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September 2021
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September 2021

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The Untold ref review: Chelsea – WBA

By Ref Reviewer 04

Next in our ref reviews was the game at Stamford Bridge between Chelsea and WBA. Ref in charge was Mason.

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight on
3 OTHER WBA? Torres NC Trip not given 0 0 1
3 OTHER Torres Scharner NC Should have given the first foul on Torres 0 0 1
3 OFFSIDE Long C WBA offside
4 GOAL Long C Correct goal 1 3 3
6 OTHER Mikel WBA? C/NC Push 1 1 1
7 OTHER Tamas Kalou C Trip 1 1 1
7 YELLOW Tamas C Breaking up a counter attack 1 2 2
8 OTHER WBA? Lampard C Advantage given 1 1 1
11 OTHER Anelka Mulumbu C Advantage given 1 1 1
12 0FFSIDE Long C WBA offside 1 1 1
13 OFFSIDE Long C WBA offside 1 1 1
19 OTHER Ramires Tchoiy NC Was a trip but not given 0 0 1
19 OTHER Corner given NC Not correct as Tchoiy was the last player to touch the ball 0 0 1
22 OTHER Mikel Mulumbu C Trip 1 1 1
27 OTHER Torres Scharner C Ref indicated a pull was not visible on tv 1 1 1
29 OTHER Ramires Mulumbu C Trip 1 1 1
34 OTHER Lampard Long C Trip 1 1 1
34 YELLOW Lampard C Wild tackle correct booking 1 2 2
36 OTHER Mikel Scharner C Trip 1 1 1
38 OTHER Malouda Tamas C Holding 1 1 1
42 OTHER Tchoiy Alex C Push 1 1 1
44 PENALTY Foster Anelka C Anelka came in from behind nicked the ball away from Foster and then went over Foster. I had the impression that Foster touched the ball just before Anelka came crushing in and fell over Foster. No deliberate foul possible from the keeper as he couldn’t see Anelka coming 1 3 3
45 OTHER Mulumbu Torres C Tackle from behind 1 1 1
45 YELLOW Mulumba C Tackle from behind card correct 1 2 2
Half time 19 26 30
CORRECT 79,17% 86,67%
YELLOW 3 3 100,00
RED 0 0
PENALTY 1 1 100,00
GOAL 1 1 100,00
OTHER 3 3 100,00
8 8 100,00
OFFSIDE 3 3 100,00
Second half
46 OTHER Alex Morisson C Trip 1 1 1
47 OTHER Scharner Alex C The ref blew when the kick was just taken. I had the feeling he had been waiting to call this. As we got no replay I cannot but agree with his call 1 1 1
48 OTHER Mulumba Malouda NC Push in the back nothing given 0 0 1
48 OTHER Malouda Mulumba NC Maloudan then punished but the ref should have given the first foul 0 0 1
50 OTHER Tchoiy Mikel NC Tchoiy just used his body to keep Mikel away who went to the ground. Ref stops play as the WBA player wants to shoot at the goal from 6 yard out. Never ever would he give a penalty for “a foul” the other way round. Not correct and takes away a big chance for the 0-2 0 0 2
53 GOAL Anelka C A little deflection on the shot but this is not against the rules 1 3 3
58 OTHER Tchoiy Bosingwa C Push on the shoulder with the hand. But Bosingwa pretented to be hit in the face. Nice play acting 1 1 1
60 YELLOW Olsson C Don’t know why the card was given so we have to agree with the ruling on the field. Whatever it might have been 1 2 2
63 OTHER Long Mikel C Pull 1 1 1
65 OFFSIDE Tchoiy C offside WBA 1 1 1
70 OTHER Ramires WBA C Trip 1 1 1
74 OTHER Tamas Ramires C Advantage given 1 1 1
74 OFFSIDE Tchoiy C offside WBA 1 1 1
75 PENALTY Scharner Malouda C The ref was running a few yards behind Malouda so had an excellent view and gave the negative signal. Wonder if it was a dive and then a card should have been given. Replay showed Scharner touched the ball 1 3 3
80 OTHER Bosingwa Mulumba C Trip 1 1 1
82 OTHER Ivanovic Long NC Trip 0 0 1
82 OFFSIDE Drogba NC Not given? The ball was played in his direction and no other Chelsea player in sight? Now ther pressure stayed on the WBA defence 0 0 1
82 GOAL Malouda C The only thing is what would have happened if the officials had stopped the game for offside? But with the goal itself was nothing wrong 1 3 3
87 OTHER Ramires C Handball 1 1 1
89 RED Terry Odimwingie NC Terry runs at Odimwingie and grabs him by the shirt in an agressive way.  Seconds before Terry had made a sliding tackle and Odimwingie had to jump up to avoid Terry but when coming down he landed with one foot on Terry. There was no intention visible. But Terry ran after him and attacked him in a bit of a Barton-way. 0 0 3
90 OTHER Cole Odimwingie NC Cole kicks the ball away in an agressive way and clamps his legs around Odimwingie. The ref gives a foul against Odimwingie? Unblievable. 0 0 1
90 YELLOW Odimwingie NC This is getting ridicuclous now. Odimwingie gets a yellow card for well er.. Trying to stay alive I guess. 0 0 2
90 YELLOW Cole NC Cole should have gotten a yellow card for his dangerous lounge wher he clamped his legs around Odimwingie 0 0 2
93 OTHER Mikel Odimwingie C Serial fouling on Odimwingie? 1 1 1
93 OTHER Olson Hilario C Foul on the keeper 1 1 1
94 OTHER Lampard Olson C Trip 1 1 1
2nd half score
TOTAL 17 23 37
% CORRECT 65,38% 62,16%
YELLOW 1 3 33,33
RED 0 1 0,00
PENALTY 1 1 100,00
GOAL 2 2 100,00
OTHER 1 4 25,00
5 11 45,45
OFFSIDE 2 3 66,67
TOTAL 36 49 67
% CORRECT 72,00% 73,13%
YELLOW 4 6 66,67
RED 0 1 0,00
PENALTY 2 2 100,00
GOAL 3 3 100,00
OTHER 4 7 57,14
13 19 68,42
OFFSIDE 5 6 83,33
Correct calls For WBA 18 50,00%
For Chelsea 18 50,00%
Total correct calls 36
Wrong calls Against WBA 12 80,00%
Against Chelsea 3 20,00%
Total 15

