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  1. John L

    good point tony!

    i have often wondered why clubs dont make agreements that every interview be shown in full on the clubs website, allowing the club to translate, if need be, for itself. that would allow us to reference the reality versus what the media are saying.

    i would also think that if the players trusted a certain media outlet for portraying them and their words correctly they might be more forthcoming with their thoughts. in my mind more insight into the game from players would sell more papers and get more ‘hits’. why is the media so convinced that truth would never sell?!?

  2. Ugandan Goon

    @John L,
    It is the old divide and rule tactic, Just don’t upset everybody on the same day, and you’re laughing.

  3. Anne


    Interesting points here, I think.

  4. wilshere

    good point. let there be moderation in what we say. football is a global sport and there is need for courtesy.

  5. bjtgooner

    Excellent article Tony.

    One of the most important factors in any company or business is honesty – more so than all the systems, spreadsheets or communications – basic honesty. Unfortunately the press and media have moved a long way from honesty; not just the tabloids who depend on sensationalism, but the supposed serious papers like the Guardian – especially in their coverage of Arsenal. While this is particularily disappointing to us, because Arsenal is wrongly maligned time and again, the papers (and media) constantly insult all the punters who suscribe to them – by repeatedly reporting fantasy as news – not a model for long term success.

    I have noticed at times that a story (not necessarily a factual report!)can often be repeated almost word for word in a number of papers – so much for competition! I am not sure if this sharing of virtual reality is a result of laziness or part of a deliberate campaign, but in the case of Arsenal, the end result is not dissimilar to that of an organised inter-paper anti-Arsenal campaign.

  6. Ugandan Goon

    i always feel guilty diverting traffic from this esteemed organ, so it is with some hand wringing that i point all to this little gem, i especially like the comments, gawd help us all.

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