played for Arsenal and so was Toure, it’s just a pity that we no longer have a player like Giles Grimandi who would have put Adebayor over the advertising hordings in the first few seconds of the game, bitch would have have seconds thoughts about playing the way he did and sticking the boot into RVP’s face.

    My last comment is about Arsene Wenger, will someone please slap the man not hard mind you just a tap and whisper in his ear that Bentner is not a winger / wide player and never will be, we have Wilshire or Bazerite who can play that roll in the absense of Wallcot, they are first team squad players so use them.

  62. Just to round this off, I can’t believe anyone hasn’t really got the hang of this site, but just in case…

    1. I am not paid by Arsenal nor do I have any relationship with Arsenal other than having been a regular at the ground for many years. I am a member of Arsenal Independent Supporters Assn, nothing more.

    2. I started this blog because I know there are some people who have a positive view of Wenger, and I felt that this view was not being widely expressed on blogs.

    Sorry if that has not been clear. But as always, thanks to everyone for writing in. If you posted between about 7pm and 9am BST and you have not posted to this site before, your post will have been delayed for me to moderate (essential since we are bombared daily with posts from spammers), and I went out to a jive club for a dance. All posts that were not adverts were then put up – I was not censoring any points of view.



  64. We really seemed to struggle yesterday. The performance was reflective of some of those last season, sluggish and lacking penetration.

    We really missed Rasputin, and there were some howlers of performances. Almunia is having a stinker this season, and Clichy seems to have forgotten the art of defending.

    Positives? Erm…

  65. i don’t understand why our fans are so impatient????success don’t come to those who crave for it..ever wonder how much pressure our players will be….i have never saw any home fans booing their own team…arsenal were first..liverfool have also not won any trophies after 2005..i don’t see their fans booing…..let me ask u guys if spend 100 millions n still don’t win anything..what then..idon’t think we played badly..1st goal was a lucky 1 for them…then we created loads of chances in 2nd half..but lacked that cutting edge..but our defending was really poor going forward…which i think is a persistent problem since 2007…

  66. longer the wait, sweeter the taste…believe me…now get behind ur team londoners..make the emirates the fortress..most intimidating arena of this season..

  67. I do think that the system we play is so different to the system played in “countrysides” that it takes a half to get started again.
    Clichy has every year a few games in which he is very bad in defending (all players have this in fact) but yesterday he made 3 mistakes in one game and this cost us the game.
    Does this mean that Clichy has lost it ? No I just hope that he made all the mistakes in one game and thus it would only cost us 3 points. It would be far worse if he did this in 3 games and cost us 9 points

  68. Walter, the mark of a defender in my opinion is his consistency. Clichy is an amazing defender but recently he seems to be making too many mistakes. I don’t think it’s a huge problem though because they are all the same type of mistakes involving him losing the ball in dangerous positions. If he can just make simple passes or clear the ball instead of trying to dribble we wouldn’t see this happen again.

  69. A tiny point of detail just to keep the record straight. “Old Gooner” sent in something like 10 short emails all saying much the same thing. I let through the first two, but then deleted the rest as they were all so similar.


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