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October 2021
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October 2021

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The Untold ref review : Blackburn – Arsenal 4-3

Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

By Ref reviewer03

The game Blackburn – Arsenal. Ref in charge was Marinner. Lots of debating points at the end of the day. Let’s have a more detailed look at his performance.

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
3 OTHER Formica Koscielny C Slid in on Kos 1 1
6 OTHER Yakubu Mertesacker C Caught Per with a high arm 1 1
8 OTHER Rocinha Santos C Trip 1 1
9 OTHER Hoilett Sagna C Late, clashed heads with Sagna 1 1
10 GOAL C Gervinho – goal okay 1 3
11 OTHER Nzonzi Arteta C Foul 1 1
13 OTHER Ramsey C Handball 1 1
18 OTHER Arteta Nzonzi C Trip 1 1
24 OTHER Petrovic C Handball 1 1
25 GOAL C Yakubu – played onside by Santos & Koscielny, goal okay 1 3
28 OTHER Ramsey Hoilett C Trip 1 1
29 OTHER Yakubu Sagna NC Shoved Sagna in front of Arsenal’s goal – not given 0 0
29 OTHER Yakubu Koscielny NC Yakubu tried a bicycle kick as Koscielny tried to clear the ball.  Arsenal should have been awarded a free kick for dangerous play, but Marriner gave Blackburn a corner kick.  That’s two fouls by Yakubu in quick succession deep in Arsenal’s goalmouth that went unpunished. 0 0
30 OFFSIDE Hoilett C 1 1
32 OTHER Arteta Formica C Foul 1 1
33 OTHER Nzonzi Ramsey C Nzonzi blatantly kicked/tripped Ramsey then kicked the ball away after the whistle. 1 1
33 YELLOW Nzonzi NC He obviously knew he fouled Ramsey, should have been booked for not allowing Arsenal to quickly take the free kick 0 0
34 GOAL C Arteta – goal okay 1 3
36 OTHER Formica Song C Holding 1 1
41 OTHER Song Hoilett C Obstruction 1 1
45+1 OTHER Gervinho C Handball 1 1
Half time 18 24
CORRECT 85,71% 85,71%
YELLOW 0 1 0,00
RED 0 0
GOAL 3 3 100,00
OTHER 0 2 0,00
3 6 50,00
OFFSIDE 1 1 100,00
Second half
49 OTHER Arshavin Lowe C Arshavin tackle from behind caught him on the knee before nicking the ball 1 1
50 GOAL C Song – Own Goal 1 3
52 PENALTY Samba Mertesacker NC Mertesacker was in a great position to head the ball from a corner and was pushed with two hands. 0 0
54 OTHER Hoilett Djourou C Hoilett caught Djourou in the boot as he tried to clear the ball 1 1
54 YELLOW Hoilett NC Hoilett was a bit late and the challenge was dangerous – should have been booked 0 0
54 OTHER Lowe Arshavin C Lowe throws Arshavin to the ground and Formica boots the ball away just after the whistle. 1 1
54 YELLOW Lowe NC Either Lowe should have been booked for the rugby tackle on Arshavin or Formica for time wasting 0 0
57 OTHER Song Olsson C Advantage played 1 1
57 OTHER Djourou Hoilett C Djourou pulled him back to stop him going towards goal 1 1
57 YELLOW Djourou C Easy booking considering Song might have booked for the earlier challenge. 1 2
59 GOAL NC Yakubu was offside – should have been disallowed. 0 0
66 OFFSIDE Djourou C 1 1
67 OTHER Dann Walcott C Tripped Walcott to try to stop him going past 1 1
67 YELLOW Dann C Intentional foul deserves a booking 1 2
67 OTHER NC Marriner set up Blackburn’s wall less than 10 yards (roughly 7.5 to 8 yards) 0 0
69 GOAL C Koscielny – Own Goal 1 1
70 YELLOW Olsson C Booked for going into the crowd after goal 1 2
76 OTHER Chamakh Givet C Chamakh unfairly pushed Givet to win the header. 1 1
77 OTHER Petrovic Arteta C Obstruction 1 1
78 OTHER Ramsey Olsson NC There was no contact. Olsson tripped over his own feet – wrong call 0 0
80 OTHER Hoilett Ramsey NC Hoilett went through Ramsey to win the ball – not given 0 0
80 OTHER Hoilett Arteta C Hoilett held Arteta’s shorts 1 1
81 OTHER Nzonzi Gervinho C Obstruction 1 1
81 OTHER C Walcott tried to take a quick free kick, but not from the spot of the foul – correctly called back 1 1
85 GOAL C Chamakh – Goal okay 1 3
87 OTHER Petrovic Ramsey NC Ramsey was being absolutely mugged by Petrovic – not given, no advantage signalled though Arsenal did retain possession 0 0
89 OTHER Djourou Yakubu C Foul 1 1
90 OTHER Petrovic NC Raised boot – not given 0 0
90+2 OFFSIDE Vukcevic C 1 1
90+3 OTHER NC Robison kept the ball from crossing the line, Arsenal incorrectly awarded a corner kick. The 1st incorrect decision to go against Blackburn all match 0 0
90+3 PENALTY Robinson Walcott NC Robinsons threw himself at Walcott in an attempt to stop the ball or Walcott. He didn’t get the ball at all but stopped Walcott from running further and brought him down. A clear penalty 0 0
2nd half score
TOTAL 20 27
% CORRECT 64,52% 58,70%
YELLOW 3 5 60,00
RED 0 0
PENALTY 0 2 0,00
GOAL 3 4 75,00
OTHER 0 3 0,00
6 14 42,86
OFFSIDE 2 2 100,00
TOTAL 38 51
% CORRECT 74,51% 68,92%
YELLOW 3 6 50,00
RED 0 0
PENALTY 0 1 0,00
GOAL 6 7 85,71
OTHER 0 5 0,00
9 20 45,00
OFFSIDE 3 3 100,00
Correct calls For Blackburn 17 45,95%
For Arsenal 20 54,05%
Total correct calls 37
Wrong calls Against Blackburn 1 7,14%
Against Arsenal 13 92,86%
Total 14

