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Arsene Exposes Media Campaign to Oust Him – Media don’t report it

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By Walter Broeckx,

With many thanks to Anne for writing and sending an important update in the fight.

I know I am not part of the Media Watch team that is doing a great job on this site. But Anne who is writing most of these articles has written to me a very important part of the press conference that Arsène Wenger gave after the Bolton game.

And this quote is completely in line with the findings of our Media Watch team and with what I noticed since this week. We have been saying that there is a major media campaign and run by almost every newspaper in the Uk to drive Wenger out at Arsenal. They have been trying to paint Wenger as a senile fool. In fact they have used words that if I translate them in my mother language are words that could be used to go to the court and ask for the one who writes those words to get convicted for slander and libel.

Because in my country writing on numerous occasions that a person is a fool is something that is considered not done. Certainly when the person who writes it has no medical background and hasn’t examined him as a patient. And when a doctor has examined him as a patient he cannot speak about what he found unless he is forced to do this in court. So I must say that I really felt sick about how Wenger has been described by some journalists. From now on I will call people who do this as “whorenalists”.  Just like a whore they sell themselves to those who pay them to do what they want. In fact come to think of it for any whore who feels offended by this comparison : my apologies.

But coming back to today and the press conference the following things were said by Wenger and a whorenalist:

Q: Arsene did you receive a call from Inter Milan over the past week?

Watch Arsenal Live Streams With

A: I won’t say that to you now. Anyway, I think in one thing: you were consistent in wanting to get me out and I was consistent in wanting to stay in and to show my commitment to this club and so we have both been consistent.

Q (mumbles) I never wanted to get you out..unclear…

A: What?

Q: I never wanted to get you out, Arsene.

A: (with sarcastic smile) Oh, thank you.

I think this part of the press conference is showing a few things. And I will not go too deep in the fact that somehow I ask myself if it is any coincidence that since we have been starting this Untold Media Watch and have showed in a few articles how bad some reporters have been treating Arsenal and Arsene Wenger.  I really cannot but wonder if it is any coincidence that since a few days we have been noticing that Arsenal is finally fighting back against this.

Like Anne and her team have showed in their last article which you can read here it looks as if Arsenal and by the person of Ivan Gazidis have started the fight back.

But maybe they found themselves at Arsenal that enough is enough and that now was the time to kick back.

But what it certainly shows is that what we have been highlighting at Untold Arsenal is acknowledged by Arsenal and they feel the same about it. They don’t want to just sit there and get slaughtered by the media.

And most of all our manager Arsène Wenger has himself in an article on Arsenal. Com which you can read here where he has said that he can take the bullets himself and that he will not be affected by it. But he also warned in this article that he is old and wise enough to deal with such rubbish but that this could affect the younger players at Arsenal who are not used to being slaughtered by the media like him.

In fact this again shows that Wenger isn’t bothered by what those whorenalists write about him as long as he doesn’t feel that it could have an influence on the players.  And when he fears it could have an influence he will fight back against it. Not for his own person. No because for his love for this great club which we all love.  And he also loves this club. Maybe more than anyone else will ever realise.

I think it is great to see that Arsenal is fighting back against the whorenalists.

I think it is great to see that Arsene Wenger is fighting back to protect his young players from the abuse they suffer by some whorenalists in their attempt to drive Wenger out at Arsenal.

I think it is time for all and every Arsenal supporter to join the battle from Arsenal and Arsène Wenger.  Let us forget who that you wanted Arsenal to buy this summer. Let us forget that Arsenal let Cesc and Nasri go this summer.

But let us get behind our players. Because these players are Arsenal for now. Let us start a campaign and write mails to companies who sponsor this media campaign by advertising in those newspapers. Let us just say that we don’t like the fact that they advertise in newspaper X because of the way they have been writing about Arsenal, their players and their managers. Let us write in and say that the chance is very real that we will boycott their products if this continues.

Companies don’t like such letters or mails. And if they receive one letter then they will shrug their shoulders. But if they receive ten of such mails or letters then they will start noticing it. And if they should receive hundreds let alone thousands of such mails or letters they will act. And maybe they will let the media know that they don’t like losing money for advertising in newspapers that are doing such things.

