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August 2021

Why Stewart Robson should be given the sack immediately


Arsenal History …… Making the Arsenal …… Arsenal Uncovered


By Michael Shelly and Tony Attwood

Unwarranted criticism emanates from ex-Arsenal players and managers (Bob Wilson, and Charlie Nicholas generally excepted) all day every day.  From Paul Merson to Ian Wright, those who have nothing better to do now their playing days are over, knock Arsenal.  We see it and hear it day after day after day.  It has become an industry – find an ex-Arsenal player, wake him up, and ask him to criticise.

Of course some are decent and never say a negative word.  Dennis Bergkamp, Marc Overmars, Thierry Henry…

Maybe it is something to do with nationality (although not all non-English ex-Arsenal players are reasonable in their commentaries, just as not all English ex-Arsenal players are negative).   But whatever it is, it generates constant negative feedback as it seems to come from our “own community”, which gives added credence to this criticism.

Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion, however far it is from our own, and you can see some ex-players like Martin Keown doing their level best to keep getting the work (even if it does mean being an organ grinder with a monkey by your side) while trying to give some sort of balanced view (as the producer shouts in your ear, “say something controversial Martin or you are not on next week”.)

Yes everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there is a case where this has just gone far too far: Stewart Robson.

If ever there was an enemy within it is he.  We assume he is still employed by the club as a match commentator and summariser and hasn’t recently been sacked, but if he is still there, surely it cannot be right that he is allowed time and space on Arsenal TV while he spends most of his life undermining and criticising everything that Arsene Wenger and his team does.

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His commentaries on Arsenal TV are bad enough.  But every time he is asked for his comments on that terrible excuse of a radio station Talk Sport he never once has a good word to say about Arsenal, Arsene, or the players, the set up, coaches, or anything.  If he was asked to comment on the media centre or the quality of tea in the refreshment lounge I doubt that he would ever find a good word.

It is bad enough that men who we have cheered and given up our savings to watch will criticise and criticise and generally seek to undermine the club that gave them jobs – that just makes them look rather bitter, childish and spoilt.  But it is an utter disgrace than an Arsenal employee goes on a National radio station to slag off the respected manager of the club that employs him.

It would be good to know Arsenal TV’s and Arsenal FC’s view about this situation, and indeed if you have written to ask them and have had a reply, do please write to Untold to let us know what was said.

Certainly those of us who are employers would normally take action to stop an employee undermining the company for whom he/she works in this way.  There is freedom of speech, but when one of us (Tony) found a member of his staff writing negative things about his company on Facebook she was given a formal warning to stop it.

Generally it is part of a contract of employment that staff uphold the good name and reputation of the company and to contravene that would have been a sackable offence.

Quite what made these players – including Robson – so bitter is hard to see.  Certainly it is not love of the club.  Maybe it has something to do with the briefing that those producers give them.

“Attack Wenger, OK Paul.”


“Good boy, here’s your cheque.”

That’s how it goes, but really it is a sad reflection on the insight and ability of these men whom we once admired.

But as for Robson – this has just gone too far.

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69 comments to Why Stewart Robson should be given the sack immediately

  • micro west

    it seems in life if you cant do something you take a job as an analyst or commentator. in that way you get to criticize the coach who finished first when your team was relegated leading to your sacking.

  • RedGooner

    Glad someone finaly brought up Robsons name and those that write for the offical site sometimes make quite a few stupid comments in match reports etc….Mind boggling when you think of it.
    Then again so is the whole talking tactics and explaining to every other club how we play.

    Robsons sadly is like many of our fans…..We used to win doubles and titles all the time back when our manager was…….

    Oh, wait. It was Arsene Wenger then, too.

    Clearly someone should be watching issues like that, hard to believe we would have to hire someone to do it. nice article hopefuly they sack Robson and remove the talking tactics.

    Though they could also do with getting rid of song playing around in the boot room each week maybe if he was outside practicing it would be more benefical.

