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October 2021
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October 2021

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Untold Ref review: Sunderland – Chelsea 1-2

Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

By ref reviewer 04

After doing the high level Champions league ref review I watched the game between Sunderland and Chelsea. Ref on the field was Lee Probert. Was he of the same high level as his Italian colleague?

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
4 OTHER Ivanovic Bendtner NC Push in the back before the ball came in the air 0 0
6 OTHER Gardner ivanovic NC I had the impression he stumbled over his own feet, assistant gave a foul
8 OTHER NC Clear throw in for Sunderland given the other way 0 0
8 OTHER Bendtner ivanovic C Little clip of the foot 1 1
11 Meireles Sessegnon C Trip 1 1
14 OFFSIDE Bendtner C 1 1
16 OTHER Cattermole Anelka NC Anelka anticipated a foot coming out but the defender didn’t challenge in fact but he went down in style 0 0
18 GOAL Terry C From the resulting free kick Sunderland cannot clear the ball but they had the chance to clear it. So they could have avoided the refs mistake leading to a goal. I have to give it as a good goal 1 3
23 OTHER Colback Ramirez C Flying tackle from behind 1 1


Colback NC Ref gives a yellow card ? Should have been a red card. A flying tackle from behind coming from yards out is a tackle that should be banned from football 0 0
27 OTHER Bramble Sturridge NC Clear push in the back, refs gives nothing 0 0
30 OTHER Brown Anelka C Trip 1 1
30 OTHER Ramires Bendtner NC Push and trip 0 0
32 OTHER Meireles Sessegnon C Trip 1 1
38 OTHER Cattermole Anelka C Obstruction 1 1
38 YELLOW Cattermole NC Makes a gesture against the ref in disgust. Forgotten the rules already ref? this is a yellow card 0 0
39 OTHER Brown Mata NC Wild tackle once again. Advantage given but please come on this is an accident waiting to happen 0 1
39 YELLOW Brown NC This should have been a yellow card for such a wild tackle. This was dangerous 0 0
43 OTHER Larson/


Mata NC Clear push and trip on Mata not given 0 0
43 RED Bardsley Mata NC he just plants his foot in the back of Mata who went down from the fouls. Ref saw nothing… Disgusting and unbelievable 0 0
Half time 8 11
CORRECT 40,00% 40,74%
YELLOW 0 3 0,00
RED 0 2 0,00
GOAL 1 1 100,00
OTHER 2 5 40,00
3 11 27,27
OFFSIDE 1 1 100,00
Second half
48 OFFSIDE Anelka C Came back from offside 1 1
50 GOAL Sturridge C Correct goal 1 3
53 OFFSIDE Larson C 1 1
53 OFFSIDE Cole C 1 1
55 OTHER Ivanovic Larson NC Push with the arm 0 0
59 OTHER Larson Mereiles C Advantage given 1 1
60 OTHER Richardson Sturridge NC He was holding him by the arm. Ref gave nothing 0 0
68 OFFSIDE Wickham C 1 1
70 OTHER Ramires Bendtner NC Ramires missed the ball and took down Bendtner just outside the penalty area. Another miss from the ref 0 0
74 OTHER Terry Wickham C Bundles him to the ground 1 1
77 OFFSIDE Lampard C 1 1
82 OTHER Ivanovic Bendtner NC Push in the back 0 0
91 GOAL Sunderland C Correct goal 1 3
92 YELLOW Bosingwa C Time wasting correct card 1 2
2nd half score
TOTAL 10 15
% CORRECT 71,43% 78,95%
YELLOW 1 1 100,00
RED 0 0
GOAL 2 2 100,00
3 3 100,00
OFFSIDE 5 5 100,00
TOTAL 18 26
% CORRECT 52,94% 56,52%
YELLOW 1 4 25,00
RED 0 2 0,00
GOAL 3 3 100,00
OTHER 2 5 40,00
6 14 42,86
OFFSIDE 6 6 100,00
Correct calls For Chelsea 8 44,44%
For Sunderland 10 55,56%
Total correct calls 18
Wrong calls Against Chelsea 8 50,00%
Against Sunderland 8 50,00%
Total 16

Going from high to low is what crossed my mind during the first half. Until Chelsea had taken the lead he gave every decision he could in favour of Chelsea. Really amazing. After that he changed and just made a big mess of his game. Making mistakes at random.

Sunderland was kicking and doing some dangerous tackles and he ignored it at a few occasions without handing out the correct card. A lunging tackle from behind with both feet off the ground flying in like a mad man is a red card ref Probert. By letting that one go he later made it possible for Bardsley to plant his foot on Mata. Lucky the FA took action against this by now.

Also dissent was allowed in this game and if I remember correct also in another review (Stoke-Liverpool) our reviewer noticed the first crack in the anti-dissent campaign from the start of the season. So it took only 4 games to start the end of what looked a promising campaign.

The ref didn’t gave any specific advantage with all the mistakes he made at the end of the day. It was just a poor ref display. If it wouldn’t have been for the offside decisions his score would have been very low.

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I think if it would have been ref Rocchi for this game that Sunderland would have ended the game with a few players leaving the field earlier than expected. But on the other hand I don’t think he would have allowed those fouls to go on at all, like Probert did.

One word for the ref in this game: poor!

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5 comments to Untold Ref review: Sunderland – Chelsea 1-2

  • Donnyfan1

    Thanks for the report. The ref may have ben poor but was he consistent and did he bend the result? Looking at the figures- the answers seem to be ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. A consistently poor ref is better than a bender.

  • Kentetsu

    Shocking ref performance. I guess the second goal from Chelsea early in the second half saved him from a poor display in the second half. Sunderland stopped kicking around and made it easier for the ref to follow the game.

    As an aside, for the correct and wrong calls, wouldn’t it make more sense to mention the home team first and then the away team? That way, you can see right away that the home team in this case got slightly more correct calls, without having to look back who played home and who away.

  • walter


    we could do this.
    But the fact is that we follow the top 6 teams (MU, Chelsea, MC, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham) as much as possible. Therefore we normally place them first so we only need to change one name in the model.
    Of course when two of those teams play each other we have to make a choice.

  • walter

    Donnyfan1, you are right about that.
    The only thing is that the team that goes out to kick the opponents the most benefits most of a consistent poor ref. In this case Sunderland should have lost at least one player with a red card which would make it easier for Chelsea to win the game.

    But you are right that if the ref is consistent bad in the same way for both teams it is much better than a ref that is out to get you.

  • Johnny Deigh

    Thought Terry’s opening goal should have been disallowed. When Terry hit his first shot, his teammate came running in and grazed the keeper, knocking him down a bit. Terry hit the rebound into the net, but the keeper had been fouled.