And maybe this would help the media in backing off a bit and giving us what we deserve. I’m not saying that they can’t be critical about Arsenal when it is appropriate.  But the campaign we have seen is too much.  I don’t know if we can start such a campaign on our own. I don’t know if some people could write a letter and if we could identify companies who we can write to. But maybe if all the blogs would support this fight back we could send several thousands of letters to those companies and this could have a result.

But for now we could just back up our club, the player and the manager against this vicious attack from the media. And just like on Tuesday I heard my Russian (I guess) match commentator getting silent a few minutes before the end of the game and I could clearly hear the sound of the Emirates signing and supporting our club AND our manager: “One Arsène Wenger, there’s only one Arsène Wenger. One Arsène Wenger, there’s only one Arsène Wenger”.

Let us make sure that it is our board that decides what happens at our club, not the whorenalists. I could have had my club ran by many people but NEVER THOSE WHORENALISTS. NEVER THEM! NEVER!

74 comments to Arsene Exposes Media Campaign to Oust Him – Media don’t report it

  • WalterBroeckx

    Thanks Anne for your mail!

    Really important words from Wenger in his press conference. Really important and words every Arsenal supporter should know about

  • Mahdain

    and once again a big thumbs up to anne and untold media watch guys are doing a fantastic job

  • Bode

    I live outsid England but i think the media are also using some unsuspecting Arsenal fans.

  • Sani Ghana

    This Is The Time To Be A True Gunner. Truely, In Arsene We Trust

  • Mahdain

    its as if we cant do anything right..just look at all this negativity even though we actually won..i mean seriously they are pathetic

  • bjtgooner

    Good article Walter. It is good to see Arsenal and Wenger fighting back against the media; but I also think Untold Arsenal and Untold Media are starting to score some goals as well!

  • A grimsby town writer cautions that we have no idea what a crisis looks like and we should be grateful for what we have. I must say, though that the tone of most blogs has changed dramatically in the last couple of weeks. gooner daily highlighted the story on his blog and he can be reached at

    It’s time to bell the cat Walter. The arsenal blogs must be brought into the media fightback loop and the best place to start is by developing a mailing list and sending them. I have found four email addresses so far. who’ll find more?

  • bob

    Arsene, Walter, all,

    Bravo Arsene, we have your back!

    Bravo Walter, your call to action is so welcome! And your deep passion and conviction bring tears of joy.

    Bravo Anne, it’s great that you have brought Arsene’s words into the spotlight. (For our reference: How can we determine which specific jorno Arsene was speaking to, who denied he was trying to sack Arsene?! What a fantastic moment! THIS is fightback.)

    Why not have us start to identify and suggest various blogs to contact and the editors and publishers and advertisers to contact by offering links and emails…

    May truth prevail!

  • Prasanna Veeraraghavan

    The best way to start would be to have someone in Arsenal find some media guys may be give them some kind of incentives and start writing good about Arsenal. For the starters we write what the truth is and there is nothing bigger than getting goodies for writing the truth.

    May be this can include something from us here on and off and also the same can be used for pinpointing the anti Arsenal or anti Arsenal campaign or mudslinging that is going out there.

    Blogs really do not mean much as their direct and indirect consequence is only on the fan as they are usually mostly visited and patronised by only fans. But media articles do mean a lot and its high time someone has some regular articles going in for us.

    Then there can be our emails and other forms of activities that will pinpoint the flaws and the depleted standards of the media when it comes to Arsenal.

    Of course emails are an effective way to communicate and if you do in tens or hundreds you surely will be heard but when someone in the club starts communicating directly then its something else. It could be some ex Arsenal Player with a good record doing the write ups to start with but sadly most ex players whom I have seen are more anti Arsenal than the media.

    @ Anne, Walter and guys I really appreciate the enormous hard work you guys are putting in and its really sad that am not able to contribute on your lines and I believe the effective turnaround is just across that corner and we will soon kick some pretty big asses.

  • bob

    You write “most ex players whom I have seen are more anti Arsenal than the media” — Likes beasts, they are feeding at the anti-Arsene trough, for they know that it ha$ been a gravy train.

    Two days ago, Stuart Robson, interviewed on TalkShite, called Arsene “a dictator” – one of the media talking points. Robson’s words: “a dictator” As they say, where I live, for this “I would fire his sorry ass.” I’m for free speech and whistle blowing. But this is (sorry Adam) vicious enough, coming at this time, to merit his being shown the door. Let him feed at one trough — theirs, not ours!