  • pedantic george

    100% agree.
    I would understand Arsenal employing him if his match commentaries were not such god awful monotone crap

  • bob

    Micheal and Tony,
    I agree with the prescription, but on different grounds that do matter. If, as you write, Robson is “the enemy within,” and he’s one of a spate of ex-Arsenal players with their nose in the anti-Arsenal trough, then you might want to provide some specific details to clinch the argument. Sometimes genuine whistle-blowers who do a public service by exposing a rotten company’s rotten practices need protection and deserve widespread respect. Now in no way would I categorize Robson as a responsible whistle-blower; nor is it my aim at all to defend him. But, on civil liberties grounds, I would neither say nor support the principle that criticism of one’s employer is in itself sufficient grounds for getting the sack. (To me, this is a purely business ownership can do anything it wants argument.) Now having said this, I’ve proposed a Robson Watch in the past. And from what I’ve heard (and wrote on UA) from Robson, as an in-game commentator during this pre-season, his comments were shocking and unfair and poured gasoline on the pyre; and for biased acts like those, he does deserve the sack. So I also share your outrage and sense of his being a wrecking-ball. But I also feel that the case for disloyalty or unfair bias should be based on showing detailed evidence, which is not done here. So I’d look forward to finding that in comments.

  • Stevie E

    To quote the very funny David Thorne – Opinions are like nipples, everybody has one. Some have firm points, others are barely discernible through layers, and some are displayed at every opportunity regardless of whether the audience has stated “I am interested in your nipples” or not. Cats have nineteen…
    Or Stewart Robson is a tit

  • bob

    Stevie E,
    Speaking tangentially of being a tit and disloyalty to the truth, this from today’s LeGrovel: “If you want to find out what we thought about the Transfer dealings of the summer, catch our thoughts on and Metro.” (For future UM reference.)

  • Stevie E

    Did you see my posting to you on “they’re out to get us” re. the Times’ deputy football editor whos been arrested for phone hacking?

  • Basically, fuck Talk Shite, fuck Ian Wright, he hates Wenger. I do think it funny that Redgooner thinks that other clubs would watch Talking Tactics to see how we play!

    Anyway for every Stewart Robson there is a Charlie George, for every Ian Wright there is a Kenny Samson, for every Samir Nasri there is a Thierry Henry. Let us not listen to idiots let us listen to true servants of this great ship called The Arsenal!

  • And_Arsene_Said...

    Quick mention here for ‘Romford Pele’ who does his best for Arsenal in his quite substancial media work. It must be difficult for him to stand pro Arsenal/Arsene in the face of a constant anti Arsenal tide from the majority of the media and, more disappointingly, a good many of our own fans who get taken into this media tide.

  • feetal

    it kills me when i reac some articles about some former arsenal players bashing the club that once put food on their table. its like biting the game that fed you. now Ian Wrong roots for aguero (who knws maybe he wants a role in city like the snake veira, ian, veira, tony adams, nasri, adebayo now bendtner. we heard what they said cocksuckers!!!! and those aint mean nothing!! but i knw they’ll one day eat their shit. . . RAW!!!!

  • feetal

    God knws i dnt support arsenal cos of laurel. its like marrying your spouse cosof luxury. what happens if they are not there anymore? John 16:22. peace out!!

  • Digger

    Where in this article does it say exactly what Robson has said?

  • Mandy Dodd

    Just do not know what the issue with Robson is, but you are correct, if he is employed by Arsenal, he should not be spouting his negative unsubstantiated tripe. Still I guess if Arsenal sacked him, any number of UK media outlets would have him.
    Wrighty – he is just bitter, it was Wenger who ended his Arsenal career. Wrighty must also be regretting persuading his QPR playing son to follow Chelseas money rather than the chance of development he was offered by Wenger.
    George Graham is more subtle, an Arsenal legend but easy to see why he does not really approve of Wenger.
    But as you say, Arsenal greats are leaping to defend Wenger, including our recently departed, Nasri surprised me a bit there, tho he did not seem too impressed with the board.
    Ijust switch off when I hear Robson these days, or turn the page. Take it he is still coming uot with his English defence / spine nonsense. Scottie Parker – Gawd bless im, he is the answer to all the worlds problems!