An excellent game from the ref in the First half.  In the second half he had a very mixed game. Some great decisions but also decisions that made you wonder.

At the end of the game he looked to be a bit on the Chelsea side of things going on in the field.  6 wrong decisions in the last 10 minutes and all in favour of Chelsea. This all was a bit too much for my liking.

Another important event was Terry and Cole in the last minute who had a go at Odimwingie after that Odimwingie had stepped on Terry his leg. It looked pure accidental because Odimwingie had to jump up to avoid the sliding Terry but Terry attacked him in an aggressive way. But the oldest of the Untold refs had already said that he would tackle this in a separate article.

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9 comments to The Untold ref review: Chelsea – WBA

  • mick

    I too was left totally bemused by the Terry/ Cole/Odimwingie incidents. As far as I could see Odimwingie did absolutely nothing wrong so why he was given a yellow is a mystery. As for Terry he should consider himself lucky he wasn’t an Arsenal player because if he was his aggresive manhandling of Odimwingie would surely have resulted in a red card. It is amazing how often Terry gets away with things.

  • bob

    I find it interesting that you find 6 of 10 “a bit” too much for your liking? I’m glad you note that, and I take on that it’s good for a ref to give a “measured” report. But imo language matters a lot and I find the word “a bit” too much of a euphemism for my liking. Anyway, let’s see if the Chelsea rewards are a one off or a trend.

  • bob

    Mason, Stamford Bridge, 6 of 10 bad calls against WBA in the last 10 minutes alone??? Shocked!, I say. Shocked! (That’s 2 jobs vs. WBA in a row, I’d say. (Did the WBA manager show insufficient attention to Rednose’s pinky ring and fail to plant a kiss thereupon? Mason, Mason, Mason…)

  • walter

    O irony, ooh irony… I liked the way it was put about those wrong calls.

    This is what they call money time… get it… also for the ref it was money time I think. LOL…

  • Mahesh

    Apologies for being off topic. But Nasri’s move is official 🙁

    I hope we can maintain the CL status this year. That would mean we can get better players. Else it would be difficult.

  • bob

    Mahesh, all,
    I’d say you’re on topic, Mahesh, as there seems a deafening silence about Nasri’s departure so far today. I think it’s important to point out something both defiant and meaningful in Arsene’s response on the BBC. He uses the word “destabilized” which I defy anyone to find in an AW interview at any other time. As (the increasingly salivating) David Hytner of the Guardian reports it: “Asked if this was the most challenging time he had faced at Arsenal, Wenger added: ‘I believe that’s part of my job. I’m not at all destabilised by that. Overall, my job is to give my best to do well for my club and that’s what I do with complete belief in the team and the players I have available. I think that’s the best opportunity to show as well that we are good enough to fight for this club.'” I’d say Arsene is showing awareness of the attempt to destabilize him and the club through that and I think UA visitors would do well to analyze what’s going on with that perspective (a Wenger Out destabilzation campaign) in mind.

  • Abhishek Kumar

    Hey Bob

    I proposed untold predictions a couple of days back and having Webb as referee at old trafford makes me feel even more predictable about them…

    Hey Tony.. pls let us start with a column called untold predictions and allow us to vote.. cause I am sure even Wenger’s plea to postpone the touchline ban would be denied.. That would even prove how correct we guys are..

    One prediction from my side: BBC will always use the line

    “Wenger warned in July that Arsenal could “no longer be regarded as a big club” if the midfield pair were sold.”

    I bet this line will always be repeated when they discuss any transfer article for Arsenal..

  • bob

    Yes, I second the motion: Untold Predictions!

  • WalterBroeckx

    About the Webb subject:

    Yesterday Webb did the game RC Genk – Maccabi in the CL. Now I couldn’t watch the game but I took a few looks when I could.
    Apart from the fact that one gooner from Belgium who is supporting RC Genk as his local club offered to kick Webb so he would be injured for next weekend. I don’t think he succeeded.

    But what baffled me was the fact that on several occasions I had to pinch myself thinking: is this really Webb or a lookalike? Does he really knows this rule or is this a coincidence?

    One moment there was a tackle from a player two footed frontal over the ground. The tackling player actually got the ball but because of his movement threatened to clash in to the Genk player. The Genk player wisely jumped up. So no actual contact was made and the tackling player played the ball. And Webb…. he blew his whistle and gave the foul. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    And then rewind a bit and think of the terrible challenge from Ferdinand last season where he jumped towards Sagna with his studs showing and an outstretched leg at Sagna his breast while jumping for a ball in the air. Sagna his shirt was thorn and he was injured. And Webb gave nothing at all.

    So you see those details and the different approach you can see when a certain team is involved or not are vital in knowing that a ref is biased or not.

    Well we all know Webb is biased but still…