    Does anyone know/remember that Ian Wright had been awarded an MBE – he’s been elevated on high and so, from such a lofty perch, he has feelt so free (perhaps obligated to) continually violate Arsene/Arsenal.


  • bob

    Paul Hayward is the name of the Guardian blogger who, after our victory over Bolton, spews forth his customary anti-Arsene/Arsenal bile under this lurid Headline (please note, Rhyss Jagger):

    ‘Arsenal Cannot Escape Conviction Deficit”

    Indeed, “le thread” must remain lost — or Hayward & cohorts will lose their meal ticket.

    This headline intends to destabilize AFC.
    This headline intends to continue to sow doubt among fans
    This headline intends to prevent AFC from starting to gel.
    This headline intends to keep the media boot on our neck.

    Like David Hytner and Paul Wilson and Richard Williams, Paul Hayward, (“fourth horseman of the apocalypse”) continues to feed at the Anti-Arsenal Trough. One of the Gang of Four that ensure the unimpeded flow of the polluted revenue stream that, ALAS!, has become today’s Guardian Football department.

  • Anne


    Call for opinions and/or advice:

    This comment is an email that I already sent to Walter, but after further though, I thought the issue I’ve raised here would best be opened up for public discussion. I’d really like to hear what all of you think about this:

    “one major issue that I’ve noticed. Basically, as I read this comment, ARSENE WENGER HIMSELF has now accused the media of targeting him to force him out of Arsenal. And that’s pretty major news for the club, in my opinion, and definitely something that fans would want to know.

    But here’s the problem: Give you ONE GUESS who’s chosen not to cover it (hint: the accused :))Basically, I only found this comment because I watched the press conference on Arsenal Player. Since then, it’s turned up buried at the end of a few match reports, and nowhere else. Not a single headline on goonernews. No Arsenal blogs. Nothing.

    So, I’m thinking that we should probably do whatever is in our power to prevent this story from disappearing before anyone hears about it. I’m trying to think of ideas on how to do that, but one thing I think we should definitely do is change the headline to something that will draw this story to the attention of people reading at goonernews.

    So, I guess that would mean something attention-grabbing and that makes people aware of the nature of the comments. The best thing I thought of is “Wenger Accuses Media of Campaign to Force Him Out,” but I don’t think it’s all that good.

    Does anyone else have any headline suggestions? What do you think about this issue in general? Thanks.

  • sniper

    I want to start by thanking Anne and Walter foя bringing this evil plot against our precious club and manager to our knowledge, and without writing much …PLEASE HOW/WHEN DO WE START D FIGHT BACK cos i really can’t wait to take food outta d mouth of some whorenalists so they can starve to death..haven said that, @anne what about ‘AVENGING WENGER’ or ‘WENGER’s REVENGE ON JOUR/WHORENALISTS

  • Cape Gooner

    @Mahdain, bob

    From the Guardian article – “Mikel Arteta, a grand player, took a pay cut to join this show and is already betraying frustration, though his contribution remains high.”

    Has anyone noticed Arteta betraying frustration? Is this made up? Did Arteta say something that could be misconstrued?

  • Anne

    @Cape Gooner:

    I haven’t noticed Arteta betraying any frustration.

  • Gooneraside

    Yes, Walter and Anne, I agree with you whole-heartedly.

    But just remember what those whorenalists (lovely description) forget: that in medieval times, the fool was in fact the cleverest person in court – often the real power behind the throne. Maybe not only in medieval times, eh? 😉

  • the font

    the problem can be solved by our fans follow suite at what the fans did at old trafford one of the proudest momments of following arsenal home and away since 1968 when things were not going well we started to sing when they got worse we sang louder
    there fans started to get annoyed they could not understand some of the arsenal fans stood on there chairs chanting we love you arsenal we do over and over again the man next to me on the way out told me he had tears in his eyes and had been overcome buy the unity of the arsenal fans man woman and child
    arsene wenger is the greatest underfunded manager of all time
    but more importantly he is the arsenal manager wheather you like him or not the abuse he is receiving from the media is destroying arsenal talk sport hayward and all the pond life
    that have tried to turn us against ourselves must be stopped
    one way to do this win or lose get behind arsene let the media make fools of themselves when every arsenal fan is chanting
    ONE ARSENE WENGER THERS ONLY ONE ARSENE WENGER it will be them who are losing there jobs

  • Megakliq

    Well, it is clear that Paul Heyward’s mother was raped by her brother and he is their abomination or else, he would not be writting this.

