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October 2021
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October 2021

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Untold Ref review : Fulham – Blackburn 1-1

Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

By Ref reviewer 04

As a little dessert we even have taken a game of some lower placed teams. The game between Fulham and Blackburn Rovers and the ref was Howard Webb. So we will have more numbers of this ref after this game. Which is always a good thing.

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
2 OTHER Dempsey Salgado NC Cought him on the ankle 0 0
5 OTHER Senderos ? C push in the back 1 1
12 OTHER Dunn Hughes C Wild challenge 1 1
13 OTHER Salgado Brian NC Push from behind 0 0
14 OFFSIDE Duff C 1 1
18 OFFSIDE Duff C 1 1
21 PENALTY Delgado Zamora NC Zalgado came in from behind in the back of Zamora. Clear penalty. Ref gave it the other way round??? 0 0
22 OTHER Blackburn fulham C Assistant called for holding the opponent 1 1
23 OTHER Knight Zamora NC Clear push nothing given 0 0
26 OTHER Rochina Sidwell C A bit wild challenge 1 1
31 OTHER Nzonzi Duff C Trip 1 1
32 GOAL Blackburn C Correct goal 1 3
37 OTHER Blackburn8 Zamora C push in the back 1 1
38 GOAL Fulham C Correct goal 1 3
39 OTHER Dunn Brian C Trip 1 1
40 OTHER Salgado Dempsey C Two footed frontal tackle 1 1
40 YELLOW Salgado NC Should have been a yellow card 0 0
42 OTHER Murphy Rochina C Late tackle 1 1
42 YELLOW Murphy C Breaking up a promising attack 1 2
43 OTHER Murphy B? C Hanging all over his man 1 1
Half time 15 20
CORRECT 75,00% 71,43%
YELLOW 1 2 50,00
RED 0 0
PENALTY 0 1 0,00
GOAL 2 2 100,00
OTHER 2 2 100,00
5 7 71,43
OFFSIDE 2 2 100,00
Second half
47 OTHER Rochina Riise NC Trip 0 0
48 OTHER Nzonzi Senderos NC Foul on defender should always be given 0 0
56 OTHER B25 C Handball 1 1
64 OTHER Zamora B? NC Clear push in the back with his arm. Ref gives a corner to Fulham 0 0
64 PENALTY Dann Hangeland NC Dann is holding Hangeland by his shirt so he cant jump up properly to make contact. He kept him by his shirt for a long time 0 0
68 OTHER B? Dembele C Trip 1 1
70 OTHER Hangeland Formica NC Ref gives advantage but this was just possession and not advantage 0 0
70 YELLOW Hangeland C Blackburn kick the ball out and the ref gives a yellow. 1 2
71 OTHER Formica Murphy C Push in the back 1 1
72 OTHER Petrovic Duff C Trip 1 1
76 OTHER Nzonzi Zamora C Clipped his heal 1 1
79 OTHER Duff B? C Came sliding in towards the opponent 1 1
84 OTHER Salgado NC Salgado kicks the ball in corner, ref didn’t see it 0 0
87 OTHER Salgado Zamora C Shirt pulling 1 1
87 YELLOW Salgado C Correct card but the explenation from Webb is ridiculous as he points at the field to indicate he made other fouls. Well mr. Webb his last foul was one hour ago 1 2
92 OTHER Schwarzer Hoilett C Schwarzer came out of his area and was late and cought Hoilett who headed the ball towards goal 1 1
92 YELLOW Schwarzer NC He stopped Hoilett from chasing the ball and a possible goalscoring chance as the ball was going to the goal line where a defender stopped it. Should have been red. As Hoilett has to be carried off and Blackburn made all their substitutions they have to play with one man less and Schwarzer can stay on the field? 0 0
101 OTHER Zamora Salgada C Push in the back 1 1
2nd half score
TOTAL 12 14
% CORRECT 63,16% 56,00%
YELLOW 2 3 66,67
RED 0 1 0,00
PENALTY 0 1 0,00
GOAL 0 0
OTHER 2 3 66,67
4 8 50,00
OFFSIDE 1 1 100,00
TOTAL 27 34
% CORRECT 69,23% 64,15%
YELLOW 3 5 60,00
RED 0 1 0.00
PENALTY 0 2 0.00
GOAL 2 2 100,00
OTHER 4 5 80,00
9 15 60,00
OFFSIDE 3 3 100,00
Correct calls For Fulham 12 41,38%
For Blackburn 17 58,62%
Total correct calls 29
Wrong calls Against Fulham 7 70,00%
Against Bolton 3 30,00%
Total 10

Well the only conclusion can be that he didn’t have the best game.  A score of around 60% on the important decisions is just not good enough.

Made a mess about two penalty decisions and certainly the first was ridiculous. He seemed to show a little bit of bias against Fulham during the game until the extra time. Then he forgot to give a red card when Schwarzer brought Hoilett down when he was going past the keeper outside the penalty area.

Far too many fouls from the ref in a game that was played in a rather good spirit and with not that many fouls, certainly in the second half.

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5 comments to Untold Ref review : Fulham – Blackburn 1-1

  • WalterBroeckx

    If I may point at the late incident between Schwarzer and Hoilett as it is very similar to the Walcott-Robinson incident in the extra time at Blackburn.

    Fulham game: Schwarzer came late and missed the ball. Hoilett headed it in the direction of the goal. Schwarzer brought Hoilett down. It was outside the penalty area but Webb correctly called the foul when the ball was saved from the line. And the game restarted with a direct free kick just outside the penalty area.

    Blackburn game: Robinson came late and missed the ball. Walcott pushed the ball in the direction of the goal. Robinson brought Walcott down. It was inside the penalty area. Ball is stopped before it can cross the goal line.

    So far the same story. But credit to Webb he punished the foul from Schwarzer and gave the free kick. The ref at Blackburn didn’t.

    It doesn’t happen that much that you have two almost the same incidents (and both involving Blackburn by the way) but with the refs dealing it differently.

    In this case Webb took the correct decision by giving the foul.

  • Kentetsu

    Nice comparison of the two incidents.

    Surprising that for the whole match Blackburn (the away team) have the ref on their hand, but that at the very end Fulham gets a big favour by not dismissing Schwarzer.

  • Phil

    On minute 40 – how can a two footed challenge ever be simply a yellow card? Surely two footed means it’s uncontrolled, and therefore dangerous play?

  • Reviewer 04

    Phil, this tackle was more a short jump and not a lunging tackle from far sliding in and with full force. Not the mad man tackle we sometimes get to see.
    The force was under control and therefore a yellow would have been enough.

  • Cheers reviewer, the wording just caught my eye as I hadn’t seen the incident, totally agree with your assessment from reading your comment.