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September 2021
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September 2021

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Untold Injury Index – Gameweek 2

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Untold Injury Index – Gameweek 2

By Dale Higginbottom

Week two of the season and maybe a few things aren’t quite going to plan on a few fronts and injuries are certainly not an exception to this. We picked up a few injuries after the Udinese game which, given the difficult run of games we have to come, really did not help matters and so going into Saturday’s game we knew it would be tough.

We’re sticking with the new format to these injury reports but as an addition from last week I’ve included suspensions to the tables. This is not something to show that Arsenal have been badly hit by suspension as the obvious argument is that Arsenal should control their players (assuming that the player suspensions were actually justified in the first place, and we all know from the ref reviews that that is not always the case). No instead, I have included the suspensions more to reflect with the opposition teams. Say for example Man Utd, whilst suffering from a vast injury list, are set to face a team who last week got three players sent off, maybe they are dealt a kind hand that week and manage a good result, which might not have happened if those three players had played. We’ll see how it turns out and if we can deduce anything from these numbers week-by-week.

Anyway to the totals and as before, I’ve again included the injury types and these are listed below.

A = Ankle J = Foot
B = Back K = Knee
C = Calf L = Achilles
D = Dead Leg M = Muscle
E = Hamstring S = Shoulder
F = Fatigue/Lack of Fitness T = Thigh
G = Groin U = Unknown
H = Head Injury/Concussion Z = Broken Leg
I = Illness

Arsenal Vs Liverpool (0-2)

Injuries Arsenal (6 + 2S) Liverpool (2 + 0S)
Goalkeeper N/A N/A
Defence Djourou (E,1), Gibbs (E,1), Traore (G,1) Johnson (T,2)
Midfield Wilshere (A,2), Diaby (A,2), Rosicky (T,1) Gerrard (G,2)
Attack N/A N/A
Additional issues Koscielny pulled up after 15 mins and had to be replaced. Suarez is still not at full match fitness and so started on the bench, coming on after 71 mins. Skrtel returned from an injury and was an unused substitute.
Suspended Song, Gervinho N/A

Chelsea Vs West Brom (2-1)

Injuries Chelsea (4 + 1S) West Brom (1 + 1S)
Goalkeeper Cech (K,1) N/A
Defence Bertrand (T,2), Luiz (K,2) N/A
Midfield Essien (K,2) Thomas (D)
Attack N/A N/A
Additional issues N/A McAuley & Odemwingie returned to the squad, the latter coming on as a second half substitute.
Suspended Sturridge Gera

Bolton Vs Man City (2-3)

Bolton (6) Man City (1 + 1S)
Goalkeeper N/A N/A
Defence Ricketts (L), Mears (Z) N/A
Midfield Davis (K), Gardner (G), Holden (K), Lee (Z) De Jong (J,1)
Attack N/A N/A
Additional issues N/A N/A
Suspended N/A K. Toure

Later today (Monday) the following is expected

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Man Utd Vs Tottenham

Injuries Man Utd (6 + 0S) Tottenham (9 + 0S)
Goalkeeper N/A N/A
Defence Rafael (S,2), Vidic (C,1), Ferdinand (E,1) Gallas (C,1), King (K,1), Hutton (U,1)
Midfield Valencia (A,2), Fletcher (I,2) Pienaar (G,1), Sandro (K,1), Jenas (L,1), Modric (“head not in the right place”,1), Palacios (K,1), Huddlestone (A,1)
Attack Hernandez (H,2) N/A
Additional issues Evra is expected to return from his Knee injury. Crouch is a doubt but some reports have him a fit to play.
Suspended N/A N/A

I obviously cannot be certain of this (as I write this ahead of the game) but if the reports are correct, Tottenham are back where they were for most of last season, top of the injury tree. We’re up there with United in second with 6, which is quite high so early in the season.

It was a bad time to face Liverpool, not least with the fixture congestion and our injuries but also with Liverpool missing just two players they had options on the bench to change the game, which we simply didn’t have. The additional injury to Koscielny is serious blow and Frimpong’s sending off was another kick in the teeth but up until that point we were playing well considering which players were actually available. It’s not the worst injury situation we’ve been in but with the injuries and timing combined it’s surely one of the worst situations we’ve been in for a while.