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    I note with barely surpressed glee that Owen Coyle and Sam Allardyce have come out in support of Wenger and this hasn’t received much press coverage for obvious reasons. Coyle probably wants players in January and Allardyce is enjoying the benefit of being able to call upon the skills of Lansbury, who seems to be an integral part of the West Ham team already.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Even Fergie has also come out in support of Wenger Woolwich P., although the anti arsenal see this as an indication he no longer sees wenger as a threat.
    Had to laugh at Hansen on MOTD, as RVP officially becomes an Arsenal legend, AH berates his leadership abilities and says he should not be captain.
    Alan, it was over 20 years ago, you just have to let it go!! I am sure you play that over and over in your mind but its done and dusted, unless you have been following recent scientific data and believe you can go back in time.
    As for the media, there are a lot of Spurs and Liverpool fans and exes out there, and a lot of Arsenal exes (with honourable exceptions like Parlour and Keown) who seem to be taken in by it all.
    The club has to fight back, take inspiration from our captain who wanted to take on half the bolton team yesterday

  • WalterBroeckx

    yeah I know on a time like this we need Tony for putting this in to a great headline.

    But maybe when Tony is back he can write another article (much better than what I have written from my heart) and write a headline that will attract more attention

  • Mandy Dodd

    Sorry, off topic but part of what this site stands for, another corrupt ex ref bites the dust, I remember his performance in the WC and thought it very suspicious at the time,

  • WalterBroeckx

    About the guardian article… pathetic. If we do stupid things (Gervinho-song against Newcastle) they blame us for this.
    If we keep out of trouble they blame us for this.

    About Arteta? I think he is getting better with each game and fighting and working very hard.

  • Mandy Dodd

    I think Arteta is doing very well. Great work rate, he is just new to the system. We play a very different game from what he is used to and will take a bit of time for the new boys to settle but he is impressing me at least.
    Bolton tried to stifle all our mfs out of the game but he ad the others kept plugging away and got our reward.

  • AnonymousGun

    You know.. for all the pleas in the articles about writing and boycotting … Some of you dont have a freaking clue.. and still linking to those annoying papers.. and giving them more hits. Which exactly what they freaking papers want. Stop that.. put them all in your blacklist (I’m sure peoples used newsnow feed), deny them hits. The more hits they garner, the more they gets excited slagging off our club.

  • bob

    Please see my posting at 3:50am for an analysis of the HEADLINE of the article you slated by Paul Hayward of the Guardian. Again, all are invited to inspect the word-blight that caught Megakliq and my attentions:
    And this is what Arsene/Arsenal get after a victory.
    The lens crafters are determined to put Arsene Out and it’s up to fans to actively and creatively shine light on their malfeasance and return our own unity and turn around public opinion toward fair treatment on and off the pitch.

  • bob

    Walter, Anne: possible new headlines:

    Arsene Exposes Media Campaign to Oust Him

    Wenger Slates Media Campaign to Oust Him

  • bob

    Anonymous Gun,
    With all restraint, I urge you to come up with something better than don’t click the articles that ‘misguided people’ on this website are posting to bring to all of our attention. Those clicks are a drop in the ocean, and the fastest way to educate one another. You think it’s clever to call this effort ‘clueless’ Well, if your intention is to help Arsene/Arsenal after Arsene himself has slated the media, then come up with another way, a way that enables everyone not only to help, but to be seen by one another to be helping, and therefore to encourage one another and grow our strength in numbers who take heart and DO something. What you propose – in the absence of any other positive action – is to do nothing, and calling it clever, while we who post links to prove the point and spread the word are “clueless.” Unless you propose positive alternatives, even one of them, I would say that you are part of the problem; when you might look in the mirror (not The Mirror) and become part of the solution. If I knew better, I’d consider slating you for trying to undermine this gathering revulsion against the football media and our momentum toward fair treatment for Arsene/Arsenal. Better think it through and get positive.

