The Arsenal Superstars of Next Season

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Superstar of next season: Theo Walcott.   Suddenly, just when we all expected it not to happen, he exploded.  The one thing that was wrong – his inability to avoid being drawn into blind alleys where he lost the ball – vanished.   It was as if he thought, “Bugger this, let’s do something” and off he went.   A season of that and you will only hear his name

Unexpected star – Alex Song.  Voted Wenger’s worse buy simply because of one duff game against Fulham, Song looked good in Africa, and has at the end of the season looked really terrific.    If he turns up in Flamini’s position next season, do remember that the idea was first mooted here.

Young player of next season: Carlos Vela.  Who else could it be.  Mexico are not the best team in the world, but they are not slouches either, and he’s their centre forward.  He Eduardo can come back and the others stay fit we will have five centre forwards next season, so he might not get too many games outside the cups, but when he plays he will score.

Player of next season: Robin van Persie.  Saying it is going to be Cesc is too obvious.  Robin is a sensational player who has had injury problems galore – maybe this time he will make the breakthrough and play a brilliant season without injury.  “Maybe” because there’s the Euro competition first, and that’s where he got done last time around.

Comeback of this season: Bolton away.   OK it was a messy goal, but it was the first flicker of a recovery following the awful run after the assault on Eduardo

Comeback of next season: Tomas Rosicky / Gilberto Silva.  Either or both would do me.   Gilberto’s performancs have been erratic, but we got flashes of what made him so vital to us for year on year in the past.   Rosicky has been injury prone, but maybe the very very long lay off and thankfully no Euro call up will mean he can come back and become Little Mozart once again

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