Chelsea and City both made it difficult for themselves in their respective games. Chelsea needed a late goal to claim all three points, as did Utd when playing West Brom, so maybe they are a stubborn team to face, although in both cases Utd and Chelsea have had some key injuries.

City have again been dealt a good hand with injuries and, against a Bolton side missing a good few players, maybe should’ve been a little more dominant. I still think City will struggle with injuries this season. The increased demands of Champions League football will certainly be an issue and I would expect a few dropped points as a result. One interesting thing to note with the line-up on Sunday, Clichy was on the bench, IO don’t think he was reported injured so maybe he’s not first choice, I wonder what Samir thinks of this?

I’m not really sure what to make of the injuries for the Utd Vs Spurs game tonight. There are a lot of conflicting reports about who is “fit” to play and who is injured. Like I said last week, it’s particularly difficult when player transfers are in the negotiation stages as teams might want to avoid injuries to players they want to sell and therefore may cover their absence with a fabricated injury. One website states Modric has a groin injury, whilst Harry Redknapp has stated Modric’s “head’s not in the right place” for him to play against Man Utd. Make what you will of this but we all know that he won’t feature in the game and I’m sure we’ll get a better idea of the situation come September 1st.

So, United next in the league and given the injuries to both squads, it might be a good time to face them. Their Goalkeeper still needs to settle in and with a make-shift back four, this could be made all the more difficult. The issue for us is our midfield but maybe if Koscielny and Djourou return, we could push one of them into defensive midfield. Rosicky’s return could be vital for that game as otherwise we might be forced to play a fairly inexperienced player in what is a very important game.

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31 comments to Untold Injury Index – Gameweek 2

  • walter

    I think Squilacci was also reported to have a calf injury. But like you say: was this a cover up or not? Hard to tell these days.
    Well I do think that the injuries from us and Utd are real injuries apart from maybe Squilacci.

    Just hope we can recover a few people in the next day(s)

  • Dale

    Slight alterations to the listed above,

    Man Utd had 5 injuries (Hernandez was fit to start on the bench)

    Tottenham had 8 injuries (Crouch did not feature but Huddlestone and Jenas both featured in the squad)

    Arsenal had 7 injuries (As walter says, Wenger has confirmed a calf injury for the defender)

    It’s looking a little brighter for the Udinese game. Jack and Djourou may feature and obviously Frimpong, Song and Gervinho will all be available. Let’s hope for no more additions to the list ahead of the Man Utd game.

  • bob

    I’m sorry to go a bit off topic, but as today’s Injury list is really about our prospect at Udinese on Weds, here’s an apt description of UEFA (from today’s A Cultured Left Foot blog:)
    “Uefa are impotent when it comes to dealing with most issues but if any attempt to undermine theirs, or the referee’s, authority takes place, the punishments are swift and disproportionate.”

  • bob

    The real injury at hand is Arsene’s pending suspension for what stems from the fake call by Basura at Barca, who was then rewarded by UEFA to become its head of referees. The further injury is that UEFA sits in judgment. The final injury will be if it further destabilizes the club or helps the lads rally to win one for the Gaffer. (Waiting for that injury report to appear on UA, hopefully later today.)

  • Tasos

    From the official Arsenal FC website

    “Terms agreed with Manchester City for Nasri”

  • Arsene-al

    Straying very off topic here but I just came across this article, and what better place to ask about it than untold. This article came from Sporting Intelligence and is basically someone trying to do what the boys at untold have been doing and pointing out that wrong calls occur and change the outcome of the league. What do you guys think of this, maybe there’s an increase in awareness?

  • jayj

    So were not a big club!!!
    the rot begins and writing is on the wall tomorrow will be no different.

    Cant hold onto our players and wont pay for others, but we’ve signed a promising 14yr old.

  • Tasos


    Its hardly a surprise. Nasri has chosen his route and like many others before him, if or when he fails he will be discarded for the next mercenary to jump upon the gravey-train.

