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  1. DogFace

    As I recall the assistant Stephen Child has been a bit of a knob to us in the past… I could be wrong – anyone got any dirt on that?

  2. WalterBroeckx

    Was he the blind men when Vidic handled? Or the assistant who didn’t flag the blatant Everton offside? The name rings a bell but can’t place him yet…

  3. DogFace

    LOL – I think he may have been both Walter!

    Pre-match warmup anyone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD2oThVsw8Q

  4. Mahdain
  5. Tasos

    Mr Child definitely has previous with us.

  6. Tasos

    Arsenal v Everton last season
    Opening goal for Everton was clearly offside but Mr Child failed to raise his flag.

  7. RedGooner

    Emirates needs to be like going to blackpool every game this season fans need to get behind the team and rock the place.

    sad about jack and sad about the wages/contract situation if true.

  8. Tasos

    Decent win.

    Shame Gary Cahill wasn’t playing, we might have scored five.

  9. walter

    Great win!

  10. Anne



  11. Anne

    It was a great win, and just what Arsenal needed, I think. I enjoyed every second of the second half, until Theo.

  12. C4

    In my part of the world, the sports channels have been avoiding playing Arsenal games of late, the last one screened was against Blackburn. Does anyone have a link for me? Much like the ones for the CC game which also wasn’t shown here, I had to downlaod it and watch it afterwards…
    Please, anyone?

  13. Anne


    Check out this bombshell from the post-match press conference. I’ve asked Walter to update my most recent article to reflect these comments by Wenger:

    Wenger: Media “consistent in wanting to get me out”

    Q: Arsene did you receive a call from Inter Milan over the past week?

    A: I won’t say that to you now. Anyway, I think in one thing: you were consistent in wanting to get me out and I was consistent in wanting to stay in and to show my commitment to this club and so we have both been consistent.

    Q (mumbles) I never wanted to get you out..unclear…

    A: What?

    Q: I never wanted to get you out, Arsene.

    A: (with sarcastic smile) Oh, thank you.

  14. Mahdain

    haha @anne soo happy we are finally taking the attack back option…would love to see that clip if you have one

  15. Sammy The Snake

    Good win. The new team is starting to gel together now.
    Feeling so much better… Ahhhh!
    Bolton were even worse than B’Burn, but great win non the less.

  16. C4

    I read that too, I was actually quite shocked he came out with it so plainly. I’m glad he’s finally decided to hit back!
    And for all those calling the UM team paranoid, etc, I think you need a reality check. Even AW himself can see there’s a media campaign to try and get him out of Arsenal. Or is he paranoid as well?

  17. Anne


    It’s the post-match press conference from today. I saw it on Arsenal player so if you subscribe it’s there.

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