  • Ronnie Brown

    I think Arteta is getting better and better and becoming an important part of the team, what that article wrote is completly fabricated nonsense, so we win 3-0 and we still get an article slamming us? There was a suggestion on a recent blog here in the comments section that the media only react to the results but that article proves it to be untrue as we won and we still get a negative bias article, I thought overall we were good yesterday, our offensive play is getting better and better, in our last two league games we scored 6 goals, I really hope the Walcott injury is minor and he is back soon as possible as I think he is a very important player for us, personally if he is out I would play Alex Oxlade Chamberlain as a replacement as he offers some similar qualities such as his pace but also is skillful, can score and would cause problems, I hope we go with him but Arshavin will probably play instead.

  • bob

    Anonymous Gun,
    To translate my posting above so you can understand it, let me quote from your posting: “YOU don’t have a freaking clue.” Look in the mirror, then The Mirror, and see if there’s any difference.

  • Ronnie Brown

    In the CC match I though when Ryo came on he looked very bright too, that cameo was the best I seen him playin an Arsenal shirt, he looked fast, skillful, exciting and explosive, can see now why he is rated so highly, Arsene says he will CERTAINLY have an impact this season in this first team, he seems to be rated hugely by the club.

  • You know… sometimes I think that is it worth clicking and going to these articles to encourage them – no doubt Arsenal attracts traffic and Anti-Arsenal even more; bear with me here – the media are getting more and more ridiculous and as the more ridiculous and brazen their articles are the more clicks they garner – I believe that they have jumped the shark, as it were, several times already and yet still they rush headlong to destroy their credibility among the fanbase even more – gooners are waking up to this, no doubt… some still don’t get it and will nod along to the narrative that’s spoon fed them, but on the whole I think that this media hate campaign is fast approaching burnout.

    They smell blood at the moment are are going for the final push to have us, the fans, demand Wenger’s head – the club seem aware of this and the battle lines have been drawn.

  • bob

    As UM, myself and others have been saying now for a few months, it has been an orchestrated/concerted campaign that is hell-bent to remove Arsene and destabilize this team. It is true we are flawed and reintegrating ourselves. But this media campaign has turned our relative weakness into everything on a continuum from a national joke, to the manager’s mental illness, to a prisoner on death row. They are worse than sharks, because sharks are instinctual and these people have chosen to make their living by stoking, playing on and profiting from as much sadistic energy as they can muster in themselves and through their words in the populace. It’s high time, past time, that fans of good heart and will stand up and say no more. As you say, the line’s been drawn. It’s time for ideas and ways to push back in increasing numbers, and our continued $ilence only en$ure$ that the media vultures continue to circle in ever-diminishing circles until they hope to have AFC’s own fans demanding Arsene’s ouster. Time to stop being their guinea pigs and turn the spotlight on their campaign.

  • bob

    Mike in Atlanta,
    Can you re-post the four e-mails together?
    Can you re-post the e-mail link you once posted on UA/UM to the Guardian football editor’s mail? and the generic e-mail format to reach their writers like Hytner, Wilson, Williams and Hayward.
    Also, perhaps the link to the Mirror football editor and Martin Samuels?
    Tony, anyone,
    Can you post how to reach Arsenal Player/Stuart Robson?
    If we gathered these all together in one article in the nearest future, it would give people the chance to write and push back in their own voices to hopefully draw the line on the media’s foul play.

  • bob

    Anne, Walter, Tony, Dogface,
    Technically speaking, will (hopefully) a new headline for this same article then show up today on ArsenalNews where it can attract lots of hits?

  • Gooner murphy

    congratulations to everyone associated with UNTOLD on the defence of Arsenal FC & Mr Wenger I for one stopped buying the Sun/Mirror/mail ect we should write to all their sponsors demanding this unbalanced inaccurate (lie’s) stop ; really we should boycott the lot of them.

  • Mahdain

    @cape gooner the arteta taking a paycut is another lie spread by the media..he didnt take a paycut..i remember tweets from arsenal fans who had been at the the meeting with gazids and one goes like “Arteta has NOT taken a wage cut to come, he has received an extra year than he had at Everton” so there you are

  • bob

    If Arteta has not taken a pay cut and is media disinformation, it can potentially damage future signings – which would be the intention of spreading such a rumor.