A lot of wrong calls against Arsenal, in fact the only wrong call against Blackburn was a mistake by the linesman. Maybe even he thought it was enough?

Ref Marinner who ended our title hopes last year with the softest of penalties, didn’t give Arsenal a clear penalty on two occasions in fact.

A very low score on the important decisions with all the wrong calls going against us. The not given offside when Yakubu scored his second was the fault of his linesman but they are getting judged as a team so the ref as the person in the middle gets the blame for this.

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28 comments to The Untold ref review : Blackburn – Arsenal 4-3

  • bjtgooner

    Excellent review. I agree with it almost entirely, but would like you to clarify two points: –

    1. Minute 49, my impression was that Arshavin tackled Lowe from the side, not from behind, and did catch the ball first. It was hard to see and my recorder is not good on slow speed, but it did seem to be ball first.

    2. Minute 78, Olsson apperaed to dive rather than trip over his own feet. He was already on a yellow, did Marinner “chicken” out from sending him off?

  • beck

    tickets are on general sale for our game with shrewsbury from 10pounds[5 for kids and pensioners]

  • WalterBroeckx

    First of all: sorry for the late appearance of this article. Our ref reviewer did an excellent job in sending it over very early to me.
    Unfortunately I had to leave early for my own match (score 9/10 😉 ) and then had some other family obligations so I couldn’t put it on line earlier.

    about the Arshavin tackle (I haven’t seen it on replay to be honest) but from what I seem to remember he did make contact with the ball but certainly also with the knee (I think) of the player. For me it looked like a foul at the moment.

    I’m not sure if the ref would have given it, if it wouldn’t have been for the linesman though….

  • Marcus

    A depressingly familiar tale eh Walter?

    I’ve really given up following football I’m afraid.

    It’s all a scam

  • bjtgooner

    @ reviewer 03

    Apologies for coming back again, there was one further incident which I meant to ask you about. There was a severe tackle on Sagna by Dann, I didn’t see it mentioned above, no foul was given by Marinner, but it did lead to Sagna later having to go off. It looked like a deliberate foul to me.

  • Sagir waziri kano

    This is medicine aftr aftr death. Arsenal is not always lucky with referees. Lets look 2 mother luck that next time it may be our turn to laugh at the peril of others. We must remain forcussed and mentally resilient.(Gunner for life and last man standing).