  • stuartlondon

    Absolutely agree with this article. I wrote to the club complaining about his unremittingly negative match commentaries for commercial TV, saying there was a clear conflict of interest between his role on Arsenal TV and his role as a freelance prophet of doom. I received no reply, unsurprisinlgy perhaps. I can’t now bring myself to watch him and turn off the sound if he is commenting on a match.

  • Ian Wright’s dislike of Wenger goes back to the cup final where Wenger didn’t play him, and played Chris Wreah instead.

    And we won.

  • stuartlondon

    So angry I can’t even spell unsurprisingly!

  • bjtgooner

    Assuming Stewart Robson is tied into a contract, sacking him would have to be carried out in accord with employment law, therefore as Bob has outlined, specific details would be required to instigate a successful disciplinary procedure.

    As Arsenal appear to have tolerated this gentleman and his anti-Arsenal commentaries for some time, the case for immediate dismissal is weakened, (unless a major new incident can be identified), therefore a procedure of successive warnings may be a safer route to follow; eventually leading to dismissal – or improved conducct; to avoid an unfair dismisssal claim.

    Alternatively, if the value of an unfair dismissal claim was considered manageable (and wortwhile)- the club could then go for immediate termination. (Kindly note, I am writing this comment not knowing the terms of Mr Robson’s employment).

  • Goonertone

    I think you are being a little unfair on Stewart Robson, Ian Wright and Paul Merson. Firstly these ex players are only echoing the thoughts of many Arsenal fans. I am a huge supporter of Arsene wenger and believe the man has performed miracles keeping Arsenal in the top four over the last few years while constantly selling our best players and buying cheaper and younger replacements but even I am starting to think winning the league is getting further away rather than closer. Even I have started to think how long until Van Persie, Wilshere, Walcott etc want to move on to win trophies?? Why is it not ok for ex players to be honest instead of towing the party line? Also just for the record Stewart Robson was on Talksport last season saying Arsenal would win two trophies. He believed we were going to win the carling cup and the league so he is not always negative but the team came up short last season and I for one do not think we are better this year so lets be honest and say we would all like to see Arsenal competing with the big boys, after all we were used to winning trophies not so long ago.

  • Gooner49

    I have to disagree with you on this. I find Stewart Robson refreshingly fortright in his analysis and commentary on Arsenal. I like the fac that if we have been a shambles in defence he says so.

    I must also say I really enjoyed his post match analysis of each game last season and am happy they seem to be continuing it this year. I must confess although I do watch a good amount of football I am not the most tactically astute and therefore I enjoy learning more about that part of the game.

    Ultimately I think it is a matter of personal taste. Everyone reacts differently to every result. Some people simply shrug off an 8-2 defeat, others pour over highlights and match reports looking for an explanation. Some people like “yes men” for whom everything is always rosy and others like a devil’s advocate.

    I think Robson might air his views a tad too much (I would rather no-one assosiated with the club every appeared on Talk Sport) but with his analysis and commentary I find that he is truthful and almost always ends on a positive.

  • Amr

    @ Red Gooner

    “We used to win doubles and titles all the time back when our manager was…”

    Herbert Chapman
    George Allison
    Tom Whittaker
    Bertie Mee
    George Graham
    AND Arsene Wenger.

    We won titles and championships long before Wenger came to town, we will win them again (I Hope) while Wenger is still in town and will continue to win them long after he is gone. One thing is beyong dispute, Arsene is our most decorated manager in history, and for that he will always be held in the highest regard with the utmost respect and i expect will remain in every Gooner’s heart.

  • bob

    The oldest bromide is “follow the money”: Have there been any past or present publicly-documented links, or regular appearances by Mr. Robson to anything Ruppie-owned: Sky, Sun, NOTW, Fox Sports, etc.? Is TalkSport part of the Ruppie-owned orbit?