    Perhaps we should consider putting together a Truth Sheet that counters the various falsehoods and myths that the media have spread about the team. This will help our fans and future players to make their analyses and decisions based on sound judgment. If you can substantiate (with a link or citiation) that the Arteta pay cut story is misinformation, we have the first item on that growing list. Cheers!

  • Shard

    Even if Arteta DID take a pay cut (not saying he did).. When Cesc takes one to go to Barcelona, it shows how desperate he is to get out of Arsenal and join a great club. But of course, if someone takes a pay cut to come to Arsenal, it shows how far Arsenal have fallen.

  • Shard

    @Mandy Dodd

    Hansen keeping tabs on recent scientific data to think of going back in time? He’s probably still trying to hit 88 on his DeLorean.

  • Shard

    I like bob’s headline

    Arsene Exposes Media Campaign to Oust Him

    But I’d make it:

    Arsene Exposes Media Campaign to Oust Him – Media don’t report it

  • Shard


    You might be right about the media campaign approaching burnout. The Arsenal fans at the games have been making more noise of late. So maybe, just maybe, as you indicate, the media might just have brought the fans closer together.

  • Rhys Jaggar

    Mandy Dodd

    It’s very important to distinguish between the qualities of a great player and those of a great captain. Sometimes they coincide, sometimes not. I think it’s fair to say that Robin van Persie’s qualities asa player, when fit, are not in doubt, but his qualities as captain are as yet relatively unknown, simply because he hasn’t been captain for very long.

    In addition, the qualities needed to captain a team of experienced pros (e.g. Chelsea) right now might be different to those necessary to captain Arsenal, where the squad is much younger and, therefore, presumably, more susceptible to ups and downs mentally.

    As an example I would say that if you had to compare Cesc Fabregas and Tony Adams as footballers, Cesc wins hands down, even in the Crufts Dog Show of comparing a Central Defender with a Central Midfield General.

    But as a captain, I’d say Adams won hands down. Although whether he would have been a successful captain of Arsenal 2010/11 I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not…….

    One of the dangers football clubs have is that undying support replaces support with measured, constructive criticism. Because if that happens, you need an infallible manager. And in my experience, even Sir Alex Ferguson has not been infallible, just as Arsene Wenger is not infallible.

    What Arsenal FC needs is the ability for fans to feedback criticism constructively, even if it is pretty firm. Because they pay their season ticket money, buy shirts, form the bedrock of the club’s raison d’etre. Because otherwise, the only option is not buying tickets any more.

    The difficulty currently is that with the media campaigns of the past 5 years having been so viscious, the Club has become immune to the more humane criticism of its constructive fans.

    I do hope that Walter Broeckx’ comments about ‘not wanting the club run by journalists but by the Board’ do not arise due to a letter I sent to all the Parliamentary Party leaders in the past 7 days. Because I have noticed far too much copying of my work by authors at this blog without due reference in the past 24 months. It’s not honorable, it has no class and trust me on this one, it will not be forgotten. Trust me, if that has been going on, I WILL have your reputations destroyed, I WILL expose you for what you are and I WILL ensure that all lines of communication, be that from Arsene Wenger or others, are exposed.

    When you claim you have class, you had better act with it.


  • Paul "the Gooner

    A great article.Can you imagine the anti Arsenal media at 4.45 on Saturday.They must have been so pissed off with the result.Can we now have some contact details for the Haywards and the Robsons so we can tell them so home truths.I did watch the Sunday Supplement today on Sky.We were mentioned last which is very unusual.Sam Wallace of the Independant was fair about everything AW and Arsenal.They did discuss the interview given by our CEO and said it was ONE of the best they have heard,leaving everyone in no uncertain terms AW is going to be around for sometime.

  • Anne


    I agree with you about the Guardian article, but I do want to express my disagreement with the language that you used in your comment.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Rhys, take your point about the role of a captain, and yes, RVP is a relatively unknown quantity in that role, but just using it as an example to back up, not a fact, but certainly my opinion that Mr Hansen is not objective when discussing Arsenal. To be honest, I do not really care what AH thinks at the end of the day, in fact, what I see anyway as his anti Arsenal stance does make me chuckle.
    As you say, fan, team or manager should be able to take constructive criticism however the usual lazy stuff we get these days, Wenges’s lost the plot, Wengers mentally ill etc are not constructive. If he really is mentally ill, which i seriously doubt, he has my heartfelt sympathy, as does anyone with such an affliction, if he is not, the press are insulting those who suffer in such a terrible way.
    He has however had a pretty tough time lately. I am not resorting to repeating gossip but stating fact here, Wenger has recently lost both his parents. Yes, in the natural scheme of things, at his age, that would be expected however he has kept this quiet, his business and nothing to do with his job, however the press will have known this and could have cut him some slack, she said naively rather than persuing their standard line that he has lost the plot, in many of their attempts to oust him.

