Welcome to the battle of the bankrupts

Tonights the big night.

The two most indebted clubs in the history of football, who between them owe over £1.5 billion and have absolutely no way of paying it back.

One of them the most notorious anti-footballing team of the present era, the other sinking deeper and deeper into the financial mire.

Meanwhile in the real world Arsenal continue with attacking football, signing the greatest young players – two more on their way today.

But does anyone notice?  No, of course not, they are hypnotised by debt.   The debt of football, the debt of three of the top four clubs, totally out of control and getting worse.

There’s more details in the article below.

4 Replies to “Welcome to the battle of the bankrupts”

  1. Great article i couldn’t agree more. Everyone else seems to forget that we are a great club that plays exciting football and is running at profit. We have such a great future ahead of us especially with the amount of young talent we have.

  2. Spot on. I love how Manchester United fans flaunt around like they’re truly the best club in the world. However, this of course may come as a total shock but they simply are not…Manchester United is the “luckiest” club in England and possibly the world. They are about £800 million in debt and rising and thats not counting the transfer fees of about £60 million. And no one sees silent Arsenal, smirking because we know we are and will be the true champions. Gooner4lyf

    “”- see referees

    referees-“I have Christiano Ronaldo as my desktop wallpaper.”

  3. Absolutely right on. Expect the Glazers to sell on the back of title win.

  4. if we dont get takenover by russian mobster then we will be debt free very soon and will have amazing buying power.So lads, we have fantastic
    future ahead of us.


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