    Also, imo, dismissal of Robson without cause would backfire badly on AFC in the gutter-red tops and anti-AFC radio and tele-media. Therefore, with bjtgooner, I think it’s key that comments start to specify what Robson has been saying that’s been destructive. And, if it’s not forthcoming in today’s comments, then perhaps UA should adopt a Robson Watch as a gathering place for postings that document Robson’s anti-Arsenal mouthings.

  • Shard

    I don’t really mind Stewart Robson. Yes he’s ridiculous at times, and should be told to tone it down. I don’t mind his criticisms as often they are fair. But sometimes he does go into Arsenal bashing mode. And though I think he understands and reads the game very well tactically, he has an absolute obsession with the high line that Arsenal play. He keeps talking on and on about it, and I think that is the ONE thing I hope he gets over.

  • Shard

    However..Talking about the media and Arsenal bashing. Since all of our 5 signings in the last 2 days were panic buys, Arteta is past it, and Mertesacker..Well our own Per Mertesacker headlines the match Poland v Germany (szczesny is a footnote). Mertesacker in poor defensive showing. Arsenal fans should be worried apparently. Because it doesn’t matter that the goal clips show the entire defense and especially the RB going AWOL, and the DM not tracking back, 101goals has for the first time (I think) put up video clips with an analysis of how bad one player was. (despite the fact that the clips say something else)

  • Shard

    Since they have already decided he’s not good enough, now they have to make it so.

  • bob

    In the interest of fair discussion, please offer up any (even one or two) of the pattern of positives that you say Robson’s been ending his analyses with. Also, does the sign-off outweigh the negative criticisms that he’s offered. I’d agree that a pure yes-man (we call the “homers” – home side cheerleaders) is worse than a waste of time and really can’t abide them. But can you honestly say that Robson’s been even-handed in this period of all-out media assault on everything Arsene and Arsenal, or has he been piling on? Any specifics would be welcome. From the TV commentary that I’ve heard this pre-season, I’ve found Robson sneering and unfair.

  • JP

    As Robson is employed by Arsenal, and is a very public critic of Arsene Wenger, it simply stands to reason that he is to a greater or lesser extent employed for that very reason. Just as he must respond to the threats of the radio producer you mentioned. It’s called “agenda”. The manager is being carefully slowly undermined.

  • bob

    As a follow up to your intriguing last sentence, yesterday, Peter Hill-Wood publicly stated to his Evening Star (is it? sorry.) that the AFC Board was happy with AW. Hopefully that’s not the proverbial vote of confidence (that conceals a kiss of death), but rather is a genuine statement of well-deserved solidarity with AW, who has been AFC’s flak-catcher for months on (no)end.

  • Shard

    Hang on..Did I miss something? What has Stewart Robson been saying now? Can someone please tell me what this is about?

  • Adam

    Regarding Merson. How could you take anything seriously that comes from the mouth of a man who admits to spending £7 million on gambling, booze and cocaine?

  • bob

    Not sure what JP means, but my add to it is to wonder what PHW meant with a statement reported yesterday. As the board only offers tea leaves, at most, so sections of the media ran with these statements and several commentators made of it what they would. They’re either hot air or nothing: but he took occasion, for some reason, to speak to his traditional mouthpiece, the Daily Star. It was picked up in several places including the fair and balanced Sky Sports in this way:,19528,11670_7154909,00.html
    In my view, it’s worth keeping on the media watch radar since PHW put it on the radar, for what it’s worth or worthless.

  • bc

    I remember robson once saying “i am not an arsenal fan” well that was enough for me. i dont have any pals that support other teams i have left jobs because the boss and fellow workers do not support arsenal there are members of my family i no longer have contact with because they are not arsenal and many a girlfriend has also bitten the dust. i dont listen to talk shite and i dont listen to too much punditry either especially from the likes of robson who is so clearly not arsenal.

  • Democracy freedom of speech thats what you voted for.

  • the font

    stew robson openly said on arsenal tv he was not a arsenal fan just an ex player there are many ex players who would love the job he has and support the club that gave them the times of there lives get rid and bring in someone who loves the club

  • FunGunner

    @ Stevie E
    September 8th, 2011 at 1:56 pm
    ha ha ha ha!