  • Anne

    @bob & Shard:

    “Arsene Exposes Media Campaign to Oust Him – Media don’t report it”

    I like this headline. Walter? 🙂

  • bob

    Mandy Dodd,
    If someone in the media knew that Arsene’s recently lost his parents, and has willfully piled on with attacks on his psyche and their accompanying photos, that has left me in tears. It is hard for me to imagine, let alone reach the depths of such inhumanity. I really need to digest what you’ve said; and will think about who would be in such a position to know this about Arsene, and whether they’ve piled on knowingly.

  • bob

    Shard, Anne,
    That makes three of us!
    Walter, UA,
    Please give ’em a new headline.

  • Mahdain

    @bob about the arteta story here is what i could was an AST members meeting and many people who i follow who are AST members were tweeting the highlights of the meeting and many said arteta did not take a paycut…maybe we can find out more from AST members in here? the meeting took place in 12th september

  • bob

    Many thanks, Mahdain,
    Does anyone know for sure (with documentation) if Arteta has taken a pay cut to be here?

  • FunGunner

    I don’t know for sure but I have been told that Arteta did take a pay cut but he also had an extra year added on his contract.

  • bjtgooner

    About the ghastly Guardian Arteta story – was this a cynical effort by the Guardian to unsettle Arteta just when he seemed to be settling in so well?

    I think I will advise some of the companies who advertise in the Guardian that the totally unrealistic sports coverage will result in reduced circulation.

  • Mahdain

    i see mirror are at it again..look at their back page for tomorrow

  • Mahdain

    van persie said “I can’t say we are talking now because we are so busy – we have games every three or four days” and somehow john cross managed to come to conclusion that he doesnt want to sign a new contract

  • Megakliq

    @bob:- You are right. People like Paul Heyward and the rest of the Horse men of the Apocalypes should be out of business now because they are not fit to be out there, writting all kind of rubbish in order to get paid. The Guardian is fast becoming a good for nothing media outlet for having those ‘RETARDED’ mistake of people as employees. What would have been written had ARSENAL lost against Bolton??? It beats my imagination for incredible stupid fools as the above mentioned name(s) to work for companies like The Guardian/The Observer/e.t.c. Enough said….

  • Zack

    Hmm.. Shows why I should come to this site before reading mass media sites.. I didn’t know about the Inter Milan part when I first saw that comment taken a little out of context in this Soccernet article here:

    Yet another example of a critic wanting to get Wenger out.. I’ve exposed him rather eloquently in that article in the comments section though, under the name zflair 🙂

  • bob

    That article may well set the lowest mark to date.
    It’s quite revealing and worth further analysis to come…

  • bob

    The latest, as all will now see, is that RVP has not re-committed to the club, posing the prospect of a new “Cesc Leaves” saga. I predict that, in this atmosphere, they will continually milk this one via the same formula as x-Cesc, use it as a club against Arsene, and it will prove to be a cash cow until it is finally resolved. The other part of the same pattern is that RVP’s agent is…….Dein the Lesser. There’s got to be a way to resolve this asap because it will be played to further de-stabilize the side, turn off potential fresh signings, induce some to want to leave who would otherwise not think about it, and other obvious conclusions once you think it through.

  • Lord Terrarz

    Mahdain, Zack and others you are giving oxygen to the “whorenalists” by linking to their spiteful garbage. Indirectly you are rewarding them with “hits” the 21st century circulation measurement.

  • Stevie E

    How strange, in the Metro this morning there are ZERO write ups of the Bolton match. The is one pic of RVP in the “week by numbers” bit where they acknowledge his 100 goals (GET IN MY SON!!!) but nothing else. It’s a total contrast to what happens if we lose where they can’t wait to stick the boot in.

  • Notoverthehill

    Bob, please look at the reported quotes of RVP and not The Sun and the headline “ROBIN VAN PERCIE IN CONTRACT THREAT”.