    The harsh facts of life are…we cannot financially compete with the sugar daddy clubs. Personally I find this type of financial doping vulgar, it will ruin the sport if it hasn’t already.

    jayj I’ve noticed you rarely offer anything constructive to the debate’s on here.

    Are you a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

    I’m sure I’ve witnessed your anti-Wenger scaremonger “CHITT-CHATT” somewhere else? in fact I’d have a “FAIR-BET” on it mate.

  • jayj

    Spell my name right and we’ll talk, however I’m not anti wenger or pro, I’m pro arsenal and I only care about the club. This moment we R in the shits and everyone knows it so its not use trying these smoke screen tactics.

  • Stevie E

    We’re not in the “shits”, we’re 1-0 up going away to qualify for the Champions League knowing if we score, we’re pretty much through. Yes, we’re suffering with injuries and suspensions at the moment but those players will be back and then we’ll be back to full strength. Every club will, at some point this season, be hit with a load of suspensions and injuries at the same time. We’re just unlucky it’s happened to us right at the start.
    Don’t let the press brainwash you into thinking this is anything other than normal, remember, there is a massive Anti-Arsenal & Anti-Wenger campaign on at the moment, they’re trying to make out that everything that happens at Arsenal to be much more of an issue than it actually is. For example, Jack isn’t going to make the game tomorrow so we’ve been “dealt another injury blow” as our “injury crisis deepens” when in reality, a player who is out injured is still out injured.

  • jayj

    It not Wengers fault, I blame Gazidis, this man fucking useless an american turkey selling players and bringing in nothing. Money man and nothing more!

  • Stevie E

    We’ve bought four players

  • jayj

    one 1st team member and 3 youths whom are not ready for 1st team action. We’ve lost 2 world class players, I’ve read all the signs and it looks very likely no one else is coming in.

  • Stevie E

    Which is 4 more than nothing as you previously stated. And in your opinion they’re not ready. Who’s to say they won’t be like Jack and be ready for 1st team at 18? What are you basing this damning assessment of these players who you’ve probably never even seem play before? I’m pretty sure that the man who has been running Arsenal for 15 years will have a better insight as to who is or isn’t ready to play in the first, as opposed to some bloke of the internet who has a tendency to read and believe every headline and also likes to flash these headlines in a blog as if every other reader here can’t go to Google news.
    So now you’re basing your prediction of what AW will do in the transfer market over the next week on “signs”? Honestly, that is so ridiculous I can’t be arsed to even go there. Sort yourself out mate.

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    @Whingers and moaners,

    I have to admit I’m a little down right now (losing to Liverpool hurts) but when I see the injury list the situation actually doesn’t seem that bad. Also when I see us playing I see much more of a committed team effort which the wrong signings would totally ruin.
    We need Jack back, it’s possible we have to throw even more youth team players into the fray (Aneke may be “slow” but by god can that guy pick a pass or do the business himself if needs be), we need to keep players like Lansbury & Watt, players who might not be setting the world alight right now but can come in and do a decent job.

  • jayj

    If the 3 kids were up to why didn’t he play them on saturday.

  • Stevie E

    Carl Jenkinson did play. Did you actually watch the game?

  • jayj

    Yes Stevie
    But AOC didn’t nor did Myachi or Campbell.
    3 kids!!!
    And what is our plan this season, to stay in the top 10? The league/CL/FA&Carling cups are just too far and dont point finger stating the Manu did it. Yes they did but they still had experienced players around them.

    Cesc going was on the card, Nasri issue had alarm bells sounding since april – so what the exscuse this time? 80 mil in the bank may be a new suite for the board and nice bonus for Wenger&co but we the fans get FUCKED again.

  • Tasos

    Stevie E

    I wouldn’t waste your time on JJ.

  • Stevie E

    So, the team is hit with a lot of injuries and suspensions, and as the manager, instead of fielding players with experience of playing with each other, you’d field all new signings? Are you actually thinking about what you’re saying or just spouting the first argumentative thing that comes into your head? Stupidness!