    Agree 100% with the article.

  • Laundryender

    Utter nonsense of an article, complete twaddle.

    1 why listen to talk sport if you don’t want to be wound up, it is what it does and how it generates its revenue.

    2. Stuart Robson on Arsenal Player gives unbiased and qualified opinion on tactics and technical issues, he is not Robbie Savage, and he is a pro level qualified coach who is articulate and insightful.

    3. Disagreeing with someone is fine, particularly when their opinion is qualified.

    4. Stuart Robson does not say things for the sake of it.

    5. I don’t listen to talk sport, it is radio for dummies but I am assuming he was scathing after Old Trafford and at our transfer policy or lack of it. If so, he is entitled to his opinion, and many will agree with it, including me!

    6. This is your platform, exploit it, as he did his, it is called freedom of expression, Cherish It!!!

  • critic

    If arsenal sack him :
    1) Media gonna criticize arsenal for sacking a person on the basis of stating ‘facts which are obvious to everyone'(sarcasm).
    2) He will get job as columnist/analyst in any newspaper or tv as media will have another clown to stir the shit and you know what people(AAA) will love to watch him.

    This really is a mess. No matter what arsenal does they are slated mercilessly.

  • Anne

    Good points in this article, I think.

  • chris from Cambridge

    Merson, McLintock, Keown, Wright, Graham and a good few more are Arsenal through and through. They are genuinely upset by some of the obvious blunders which have left their beloved club floundering. Also the beloved club of the supporters floundering.

    One or other has said :

    > Arsene has done great great things for the club and is a very good manager. But he is NO COACH

    > Arsenal are still good in possession but very average when the oppos. are in possession.

    > The back four are left over exposed by too many players charging upfield, losing the ball and then having no shape left by which to protect what is left of the defence.

    > The mix of youngsters/experienced players is wrong

    > The mix of skill/strength is wrong

    > The handling of transfers has not been good enough

    Any arguments so far ??????????

  • Passenal

    “It would be good to know Arsenal TV’s and Arsenal FC’s view about this situation, and indeed if you have written to ask them and have had a reply, do please write to Untold to let us know what was said.”

    I have written to the club to complain about him and received an acknowledgement of my complaint but I’m still waiting for an actual response to what I complained about. Your post has reminded me of this fact and promted me to follow up. I stopped subscribing to Sky because of their bias and it really pisses me off to pay my money to the club to get the same negative, whining commentary shoved down my throat.

  • Laundryender

    @ Passenal

    what exactly is your problem with Stuart Robson??

    I think it is a sign of strength to allow discourse.

  • Mandy dodd

    All I have heard from Robson before I stopped listening was parker cahill English spine Soooo layzeee.
    How is parker better than jack or Rambo? Cahill if he ends up here I will back him but how is he better than per at the moment? Robson buys into that little englander crap , he is an intelligent man with coaching badges but is he really being objective about arsenal? Robson is so within the conventional box, wenger is a genius who thinks on a different level to Scott Parker, he has to on our finances considering who we are up against. Robson may have his badges but will never coach a team who can beat barca Chelsea utd in a season, and on a shoe string, so to me he should shut it

  • Ugandan Goon

    @Chris from cambridge,
    Thanks for your comment as it highlights precisely why two faced twats like robson cannot be allowed to hold crucial positions within the club.
    All that you have listed is a lot of bull, precisely the sort of crap that wouldn’t stand up to a reasone analysis, i could take the time the time to debunk each of those statements but instead i will point you to countless articles on this site and a few other quality publications.
    There is a lot of shit clogging the airwaves, so that in the end all we hear is exactly the sort of myths over and over.
    My main gripe with someone like robson who is equipped with a lot of real access is that he shows real spinelessness in joining the hordes banging on the gates for change for it’s own sake, we do not need enemies with fuck wits like this working for us, there really is no excuse for people who should know better talking drivel especially when you put food on their tables.