  • Ref Reviewer 03

    @bjtgooner – Regarding the Arshavin incident, he was about a step behind. You can see in this photo, Arshavin has hold of Lowe’s arm:
    And here there is contact on the knee only a slight fraction of a second before Arshavin nicks the ball.
    A lot of refs might say that it was an okay challenge because the contact with the player occurred nearly at the same time as the contact with the ball. However the linesman called it, and I cannot really say he was wrong to do so.
    @the Olsson incident in the 79th minute:
    Olsson won the ball and tried to change directions. His left foot came across and behind his right foot and he tripped himself up:
    I believe this was accidental on his part and wasn’t meant to deceive the ref with an intentional dive. Yeah, I know, Eboue used to get booked for this kind of thing all the time, but like I said, it appeared to be accidental and not worthy of a 2nd yellow.

  • Ref Reviewer 03

    @btjgooner – regarding Dann’s challenge on Sagna,
    It was something I was looking at as to whether Dann came in using too much force. When I watched it live, I thought it was a bad tackle worthy of a yellow, but ultimately after looking at it again, Sagna had knocked the ball a bit ahead of him and out of his control. Both Dann and Sagna were coming at the ball from different angles, and in my opinion Dann played the ball, not the player. It was a hard committed tackle but also an honest attempt to play the ball, and so I left the incident out of the review, allowing the ref’s judgement to take precedence. Mind you, if the ref had called it the other way, I would have respected his judgement in that case too.

  • Ref Reviewer 03

    @btjgooner – I’ve also commented on your first post, but that particular post of mine is awaiting moderation.

  • Kentetsu

    At minute 54, shouldn’t there be two entries for a yellow card? I figure both Lowe and Formica should have received a yellow card. And shouldn’t Robinson be booked as well for his late lunge on Walcott?

    Dogface’s ref preview already showed that Marinner isn’t one to hand out cards easily and this ref review confirms it. Although, (un)surprisingly, at the first opportunity an Arsenal player – Djourou – got a yellow, while three Blackburn players escaped before. I would say that in this match, the ref did all he could to prevent Arsenal taking any points.

  • Ref Reviewer 03

    @Kentetsu – Regarding the 54th minute rugby tackle on Arshavin, one booking would have been enough. If he books Lowe, then Formica’s kicking the ball away wouldn’t have mattered because the ref would have been stopping play anyway to book for the earlier offence. I do find it surprising that he didn’t book one or the other.
    Regarding Robinson tripping up Theo, a penalty kick would have been punishment enough, well, if it had been given.

  • Ref Reviewer 03

    Dog face often talks about how strange things can happen with these early kickoff’s. The ref scored highly in the first half. He was dreadful in the 2nd half.

  • WalterBroeckx

    A bit of a Dowd at Newcastle story? A reasonable first half and suddenly a very poor second half.

    Oh by the way reviewer03 great that you added the links to the pictures in the comment section. It was what I had somewhat stored in my memory and saw confirmed with the images now.

    And I think the record has been broken about the wrong calls. If it wouldn’t have been for the linesman in extra time we would have had a score of ALL wrong calls going against us. That would have been 100%. And this is a number that is scaring. Far more scaring than scoring two own goals in one game. I can never remember such a thing in my Arsenal days before and probably (and hopefully) will never again so I think this will be a once in a lifetime.
    But the fact that the ref made mistakes (okay the he is human part) is not that bad but the fact that he made all the mistakes against Arsenal… well this is something to worry about.

  • Rich_Fryer

    Olsson @ 78 looked like a dive to me, and to my son (a Man U fan :{ ) who thought he saw a smirk on Olsson’s face after ‘winning’ the foul. Robinson doesn’t get the ball at the end and takes out Theo when he’s clear on goal – seems like a certain Yellow to me as there was a defender back to clear off the line.

  • Cornelius Ombagi -KENYA

    Any all this analysis wont change anything .it is not worthwhile to be told yet the truth is that our defence was very poor and again djrourou the main culprit. forget about own goals. the first one was due to the inexperiened keeper and poor communication with song. it was a ball for the keeper because it was a deliberate back pass using his body? kozenellyyy… of course poor defending by him the fundamental is that every player near his own goal should first have minimum awareness about his positioning and the goal posts.. otherwise they have no bushiness

  • Wasiu

    Great review, the ref always seem to think hard before awarding arsenal anything but was quick to give it when it favoured them

  • WalterBroeckx

    Cornelius, it wont change anything in the past. But we will be able to see clearer at some things.