    What would you do if we did only manage top 10? Would you go support some other team? (btw in case you’ve forgotten the carling cup was won by a team who were relegated, so not even top 10). Please go now because the last thing this team needs right now is haters and negative losers.

    Stop making comments as if you’ve got some sort of insider knowledge about the transfer dealings, you have no idea and get all your information from the press who also know fuck all. The window doesn’t close for another week, the club will make any necessary signing (whether you think they are good enough or not).

  • Stevie E

    As you can probably tell from the last post, that will be my last.

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    Why is it when money obviously does not automatically solve problems in football, that people seem to assume that spending money will solve any problem immediately? Real Madrid have a huge problem called Barcelona and they’ve been chucking money at the problem to no avail. MCFC still haven’t won the Premier League, despite years of chucking cash at it. Chelsea bought a £50 million striker who it would seem requires a £40 million playmaker in order to score goals.

    People seem to think that it’s okay for Arsenal to piss £50 million up the wall as “it’s not my money”. Of course it’s not your money if you don’t buy the merchandise or attend matches!

    Slightly paying over the odds for Eden Hazard (for instance) wouldn’t be unforgivable in the present circumstances, blowing the whole transfer budget on one player would be.

  • bob

    That Nick Harris article was brought up in three different postings on UA, and Walter and others have commented on it. Surely no harm in having more visitors read it, but it’s been hereabouts.

  • bob

    First things first.

    I think we can beat Udinese with what we have if the lads can circle the wagons in an “it’s us against the world mode” (which it is) and be switched on for 90 focused minutes and kick ass. This is within our power to achieve.

    That said, I want to share my fears that our captain – who I think the world of – has the selfsame Dein the Le$$er in his ear as his agent. That $cumbag is boring away from within and making massive profit$ on our problems. I’d say it’s a fucking A good thing we have TV as our co-captain in our center-back for more reasons than one. After RvP I’d hope AFC will lock out doing business with ANY client of Dein the Le$$er. This is economic warfare and we have to survive.

  • jayj

    It’s funny how all of you think these youngsters are great but change your mind when fielding them against our opposition. So buy youngsters who gain experience and then fuck off to one of our rivals, make sense!

    How about buying an experienced player who would fit into our team (quicker than any young player) and possibly sit our the rest of his career with us, possibly becoming a roll model. All these young players fuck off Clichy,A.Cole,Cesc,Nasri etc.

    Henry,Veira all came in and sat out the journey.

  • Stevie E

    You’re well up for this one ain’t you? 🙂 good work fella!

  • jayj

    So Arsenal to look at West Africa to fill the gaps, nice and cheap as chips!

  • Ronnie Brown

    JayJ your point makes no sense, wasn’t Henry only like 22 when he joined us? Wilshere is a young guy but is expected to stay out most if not all of his career with us, same happened with Adams, it’s just very illogical, even Cole we had the invincibles season with so he was worth bringing into the team even if he did turn into a rotten apple. You sound too upset and irrational, Viera was also young when he signed him. It isn’t neccessarily about the age but the quality and character, a young Messi would improve our team, his age would be irrelevant, many people are calling out for Hazard and he is only 20. Regarding our youngsters, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain is going to be a very good player, he could have an impact this season and help us, Gervinho will also help us certainly, can’t really fairly judge the others but more buisness will be done, we will bring in a midfeilder at least and hopefully a defender too, could even be more signings, let’s see before writing everything off, I would have liked everything sorted out earlier too but it still is just the start of the season so everything isn’t dead already.

  • jayj


    Alex Oxlade Chamberlain look like antoehr Walcott all due respects, we don’t need or want another walcott. Consistently under performs and this is one area a defo improvement is needed.

  • Ronnie Brown

    I don’t think he is just another Walcott, even though I rate Walcott as a player, but I think he has different qualities, I see him as a creative player, he can play AM as well as on the wing, he is skillful and can score goals, I think after you see him play for us you’ll be pleasently suprised, he is a real talent in my opinion.

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    Patrick Vieira was a 20 year old Milan reserve who made all of two appearances in Serie A, bought for £3.5 million. What a rubbish signing he turned out to be!