  • Ed

    i totally agree! i get bits and bobs of barcelona tv, real madrid tv, chelsea tv, man city tv, and liverpool tv here in Hong Kong. and the biased commentary makes me laugh sometimes because it is so pro-Barca/real/chelsea/city/pool etc.

    but it is supposed to be… it should be commentary by a fan, for the fans. its supposed to see the positives in everything we do, and if there are times we lose… blame the ref or our wretched luck! when barca lost to arsenal, city lost to arsenal, real lost to barca… the commentators and analysts made it sound like really bad luck and the ref got all the decisions wrong!

    if he is being hired by arsenal, then he should be doing the same.

  • Ugandan Goon

    Good point, i remember us dropping points to sunderland last year, we could have won that game if the ref had gone to specsavers, alas he preferred te carpaks round old trafford. i was shocked to hear mr robson report a shove in the back by bramble on arshavin in less than robust tones- it all evens out etc, better professionals would have… i am sorry to report that i left the room to go outside and chase myself.

  • steww

    How any one can consider themselves an Arsenal fan and not be apoplectic with rage every time this imbecile puts his boot into our manager and players defies logic and belief.
    I play Stuart Robson cliché bingo while watching any game unfortunate enough to have him commentate. It isn’t as some have tried and failed to argue as if he presents a balanced and honest considered alternative assessment.
    He trots out match after match the same stuff. (Assume tone of disappointed outrage) “You can’t continue to hold a high line when there’s no pressure on the ball” Over and over and over again. Not once, literally never once, does he point out when that very same high line wins back possession quickly, throws our opponents back onto the defensive, maintains the pressure which ultimately wins the match.
    This is just one example. There are many. He doesn’t represent fans he tries to help idiots make up their minds against Arsene.

  • Laundryender

    so the majority decision is, any agenda so long as i agree with it.

    I thought the level of debate on this forum was higher than that.

    I enjoy listening to Stuart Robson because he enlightens me, and makes me question my own opinions. Long may it continue

  • Cornelius Ombagi -KENYA

    Tony and selly, you are very objective in this article .indeed there is what is called envy: Ian wright was great but he should know that his goal scoring record was broken by Theiry henry (TH14).PAUL MERSON WAS REALIBILTED WELL BUT COULD NOT MAKE RECORDS JUST…remember that there is no other team where ex players are very busy breaking the confidence and belief of players and supporters as it is the case for arsenal .THEY NEVER PROVIDE ANYTHING BUT “HALLOW EFFECT” . GRAY NEIVEL IS OBJECTIVE YET HE PLAYED FOR MU…. this must stop and ignored by all and sundry since there comments are not helping any body.If one of them if appointed in any capacity other the doing negative criticism they will never perform!! FOR ME I NEVER FOR ON CRITICIZING MY CLUB ARSENAL BECAUSE IT IS MY football BLOOD linkage!.. but have never failed to point at our few defenders who are very sloppy..JD etc.. In any case boldness is what make people great.. just play the good kids if you are good enough your are old enough..quality must prevail.. we want true gunners in all seasons.. please comment!

  • Chuckie

    I Robson is over the top but he does try to give constructive reasons, as for Merson I am ashamed I used to support him, he is a big mouth loser, I know he had drink and gambling problems in the past but to me he seems to have much greater problems he is the most negative person on TV apart from that idiot Robbie Savage, it is bad now, my total enjoyment of watching Arsenal on TV is spoilt, and watch the matches with volume now on zero, I can no longer watch any pre-match chat, BBC is bearable, but ITV, ESPN and SKY are atrocious, most of the commentary has nothing to do with the match, and they harp on about things that happen months if not years previously, a total obsession in criticism of Wenger or Arsenal. I am a Pensioner and cannot get to matches anymore, I Love Arsenal, but now watching Football on TV is totally spoilt by these biased uncouth unknowledgeable so caleed commentators/pundits.

  • ak47

    thanx for the read peeps. im finding it hard to believe arsenal are not aware of robbo which would imply they see no problem. i suppose there are many denominations of supporters. those who study the word-us etc and others who just follow and get annoyed when the route seems to be going around in circles. regarding tactics would it not be easy for a manager to just watch a tape. i would guess that most epl managers are decent enough to decipher with personnel to execute being the sticking point?