    In a way you could say all that analyzing which defender did wrong then at that moment and player X is to blame for that goal and player Y is to blame for that goal wont change anything.

    In a way any analysis wont change anything anymore. Oh my god, we are just doing some useless things…

    Does anyone know the meaning of life? 😉

    Serious now: The more numbers we gather the more we will be able to see how things work with the refs. When looking at the data I sometimes see strange things you know. But the season is still too early to draw any conclusions. But if some trends are confirmed in the next weeks together with the data from Dogface you could have a clear look at the impact of refs.

    Dogface has the numbers on who does what. If the ref reviews continue like this we will also have the numbers on how they do it.

    And yes at the end of the day it will change nothing in the past. But we have to look at the future you know. And maybe when we see the lines (I think I can start to see with some refs and if they get confirmed in the next weeks/months) we can point at some things in the future.

  • FinnGooner

    Good job once again. About Sagna going off he tweeted about “dead leg being painful” so that was most likely reason he got off.
    Walter I agree that 100% wrong calls during 90 minutes (that one was in injurytime) is really scary and it shows thatsomethng is very wrong.
    I did read in twitter someone else mentioning Olsson smirking after the foul was given.

  • WalterBroeckx

    every bad thing has a good thing and so this number was so exceptional it got me starting in digging at more numbers and you will be able to see the fruits of my labour and digging in the next days. 😉 Oh no that smiley is not because of what I found… 🙁

  • It just shows again the tiny amount of football that other people watch. If you sit down and actually watch (through gritted teeth if necessary) a ManUre match, you will see defenders out of position, being skinned/beaten in the air but this isn’t commented on.
    Why? Because either they are two dodgy goals up by this point or the defender can get away with a yellow worthy tackle without fear.

    Apparently our own players are calling for a specialist defensive coach, no idea of the veracity of that story but if true it sounds like exactly the sort of thing true supporters want to hear.

  • Stevie E

    Excellent point, I though Samba was crap on Sat but none of the commentators or reporters will ever admit the man they’ve been pushing on us all summer was outclassed against us. No, instead lets focus on Merty getting turned! It’s a shame for them that Szcznesy made a save or they would’ve been tearing him apart.

  • jbh

    Excellent analysis again. But….. you really MUST put these reviews onto an independent website, otherwise it will always just be Arsenal fans moaning. A separate website gives the opportunity for others to get involved in putting pressure where it should be put. But an Arsenal blog will have nil credibility, sorry to say it but its a fact and will detract from all the other good work being done.
    Also the language of the reviews must always be neutral and avoid any sarcasm (usually pretty good, but sometimes slips in).

  • bjtgooner

    @ Ref Reviewer 03

    Many thanks for your answers.

  • Laundryender

    An Excellent review

    However it does not take away from the fact that we as a ream invited Blacburn back into the game, onve they realised that all they had to do was put in effort our time was up.

    The first thing you have to do on a football pitch is match the other teams committment, it is true in any sport. Sadly we did not do that, and it is a sad indictment that it is not for the first time. The ref was poor, we were equally so

    Well done reviewer a first call report

  • Notoverthehill

    A good review.

    BUT, the Arshavin v Lowe incident. Looking at the still I would say that Arshavin was pusing Lowe as Lowe quite obviously was handing off Arshavin in the first instance? In my view this frequently happens in the English Premier League. Time and again one can see this rugby handoff being allowed.

    My two farthings worth!

  • Strus

    Arsenal was awarded another incorrect corner in the 2nd half, when a shot got deflected from van Persie.
    From my memory there was a period in 2nd half, where nearly all decisions where made wrong- terrible refs

  • Goonerboyz

    Dear bjtgooner.
    How can we see this review in other sites or blogs, because posting it only in arsenal blogs doesn’t really make much sense,it won’t bear much needed fruits… us to post it in other sites where others can see and read it so that entire world can hear us cry.Thanks

  • I’ll say it again. Time for an arsenal blloggers association. Time to get other team blogs involved.