    As for the Artega trransfer sage, the consensus would appear to be a salary cut of £10K per week BUT a 4 year contract! In other words either £75K a week to £65K a week or £65K a week down to £55K a week! Anybody looking at the Evertaon Financial Reports would soon realise that David Moyes is the problem. Another one is Owen Coyle. Neither Bolton or Evertaon can afford the current wages bill but both these managers have wilfully increase the training ground personnel, one way or another. Neither of them are financially sound in mind!

    I would suggest that Artega is currently on £55K a week with The Arsenal. Mr Wenger and his 30 years old thingy, seems to be dead at long last. RVP and the next contract will take him (RVP) into his 30’s, so NO hurry.

  • Mike Collins

    oh my goodness not more conspiracy stories. lets all grow up a bit

  • C4

    Looks like other blogs are now sensitizing their followers to the AA media campaign. Here’s a refreshing change:

    We need more blogs to start doing this, rather simply regurgitating the garbage from the “newspapers”.

  • Ben

    I was thinking about when these media people started their attack on Arsenal after I think it was Walter asked when he thought it started which was around 2000-2001.
    To be honest it was from practically when he started. If anyone has been reading the Daily Mail they used to count how many red cards Arsene’s team has had since he has arrived and wrote that they were a dirty team and because Viera was the “main culprit” every summer there was news that he was going to leave or that the refs were out to get him. I think when the red cards reached 50 or so that they have stopped counting now. Or speculating Arsene will move to Real Madrid.
    If the archives at Daily Mail goes back as far as 96-97 you will see when it started.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Interesting. I have started to note a few subtle changes in the Arsenal fanbase on some of the blogs I view. I have seen blogs that have recently been critical of Wenger slightly lessening their tone, a couple saying they want change but it is not going to happen so they will back the team, as if that is not what a supporter should be doing anyway.
    Then there is the fans being seen to chant Wengers name.
    Is it possible some are waking up to the fact that they have been led a merry dance by the media and a few Spurs supporting trolls who frequent some of these blogs?
    Will the media campaign eventually run out of steam or will they up the anti? I also know quite a few non Arsenal fans who are genuinly sick of reading about Arsenal all the time – if this is a widespread opinion, would editors take note?
    I except there are genuine Arsenal fans out there who rightly or wrongly have serious reservations about the direction of the club, but to be conned into supporting the agenda of those who want only harm visited on this club is another matter.

  • Zack

    Terraz, as much as I hate giving such articles more hits, giving them a hundred or so hits from people on this site is a necessary evil to expose what these “journalists” have been doing.. I’m sure people like Anne has to give such horrible articles some hits to write about them?

    bob, you might wanna take note of Kevin Palmer in your media watch too.. I pop by Soccernet once in a while and his articles are almost never objective when it comes to Arsenal. I think he’s a Spurs fan too, singing their praises in their win over Liverpool..

  • Paul "the Gooner"

    Anne.I will update you on everything Talk Sport.Before you all say i am a sad person for listening to it, i do because i drive alot around the country and also mark up on a board i have every time we are mentioned,whether it is a negative or a positive.So far today it stands at plus 4 to a massive negative 41.Its only 6pm aswell.
    Having said that, both Gough and the ginger bloke were understanding with the Van Persie thing to my surprise.As i have said before can we ALL send comments to these media outlets who are so anti AW.There may be a slight turning now on this subject,although not convinced.
    Great work

  • Anne


    Thanks for the link. I’m planning to write up John Cross one of these days 🙂

  • Mandy dodd

    Talk sport is an interesting case paul. You have the likes of Adrian Durham, micky Quinn, stan dogger collymore, to an extent, Alan brazil, the football ignorant ronny irani plus their multiple guests, often ex arsenal players lining up to slate the club and especially the manager. An honourable exception, I think anyway is andy grey. Seems a lot of spurs utd and Liverpool sympathies on there from my fairly rare listening, will be interesting to see what you come up with regarding talk shite

  • Anne


    Thank you for offering. I’ve decided that I can’t do any articles covering talk sport because I’m not able to provide citations that people can verify, but I would enjoy it if you could keep us up to date in the comments.

  • bob

    Many thanks, K. Palmer is one of the pieces I’m analyzing in my next article. Cheers!