  • Goonerman

    I don’t find Robson annoying me with his objective comments; its Wrighty and Merson, two thickos who irritate.

  • FinnGooner

    I just can’t understand how you can work for some company and at same time go and say all the negative things about it in public. IF you don’t like the company then change the job (here Robson should quit Arsenal or stop critizising everything).

  • Ahsan

    Great article as always Sir. Spot on about Robson whom whenever I see on SSN makes me cringe as I know its going to be nothing but negativity. Peter Grooves and Paul Merson both make me sick but I am able to ignore them as they are pretty much ignorant to the truth. On the issue of Arsenal TV- why can they not be more like Liverpool TV or MUTV and actually glorify the club and spread the message to the millions of new fans worldwide that actually we are a great club to come and support. Hearing Robson would make any potential suporter think twice before supporting “a club in disarray”. Anyway have a great day all Gooners worldwide.

  • Shard


    While I agree with you regarding Robson and his take on the game (I think he reads the game very well tactically), I wouldn’t say I enjoy listening to him. For one, he is highly repetitive, especially about the high line. It’s like he can’t go without mentioning it every 5 minutes. Secondly, he sometimes take a less than accurate tone when criticising. He goes overboard and keeps criticising Arsenal even when not merited. Which is a pity because as I said, otherwise his knowledge of the game seems much better than the average pundit.

    However, I wouldn’t say it is a curb on free speech to demand some sort of loyalty from your employee. What some others have said about ManUTV, or CityTV etc is absolutely true. They don’t comment on the game as much as they are agents of propaganda. I don’t like it, and I don’t think I’d want Arsenal to go down that route. But that sort of thing CAN have a positive effect on the mood of the fanbase. Maybe, like I said, we shouldn’t do it, but surely, we should curb the negativity on our own channel. The same points that Robson makes can be made in a more positive and constructive manner. And please please let him get over the high line issue. We conceded the least goals from open play last season. The high line isn’t the problem and Robson needs to learn that.

  • Mandy Dodd

    On all things Arsenal and the media what do you make of the virtual media blackout since the Utd game?
    Nothing at all from Wenger despite the comings and goings. I know the AAA blogs take on this but is Wenger just on a break or have the club finally had enough of the UK media?
    And can someone please blackout S Robson?

  • Shard


    My comment isn’t showing and when I try and post it again it says duplicate comment detected

  • yob

    He should have been sacked years ago.He is just a stupid ego Robson.

  • I think Wenger agrees it was awful, but I am increasingly coming to the view that there has been a difficulty between him and the board over transfers and more importantly salaries. Since he can’t blame the board in public he has shut up.

  • Shard

    Mandy Dodd

    Arseblog today says that it is unusual that we don’t get even a in house interview on Thursday. Plus he rightly points out that the Arsenal TV editor is now always at Press Conferences asking the first 3-4 questions (something I remember thinking about but forgetting in the context of the PR work) Arseblog claims that “You don’t have to dig too deep to find journalists complaining that the access they used to enjoy is being scaled back considerably.”

  • Shard, if that’s the case, I can fully understand why. Arsenal gave journalists endless coverage, support, help and information. If you go into the media centre at the Emirates you see superb conditions for journalists to be fed and watered, plus a raised lecture hall for the interview.

    And what have they done? Abused all that Arsenal have given them by twisting comments out of context endlessly day and night. Why should Arsenal go on providing all this info, only for it to be abused.

    Better to say far less, and then let the media pack go hunt someone else.

  • Shard


    The second part of my comment was what wasn’t shown. I agree with what you are saying. I can only think of this as a positive step. SOMETHING needs to be done. I don’t know if this will help, but it was necessary. They have carried out unwarranted assaults for too long for the club to let them just get away with it. Hopefully it will force a rethink of their part, but I guess we’ll see.

  • bob

    Indeed, why would anyone want the let The Sun shine in at AFC when they’ve run and sponsored an anti-Arsene fan poll, published the “he’s the worst” results and it gets echoed and distributed around via e-shite like this:
    They are in the lead of the Arsene Out campaign, and they funnel the views and interests of background stringpullers, so AFC is right (as Don Fergus has done) to keep them out. They twist everything and will continue to do so anyway. Time for a Solar Eclipse and for some proactive counter-attacks because being nice and decent with the media wolfpack only convinces them that they’ve got you too wounded to fight back. We should do a counter-media something as fans. If people were waiting for a signal from AFC, perhaps this is that signal – we need to be the media.

  • One interesting point, and I say this very cautiously, is that there are just tiny hints that someone within the almighty Arsenal Towers is actually occasionally looking at Untold.

    I know that seems fanciful, and no one is getting carried away with this, but there are just little moments when something Mr Wenger says just seems so close to what was said here the day before.

    May be wishful thinking, but then I would have said it was impossible for the BBC to run its article about our match fixing pieces.

    And then there is the fact that people in Belgian FA knew very quickly indeed that Walter had been interviewed by the BBC.

    So, maybe, just maybe, Mr Wenger might be aware that people like us, who support him, are still out there, doing our thing.

  • Laundryender

    Re the high line

    Robson does not criticise the high line, it is not the issue he raises.
    Where he rightly shows concern is the back four holding a high line (which is fine we have lots of pace) and the midfield/ attack not pressuring the ball (which is fine as most English teams are full of donkeys who will eventually give the ball back to you) But, we cannot do both together. Robson is right to say “here we go again, high line no pressure on the ball, one run and Arsenal are exposed”. It is a fact, game in game out. We have to do one or the other. Robson is not criticising the high line, but the failure to squeeze play across the whole field. This is what Barca do, win the ball high up the pitch. Too many times we regain possession in front of our own goal mouth, or 18 yard line after a moment of frenzy and panic.
    I am increasingly aware of this as a result of Robsons commentary, I am grateful for his insight.

  • It’s obvious you’re mainly allowed on Talksport if you’re ready to condemn our gooner nation….Parlor has been class and refused to stoop that low. Stewart Robson has shown the heart & conscience of a 3rd world me & i’ll give ya quotes …sad!!!

  • Shard


    Robson DOES also criticise the high line. He can’t look past it at times. And about the valid criticisms he has about it, there is no need to go over it every minute. Does he put that level of scrutiny on any other team’s setup? Look at ANYBODY’s defensive set up that closely and you will find the same recurring ‘flaws’. Plus, whenever a team breaks through does not mean there was a defensive error. It happens. The fact that we conceded the least from open play last season suggests that the high line, complete with when to drop off and when to stay, works quite capably. The high line and how we play it isn’t as big an issue as he, or you make it out to be. Chelsea played a deep line last year and the number of last ditch tackles they had (which are usually termed brilliant) would frighten the life out of me if it were an Arsenal team doing that.

  • Rhys Jaggar

    I take the pot-induced opinion that Arsene has stated to the media that he has worked overtime for 6 years whilst Sir Alex had his camorra-style feud with the BBC.

    Now the old codger’s back on duty, Arsene’s decided to have a rest for a few weeks……..

  • Laundryender

    @ Shard

    both Stuart Robson (Uefa pro level coach, and ex professional footballer) and myself (just an ignoranus know all, like every other self opinionated twit on line) will clearly have to bow to your vast understanding of the game.

    You are of course correct.

  • bob

    You don’t need to go to the 3rd world to find parallels for Robson much much closer to home. I think that’s a bit of an insult to the 3rd world, mate.

  • Shard


    The pity is that you can’t seemingly take a strong opinion without resorting to sarcasm. And it’s not like I didn’t qualify my comments.. The article isn’t about Robson’s reading of the game (which I said he is good at), rather of his commentary (which I think is unnecessarily negative at times and focuses almost obsessively and repetitively on certain flaws)and whether Arsenal’s official site should carry such a tone. So do you have anything constructive to add to that, or are you just going to go down the Andy Grey route and Take a bow, son?